Branson Roads

Branson Roads – New Roads Make the Branson Traffic Bearable

If there’s one thing that Branson roads have needed for a long time, it’s connecting roads tying all the parallel color coded routes & Highway 76 together. The latest round of road building aims to ease Branson traffic by doing just that. This video details some of the features of the Fall Creek extension that is part of the road network that ties together the Red, Blue & Yellow routes with the Highway 76 strip.

>>GINGER GROVES, BRANSON RENTAL MANAGER: Welcome to Branson! And I’d like to introduce a new shorcut we’ve got in town that will save time when you’re coming to Thousand Hills golf resort.

When you’re coming from the north on Highway 65, coming from the Springfield area you can drop off on Highway 248 (commonly called Shepherd of the Hills Expressway) and go west til you hit the James F Epps road and it’s going to connect into this new Branson road that will take you right to the strip.

This is the Fall Creek Extension, a great way to get to the Yellow Route. Now we’re just getting ready to cross the strip, go straight over to the Yellow Route, it will take you to Wildwood, then you’ll turn north and there’s the course. It will take you back up to the strip. Or, instead of getting off on Wildwood, you can just skirt along kind of parallel to Highway 76 behind some of the shows where the parking’s easy!

This Branson road was several, several years in the making. They had to move a lot of rock to get it done. But now that it’s done, it’s just beautiful. As you can see there’s also a great sidewalk if you’re kind of a walker and you’d like to get out and see some of the natural trees and occassionally a deer runs out across the road. Be careful for that as well!

But again this is called the new Fall Creek Extension. It connects Fall Creek Road, the beginning of the Yellow Route, with James F Epps Expressway which will take you right to Highway 248. Turn east and it’s just a little way to Highway 65 then you’re on your way to Springfield.

With all the shortcuts and new roads Branson has, traffic simply isn’t a problem. If you need any help any of the resorts, any of the shows, most of the restaurants will all have maps to help you get around town easily and everybody’s willing to tell you about their favorite place in town as well and how to get there. Thanks so much and have a great time in Branson!

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