Long Putt Golf Tips

How to Improve Your Long Putts

All golfers are always looking for drills or golf tips to improve their putting. The best thing for everyone is to practice as much as possible, especially on long putts. Nowadays, not everyone has the time to practice. There are some drills to do to speed up the practicing curve.

For the long putts over 15 feet, you need to focus on getting the ball in the hole in two strokes. This means getting the first putt close enough to make the next putt, otherwise known as the Lag Putt.

To get the drill started, you need three or four tees and golf balls. Set these tees up in a line about five to seven feet apart. When you have the tees set up on the green, select a starting point to putt from. You will need as many balls as you set up tees.

One at a time, putt the first ball to the closest tee and the next ball to the next tee. Repeat those steps until you have putted to all the tees. Once you have putted them all, try to hit the tee with the next putt. Do this with all the balls that you putted to all the tees.

Now that you have hit all the balls twice, return to the starting point and repeat the process. This will help you develop the touch and feel it takes to hit long range putts consistently. Try this drill and your long putts will not seem so far away. Always remember, the more you practice, the luckier your friends think you are.

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