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Outlaw Run Receives an Important New Addition

Outlaw Run Roller Coaster CarsThe track at Outlaw Run has been completed for a few months now, but until recently it was missing one of the most important features--the roller coaster cars! The latest video from Silver Dollar City shows the behind the scenes process of bringing these cars to their newest roller coaster, Outlaw Run, scheduled to open Spring of 2013.

The journey for these stage coaches took an almost completely opposite track from their early old west prototypes. Instead of heading west to east and opening up the wild west, these cars started out at the assembly plant in Hayden, Idaho and traveled over 1,800 miles to reach Silver Dollar City. Despite the reverse orientation though, their trip wasn't much easier than their historical prototypes! As the old quote goes, "Neither rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow nor heat of day nor dark of night shall keep this carrier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds" and the same is true with this special delivery. They had to travel through a literal blizzard on their way across the plains!

Despite the weather, the cars arrived safely and met the track for the first time this winter. More testing, landscaping, and putting the finishing touches on are still underway to get Outlaw Run ready for it's debut this spring. Coaster enthusiasts can't wait to ride one of the tallest, fastest, and most intricately designed wooden roller coasters in history!

Outlaw Run is already shaping up to be one of the premiere Branson highlights of the 2013 season--and the excitement is only getting bigger. Make your plans to visit today and secure your chance to visit Silver Dollar City and this historic grand opening.

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Why You Should Choose To Stay in Cabins in Branson

Branson offer a variety of accommodations that meets a variety of lifestyles and expectations. The cabins in Branson offer a certain serenity that you just can't find anywhere else. When it comes to quality family time, there is no comparison to a cottage for just you and your family to share. Just your family enjoying nature.

Quality Time Bonding With the Family

cabins in BransonIn today's world of short attention spans it can be refreshing for a family to get away from every day life. You and your family can trade in your smart phones and game systems for volleyballs and fishing rods. Cabins in Branson offer a unique opportunity for families to really experience one-on-one quality time.

A cabin out in the woods is a great way for a family to make memories together. Roasting marshmallows by the fire, telling scary stories, and going on a fishing trip to a local lake are just some of the few memories that will be forever etched on their minds.

In addition to being a conservative, family-oriented vacation destination, Branson is also the favorite spot for many retirees looking for a quiet and tranquil vacation spot. Nonetheless, Branson is a place where family's build memories and tradition, as is demonstrated by return visitors. Over 75% of people visiting Branson are been here before. Visitors keep coming back for the quiet tranquility and culture of this enchanting city.

Shows and Entertainment in the Branson Area

The cottages and cabins in Branson also provides close proximity some of the premier attractions in the Branson area. These attractions for fun for the whole family and include the theme park Silver Dollar City, music shows, and Christmas specials. These attractions are what truly what makes cabins in Branson such an attractive option when visiting the area.

Music & Variety Shows

One of the most popular attractions to the Branson area is the variety of shows available to visitors. There are dozens of venues and theaters that cater to the tourist population. These venues boats over 100 hundred different shows mostly which feature country or gospel music. Cabins in Branson provide close proximity to all the local theaters and venues.

You can never see just one show. Visitors to Branson average 2-3 shows per family. It's a great chance to gather around, sing some family-friendly tunes, and soak up some clean Missouri air. These shows have been known to be addicting, so be sure to pack a lunch or take a lunch break at one of the local eateries.

Ozark Mountain Christmas

This is an extremely popular annual event. There are Christmas music and variety shoes going on all day, every day, and Silver Dollar city has major lighting displays which make cabins in Branson an unforgettable celebration. In addition to Silver Dollar City's special cavalcade of lights, there are a number of drive-thru light displays in around the Branson area. You can warm up some hot cocoa and take your family on a whimsical Christmas road trip.

Branson Landing

Whether you need to do some Christmas shopping or you want to indulge in some of the finest fashion boutiques in Missouri, you can enjoy a day of shopping at Branson Landing. This premier shopping center provides visitors to Branson with shopping right on the lake front, along with restaurants and hourly fire and water shows. This is a great option to go while your spouse is hitting a few balls at the gold course or fishing at a nearby lake. Branson landing is located within miles of many available cabins in branson that are available for rent, which makes it must on any vacation.

