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A Branson Lakefront Condo for your Christmas Vacation



This Christmas season, give your family the best gift by treating them to a Christmas in Branson. Spending a Christmas in Branson may be one of the most traditional ways of celebrating, but it is so well mixed with the modern day practices and traditions that makes people enjoy their stay for the yuletide season.  In fact, some even comes back every Christmas to Branson to celebrate the annual festivities.


Christmas is the time when Branson transforms into a winter wonderland. The entire place is enveloped with lights, and there is not one dark spot in Branson during Christmas. With other people bringing on their good cheers for others, your Christmas spirit will really be uplifted. Branson also gives you festivities wherein you can treat your eyes to a grandiose display of lights, colors, and images about Christmas. Your Christmas vacation would be much more perfect if you choose to live in a Branson Lakefront Condo.


For the best lakefront condos in Branson, choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills Golf Resort is located near all the happenings in Branson, making it more convenient for their guests as they can go home minutes after enjoying the Christmas festivals in Branson. It is also located near Silver Dollar City so you can get to visit the amusement park any time you want. Thousand Hills Resort also offers the best lakefront condos since it is located very near Table Rock Lake, one of the most pristine lakes in Branson Missouri. The vibes sent by staying near the lake are very relaxing and peaceful, making your condo a perfect place to rest after a long day celebrating Christmas.


The lakefront condos are available for rental. The smallest unit available is the two bedroom lakefront condo, while the largest unit which is still available is the three bedroom lakefront condo unit. The amenities that come with your lakefront condo rental are par excellence. Get ready to redefine luxury as you get to Branson’s lakefront condo. It will never be boring to stay inside your lakefront condo since there are a lot of entertainments stuff for you to do. There is a lakeview pool and gazebo for you to use. You are also guaranteed of swimming access to Table Rock Lake upon renting a lakefront condo. The condo unit itself also has cable televisions equipped with premium channels like ESPN and HBO. If you want to watch your favorite movie, you can also bring DVDs of it as the condo units have DVD players.


All of the units also have fully furnished bedrooms and fully equipped kitchen to make the experience feel even homier. The units also have a spacious living room for your family’s activities.



Renting a lakefront condo would not feel any different as your home as it has the major appliances that you need. However, luxury would spell all the difference. Come and rent a Branson lakefront condo now for your Branson Christmas vacation! For inquiries, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Celebrate Thanksgiving in a Branson Cabin


Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all the blessings you have received. It is also a time when you can bond and catch up with the family over a vacation or a celebration. This year, make sure that your Thanksgiving will be unforgettable by spending it in Branson.

Branson Missouri boasts of world-class theme parks, museums, and live musical shows to keep the whole family entertained. November is the perfect time to visit Branson before the holidays because the place itself showcases the beauty of the fall season. There are also live musical shows and theater plays that are in full swing all throughout the month. Apart from that, the whole family can also have some quality time over a sumptuous dinner at Branson restaurants. Thanksgiving dinner is made more special by Branson restaurants during this time of the year. Shopping in Branson may also be considered as underrated, but it is slowly becoming one of the main and biggest attractions in Branson during the pre-holiday season. Play Santa and find the perfect and unique gifts for your loved ones only in Branson malls.

Your place to stay in Branson during Thanksgiving is vital. It is with that knowledge that Thousand Hills Golf Resort was created for the visitors of Branson - to provide a comfortable, luxurious, yet affordable lodging place for everyone. Thousand Hills offers you with a variety of choices for your lodging place. One of the most famous lodging options is the Branson cabin. Branson cabins in Thousand Hills comes in one-bedroom cabins (for singles, couples, and a small family), two-bedroom cabins (for small to medium sized families), and 4-bedroom cabins (for large sized families or for large groups going on a vacation). These log cabins are also situated in a secluded spot so you can’t feel the busy city vibes, and instead have a good night’s sleep and your much needed rest.

These Branson log cabins are perfect for your Thanksgiving home since it offers you all the amenities that a home should have. It has luxurious bedrooms with a king sized bed, and bathrooms with a Jacuzzi tub. It also has a fully equipped kitchen so that you have a choice whether to try out the restaurants in Branson or cook your own secret recipe for the whole family. The log cabin also does not lack anything when it comes to entertainment. A cable television equipped with premium cable channels like ESPN, and HBO is available in every room of the log cabin in Thousand Hills. This is very advantageous so you would not want to miss your favorite show or that all-important basketball game even while you are on vacation. There is also a DVD player in the cabin’s spacious living room so the whole family can bond over some popcorn and a good movie. A swimming pool is also available for use, so make sure to take a dip in pool to refresh yourself. Wireless internet is also available for free in the log cabin.

