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A Promise of Forever for the Whole Family in Promised Land Zoo

Promised Land Zoo in Branson is a family owned and operated zoo established in 1999. It began with just a few animals and now it has over 500 animals and expanded to more than 120 acres. The zoo is open daily from 9am to7pm year round. Visitors can bottle feed animals daily at 10am, 2pm, and 6pm. There are hundreds of animals from all over the world that represent 50 species. There are Kangaroos, antelope, deer, lemurs, tropical birds, large replies and many more. Rescued large reptiles and tropical birds can be seen inside the zoo.Promised Land Zoo Logo

Promised Land Zoo is a complete fun and a great adventure for family with kids. School buses and charter buses as well can be accommodated inside the zoo. The zoo offers personal tour so you can get up close and personal with the animals. Bottle feed a camel, a monkey, or hear stories of the zoo from your personal tour guide. Some animals are in large pens that you can toss them food.  The goats and ponies are amusing creatures. Few parrots have impressive language that is fun to talk to.

The petting zoo can let you get up close and feed goats, horses, porcupine, tortoise, hogs and much more. When you drive through the property, you will be greeted by emus, deer, buffalo all looking for some food. You can buy various sizes of food at the shop. As you drive along, you stop for awhile and feed the animals every time they come close. The animals are not shy and will come to your window and eat the food out of from your hands. If you have ample time, you can drive for an hour and enjoy looking at the animals.

The Promised Land Zoo is a truly bizarre place. In just one minute you’re in the middle of the wooded hills of the Ozarks, the next minute you see herd of zebras while buffalo eyeing you and ostriches chase your car. The zoo has monkeys, big cats, and all other kinds of animals.

Going to Promised Land Zoo, be sure to bring camera with you – you may love to snap some photos of Forrest Hump (a baby camel), an adorable Zebra, and the squirrel monkeys. Other baby popular baby animals is an Olive Baboon named Calamity Jane that animal show performer Jungle Josh performer fed and raised by himself. The zoo also has the world’s largest albino Burmese Python.

All visitors are welcome to walk around the zoo, ask questions, or take pictures. The zoo has the Parakeet Paradise, a screened house full of exotic birds. The zoo also feature live animal shows daily  at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm where Jungle Josh and his helpers take out all kinds of fascinating animals for visitors to feed while Jungle Josh teaches you about each unique animal. The zoo has facilities of gift shop full of fun nature themed items such as stuffed animals and zoo themed merchandise.

So if you are looking for something unique and different to enjoy, something exotic on the wild side, come to the Promised Land Zoo in Branson.

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Branson Spring Break Means Spending Time with the Family

Branson Spring Break is a great time to experience a family-focused attractions jam-packed with entertainment options and some of the best outdoor activities in central United States. Branson is one of the best tourist destinations in the Midwest as it is beautifully connected with the three lakes namely, Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo, and Bull Shoals Lake. With the three lakes around the area, you can imagine how vast the exciting outdoor and water sports activities offered around the lakes.

During spring time in Branson, when rain showers pour in the Ozarks, lush greens will flourish while dogwoods, redbuds and wildflowers bloom. Branson’s family attractions and world-famous entertainment shows and beautiful theme parks introduce new features, exciting acts, and new exhibits. Branson and the lakes area are really a perfect family-friendly spring break destination.

RiverBlast LogoSpring Break Events in Branson, Missouri is going to be the most exciting Spring Break in history. Experience the most exciting and thrilling multi-level go-kart tracks and the new thrill ride RiverBlast at Silver Dollar City that will give you an unforgettable ride of your life. The park has about 30 thrilling rides and 40 shows to entertain kids and adults, a play area with climbing nets, treetop fun houses, sand tables, and a carousel. Styled after a 1800s Ozark town, the park also offers educational opportunities, such as a visit to Culinary & Craft School classes, Marvel Cave, and a chance to watch craftsmen creating items from blown glass.

Other exciting attractions in Silver Dollar City Amusement Park include  The Track Family Fun Park (good for multi-level go-kart tracks), and a museum visit of your choice that includes the Hollywood Wax Museum, and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. In the Hollywood Wax Museum you can have the chance to pose beside the wax figures of some famous Hollywood stars such as John Wayne, a leather clad James Dean, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson.

