A Guide to Modern Log Cabins

The Growth of the Humble Log Home

Log cabins are one of the hottest construction trends of recent years, and we’ve seen it take off in our own Branson real estate market. But where did the traditional log cabin come from? And how has it changed and evolved into the log homes of today?

While the origin of today’s modern log cabin is not precisely known, historically, the roots of the log cabin’s development lie buried somewhere in the soils of the eastern part of Europe and Scandinavia. The origination of this simple structure we have come to know and love as a fixture and symbol in history likely dates back as far as 3500 B.C., when the practice of constructing permanent homes from available resources gave birth to the log cabin.

The beauty of log construction is that it provides its own structural logic — and even its own insulation; which we will discuss in a later article. Despite this logic, and the ready materials found in many parts of the New World, log houses did not become popular in the United States until the westward expansion of the 18th century. Even then they were rarely intended to be permanent. Like sod houses, log cabins were temporary shelters built for use only until settlers could afford something more elaborate, which would often constructed in a fashionable style of the day. Of course one of the most famous presidents was also the first president to be born in a humble log cabin. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 to two farmers, in a one-room cabin on 348-acres in southeast Kentucky.

Today’s log homes have little in common with Lincoln’s fabled birthplace or even with the log toys that bear his name. Instead, architects use logs in creative ways that are more connected with the Adirondack camps of the past. The best modern cabins blend the modern and the traditional–honeymooners especially love log cabins with a modern bubbling hot tub, a classic crackling fireplace and a bear-skin rug out of a storybook. People have such enjoyable experiences in log cabins that they often return in future years to make some more treasured cabin memories.

There are some practical tips which you should follow when buying or building a modern log cabin for yourself. A good inspection and evaluation by a third party is always useful to make sure that you are buying a cabin which is as per the agent’s claim. Apart from that, you should also consider buying a log cabin in a good location and not jump on a cheap deal. Branson, MO real estate features many new log cabins-with the Ozark woods and hills and family friendly entertainment the wholesome log cabin feels right at home. We’ve come a long way in the last 30 years. There was a time when building a log cabin meant felling some trees with an axe, peeling the bark off, then roughing the corners as closely together as possible for a plain, finished structure. The craft has progressed and the axe has given way to innovative artistic design which has become a primary element of modern log cabins and structures.

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