With all these amenities, it feels like you are spending Thanksgiving in your own home - in your dream home, that is. So what are your waiting for? Plan the perfect Thanksgiving now and make Thousand Hills Golf Resort your lodging place. For inquiries and reservations, call 1-877-262-0430.

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Branson Platinum Experience for the Holidays



Are you planning to go to Branson this holiday? If yes, then read along so you could make the most out of your money.


Branson Missouri is known to be the ultimate vacation destination of people – families and friends alike. You are guaranteed to see lots of attractions and enjoy various activities that it would feel like your time for vacation in Branson is not enough. Make the most out of your vacation without shelling out lots of money for it. Sounds impossible? Well, Thousand Hills Golf Resort has the solution to that!


Your stay at Thousand Hills Golf Resort is more than just having a lodging place. It is also about experiencing fully all that Branson has to offer. For the upcoming holiday season, choose to stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort and make the most out of your stay. A way of saying thank you for Thousand Hills is giving its guests a Platinum Experience. Unlike other hotels that give coupons with percentages off, or buy one get one coupons, Thousand Hills gives you tickets, admissions and meals to Branson’s finest attractions and establishments amounting to $750.


The Platinum Experience booklet in Thousand Hills gives you access to the best musical shows there is in Branson. One such show is the Shoji Tabuchi Show. The performers in this show are considered to be Branson’s first family of extraordinary musical entertainment. Shoji Tabuchi, the main man of the show, together with his wife Dorothy and his daughter Christina, never fails to wow the audience with their innate musical talent. This show is purely family entertainment and would be perfect for the whole family to tag along and enjoy good American music.


The Platinum Experience also gives you access to theater shows – a shoutout to all the theater geeks out there. One of Branson’s unique theaters is Sight & Sound Theater. This theater depicts stories in the Bible in a way that you have never experience before. The stories that this theater perform are suitable for kids and adults alike. The theater has a cast of 45 professional adult and children actor. There are also live animals in this theater which they incorporate in their plays, so do not be surprised when watching a play. The sets of this theater are also known to be spectacular and will leave you speechless.


A Platinum Experience in Thousand Hills also guarantees you freebies in Branson’s best restaurants. Get a complimentary appetizer in Floretina’s Ristorante Italiano, a complimentary breakfast in McFarlain’s Family Restaurant and many more. You also get to have tickets to Branson’s famous theme parks, Silver Dollar City and White Water.


Can’t wait to experience all these perks for the holidays? For you to get a Platinum Experience booklet from Thousand Hills, a reservation should be made until December 31, 2013 in any 2 bedroom or larger lodging choice, which includes golf condo, lake condo, or log cabin. You will get your Platinum Experience upon check-in. Book now and enjoy Branson!

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Branson Shopping for the Holidays


Branson is known to be the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. It boasts of live music shows from Branson’s homegrown musical talents and budding artists. It also features concerts of musical legends and singers or bands that are hot on the music scene right now. Aside from these, Branson is also associated with its world-class amusement park, nature parks, and many other attractions and fun activities.


Branson shopping may not be one of the first things that will come to your mind upon hearing the word Branson, but it has been a constant favorite among guests. Shopping in Branson gives you the al the perks you want – great discounts, bargains, and one-of-a-kind finds. If you know where to look for the best fashion finds in Branson, then you are guaranteed to save some money. Also, Branson offers you unique items and collector’s edition items that would be perfect as gifts for your loved ones, especially this holiday season.


This Christmas season, go do some Branson shopping and discover wonders. First off, shop at Branson Landing. Branson Landing is one of the most popular outlet malls in Branson. Aside from the mall’s aesthetics, people have been trooping to this mall because of the shops they have. Examples of shops that can be found in Branson Landing are White House/Black Market, Belk Department Store, Bass Pro Shop, and Ann Taylor Loft. This mall also has a Water and Fire Show to keep the people entertained as they move from one shop to another. At times, especially during holidays, live concert events are done in Branson Landing.


