How to Hit A Mid Range Putt

How Make Mid Range Putts

You’re on the green and you’re 20-30 feet from the pin. You need to know how to hit a mid range putt! Otherwise you risk overshooting or undershooting the hole, which leads to a three putt. Should you aim for the 1 putt, or set yourself up for the best chance for a 2? Watch the free online golf lessons below with Matt Dillman, PGA Pro at Thousand Hills Branson Golf Course.

MATT DILLMAN, PGA PRO>> Hi. My name’s Matt Dillman, head golf professional at Thousand HIlls Golf Resort in beautiful Branson, Missouri. Today, I’m going to talk about how to hit a putt from mid range distance. I’m talking about those ten to thirty footers. These are the ones that are probably most commonly not made but we’re going to make sure you’re close enough to hit the next one so that you don’t have that awful 3 putt.

You can see that this is beautiful Branson, Missouri-I want to point that out. What I’m looking at here is about 25 feet. What I want to make sure and do is when I take my stance I want to put the ball a little inside of my stance so that I catch it on the upswing. I want to make sure I don’t focus so much on the pin or the line but the distance. Once we get the distance right, we’ll make sure and get close enough to make the next putt. So when I get over this ball make sure your posture’s good, you’re square to the target, and swing and feel how far you want that ball to go.

This little 30 footer I’ve got has about a foot and a half of break to the right. Keep that lower body quiet, keep your eyes on the ball and let it feel the distance.

I know I can make that next one, so I avoided that dreaded 3 putt!

Now that you’ve learned the best techniques on how to a hit a mid range putt, why not prepare for more situations on the course. See dozens more free online golf lessons with our Branson golf course pros!