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Great Weather For a Weekend in Branson

If you are looking for some sunshine and nice weather, come to Branson! This week is going to be beautiful! The sun will be shining and the weather will be enjoyable with the highs in the upper 50’s. Thousand Hills Golf Resort is one of the most interesting and fun golf courses in the state that can challenge all different skill levels, with creeks, ponds, rock outcroppings, hardwood forests and dramatic elevation changes. The golf course at Thousand Hills is known as one of the most popular golf resort in Branson for a good reason. Our 18-hole, public golf course was rated 4-Stars by Golf Digest, and was voted Best of the Ozarks for Branson’s Golf Courses for the past two years in a row. We are running a great special on golf, all locals within 100 mile radius will get a rate of $32.50 and that includes the cart rental. We are offering great specials on our rooms too; stay 2 nights in a King Jacuzzi suite for $89 a night. Our rates are progressively lower the longer you stay the more you can save! For more information and reservations see or call us at 877-262-0430.

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Upgrade Your Vacation With Branson Condos

If you are looking for a vacation destination where you can find culture, entertainment, and nature, Branson is the place to be. Finding a convenient place to stay is easy. You can stay at Branson Condos. These condos and cabins are cool places providing amenities to make your vacation worth your while. Aside from these features, the location of these condos offers accessibility to all kinds of establishments.

Branson has lots of attractions. You can bring along your special friend and enjoy the sights and activities. Families are likewise encouraged to visit Branson and have a taste of the life Missouri has to offer.

Branson Shows

Start your vacation by visiting Branson theaters and watching the shows. Branson is billed as the Live Entertainment Capitol of the World as it has around 45 theaters to give you the entertainment you need. There is something for everybody. Plays, concerts, and live shows are a delight to see for all kinds of audiences. There are morning shows, afternoon matinees, and evening performances for all of you to enjoy.

Some of the notable theaters you can visit include The White House Theater, the Tribute Theater, Todd Oliver and Friends, The New Americana Theater, and The Mansion.

Staying at Branson Condos gives you the chance to have a concierge service. This free service assists you and your company in making reservations for amusement and concert tickets.

Branson Theme Parks

Get the excitement you want from Branson Theme Parks. Here you can release your worries away, satisfy your senses, and most of all, create good memories. Branson Condos offers easy access to the theme parks. Here is a shortlist randomly chosen to serve as your guide.

  • White Water is the only outdoor water park in Branson. You and your group can discover pure excitement as the park has thrilling slide, twisting typhoons, and more.
  • Silver Dollar City has been the attraction for all audiences for more than 50 years. It is styled in the 1880s to offer you and your guests a nostalgic kind of experience. There are more than 40 different live shows performed daily. You can choose from more than 30 various fun-filled rides. As a safety precaution for your child, come to the measuring station to determine the ride suitable for your kid. A special wristband is provided for your little darlings. Write your mobile number for added safety measure in locating your child.
  • The Track Family Fun Parks is a new treat for all of you. Billed as ‘Family Fun Four Stories High’, this theme park enables you and your companions to experience three one-of-a-kind world class tracks. This high rise tracks are exclusively built for go-kart enjoyment.

Branson Condos

After all the thrills, you need to have a comfortable place to rest and get ready for a new day ahead. Book a condo unit in Thousand Hills Branson, Missouri and have a good night’s sleep. Branson Condos offer you several luxurious options. You can have the rustic wooded style similar to the cabins and a tranquil view of the golf course.

It may please you to know that condo rentals are not just for lovers and families. Religious groups can hold their retreats in Branson Condos. Amidst Ozark vista these condos are located far away for the street. The condos provide privacy, nature, calmness, and serenity.

There are indoor and outdoor pools and a full work-out facility for your health and wellness needs. TVs, DVD players, soaps, linens, and wi-fi are among the many amenities you can find here. Upgrade your vacation with Branson Condos now!

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Visit Branson this Winter!

Branson Winter SeasonThe winter season is a great time to visit Branson. There are still plenty of things to do and see, and Thousand Hills Golf Resort is right in the middle of it all. We offer great discounts during the winter months. While the pace is relaxed, and less hectic, the fun is great, and the price is just right for any budget.

All of the shopping outlets in Branson stay open year round. And there is plenty of after Christmas sales at the Tanger Outlet, and the Landing. While you are out shopping around grab a bite to eat at one of the great dinning restaurant at the Landing. I personally recommend the White River Fish House, which is one of my favorites! It is a floating restaurant that serves some of the greatest seafood, steaks and pasta, on water!

Speaking of seafood… Winter is the best season for trout fishing on Table Rock Lake, and Lake Taneycomo. If you are like me, and you are not the greatest angler around, take a fishing guide that is native to Branson with you. No matter the time of year, you will find fantastic fishing opportunities on Table Rock Lake with your Branson fishing guide.