Another popular outlet mall in Branson is Tanger Outlet Center. Tanger Outlet Center is for the fashion-conscious individuals, with the range of shops that this mall has. Now, even while you are on vacation, you can still be updated with the latest fashion trends. You might also find a gift to suit your fashion-savvy loved one. Some of the shops which can be found here in Tanger Outlet Center are GAP, van Heusen, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Izod, Liz Claiborne, Skechers, Banana Republic and Aeropostale. For the kids, there are Tommy Kids, Osh Kosh, Disney Store, Gymboree and many others.


Lastly, you should also be able to visit IMAX Entertainment Complex. This outlet mall in Branson is where you can find unique gift items. It also has a store called Legend Gifts, wherein you can find limited edition items such as movie posters, original soundtracks, and IMAX films of your favorite movies. This store is perfect especially for the movie geeks. A shop called Shadow Box is also where you can find antique items. You can also get gift ideas of any kind for your loved ones back home.



Make your visit to Branson more fun by taking a stroll down these outlet malls. After doing this, maybe Branson shopping might just be in your next itinerary the next time you visit Branson.

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Keeping the Tradition of “Mr. Christmas”: Andy Williams Moon River Theatre

In Branson, Christmas comes to life in a variety of shows, attractions and light displays across the city. One of Branson’s favorite Christmas traditions lives at Andy Williams Moon River Theatre, where “Mr. Christmas” entertained audiences of all ages for years.

Before coming to Branson in 1992, Andy Williams had built a successful career as an entertainer that spanned over 50 years. His solo career began in 1952, and grew alongside the careers of famous crooners like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and Tony Bennett. He recorded 17 gold records, and even hosted his own TV variety show from 1962 to 1971. Williams obtained the title of Mr. Christmas in the 1960s and 70s on his TV show by airing holiday programs. Peter Sagal of National Public Radio said Williams was the man who invented the heartwarming Christmas special.

Christmas at Andy Williams Moon River TheatreIn addition to his holiday TV specials, Williams recorded Christmas songs like the famous “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Each year, radio stations around the country play this famous Christmas tune. In Branson, you can tune in to 105.9 KGBX from Thanksgiving Day until after Christmas for constant holiday music, including Williams’ songs.

Williams visited Branson and decided to return to build a theatre. The $12 million theatre is 48,000 square feet and features beautiful landscape architecture, including rock formations, waterfalls and foliage. When the theatre opened, it was one of Branson’s most unique, since the town was mostly dominated by country performers. Other non-country performances began to make their way into Branson, and soon the town grew to be known as the live music capital of the world.

When Williams brought his show to Branson in 1992, he began performing live Christmas concerts during the holiday season. The Andy Williams Christmas Show has been a visitor favorite, drawing in crowds from miles away and out of state. Some families even make annual trips to Branson for the heartwarming performance of Andy Williams. In addition to the Christmas show, Williams performed with a number of big name entertainers, such as Glen Campbell, Petula Clark, and Ann-Margret.

This year, the Andy Williams Christmas Show will be without Mr. Christmas for the first time. Since Williams’ death in 2012, the Moon River Theatre has continued to operate, bringing talented artists like Lee Greenwood and Clint Black. This year’s Christmas show will still go on, featuring the Osmonds and the Lennon Sisters, who appeared alongside Williams over the years.

This year’s show promises to be a spectacular one as usual. This full production show features a full orchestra, dancers, variety acts and the music of the Christmas season. This year’s show will also include a tribute to Mr. Christmas. The Andy Williams Christmas Show begins Nov. 1 and continues Monday through Saturday until Dec. 7. Each year, the Christmas show has filled the 2000 seat theatre,

In addition to the Christmas show, the First Annual Christmas Tree Lighting will occur at the Moon River Theatre on Nov. 1 at 5 p.m. The tree lighting will be part of a tribute to Williams and the joy his show brought to his audiences over the years.

This holiday season, make sure to see the Andy Williams Christmas Show when you’re in Branson. Your family will love the heartwarming songs and cheer that Mr. Christmas brought to Branson all those years ago.