In the evening, you might want to attend a wonderful show with dinner at the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner & Show. Each guest will all get their own roasted chicken and several side dishes while watching a very entertaining and extraordinary show. The live music shows with costumed southern bells, 32 trick horses, and Civil War soldiers, pay tribute to America while providing the best cuisine, wholesome entertainment, and comedy for people of all ages.

During your spring break in Branson, you can also visit the Ozark Mountain Spring festival with a wide variety of events that await you in the Branson/Lakes Area. One of the events includes the WorldFest at Silver Dollar City featuring cuisines from classic foods to home favorites.  The festival also features sporting events of the NAIA College Basketball Championship and FLW Bass Tournament.

The nicest things you’ll find out at Branson Spring Break are the panoramic view around the lakes and the beautiful scenery of the Ozark Mountain.  If you want to take a break this spring season, come to Branson and stay at Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort.

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Have a Great and Educational Time in Branson’s Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery this springtime


If you want to experience and see the most significant trout manufacturing hatchery in Missouri, visit the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery this springtime in Branson. The Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery is the largest trout-rearing hatchery in the country. The fish hatchery is located in Taney County near the Table Rock Dam.


The Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery was created  in 1957 and it is in 1958 that fish were made available in the facility. One million trout every year is generatedShepherd of the Hills Hatchery Logo normally in the hatchery with a total weight of 300,000 lbs. The hatchery production of 80 percent goes into Lake Taneycomo and the other 20 percent to other Missouri trout-management areas.


The fish hatchery offers guided tours weekdays with scheduled times at 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, and 2 pm. The hatchery features 50-seat auditorium, pavilion and picnic tables, and wildlife-viewing blind and tower. The hatchery also features a staffed visitor center that displays exhibits. The place has about 3 miles of hiking trails through glades and forests.


Brown and rainbow trout are some of the species that is hatched in the fish hatchery. Brown trout that originated from Europe and the British Isles, was introduced into the country as early as 1883. About 200,000 brown trout were introduced from 1927 to 1933 in Missouri. Stock efforts were made in the 1960s in the Current and North Folk rivers, expanding to other Ozark streams and Lake Taneycomo. Brown trout is a sleek fish with soft-rayed fins and small scales. Its dorsal fin is in round black spots with small orange or red spots surrounded by a lighter halo. Rainbow trout is very much similar to brown trout with some difference in sizes of black spots and small orange or red spots.


The output of brown and rainbow trout are the principal fish provided by the hatchery to supply the operations needs of the Conservation Departments. The unit takes a crucial role in providing eggs and fingerlings for grow-outs at various Conservation Department facilities. The fish hatchery covers more than 200 acres. The Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery entertains about a quarter of a million tourists every year and gives a variety of information and facts about the hatchery to the general public.


Table Rock Lake is the main source of water used at the fish hatching facility. It is supplied by way of the law of gravity. Fish development levels are all covered by the fish hatchery. The hatchery facility has bottle type incubation devices as well as fiberglass along with aluminum tanks. The facility uses a dozen exterior concrete channels for intermediate rising, and the end raising is finished with thirty cement channels.


The Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery provides millions of tourists yearly the opportunity to see the educational nature of the hatchery that promises future generations to learn the importance of fishing in Missouri. If you plan to visit Branson anytime soon, come to the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery.


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Fasten your Seat belts with the Intense, Maximum and Ultimate Thrill at Xtreme Racing Center

There is one great attraction in Branson, MO where you could explore and improve your talents in the field of driving. Actually, this is the newest. With so many tourists coming in, great outdoor experiences for an anxious traveller will just fit to his chosen taste of hobby. And the Xtreme Racing Center is irresistible!

Xtreme Racing LogoThe world class go-karting race is equipped with the latest high tech Sodi kart race. And the maximum speed is 40 mph. For adults and children, the go-karts are of different types. Usually, the big go-karts are for adults and the maximum speed is set for safety reasons. The kids have their own small go-karts with a minimal speed set too!.

