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The Majestic at Table Rock - Branson Lake Condo Living

Majestic Table Rock Lake CondoThe Majestic at Table Rock which on ten acres and overlooks the main channel ofTableRockLake. Development for the project started in late 2005 with massive rock removal. Actual building began in 2006 with the first units delivered in late 2007.  The success of the table rock lake property was phenomenal with thirty-two condos sold in the first 5 days and it didn’t stop there, in the next 15 months another 50 condominiums have been sold.  The biggest advantage to this table rock lake property is its proximity to the Branson area.  Condominiums prices start at $99,900 for a two bedroom two bath with 1070 square feet.  This condo has granite counter tops, four paint colors and accent lighting.  Our premiere units start at $219,900 and offer 1480 square feet same granite counter, paint and accent lighting but offer an enclosed sunroom with drop dead gorgeous views of table rock lake.  We have one three bedroom left priced at $343,400 with 1900 square feet.  Each of the condos has monthly association fees based on square footage which covers outside insurance and maintenance of the outdoors.  What makes this a great opportunity is that families who plan to use the condominium as more a second/vacation home is that there is no grass to mow, sidewalks or pools to clean, bills to pay and someone is keeping a eye on your place when you are not using the home.  That is a big benefit of an association.  The next time you are in Branson stop by as we have models open daily or send me an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and I will forward you a  “New in 2012”  lake pack. 

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Branson Vacation Planning - Silver Dollar City's World Fest

Winter might still be hanging on, but it's never too early to start planning your Branson vacation. Towards that end here's a profile of one of the festivals you won't want to miss: Worldfest at Silver Dollar City.

Branson Vacation - Worldfest at Silver Dollar CityVisiting the world without leaving the country is easy when you attend Silver Dollar City's annual Worldfest in Branson, Missouri. At the World Fest, people can experience the many cultures, foods and entertainment from around the world. Branson's World Fest, the largest international festival held in the United States, is the first of many festivals held in Silver Dollar City from early April to early May.

Nowhere else can a Branson vacationer see acrobats from Kenya and China, Irish step dancers, Italian flag throwers and steel drummers from Trinidad all in the same place. At Silver Dollar City's Worldfest, you get all this and much more. Every year from April to May, entertainers and craftspeople from all over the world come to Branson for the biggest and most renowned international festival in the country.

As usual, Silver Dollar City continues to offer thrill rides, entertainment and food year round in a 1880 mountain town setting. But during the WorldFest this venue becomes an international-themed stage. Each day during WorldFest vacationers can find performances featuring diverse music, dance and other arts from all around the world. There is also a vast array of foods from all over the globe for one to sample. Craftspeople from countries all around the world are present at the world fest demonstrating their unique talents; and every day during the festival, all of the participating nations take part in a Worldfest parade.

Everyone in your family will have so much fun at Branson's world fest in Silver Dollar City they probably won't even notice how much learning they've done along the way! If you're looking for an exciting and fun  Branson vacation, you can't go wrong with Silver Dollar City, during WorldFest.

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Branson Lake Condos - The Latest in Branson Luxury

It may be a little chilly out now, but it might not be too early to book your Branson lake condos! The Majestic at Table Rock are among Thousand Hills' newest properties, and they tend to sell out fast, especially during the busy summer months. So get a preview of what's waiting for you if you make your branson lake condo reservation today!

Branson Lake Condos at the MajesticIf you're coming to Branson, Missouri with your family, renting enough hotels rooms for yourselves and the kids could really get up there in price! Have you considered a lake condo rental? A two-bedroom lake condo at Thousand Hills Resort could be more affordable than you think, and package deals can also put Branson's prime attractions within reach at a price you never dared to dream of.

Each two-bedroom condo, located on the shores of beautiful Table Rock Lake, comes with a kitchen, dining room and living room as well as bedrooms with cable TV and bathrooms - don't forget that the master bath includes a whirlpool! High-speed wireless Internet is also included, and private decks allow you to take in our awesome lakeside views in peace and seclusion.

You will be in direct proximity to the resort's private boat dock, and have exclusive access to the acclaimed 18-hole golf course. Thousand Hills is also just minutes away from the attractions of downtown Branson itself. Theme parks, museums, concert venues, restaurants and shopping will all be within easy reach. Our Branson lake condos are not only ideal accommodation for families, but also corporate clients and parties as well. This would be the perfect locale for a family reunion or a destination wedding! Handicapped and pet-friendly facilities can also be booked as well, at time of reservation.

