Golf Short Game Drills

Short Game Practice Drill from the Pro Matt Dillman

One key to shoot lower scores at Thousand Hills Golf Resort, and on any golf course is to tune in your short game. With all the hilly terrain in and around Branson Missouri, you will get a difficult up and down somewhere in the round so you might as well prepare for it. The practice green is a perfect area to hone those skills. There are many fun drills you can use to practice your golf short game drills around the greens for hours and hours.

My favorite drill on the greens is “Up and Down”. It’s called the “Up and Down” because your trying to get every shot on the green and in the hole in just two shots. I start with three golf balls; throw them off to the side of the green with every ball having a different lie. One at a time, I try to get “Up and Down” from that position. I try to hit a variety of shots from a variety of lies. For example, I will hit a high, medium and low shot from an uphill lie. The next round, I will hit a low, medium and high shot from a sidehill lie. Try to putt the balls in the hole with one putt and get “Up and Down” with all three. Keep your score on all the shots and they will eventually start getting better. Doing this you will develop touch and feel around the greens to help improve your scores from any lie.

Keep checking back often as we provide more golf short game drills to help improve your game. And if you’re ready to try out your new-found skills, be sure and make a tee time on the Branson golf course that lives up to it’s name — Thousand Hills Golf Course!