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Prepare Now For Black Friday Shopping in Branson

That one day is almost here. No, not Christmas. No, not Thanksgiving either – rather, it is something in between. The day in question, folks, is the much anticipated (or much dreaded, depending on who you are!) Black Friday. The one day a year where American shoppers all over the nation converge on every store in town for their holiday shopping, sales, and bargains. What does this mean for Branson? It means you should get your Black Friday game plan together now so you’ll be ready when it hits, because there is some spectacular shopping in Branson to be had!

Pick Your Stores: The first part of drafting your Black Friday plan is to select which stores you plan to shop at in Branson, or in the area surrounding Branson. Be sure you know where your holiday shopping spree stores of choice are located, and what the best routes are to get there – it can often be helpful to take some of Branson’s back routes to get from point A to point B to avoid holiday traffic around town. Also know what time stores open for business! In order to avoid blowing a lot of cash by going completely crazy on Black Friday (“My goodness, I just can’t live without this sparkly pink dog sweater!” or “My mother-in-law would surely love this toaster that plays music”), it is a wise decision to make a list of what and who you need to shop for, so you can visit stores that are relative to your purchases and resist the temptation to go hog wild just because things are on sale. Do you have a teenage girl to shop for? Check out Rue 21 at the Tanger Outlet Mall. Know someone who has a sweet tooth? Stop by the Northwoods Candy Emporium on the Branson Landing. Need that perfect gift for an office Christmas party? You’re sure to find something fun and unique at Dick’s 5 and 10 in Downtown Branson. Is there a farmer in your life? Visit the Tractor Supply Company in Hollister, Missouri, for a great selection of Wrangler clothing, tools and country themed gifts.

Grab Your Coupons: Obviously, stores that participate in Black Friday have a plethora of items on sale and in store specials. But make sure you do your research, because some stores also have coupons available as well. These can be found online or in the paper – so clip away! Or, if you are a paper saver or perhaps just a technology guru, simply pull the coupons up on your smartphone while you are in the checkout line! Be sure to also peruse sale flyers that come in the mail, and to check out store Facebook pages.

Set Your Alarm: If you are a diehard Black Friday shopper, chances are that you wake up around 4am to get to the stores the minute the doors open. To ensure shopping success, set your alarm and get to bed early the night before. And remember to have some breakfast! Preparing a morning meal the night before can save you time in the morning and get you off to a healthy start.

So now that you have your A game in place, you are ready to take advantage of Black Friday shopping in Branson! May the deals be ever in your favor.

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Branson Shows Start Their Christmas Season

While some places slow down for the holidays, Branson is definitely one of those that never slows down. As the holidays approach, Branson’s shows are gearing up for their new holiday show lineups.

One of the shows in Branson preparing for its Christmas season is the Miracle of Christmas at Sight and Sound Theaters. You can witness one of the greatest births in history and the reason for the season by getting your tickets for the Miracle of Christmas. Named the “Christian Broadway”, Sight and Sound Theaters brings you a unique theater experience with a wraparound stage and bring the action of the show right into the audience. The Bible comes to life all around you. The Miracle of Christmas brings the bustle of Bethlehem right to you, with camels, horses, and donkeys parading by. You can enjoy treats and festivities on-site before the show, so come early to join the holiday spirit at Sight and Sound.

One of Branson’s other Christmas shows is Jim Stafford’s Christmas Show. Filled with merriment and laughter, Jim Stafford is sure to bring a smile to your face when you visit him from Nov. 3 to Dec. 12. Shows are at 8 p.m. Sunday-Wednesday and 3 p.m. shows on Thursdays. Tickets for the show are $36.75 for adults (18 years old and over), $19.30 for teens (13 – 17 years old), $13.10 for children (7 – 12) and $5.50 for children 6 and under. Family passes and VIP tickets are available. To get more information, go online to or call 1-417-335-8080.

The Andy Williams Christmas Show featuring the Osmonds and the Lennon Sisters will also return to Branson in 2013. This year, the show will feature a tribute to Williams, a.k.a. “Mr. Christmas” himself. The full show features amazing sets, dancers, a full orchestra, variety acts and the sounds of Christmas. From Nov. 1 – Dec. 7, the Osmonds and the Lennon Sisters will entertain audiences at the Andy Williams Moon River Theater. Shows are Monday – Saturday at 8 p.m. For more information about tickets, visit

The Little Opry Theatre also features the Sanctified Sanders Family Singers and their Sanders Family Christmas. Located in the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex, the Sanders Family brings a Christmas story from 1941 to audiences with faith, family and old-fashioned fun.

