Business Retreat – Planning a Corporate Retreat

Planning successful business retreats can be a daunting task to some, but a few guidelines and goals can really help to make your corporate retreat a success. Great business meetings can offer many benefits to a company, but also inherently present some hurdles to overcome. It can be difficult to maintain the focus on crucial objectives presented in meetings during normal business hours. To get the most out of your most important meetings, hold them off-site. By moving people from the workplace, it frees them from their desk and schedule, and allows them to really focus on your meeting goals.

Begin by planning early. Most resorts book out a year or more ahead of time. By coordinating with a group representative, you can also find the most affordable time to hold your business retreat. Prices are at their peak in midsummer and it is also the most popular booking time. By holding your meeting at a different time, you can add days to your retreat or save money. Also, by planning in advance, you can ensure you have your desired meeting space and accommodations.

Set specific goals for your business retreats. What are you aiming to accomplish at the event? Be specific and if possible, use a facilitator to conduct the proceedings of your event. Staying on task will focus your team and make your retreat more productive. Invite the right people to make your goal possible. Maybe this means bringing along multiple departments, top sellers, or just your creative team. Putting the right people to the task will make for higher probable success. Prepare these people before your retreat. Let them know ahead of time what to expect and what they are working to accomplish. This will let your team hit the ground running at your retreat.

Consider using a facilitator to help conduct your meetings. A facilitator can help you to clarify the goals of your meeting and target your team to help achieve them. These professionals can manage your events and facilitate an agenda, ensuring that all your best minds are focused on the task at hand.

Allow for a loose schedule that accomplishes your objectives but allows the meeting to go into unplanned areas. By having your facilitator keep track of off topic ideas, the meeting can be kept on task and later come back to the unexpected. Plan to hold your heaviest work sessions in the mornings so your participants are fresh and able to relax later in the day. Also, try incorporating a free day (to play golf or relax) mid week. The down time will help prevent “brain-drain” and provide a nice break for your employees.

When everything is said and done, review what your group accomplished. Discuss and document conclusions reached during the retreat. Set up a plan to implement your new ideas or to continue working towards your intended objectives. At this point, get feedback on the event and to help with planning for your next retreat.

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