Visit us online or call us today to reserve a Table Rock Lake condo in Branson of your own!

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Branson Condos - Preparing For the Summer!

Thousand Hills two bedroom Branson condos are highly suitable for a small family or for two couples traveling to Branson together. Situated along the golf course, our guests can have a great view of the surrounding hills & Ozarks scenery.

The 2 bedroom condos in Branson have a spacious living room fitted with sofa sleeper for more space, cable TV, DVD and free wireless inten. The highlight of this facility is the master bathroom with the a Jacuzzi tub for relaxing. This will be an ideal way to enjoy a vacation or the weekend.

Branson Condos at Thousand HillsThe wwo bedroom condo contains a fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, small appliances, plates, dishes, utensils and more--everything you need for a meal exept the food! There is also a separate dining room provided with plenty of room for the whole family.

Our two bedroom condos are usually in high demand so as soon as you're ready to visit Branson, be sure & visit our website to book online

You can also contact our concierge to plan your trip including tickets to local shows & attractions, tourist maps & info and more. Get ready to spend your vacation in Branson condos today!

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Branson Cabins at Thousand Hills - Vacations are Coming Soon!

We like to think that staying at the Thousand Hills Golf Resort and Conference center in Branson, Missouri. is an experience by itself. Our location and variety of lodging types, including Branson cabins make us unique. A Variety of types are available, ranging from golf condos to Table Rock Lake Condos to the already mentioned log cabins.

Branson Cabins at Thousand HillsThese cabins have numerous features that will make the most of your vacation stay, including indoor & outdoor swimming pools, exercise facilities, 2 private bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The master bathroom comes fitted with a Jacuzzi tub and the other comes equipped with a rain shower.

The living room in a two bedroom Branson cabin also gets rave reviews from guests. It comes with a fireplace area that is surrounded by a layer of marble. Comfortable chairs, sofa sleepers and large tv's adorn the living room. The other amenities include a fully furnished kitchen (pots, pans, utensils appliances--everything but the food!), a large dining room and free high speed wireless internet.

Of course, what good is a cabin without a view of nature? One of the main feature of this two-bedroom cabin is the screened porch, which gives a spectacular view of the surrounding greenery.

And this greenery comes at no expense to convenience, as all of our cabins are located just two blocks from the Highway 76 strip, Tanger Mall, Moon River Theater & more. Visit today to reserve your own Branson cabin!

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Table Rock Lake - Dam Tours

Table Rock Lake BransonWith the new Dewey Short Visitor center opening soon at Table Rock Lake, we wanted to take a look at one of the most prominent features of the Tri-Lakes area--Table Rock Dam.

Table Rock Dam was constructed as a way to control the frequent and unpredictable flooding of the White and Mississippi Rivers. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers was in charge of building the dam and still operates it to this day. Table Rock Dam, the outcome of the desire for flood control, was constructed in about 4 years time and completed in 1958. The construction of the dam caused the formation of Table Rock Lake, a popular destination for both locals and tourists with a variety of activities and boating opportunities.

Tours are also available of Table Rock Dam which give visitors a rare glimpse at the inner workings of a dam. Visitors are led through the dam by knowledgeable personnel and are able to see how the flow of water turns turbines that eventually lead to the generation of electricity. The inside of the dam is only available to visitors on the official tour or employees.

Even when the weather is hot outside, the dam tends to keep cool, so the tour can be a great break from the summer heat. Otherwise, a light jacket might be useful. Visitors are able to see some of the actual machinery that helps in the process of electricity generation, and walk through areas that only other employees see. After the tour of the dam, there is also Dewey Short Visitor’s Center that is located in close proximity to the dam where educational activities and information are available for those who are interested in learning more about the area. Table Rock Lake themed merchandise is generally in stock there as well.

Table Rock Dam is a very unique dam located in the beautiful Ozarks. The official tour through the inside of the dam is a great way to learn a little bit about the history of the dam and also how it and Table Rock Lake work with the environment.

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Lake Taneycomo - The History of Branson Missouri

Lake Taneycomo from Branson MissouriDid you know Branson is turning 100 this year? In honor of Branson Missouri's 100th anniversary, we're looking back at the history of the town and area. Our first look is at one of Branson's most prominent features, Lake Taneycomo.