After a fun day out on the lake relax in one of our Luxury Lake Front Condos out at the Majestic, just minutes from Table Rock Lake. They come fully equipped with stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, spacious living rooms, and a welcoming over all atmosphere. Stay with Thousand Hills Golf Resort at The Majestic for 4 nights and we will take 20% off of your nightly rate! For more information and reservations see or call us at 800-864-4145.

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The Only Thing You Can Count on is Change!

When I hear that phrase, it is often said with a sigh. However, the upside is that many things change for the better, if you only know where and how to look. Branson, Missouri, is a sleepy little town in the heart of the Ozark Mountains (rather more like hills) that has changed very little when it comes to the people and their ideas of hospitality, genuine family values and a respect for the environment. The more drastic change has been that Branson has been able to provide an upscale, luxurious concept for accommodations that do not scream of commercialism.

branson condo rentalsGone are the cookie cutter motel style motel rooms that offer nothing new and different from the last convention you attended. Holiday Inn style rooms have been replaced with condominium resorts that provide opulent accommodations in many sizes, locations, themes and price ranges. Branson Condo Rentals are like having a second home that’s tailored to your personality. Tailored to your family size, means Branson Condo Rentals come in intimate, smaller units or very large units with five to six bedroom setups. Larger families or groups may enjoy private sleeping areas with private bathrooms which include ample vanity space, whirlpool tubs and showers with easy access. Bathroom amenities include soaps and shampoos from Gilchrist and Soames, Bella Does, 30 x 60 bath towels, hairdryers in all bathrooms and best of all, a large whirlpool tub. Thousand Hills Condos in Branson all have views to die for. Your choice might be to view an exquisitely manicured golf course, or if you prefer, a view of Table Rock Lake. Many condos in Branson have kitchens with granite countertops, plenty of room in the full size refrigerators, and washer/dryers if the need arises.

The most unique type of Branson Condo Rental just might be the Cabins at Grand Mountain. Still furnished throughout with upscale amenities, you gain an experience like none other. Each cabin is built using California Spruce logs, has a front and back porch, stone fireplace, tile and woodwork that reflects the local respect for nature. Much care and attention has been placed on preserving the original Oak trees that abound through the cabin landscape. Wildlife, including whitetail deer, raccoon, and mink can often be seen from any cabin at the Grand Mountain.

Condos in Branson, Missouri are a surprisingly affordable alternative to the standard motel. There is never an off season in Branson. Even if the weather changes, there is always plenty to do. Restaurants and shopping are open year round. Museums and hiking trails never close. Many shows are open weekends throughout winter. Branson, Missouri condos have great locations that allow you to take in the shows, shopping and attractions without driving for hours. Several main roads and even more shortcuts help to zip from venue to venue with ease. Branson may have a Mayberry town appeal, but Branson, Missouri condos will allow you to have Shangri La like accommodations.

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Top 5 Attractions To Visit When Visiting the Cabins in Branson, MO

Planning a vacation that everyone in your group can enjoy is often a bit of a challenge, but it can be done if you find the right place! Branson, MO is the ideal location for families, friends, and couples to get away from it all for awhile and just have some fun. On top of the sights to see and things to do, you can enjoy your vacation in privacy and total comfort when you stay in one of our condos or cabins in Branson, MO instead of a cramped hotel. We're here to help you truly relax and have a good time.

To help you get started with your vacation plans, here are five of the top things to do near our cabins in Branson, MO.

Silver-Dollar-City-Logo1. Silver Dollar City - There’s something for everyone at this attraction, which is why it has become a favorite of those who visit the condos and cabins in Branson, MO. Silver Dollar City features over 30 rides for kids of all ages. The thrill seekers will love riding the wild roller coasters, while the little ones will have more fun in Half Dollar Holler riding the carousel and swings, exploring a tree house, and playing in the sand. When you need a break from all of the rides, you can sit down and enjoy some of the finest shows in Branson from musical performances to comedy acts and live demonstrations from skilled craftsman who can show you how things were done in the days of the wild west.

2. Branson Zipline - If you are searching for a thrilling and unique way to explore the area near the cabins in Branson, MO, you needn't look any further than Branson Zipline & Canopy tours which are located in the heart of the Ozarks. You will enjoy breathtaking birds-eye views of the Wolf Creek Preserve as you soar across multiple zip lines, swing across suspension bridges, and more. On the Canopy Adventure Combo tour you will even be given the opportunity to pump your adrenaline with a 100-foot free fall! The tours are perfect for people of all ages, are completely safe, and no zipline experience is necessary.

