Choosing the Right Condo Vacation

Choosing The Right Condo can be difficult, so follow these tips to pick the perfect vacation for your family

Choosing the right condo can be difficult when condo expectations vary as much as what you might expect from different automobiles. They come in plain, yet adequate to large and luxurious. Both have their place. Just be sure you get what you want and pay for what you get when you plan a condo vacation.

When choosing the right condos, you will find that many condos are “home-owned and managed”. That means an individual may rent their privately owned home to you. This is now easily accomplished with the internet’s availability to most folks. However, all that you know about this unit are the pictures you see. This can sometimes be deceiving. Cleanliness is high on everyone’s list and that is not always evident when viewing on line. A private individual usually does not fall within the city’s guidelines and may not be subject to city health codes. Most likely this unit has never been inspected by a health and safely professional.

Service is another area that “home owned and managed” condos may not be all that you would expect when choosing the right condo. What happens if there is a problem in the unit? Can you reach someone to correct the problem? Is there a phone number that is answered 24 hours a day? The last thing you would want is to go on vacation for four days of fun and relaxation during July only to spend two of those precious days without air conditioning.

Renting from a reputable resort that has several condos has many advantages. Generally speaking, the more units available to rent means more service people to handle your needs. If your condo has a problem that can’t be fixed quickly, (professionally managed resorts will have their own maintenance staff) then most likely you can be moved to another comparable unit. A resort with several units will usually have more amenities such as pools, docks, restaurants, and golf courses that make choosing the right condo easy.

Finally, be sure wherever you chose to stay, that the condo has electronic locks where they keys must be reissued after each guest. A professionally managed resort may cost a couple of dollars more a night, but it may be the difference between a Chevy Tahoe and a Chevy Chevette.

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