The Sanders Family Christmas show continues the Sanders family story from Smoke on the Mountain. It’s Christmas Eve, 18 days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Depression is ending, but war looms on the horizon. Their only son is joining the Marine Corps, and the Sanders Family is having to say goodbye. But, before he goes, the family is working on the Christmas celebration at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. They use Christmas carols and holiday hymns to help raise the spirits of the audience and the rest of the family.

Be sure to check out these great Branson Christmas shows as part of your family’s celebrations this holiday season. From song to dance and back again, there’s something for everyone at Branson’s Christmas shows.

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Making Branson Your Holiday Destination in 2013

Some folks are the stay at home holiday type. They like routine, they like their own Christmas décor, and they enjoy not having to go anywhere. Other folks, though, like to travel during the holiday season. They like to see new things, try new holiday food, and do their holiday shopping at new stores. If you are one of these holiday travelers, consider making Branson, Missouri, your holiday destination for 2013! Branson makes a great place to celebrate the season with holiday attractions, great Christmas shopping venues, and top notch lodging. Get ready for some cheer with Branson holidays!

christmas in branson missouriHo, Ho, Holiday Attractions: There is no shortage of fun things to see and do when you spend the holidays in Branson this year. One of the most popular Branson holidays activities is visiting Silver Dollar City for the Old Time Christmas Festival! Imagine the magic of Silver Dollar City lit up with over four million Christmas lights, just for you. You’ll enjoy rides like Outlaw Run and the Giant Barn Swing so much more when the whole park is lit up like a Christmas tree. Be sure to grab some hot chocolate and catch the Christmas parade on Main Street! If you just can’t get enough Christmas lights, head on over to Shepherd of the Hills to drive through the Trail of Lights, or take a trip to Kimberling City down the road to check out the Port of Lights. If you are more of an indoor holiday person, you’ll want to go to the Butterfly Palace on West 76 in Branson to experience White Flight – hundreds of brilliant white butterflies fluttering through the air like snowflakes, complete with a Poinsettia Christmas tree and holiday carols!

Santa Worthy Stores: Looking to buy your stocking stuffers or your secret Santa gifts? You’re in luck – there is some great shopping in the area for your Branson holidays! For a one stop shopping trip for everyone on your list, venture over to the Tanger Outlet Mall. Here you’ll find everything from Rue 21, to The Loft, to American Eagle, to Osh Kosh. There is no shortage of Christmas presents here! If you want something a little less name brand or a little more unique, check out the Branson Craft Mall, where you can purchase dozens of handmade gifts from local craftsmen. There are also a variety of great stores and shops on the Branson Landing – Northwoods Candy Emporium, anyone?

Holly Jolly Hotels and Lodging: If you want a cozy place to head back to after a day of Branson holidays fun, look no further than Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort right here in Branson. You’ll find a variety of lodging options that are sure to fit your needs, from two person suites to six person cabins. You’ll love the amenities offered at Thousand Hills, and the great low prices too! Whether you want a cozy hotel room to yourself, or a cabin in the wintery Ozarks woods with your sweetie and the kids, Thousand Hills has a holly jolly lodging option for you this holiday season.

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The Christmas Shopping Season Begins in Branson

With all of the shopping opportunities in Branson, the Christmas season presents numerous opportunities to find the perfect gift for all of your loved ones.

Historic downtown Branson provides shoppers with a myriad of shops that have unique gift items for even the person that seems to have everything. Dick’s Old Time 5 & 10 on Main Street is one of those unique shops and is said to be a “step back in time.” Ever since its opening, Dick’s Old Time 5 & 10 has been different and eclectic. Over 175,000 items live in this Branson landmark, including gifts, souvenirs, toys, games, household gadgets, toiletries, linens, sewing notions, yarn, greeting cards, crafts, and hard-to-find old-time candy. The interesting mix takes on a museum like feel with the toy train collection and collection of sports memorabilia. The Baseball Hall of Fame includes autographed photos from famous players like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Cy Young, Ty Cobb, and more. There are also photos of Michael Jordan and other starters from the Chicago Bulls’ championship teams, Muhammed Ali, and Jack Dempsey. Dick’s is also home to a collection of arrowheads from the area. You can rediscover some of your favorites from your childhood and give your own kids a taste of yesteryear with candies like Slo-Pokes and Turkish Taffy.