3. Branson Tracks - Are you ready for a little friendly competition? Branson Tracks is the perfect way to spend a day bonding with your family and friends near the cabins in Branson, MO. Here you will have the opportunity to race one another in go-karts down one of 14 different tracks! When you are done driving, you are welcome to team up and play laser tag, ride the bumper cars, try your hand at mini golf, enjoy arcade games, and much more. If you're feeling really brave you may try the sky coaster - a 100-foot tall super swing which combines the experience of skydiving and hang gliding!

Branson Titanic4. Branson Titanic Museum - This popular attraction creates a "living theater" experience intended to provide a sense of what it felt like for the individuals aboard the Titanic. From the start, you'll receive a Titanic boarding pass and once inside, you will have the opportunity to descend the $1 Million exact replica of the ship's grand staircase. You'll be mesmerized by $4.5 million of Titanic artifacts, feel the sloping decks of the ship's stern to know what it was like when she sank, feel 28 degree water, and even sit in an actual sized lifeboat.

5. The SIX Show - The SIX Show is perfect for visitors of all ages. These groups of six brothers are able to entrance anyone with their incredible a capella performances, which includes creating their own instrumentation (like bass and drums) through their vocal abilities. The Knudsen brothers will keep you and your group highly entertained throughout the entire performance as they sing and dance to music from Motown to the Beach Boys.

What are you looking forward to trying near our cabins in Branson, MO?

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The Top Branson Golf Course - Thousand Hills

Taking a trip to Branson, Missouri is one of today’s most popular vacation activities for you to enjoy mainly because of its breathtaking view of nature as seen from its three pristine lakes. Branson is also known to offer great live performances and theater shows. Other than that, the famous Branson golf course is slowly getting the recognition as the best in the Midwest.

branson-golf-15-yearsWhat comes to your mind when you think about golf courses these days? Total fun is what Branson golf course is. It does not offer golf alone, but provide you and your family with a whole lot more fun. It provides excitement, a cool place to dine with your significant other and your family. It also provides sheer golf pleasure.

Branson golf course is this and more. The Thousand Hills Golf Resort is worthy of its award from the prestigious Golf Digest. It garnered a 4-star ranking in 2009. Branson golf course was elected by the Springfield News-Leader readers as the 'Best of the Ozarks' for Branson Golf Courses. This golf resort is also built to perform as a cool venue for your official business gatherings and meetings. You and your colleagues will feel refreshed as the facilities offer a good view of the scenic golf course.

Thousand Hills accept all types of golfers, young and old. You can choose to play a light game with your romantic partner or a professional game in a league. All the fairways in this golf resort are wide and have a perfectly manicured Zoysia Grass. The 18-hole course at par 64 is open to the public. There is 1 par-five hole, 8 par-four holes and 9 par-3 holes. The slope ratings are the following: Blue are 125, White is 116 and Red is 113.

It is the most unique golf resort in the area. One of the major features of this popular Branson golf course is its capacity of catering to various levels of your golf skill. It does not matter if you are the seasoned golfer or the newbie in the sport. Out of our three set offers, there is an ideal set of tees suitable for you. Mathew Dillman, a golf professional is on hand and willing to assist you and train you. Do not worry if you have not brought a club along with you. There are club rentals you can avail of.

In the greens you can take advantage of riding Yamaha golf carts with GPS. This cool feature gives you a clear perspective of your distances. Feel free to order some food and beverage and even send in for a butler. The GPS allows you to view current promotions and sales offered by the Pro Shop. Should you ever need some golf accessories for yourself or as a gift, all you have to do is splurge in the Pro Shop.

The Branson golf course is located strategically at the center of Branson. It is very near Lake Taneycomo and Table Rock Lake. After several rounds of golf, you can go sightseeing and grab your chance while you are here to witness the beauty of nature. End the day with an overnight stay in our condo rentals or better yet, book in our log cabin for a new experience. Check out Mulligan’s Snack Bar and Grill on April to November.

So whether you are in for a quick romantic overnight getaway with your partner, a weekend outing with your family and friends, and a week long business meeting cum golf session with your associates, the place to be seen is the Thousand Hills Golf Resort.