It will be favorable for you if you have brought with you safety helmets for your kids, their complete gears and the shoes. But rentals are always at the counter, which attend to your needs or if you don’t have some either. In order to avail of some discounts, it is advised that you buy a bundle of card credits, where you will enjoy the race with your kids or your family. Price ranges from US$ 12 to US$ 19 , depending on how many minutes you would choose.

Your speed, together with your kids are recorded, and you may be listed in the charts if you and your kids have made an exemplary performance. Even if you go back next year, you will be entitled to such a big discount and membership. Or you may join in the annual competition for adults and kids separate. And best of all, you will be known. Who knows, your new-found talent with your kids will make you famous someday!

Safety tips and the safety system of the complex are excellent since a round of excellently- pooled staff are always ever present to preclude minor accidents. The race course are protected with rubber edges , and thus any minor bumps or thugs are not so prevalent.

So if you are in Branson, MO , do not think twice in getting the race at Xtreme Racing Center only in Branson, MO during your wonderful escapade this Christmas. It will be a total fun, complete with educational training and early driving skills for your kids. You are not at a lost. Everybody wins!

Yes, believe me. You will be exhausted with the great joy and experience the moment you try the race. As if you are in a world competition of racing. It is so much exhilarating. Your little kids will love it. And your children too. How wonderful to see if you do this rare activity with the whole family. This is an absolute fun and excitement and thrill open to all and for all ages!

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Shop in Tanger Mall’s Spring Sidewalk Sale


A lot of people say that the season of spring may just be the perfect season to visit Branson Missouri. Not only because of the fact that it is the entertainment capital of the Midwest; you can now make shopping as another reason for your visit to Branson. Shopping may not be the first thing that might come to your mind when talking about Branson, but after your vacation, it just might.

Shopping in Branson is already a whole day’s activity on its own. Branson has the best shopping malls and outlet centers where you can find the best bargains and discounts while getting quality items too. As you plan your spring vacation in Branson, include shopping in your itinerary. One mall in Branson where you can find some good discounts for your spring season shopping is Tanger Outlet Center. Tanger Mall has a lot of shop that will cater to everybody. Some of the shops that you can find in Tanger Outlet Center are Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein, Chico, Coach, Converse, Ecco, Fossil, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, Levi’s, Nautica, Nine West, Osh Kosh, Polo Ralph Lauren, Skechers, Tommy Hilfiger, Vans, and many more. This is truly the perfect mall where you can stay updated with the latest fashion finds. There are also shops for the fashion savvy kids. Aside from the shops, Tanger Outlet Center has also become a home to the best restaurants in Branson. Your visit to Tanger Outlet Mall will also make your tummy happy.

During the spring season, Tanger Mall has a Spring Sidewalk Sale to give you big, big discounts! The Spring Sidewalk Sale is a two-day event where you can get the best deals ever! This event starts on April 18 until April 19, 2014. This is the perfect opportunity to get that outfit that you have always wanted at a discounted price. Make sure that you get to participate in the first sidewalk sale of Tanger Outlet Center in 2014.

To make it more convenient for your stay in Branson, stay in a lodging place that is close to Tanger Outlet Center. Choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort! Thousand Hills is located in the famous Highway 76 strip, which is also the entertainment district of Branson. During the Spring Sidewalk Sale, expect heavy traffic in the main streets of Branson so it would be the best idea to stay in a place close to the mall.

Aside from the convenient location of Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort, you are also offered various lodging options to make your vacation even more relaxing and fun. It has nightly rentals of Branson log cabins, Branson golf front condos, and Branson lake front condos. In Thousand Hills, you always have the option with the lodging place that will suit you and your company.

Make the most of the Spring Sidewalk Sale in Branson! Book your trip to Branson now and shop till you drop in Tanger Outlet Center! 

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Spend the Spring Season in Branson


The season of spring lets you see and appreciate more the gifts that nature has bestowed upon us. See the flowers in full bloom and roam around the green pastures.  With the moderate warmth that the weather brings, this is the best time to visit the famous vacation destination of the Midwest – Branson Missouri.

