How to Hit a Bump and Run

Short Game Golf – How to Hit a Bump & Run

Learning how to hit a bump and run is an important technique for any golfer. In this Golf Tips video, Matt shows what to do when your ball is close enough to the hole that you want to keep it down, but far enough away that you can’t just putt it in.

MATT DILLMAN, PGA PROFESSIONAL>> Hi. My name is name is Matt Dillman, head golf professional here at Thousand Hills Resort in beautiful Branson, Missouri.

What I’m talking about today is the short game. I’m talking about Bump and Runs and the different situations and scenarios where you’d want to use this shot.

What I’ve got here is a shot that’s far enough that I don’t want to hit the ball in the air too much, I want to keep it low to the ground. I’m going to play a bump and run type shot with my pitching wedge. So what I’m going to do on this shot is that I’m going to put the ball in the back of my stance and I’m not going to release the club. No hands movement, just one piece back and through. Very simple move. Let me show you how that works.

I’ve got it in the back of my stance, and no hand movement.

Just get it over the edge of the green and let it run. The thing you’re going to want to feel like you’re doing is keeping your hands in the front of that club. Don’t let your club head pass your hands, keep your hands in the front.

Maybe this will help you out with your short game!

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