Creating Retreat Websites

Create a Retreat Website for Your Next Church Retreat!

Why do we recommend creating retreat websites? One of the keys to holding a successful church retreat is promotion. It really can make the difference between an amazing retreat and a cancelled one. A retreat website is one tool that can help you promote and organize your event. This article will try and provide you with an idea of the content that a successful church retreat website should include. The goal is to get the best turn out for your church retreat.

The most basic function creating your retreat website should fulfill is informing prospective attendees about your planned event. What sort of retreat are you planning: a men’s retreat, family retreat, women’s retreat, leadership training, marriage or singles retreat? Your retreat type will largely determine your audience and activities. Clearly explain who the retreat is for. A theme can help you focus your audience even more and add appeal to retreat. A theme is also a great way for you as the planner to shape your event. Fruits of the Sprit is going to appeal to a different group than something like Men of Christ: Fitness & Faith. People can rally behind a theme and planning a church retreat is easier with one in mind.

Your website should highlight and sell all the benefits that your retreat has to offer. Describe the amenities of the resort your group will be staying at. Will attendees be staying in luxury condos or rustic cabins? Include both a description of your venue and a link to the resort’s website.

Having a speaker or presenters at your retreat can draw people to attend your event. Be sure and provide information about who will be speaking and the message they will be sharing. Information overcomes objections so be sure to include enough to answer whatever questions your attendees may have. How you present the information is also important.

Your main page should present key information about your retreat: when the retreat is, where it will be held, who will be there, why guests should come, how much it will cost, and most importantly, how to register to attend the event. Present the information cleanly and clearly – websites are a visual medium so be sure to also include relevant pictures. From the main page, you should link to sub pages that have more information detailing your event (Ex. A speaker page containing a biographical summary and videos of your speaker). These multiple pages will make up the content for creating a retreat website.

If you don’t have church website hosting to publish your retreat site at, free blogging websites make for an easy solution to hosting your page. Some popular options are,, or Though the use of templates provided, you should be able to generate a series of pages that fit your needs and good presentation.

A retreat website is just another tool you have at your disposal for having the better church retreat. Remember to provide people the key information they need, links to more information about your retreat, and how to register to attend. May creating a retreat website help your church retreat be a success.

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