Daytime in Branson has crisp temperatures, which falls between 50 to 80 degrees, and nighttime in Branson is chilly. Be prepared to experience occasional rainshowers, which is also one of the reasons why there are lovely foliage and blooms in Branson throughout the spring season. Even in the spring, there is no shortage of activities to do and sights to see in Branson.

Spring season brings out the best in the golf courses in Branson. Play a game of golf in one of the best golf courses in Branson, Thousand Hills Golf Course and Resort. Thousand Hills is very well known for having a golf course that caters to different skill levels. It also has club rentals and you can also opt to have the services of a golf professional to help your game get better.

While you are in Branson, make sure that you catch come of its live music shows. You are in the live entertainment capital of the world, after all. For some entertaining indoor activities, watch the live shows of Branson’s outstanding talents like the Dutton Family, the Baldknobbers, Shoji Tabuchi, and The Cat’s Pajamas. There are also some theaters to give you a new rendition of your favorite Bible stories. One of these theaters is the Sight and Sound Theater. There are a lot of places to go to in Branson to widen your entertainment horizons while getting to know more about the place itself.

The outdoors in Branson never fail to give you that adventure that you have been craving for. Make the best memories with your loved ones in Branson’s nature parks. Places in Branson like the Table Rock Lake State Park Marina are also very suitable for some picnic activities with the whole family. To expose yourself to different kinds of plants, visit the Country Inspirational Gardens. For those who are interested in various forms of aquatic life, visit the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery. You can also learn something new by dropping by Stone Hill Winery. Learn about how wines are made and what makes a good wine.

Apart from these attractions in Branson, you can also attend some festivals happening during the spring season. One of these festivals is the World-Fest and the Bluegrass & BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City, which will surely be an exciting one.

For your lodging needs, go to the trusted Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Be one of the happy and satisfied customers whose Branson vacation was even made more special. For inquiries and reservations, dial 1-877-262-0430. 

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National KidsFest for Kids and Kids At Heart


Summer is not all about the intense heat. It is also about how to deal with the heat and what you do this summer. Head on to the greatest summer travel destination in America – Branson, Missouri! Branson is also known to be the entertainment capital of the world. Make this the best summer ever by spending it in Branson.

A summer in Branson is the best time to bring the kids over to Branson. Branson has the world-famous theme park, Silver Dollar City, which will give endless fun and adventures for the kids and also for the adults. Silver Dollar City holds some festivals all throughout the year for the guests and locals in Branson. This summer, Silver Dollar City holds its National KidsFest to bring out the kid in each and every one of you. This 1880’s themed amusement park features rides and attractions that will surely get your adrenaline pumping.

For the kids, Silver Dollar City will be a large playground when National KidsFest happens. There is a ride called Half Dollar Holler that the kids will surely enjoy. Half Dollar Holler has tree-top playhouses, climbing nets, and sandboxes to give the kids a little adventure for the summer. Let the kids explore and let their imagination run wild in this Half Dollar Holler. This is located right across Frisco Silver Dollar Line Train Depot. This attraction in Silver Dollar City is suitable for kids ages 7 and under, and is equipped with safe entry ways and kid-friendly construction.

Aside from this, there is also the life-sized versions of the kids’ favorite cartoon characters. They can have pictures and memories with characters like Spongebob, Dora, Diego, the Flintstones, and Tom and Jerry. The kids will really enjoy running around the park as if one day is not enough for them to experience everything that Silver Dollar City has.

National KidsFest offers activities not only for the kids, but also for the adults. There are rides inside the park like the Giant Swing, The Wildfire, and The Powder Keg to give you overflowing excitement and fun in the park. To beat the summer heat, Silver Dollar City also offers water rides like The Riverblast and Lost River of the Ozarks. If you are looking for some family fun, there is the Grand Exposition which gives you 10 family rides! There is also a water ride for the kids – the Geyser Gulch.

The fun in Silver Dollar City does not end once the sun sets. Evening entertainment in the park also features Nightly Street Dances and the Moonlight Madness.

