How to Hit a Plugged Ball Out of a Bunker Face

Hit a Plugged Golf Ball Out of a Bunker

A bunker shot is bad enough. Plugged lies in the bunker? Worse. You’ll want to know how to hit a plugged ball out of a bunker face to salvage what you can of your par. In this video Matt gives you golf tips on how to stand, how and where to swing, and other items you’ll need to know to have a predictable and consistent way out of a plugged lie in the sand.

MATT DILLMAN, PGA PRO>> Hi, my name’s Matt Dillman, head golf professional here at Thousand Hills Golf Resort in beautiful Branson, Missouri.

I’m going over the short game today, and I’ve been doing some bunker shots. This is the dreaded stuck in the face, uphill, fried egg. I’m going to try to show you how to hit this out so you can get a little more consistency coming out of this.

First thing you’ve got to do is you’ve got to get your base. You’ve got to build your footing so that you don’t fall all over the place. Wiggle in there & get a good stance. When you set up, you want to set up as much on the hill as you can. That’ll help you swing the club and ball up. We’re just trying to get the ball out of this bunker so you’re going to have to swing hard and take a lot of sand.

I’m going to intend on hitting about here, probably 2 inches behind it. Be sure to open up the club face to hit the sand out from under the ball. And remember, when we set up, you want to lean with the hill. See how this works.

I’d say that one worked out pretty good. Maybe this will help you get out of the bunkers a little more consistently.

Now that you’ve learned how to hit a plugged lie out of a bunker face, be sure and check out some more Free Golf Tips from the PGA Pros at Thousand Hills to improve your game of golf.