Lake Taneycomo is situated on the White River around the resort town of Branson Missouri. This artificial lake came in to existence in 1913 with the construction of the Powersite Dam just a few miles below Branson on the White River. Initially this was a warm water lake but in the fifties it changed into a cold water lake when Table Rock Dam was constructed just upstream. Now the temperature of the lake remains a consistent 48 degrees Fahrenheit (this can fluctuate some depending on the number of Generators working on Table Rock Lake).

The fresh and low temperature of the water makes this lake and ideal place for Trout breeding. The Missouri Department of Conservation set up a Trout Fish hatchery near the headwaters of Lake Taneycomo. It's name is "The Shepherd Of The Hills Hatchery", named after the novel "The Shepherd Of The Hills(1907)". Free tours are available of this trout hatchery for visitors to see the process for themselves.

Whether you're fishing on the lake or walking on the Branson Landing riverfront, you'll appreciate what Lake Taneycomo brings to the Branson Missouri area.

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Branson Condo Financing in 2012

When purchasing a Branson condo or a Table Rock Lake condo, one of the major obstacles is the financing. Back a few years ago when Branson real estate was hitting it’s peak, there were no money down loans floated out there with Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, but those are ancient history. Now you need all cash to make the purchase or at least a substantial down payment.

Branson Real Estate on Table Rock LakeGetting a real estate project approved is a nightmare as the following items must be met; the project must be complete with 90% of the units sold and 51% owner-occupied, of course there should not be any nightly rental within the project and the common area and the project should have been turned over from the developer for more than one-year. 

To be honest, I was a bit surprised the difference between the states is so little. This tells me that lending standards are tightening up, borrowers are having enough skin in the game to protect the banks from losing too much in Branson foreclosures, and that the lending environment is becoming healthier.

If you'd like to discuss the latest Branson Real estate market in more depth, I'd be happy to talk to you. Either visit us online or call Doug at 417-243-2210.

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Branson Missouri February Festivities

Do you have any plans of visiting Branson and the surrounding areas this winter? If not, maybe you should reconsider because in many ways February is the best time to be there.

If you dislike crowds you'll be pleased to know that the tourist flow in this time of the year is comparatively less so that restaurants and shopping venues are not crowded. Another upside to visiting Branson during the off-season is prices are normally cheaper, so you can find affordable Branson cabins and condos waiting for you.

Branson Romantic CabinOf course, February and Valentine's Day also leads to thoughts of romance. Many shows in Branson are providing special romance themed shows and packages on Valentine's Day, in addition to restaurant specials and promotions perfect for a couple's night out on the town. Returning to a Branson cabin with a jacuzzi tub and a romantic weekend alone in Branson doesn't sound too bad either, does it?

Many special events are happening in town. As we've blogged about before, the National Ice Carving championships are being held at the Titanic musuem the weekend of February 4th & 5th. February Branson visitors will be able to see the best ice carvers and sculptors in America compete for the title.

So now maybe you can see why February in Branson just might be the hottest vacation ticket yet!

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Branson Shows Update: Andy Williams Announces 2012 Schedule

Andy Williams Moon River Theatre hosts some of the most popular Branson shows75 Years of Andy Williams, and they've recently released their 2012 schedule. Highlights include 75 Years of Andy Williams, Branson's favorite a capella performers, "America's Sweethearts of Song", American Idol and more!

The first and most important announcement was the celebration of 75 years of Andy Williams entertainment. In 2012 Andy will have been performing for an adoring public for 75 years, and to honor this he will have a 7 week engagement this fall with special guests including Dick Van Dyke, Pat & Debby Boone, Ray Stevens and more.

Andy has always been known for his Christmas Branson shows, and 2012 is no exception. In addition to the usual Andy Williams Christmas, the amazing Lennon Sisters will also have a Christmas show at the Moon River Theatre. You may have seen them grow up on the Lawrence Welk Show and now you can see them in person as "America's Sweethearts of Song" perform their Christmas favorites.

Speaking of favorites, The Cat's Pajamas have found a new home for their Branson show. Andy welcomes 2011's Best Group in Branson to his theater for their upbeat a capella stylings of current and classic songs of the last 60 years.

If classic music is what you love then you'll also want to see "Oh What a Night!" This tribute to Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons is straight from Vegas and are back again in Branson. See this quartet harmonize on your next Branson, Missouri visit.

And finally, American Idol fans have a once in a lifetime opportunity in 2012 to see the Top 10 finalists from their favorite show live & in person this summer. See the American Idolists live!

As you can see, Andy's got some great Branson Shows lined up for us this year. Be sure and tell him happy 75th year of entertaining next time you see him!

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