Branson is definitely the perfect summer getaway for the entire family. To make your vacation a really perfect one, choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort to be your lodging partner for your vacation! Book that trip to Branson now, and prepare for the best summer yet! 

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A Memorable Spring in 2 Bedroom Branson Loft Log Cabins

One of the most sought after cabins at Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort is the 2-Bedroom Branson Loft Log Cabin. These log cabins are spacious and perfect for a family that needs big space that hotels can not provide. The cabins with loft features a living room with fireplace, plasma television, sleeper sofa, and a private deck with gas grill. The king bedroom downstairs has a private bath with a separate shower. The upstairs queen bedroom has private balcony and a queen bed in a loft bedroom. All of the log cabins in the Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort have air conditioning, heating, ceiling fans, and table with 4 chairs.


Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort offers luxury, comfort, and convenience to every guest, so each log cabin is individually designed so that no two cabins will come out exactly alike. Every log cabin covers 1450 square feet of space that can comfortably house a family of 8. The log cabin has two baths, one downstairs and one upstairs. If extra sleeping space is needed, upstairs has a sleeping loft with a queen size bed. The living room has excellent amenities such as cable TV, DVD player, free high speed wireless internet access, a sofa sleeper, and a screened porch where you can view the beautiful scenery and wildlife around the Ozarks Mountain in Branson.


With the fully furnished kitchen of the 2 Bedroom Branson Loft Log Cabins, meals can be made easy for a group of 8. The kitchen has beautiful features of microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, small appliances, dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and more. Washer and dryer are also included in the log cabins that visitors will surely appreciate especially when they stay longer as they can wash and clean their dirty clothes and get back home without the worries of bringing home dirty personal belongings.


While you are making the 2 bedroom Branson loft log cabins your home away from home during your wonderful spring break here, give some time to go out and see what Branson has to offer. Although the loft log cabins are located in the area near the wildlife and wooded valleys, it is actually located just a few blocks off of the Highway 76 Strip. The area is just a walking distance of great family entertainment in the heart of Branson. If you want to enjoy entertaining family shows such as the Baldknobbers, the Presleys, The Track Family Fun Park for the young and old and Tanger Outlets for those who want to try a wonderful shopping experience.


Memories of a wonderful spring vacations conjure up lazy walking in the woods, camping trips, and hiking through the wonders of natural beauty of the wildlife. Activities at the Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort are modeled for your family to uncover excellent attractions around the area and create unforgettable memories for the next generation to come.


Whether you’re into action of outdoor activity or in the mood for relaxation, you’re sure to discover something exciting and entertaining while staying at the 2 Bedroom Loft Log Cabins at the Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort.

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The Four Bedroom Branson Cabin with Loft that can comfortably sleep up to 16 People

When you are in Branson to spend your vacation, holiday or even just a weekend getaway with a group of 16 members, the best recommended nest for you is the 4 bedroom rented log cabin at Grand Mountains. There are luxurious cabins up the foot of these mountains where you need complete fun with your group. You will be freely mingled with the closeness of each member among you and the other members. It is in these log cabins where there is complete privacy, even though you have the big number, you will enjoy the fun and the noise because of too much excitement will definitely not pose a problem.

4 Bedroom Cabin with Loft LogoTherefore your choice for a 4 bedroom Branson cabin with loft is the perfect choice. The 4 bed room has four baths and 2 lofts. It could easily accommodate at least 16 people. All the usual amenities in a Branson cabin log are equipped with such a high tech appliances, especially in the kitchen where each of the glass wares, cooking wares with a ref are about to be  used by you. There is a micro oven in the kitchen, a wash machine, the toilets are so clean with each having a shower tubs, even the lofts, up with 2 lofts provided , also have a living room, with wide sofa rest sheets, the furnishings are pretty. A master’s bed are all provide with each of the 4 bed room, with each bath and toilet, individual kitchen, and the 2 lofts, same, only the difference is single bed sizes.

