Branson MO Cabins

Branson MO Cabins - 4 Bedroom + 2 Loft, The Largest Cabins in Branson!

If you're looking for Branson MO Cabins and you have a large family wanting to stay together--look no further! Our 4 bedroom + 2 loft cabins sleep up to 16 people comfortably and they feature 2 kitchens and dining rooms for those large family holiday meals. In addition they come with living rooms featuring sofa sleepers, 4 bathrooms, Cable TV & DVD players, free wi-fi, silverware, glassware, dishes & cookware and a washer and dryer--all the comforts of home. All of our Branson MO cabins are located in a wooded area that offers peace and quiet while being just 2 blocks from all the shows & attractions of the Highway 76 Strip. Watch the video below to see for yourself what's waiting for you in these Branson MO Cabins!

MITCH WALDEN, RENTAL MANAGER>> This video is of one of our largest, actually THE largest unit that we rent here at Thousand Hills. This is our 4 bedroom, 2 loft log cabin that is located at the Cabins at Grand Mountain, which is part of Thousand Hills Resort.

These cabins are all duplex-style and these larger units are actually both sides of the duplex that connect together internally and connect with an inside connecting door. As you can see they're very rustic, true Colorado spruce logs, and they're very very big so you have plenty of room for everyone to relax and enjoy. Each cabin of these large cabins actually features 2 kitchens--I'll show you the other one in just a second, it's going to be the mirror reverse of this one. But they have all the major and minor kitchen appliances, dishwasher, oven, microwave, full sized refrigerator/freezer. Also coffee pot, toaster, blender, everything you need to enjoy your stay. You also have a washer/dryer, actually 2 of them, there will be one on both sides so plenty of room to do laundry that you may accumulate during your trip or before you take off on the next leg of your trip.

Through here is the first bedroom, this is one of the 2 masters that this unit has. It's got a king sized bed, nice lofted ceiling so very big and spacious, has a TV here, plenty of closet space-the mirrored closet there. And through here is the master bath with a whirlpool tub and then also your vanity here. This one actually walks through here and shares with the living room so it's accessible through here. You've got a gas fireplace, queen sized sleeper sofa, plenty of living room furniture here. And then TV here in the armoire. Then walking back through here to the dining room you can see there's plenty of seating space for everyone.

Our here we can take a look on the patio. Just some great patio furniture and access to this very nice secluded, rustic feeling area. Now these cabins are located right in the heart of Branson just a couple blocks actually from the Highway 76 strip but it gives you a very secluded very rustic feel right here in the heart of Branson. This one actually has a great patio here that wraps around the side, with its own grill. Not all of them have their own grill; this one actually does which is kind of nice.

This is a 4 bedroom, 2 loft cabin so the 2nd bedroom for this cabin as well as the loft is up a flight of stairs. As we come up the stairs here the loft opens to our right. As you can see it's really not so much of a loft but more of a bedroom without the 4 walls. Also lofted ceiling fan and it looks down over the kitchen area. And then back through here to our left we have the 2nd bedroom on this side. Another large king size bed and an ensuite shower and vanity. And these showers are great; they've got these nice oversized copper showerheads-it's really nice & relaxing. This cabin is decorated very rustic-each owner decorates their unit individually but we obviously work with each owner on our rental program so while the furnishings may vary from unit to unit the actual quality and the look is going to stay very consistent so you can stay with us multiple times in multiple different cabins or condos and get a different feel each time but still be guaranteed that quality is going to be the same.

So that's the 1st side of this 4 bedroom, 2 loft cabin. Walking through the living room we connect to the other side which is basically just going to be a mirror reverse image of that. So we walk through here into the living room, second fireplace, 2nd queen-sized sleeper sofa, there's the other dining room, there's that shared lower level bathroom. The 2nd whirlpool tub here for the master suite. And stepping through here is the master-so there's third, actually 4th king sized bed. Nice lofted area again, feels nice & roomy-closet space and then through here is the second kitchen. Which again features all of your appliances that you'll need. All of your dishware, silverware, glassware that you'll need to enjoy the cabin is included here with it. Some really neat furnishings here in this unit. Dining room, 2nd washer & dryer also and then another patio here off the back.

So these units really are enormous. Plenty of room for everybody to relax and enjoy. The kids can have one side to watch movies and play video games. The parents can have one side to watch the news, play cards, and everybody has got plenty of space to relax and enjoy. Up here then to the 2nd loft and the 5th king-sized bed for this unit. And then through here to the 4th bedroom and the 6th king sized bed.

So in all this unit can sleep up to 16 people. It has 6 king sized beds and 2 queen sized sleeper sofas. 4 bathrooms. 2 kitchens, 2 dining rooms, 2 living rooms. Great shower heads in here. So if you are planning a large group event or have a big family and everyone wants to stay together; you're coming for a holiday or activity where you plan to do some cooking-2 kitchens is very very handy. And there's plenty of space obviously for everyone to relax and really enjoy themselves. And you're just minutes from all the activities Branson has to offer here in the heart of town. You don't have to drive in half an hour, 45 minutes to get where you want to go.

So that concludes our tour of our 4 bedroom, 2 loft log cabin at the Cabins at Grand Mountain. We hope you'll come experience one of these great log cabins on your next trip to Branson and see why Thousand Hills is Branson's favorite place to stay.