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The 5 Benefits of Cabin Rentals in Branson, MO

Space to Live

Unlike a traditional hotel, in which rooms are primarily bedrooms with a minimal level of support, Cabin rentals offer a very high amount of space for each dollar spent. With space for as many as sixteen guests in one building, even particularly large families can stay in the same place, rather than splitting up between a variety of hotel rooms. This can be especially convenient if you have children coming along with you; allowing your own children some privacy is nice by itself, but if they're bringing friends along, you can give all of them some space without sacrificing your ability to keep an eye on them and make sure they aren't getting into trouble.

Easy Access to Entertainment

Cabin rentals in Branson, MO offers quick and easy access to the heart of the area's entertainment region. Some of these seasonal events include:

  • Military reunion shows
  • Fishing
  • Live music

However, the Branson area also offers activities such as:
  • The Silver Dollar City Theme Park (for visitors of all ages)
  • Upscale shopping districts
  • Shows on the water
  • Theaters
  • A Titanic Museum


Most of these are located very close to the area's cabins, allowing you the chance to get there and back with minimal time spent traveling around.

One of the year's biggest attractions, of course, is the Ozark Mountain Christmas festival. From the beginning of November through the end of December, the Branson area hosts dozens of shows, such as:

  • Festivals of Light
  • Veteran Memorials and Events
  • The Marine Corps Birthday Ball
  • Concerts
  • Wine tasting
  • And many, many more

Even if you're only staying for a few days, you'll almost certainly find something special during this time to enjoy.


Great Value

Cabin Rentals in Branson MOIf your family is traveling on a budget, then doing things yourself is one of the best ways to save. Almost all cabin rentals in Branson, MO offer fully equipped kitchens where you can prepare your own meals with ingredients you've brought along or purchased in the local area, while other private furnishings (like washers and dryers, complete with detergent) allow you to take care of your things without worrying about others getting to them. You can also expect to find additions like:

  • Premium television channels
  • A Jacuzzi and Swimming Pool set
  • Alarm clocks
  • Video players
  • Outdoor Decks


All of these designed to give you the best quality at the lowest possible price. Cabin rates vary by season, but a four-bedroom cabin that sleeps twelve can run for as little as $354 a night, and smaller cabins are even less than that, making them as great for your wallet as they are for you.

So Many Choices

Traditional hotel rooms rarely have many options to give you. It's true that you may be able to select between bed sizes, but cabin rentals in Branson, MO offer a greater variety of choices when it comes to your stay. Perhaps you'd like somewhere you can enjoy a fresh breakfast outside while watching the sunrise, or you'd prefer to have a romantic, starlit dinner as far from the lights of the city as possible. Maybe you'd like somewhere with a high chancing of viewing wildlife, or the fastest and easiest accessing to golfing and the town. Cabins are placed in many different places, so by talking with a representative about what you really want, you can find the rental best suited to the sort of vacation you plan to enjoy.

Your Pets Are Allowed

If you love your pet, leaving them behind for a few days can be a very difficult thing to do. However, certain cabin rentals in Branson, MO allow for certain pets to be brought along with you. Electronic locks mean that you can leave your pet inside the cabin while you go to enjoy the show without worrying about their safety, and many special requests (for both you and your pet) can be accommodated if made at the time of reservation.

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New Year's Eve in Branson - The Place to Be

Thousand Hills Golf Resort, in Branson is the place to be if you want to bring in the New Years the right way! So much to do with so little time!

Branson New Years CelebrationsSome of the best ways to spend the night in town will be with the gifted entertainers from Pierce Arrow. They were one of Branson’s hottest male vocal bands of 2012. This New Year special is a three hour show that includes games and giveaways, live countdown with a balloon drop, and delicious catered food. Or join the Haygoods with their incredible, heart pounding family-fun show. This entertaing show combines the family's special type of musical gifts, with state-of-the-art effects, mesmerizing dance performances, and unstoppable energy that cannot be contained even if you tried! Those guys know how to end the year with memories that will last a lifetime.

Branson also has a few places in town that will light up the night sky with their amazing display of fireworks. If fireworks aren’t the thing for you, not to worry Branson has a beautiful array of over a million lights displayed at the Trail of Lights. Every building in the park is completely lit up! You have to see them to believe it. Come experience all these wonderful memories for yourself.

Stay with Thousand Hills in one of our cabins or condos, they are just right down the street from the strip, so you will be with in minutes away from all of these attractions. We are running a New Years Special on our rates! Stay with Thousand Hills Golf Resort for 3 nights and we will take 15% off of your nightly rate! For more information and reservations see or call us at 800-864-4145.

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