Condo Vacation Packing List

A Condo Vacation Packing List will get your condo vacation started off right!

So you want to plan a condo vacation? A condo vacation packing list can make the planning go much quicker. Of course a lot will be similar to any regular vacation trip, but a condo vacation packing list does have a few items that you may not be sure about.

When putting together your condo vacation packing list for a trip to your selected destination, knowing which supplies to leave and which to include from home is essential. In your selection process it should be determined what items are important to your family. Many resorts provide the linens and towels in adequate quantities for your size unit. While daily changes may incur additional fees, most units include washer and dryer with complimentary washing detergent on hand for your use. This can also make your condo packing list of clothes shorter for long trips where a washer & dryer is a lifesaver.

Should you include food items on your condo vacation packing list? Historically you may have found your condo equipped with complimentary condiments such as salt and pepper. Food products are generally not provided as open containers of consumable items are difficult to make tamper proof while at the same time allowing them to be useable. For the safety of all guests it is best to provide your own food, of all categories. If you don’t plan to use the cooking facilities available in the kitchen of your condo or cabin; take out and delivery options are available in most locales.

For your convenience the following suggestions are provided as a starting point for your personal condo vacation packing lists:

Don’t pack, this is provided:

  1. Dish washing detergent both hand and machine
  2. Laundry detergent
  3. Pot holders and dish towels
  4. Paper towels and toilet paper
  5. Hand soap, shampoo
  6. Hair dryer
  7. Bathing and hand towels, washcloths
  8. Pool towels or beach towels
  9. Bed linens
  10. Blankets

Bring the following or shop when you arrive at your destination:

  1. Food; including your favorite brand of coffee
  2. Condiments (salt, pepper, sugar, creamer)
  3. Family favorite board and card games
  4. Laundry detergent for family members with special needs (allergies, scent sensitivities)
  5. Laundry softener
  6. Personal hygiene products including toothbrushes, toothpaste and razors
  7. Suntan lotion
  8. Reading material; books and magazines
  9. Bug repellant
  10. DVD’s for the downtimes in the condo

Remember as you plan a condo vacation that most condos and cabins are set up for you to move in and enjoy with a minimum of fuss. The kitchen will feature full size appliances like you’re used to at home and the cupboards will be stocked with all the glassware, dishware, silverware and cookware necessary for you to cook and enjoy a family meal. Condos are meant to be your home away from home. With your condo vacation packing list you won’t waste a minute of vacation time & you’ll be ready to move in, relax and enjoy the comforts of home.