Winter Golf Advice – Making the Most of Cold Weather

Playing winter golf requires some adjustment to your game. But some things are constant. It is as important to warm up in the winter as it is in the summer. It is easier to pull a muscle in the cold weather if you do not warm up, so do some stretching exercises before going to the first tee.

Clothing should be loose and warm. You need to be able to turn to make your swing, so your clothing cannot be too restrictive. Fortunately, there are new fabrics available which will add warmth for winter golf without too much bulk. Most pro shops will carry some outer ware or sports stores will have many suggestions for you. You may want to consider buying wind and water proof apparel, so you’re ready to play no matter what the weather.

Once you are on the course, you will find that your ball will not travel as far in the cold weather. So you must use more club and a lower trajectory club to obtain the same result you would expect to see in the summer months. You may want to use a harder ball (one that will spin less), to add additional distance.

Golf can be enjoyed year round; it will just be a bit of a different game in the winter. There can be some advantages — if the ground is frozen, you will get additional roll. And some water hazards will turn to ice, so they are no longer as terrifying as in the summer!

If you’re looking for some winter golf, look no further than Thousand Hills Branson Golf Course. Get out on the course no matter the weather and enjoy your winter golf trips!

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