While up the lofts, you will get a total view atop the overall area of the log cabin you have rented. The lofts are also provided with a patio, with a table and chairs for your private conversations with the other members of your family. The children have a wide room, with big screen TV for their video games. Please take note also that each of the 4 bedroom and the 2 lofts are provided with TV, WIFI internet connections, and looking atop on each ceiling are well decorated furnishings hanged on the roof, even the walls with plants hanging in vases. Each of the lofts also is provided with gas fireplace, and the living room.

The completeness of the amenities is just so irresistible! You will enjoy such a good and perfect place. While you are in your patio, you could see and feel the rustic appearance of the setting, with the trees and fallen leaves all contribute to your wild imaginations, that there exist in actual life, only in Branson.

Each cabin has two kitchens, nice lofted ceilings. The lofts will take the place of your shared room with friends, if quite plenty. All of the furnishing is just rustic. The patios are just alluring.

Really, all are relaxing in the sense of the word. You will get a feeling of great satisfaction. These 4 bedroom could easily make you sustained for your great sojourn. All the furniture and kitchen are just so neat, even the toilets. They so fresh, smell good and spick-and-span. You will truly have a great time!


For a big crowd like 16 people, can you imagine the size of the room? You don’t say you won’t   enjoy your stay in this 4 bedroom cabin with 2 lofts in this rare experience. You will all surely have a blast and you would never want to leave this wonderful place.

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Visit the Table Rock Dam as it Works in Action

Table Rock Dam LogoOne of the most magnificent structures in the United States today, if not in the whole world, is a very famous dam. It is situated just in your chosen place to visit, together with your family. It is called the Table Rock Dam.

As soon as you are now catching a glimpse of the dam working in action now, you and your family just could not resist how this wonderful dam started it all. As you view the most exciting Table Rock Lake, the lush vegetations and great, great structures beautifying this kind of a world class resort, the Table Rock Dam is already a great adventure, an ideal place for you to rethink and digest how human talented hands out of their different talents, have produce such kind of a big project.The release of waters in operational as you go there, the steady flow of the gates are just relaxing to see, the different gates, just opened , others closed, and the flow where it goes. The deep body of water as the reservoir, the edifice so high, and how it came into being, will make you and your family wonder with great awe and disbelief!

Brief story of the inception of this dam is that, in the great calamity years of 1940’s, the White River so wide and long emanating from the Ozark Mountains and a tributary body of water from the Mississippi River, just become wild and overflows its banks, reaching every home and big, big bodies of lands in Branson, Missouri with a gigantic major floods. This happens yearly brought about by major monsoons in the Midwest. A lot of residential homes, commercial establishments in the whole of Branson, MO are affected. So  many great devastations and loss of life and property are always increasing in that part of Midwest, USA.

So that in the 1950’s,  the construction of a dam was born, with the local and national officials approval in Congress, clamored by the original citizens of Branson and nearby states. Soon in the 1960’s, the dam was finished in due time, after great 5 years of construction, with all the great machinery and construction materials, from bulk heavy duties of iron and steel, great engineers from the different parts of the US and the world, the talented pool of laborers, have all in one, contributed their great talents in producing a world class dam, which is called nowadays, the Table Rock Dam!

But something happened in April, 2011 just recently. With continuous rains felt for the whole of the Midwest, Branson , MO , they were all in panic.The floodgates just continue to go up and up. While the residents and the various establishments already in set and established in Branson, the Table Rock Dam Management opened lastly all the existing 5 floodgates to release the big body of water, already entrenched in the dam. Without this dam, a great and big devastation in the whole of Branson, MO should have been happened. Thanks to the great construction of such a big edifice, which saves lives and properties yearly from the mid 60’s until now.

Actually the dam is now one of the greatest attractions Branson, MO has to offer. With so much scenic spots, and the water itself, you could go cruising and do outdoor fishing. The lakes are just teemed with various fish specie like the trout. While in the dam, you could see some of the adventurers kayaking or parasailing, others in their speedboats, enjoying to view this famous dam.

Prior to the construction of this great edifice, the little town of Branson, MO is just a poor town, with just 2 motels, as per stories taken from the Project Superintendent, James Marlow. Since then,  there were still few residential homes in the particular areas of the dam, and thus, the work has begun.

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