Thousand Hills Golf Course - Hole #3


Thousand Hills Golf Resort Branson MO Three Blue View
Thousand Hills Golf Resort Branson MO Three Green Birdseye Look
Thousand Hills Golf Resort Branson MO Three Left Approach Shot
Thousand Hills Golf Resort Branson MO Three Right Approach Shot

Yards: 367
Par: 4
Handicap: 3

The third hole at Thousand Hills Golf Resort is a par four and is another hole where there is a distinct advantage from playing the white and the red tees. Advantage is what you might need on this hole as it is ranked as the third toughest hole on the course. The blue tees play to 367 yards, the white at 308 and the red tees all the way down to 247. Looking from the tees the Thousand Hills third hole appears to be an unassuming tame par four. The fairway landing area is very large; there is plenty of room to the left and the right rough slopes down to the fairway.

Course management is key on this hole. Most of the trouble on three is within driving distance. Two bunkers in the center of the fairway are beacons of what lies beyond. The fairway significantly narrows, the rough on the right is severely sloped but tall enough to catch the ball and to the left there are bunkers, woods and severe elevation change. You might want to put the driver away on this one and opt for a three or five wood so you don’t shoot through the landing area. A shot to the center or slightly right on the fairway is optimal and will leave a short iron into the green.

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The green is smaller and circular with a severe slope close and off of the back center all the way around the left side. The perimeter of the green is undulated but the center is flat making it one of the easier putting greens at Thousand Hills Golf Resort.

Choose wisely and you will be rewarded on the third at Thousand Hills.

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