branson-landing-christmas-shoppingIn addition to Dick’s Old Time 5 & 10, Branson is also home to the popular Branson Landing. With its collection of name brand and unique stores, you can get all of your shopping done at once without having to drive around to multiple stores. Some of Branson Landing’s name brand offerings include Belk, Maurices, American Eagle, Hollister, and Bass Pro Shops. But you get even more than that from Branson Landing. Girlie Girl Originals, Majestic Gems, and Gifts of Distinction are some of the unique names that live at the Landing. You can find a variety of brands and products like Vera Bradley, Armani, Swarovski, and Pandora, all in one place. Plus, you get to experience the famous fountains and dining that round out a Branson Landing experience. Stop by Famous Dave’s for award-winning BBQ, or Black Oak Grill for food from local growers.

Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, the Branson area is gearing up for the holidays. You’ll probably be seeing Christmas lights going up and sales going on for the holiday season. Make sure to check Branson out when looking for places to do Black Friday shopping. Branson has all of your favorites and those yet to be discovered all in one place. The proximity makes your shopping trip easier than you ever thought imaginable. As you check the Black Friday ads, think about checking out Branson for all your Christmas shopping needs. Whether it’s the uniqueness of historic downtown Branson or the Branson Landing, the city has something to offer everyone. Check off your list all at once and relax for the rest of your holiday shopping season.

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Branson Christmas Festivals and Events

The Branson Area Festival of Lights Drive Through is part of Branson’s annual Christmas celebration. Each year the entire Branson area is coated in Christmas lights, and the Festival of Lights is just one way visitors to Branson can experience the Christmas season. From Nov. 1 – Dec. 31, vehicles can drive through the displays in Branson from dusk to 11 p.m. Family vehicles cost $15, while a family season pass is $25. Mini coaches (with 12-28 seats), including church vans and limos are $30, and full size motorcoaches are $55. Go online to to receive a $2 savings on your trip through the Festival of Lights.

trail-of-lightsThe Trail of Lights at the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead is another festival in Branson that celebrates with you. Your ticket through the light display includes a trip up in the Inspiration Tower where you can see the trail from a reindeer’s eye view, and hot chocolate to warm up with after your drive through the lights. The Trail of Lights is open from Nov. 1 – Dec. 31 and is open seven nights per week. The trail is open from dusk to after the shows. For more information, visit

In addition to these light displays, Branson is also home to attractions that highlight the holiday season. Ride the Ducks will be offering night tours at 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. and will tour through the Branson Festival of Lights. While you’re at Duck Central on Highway 76, the kids can play some “reindeer games” and pose for a photo with Santa.

White Flight at the Butterfly Palace is also returning for the holidays in Branson. One of Branson’s newest family traditions, White Flight is the home of hundreds of white exotic butterflies and a host of other activities for your family. Living angel statues come to life as you tour the Butterfly Palace, and you’ll get to see the 18 foot tall poinsettia Christmas tree while you’re exploring White Flight. For more information about White Flight, visit

One of Branson’s biggest family traditions is Silver Dollar City’s An Old Time Christmas Festival. From Nov. 2 – Dec. 30, Silver Dollar City will open its gates to the thousands of visitors that come to the park to enjoy the lights that cover the trees and buildings in the city. Among the highlights of An Old Time Christmas is the five story special effects Christmas tree. This tree’s 350,000 lights are set to music and is the center of attention on Main Street. In addition to the five story tree, the Holiday Light Parade makes its way through the city twice each night with over 100,000 lights and an appearance from Santa. This year, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of lights in the park, Silver Dollar City is featuring music and musical productions in its entertainment lineup. It’s A Wonderful Life, a musical based on the on the original 1946 Frank Capra film, will be showing at The Grand Exposition during An Old Time Christmas. Frosty will also be showing in the park, and Christmas on the Bayou will feature music from the Cajun Connection Band. For more information about events going on during An Old Time Christmas, visit

Finally, Branson will host its 64th Annual Adoration Parade on Dec. 8 for the Branson community. The annual lighting of the area’s largest Nativity scene is part of the celebration, and community members can come together to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Make sure to check out all of the Branson area’s Christmas festivals and events. There is something to delight each member of your family. Share the season of Christmas with your loved ones in Branson this year.

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