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Rainy Day Branson Activities

Branson RainThe unexpected always throws you for a loop, especially when it comes to the weather. In Branson, it’s unpredictable and can be sweltering one moment and raining the next. But what happens when you’re on vacation and it suddenly starts raining? Your plans for Silver Dollar City are as good as sunk and you don't want to spend all day in your condo. Now what?

Luckily, Branson has plenty of attractions and things to do when you’re stuck indoors. Branson Family Fun Factory, Hollywood Wax Museum, and the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum are options for you and your family when the weather is keeping you inside.

If you’re about fun and games, look no further than Branson Family Fun Factory for something to do on a rainy day. Branson Family Fun Factory is a family owned and operated miniature golf course and laser tag arena. The best part about their mini golf and laser tag is that both are inside a cool, air-conditioned building, so you can get the best experience when its rainy or when its sweltering. Their mini golf course takes you through six different rooms, each of them featuring a theme. You’ll see the Enchanted Forest, and an under-the-sea adventure, and everything glows in the dark! The laser tag arena next door is also glow-in-the-dark and blacklit, so you can hide in the shadows and attack when know one’s watching! A game of mini golf or laser tag costs $9 per person. Get one game of each for $12.50, or two games of laser tag for $14.00. Kids aged 4 and under get in free. Branson Family Fun Factory is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the summer.

Rain can also get you close to the stars if you’re traveling down the famous Highway 76. Hollywood Wax Museum is located on the Strip to visitors from 8 a.m. to midnight seven days a week. You’ll step into the spotlight with your favorite stars like Morgan Freeman, Lucille Ball, Johnny Depp, and more. You’ll learn about the lives, pets, pet peeves, and accomplishments of the stars as you travel through the 15,000 square foot museum. Take photos along the way and create some memories with your family on a rainy Branson day. Tickets for the Hollywood Wax Museum are $17.95 for adults, $8.95 for children (ages 4 – 11), and $15.95 for seniors (ages 55+). Children 4 and under are free. For more information, visit

Another awesome museum in Branson is Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. Filled with oddities and amazing things, Ripley’s Believe It or Not is home to over 400 artifacts that are outrageous and sometimes odd. Some of the most notable pieces are a playing card replica of the Roman Colosseum, a model of an aircraft carrier made from 48,000 matchsticks, a two-headed calf, and the human unicorn from Manchuria. The Ripley’s building even commemorates the New Madrid earthquake, which made the Mississippi River run backwards and church bells ring in Philadelphia. You and your family can definitely spend a day exploring this attraction in Branson. Tickets for Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum are available online or at the box office. Visit to get more information or order tickets.

If it’s raining outside and your family needs something to do, look no further than these family friendly attractions that are sure to bust the rainy day blues. Make sure to check them out while in Branson, raining or not!

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The Perks of Working & Living in Branson Missouri

As a tourist in Branson, you will definitely fall in love with the place. How about you be a tourist in Branson every day of your life? It would be falling in love with Branson every single day.Lakefront Condos in Thousand Hills

Living in Branson not only gives you all the perks that a tourist can only wish for, it also gives you the chance to be within the center of Missouri’s social and entertainment hotspot. Living in Branson also gives you the chance to live life in a laid back town while also living minutes away from the best shows, theme parks, and shopping centers in Branson. One reason why living in Branson is much better is the view that it gives you. You can choose a cabin or condo in Branson as your home. These cabins are situated in the woods, giving you a very peaceful environment, away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city life. These cozy cabins are sure to give you the ultimate rest and relaxation that Branson tourists experience. Getting a condo as your home also gives you serenity. Branson also offers lakeside condos for a more relaxing vibe. You can have the chill feeling of a lakeside view everytime you go out in your private deck. It would feel like being in a vacation everytime you go home from work.

Branson also offers you entertainment like no other. You can opt to see musical shows by the Presley’s or Six, or you can also choose to see Texas-style entertainment with the Dixie Stampede. If you are a theater lover, you can also choose to go see the theater shows in Branson. For a more exhilarating theater experience, watch it in 3D with the Sight and Sound Theater, which features plays from the Bible. During weekends, make sure to squeeze in your schedule a trip to the world-class theme park, Silver Dollar City. Enjoy the world’s most daring wood coaster, the Outlaw Run, and other adrenaline-pumping rides. For a more nature-centered weekend trip, go to Branson’s nature parks like the Dogwood Canyon Park and Table Rock Lake Park. Being a Branson resident will give you easy access to these parks, and you will not have to waste time waiting for your turn in that ride - you can always come back another day.

Dining and shopping are also two of Branson’s areas of expertise. There are several local restaurants which will give your taste buds a thrill. Most of the restaurants are over-packed during the holiday season, but you can always opt to go to explore the place as a local in Branson. Try Dana’s BBQ, The Shack, Billy Gail’s, and Vasken’s Deli. These are local restaurants far from the city which you could always go to when there is a great influx of tourists. You can also go shopping anytime you like in Branson’s shopping centers. Get low bargains and buy good finds in The Shoppe at Branson. Historic Downtown Hollister also offers you a coffee house and a little shop where you can find the stuff you want and grab a hot cup of coffee along the way.

Living in Branson also has a minor downside during the peak season of tourists - the traffic. As a Branson local, you should know better than to pass by 76 Country Boulevard during the peak season. Between May and December, always go by the back roads to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Avoid tourist routes so you can get to your workplace or home in the shortest time possible.

Live the life of a tourist everyday. Feel the Ozark magic everytime. Get a chance to relax and have peace of mind after getting off from work. You do not need to plan a getaway somewhere far because living in Branson is living your vacation dream everyday.

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Romantic Getaways with a Cabin in Branson

Going on a vacation with your special someone is about spending some quality time together. It’s all about getting to know more about each other. An intimate vacation for the two of you is essential to strengthen your relationship and to rekindle the flame of love.

branson-cabinPlanning the perfect vacation in Branson is easy if you have already found the perfect place to stay. Lodging in Branson is not a problem since you are presented with a myriad of options. You get to choose between the usual hotels and motels, or you can have a cabin in Branson for your romantic vacation.

The best Branson cabins are in Thousand Hills Golf Resort, which is located within minutes from the entertainment district of Branson. Thousand Hills takes pride in giving excellent customer service alongside its luxurious and grand lodging places for the Branson also gives you convenience and practicality. A cabin in Thousand Hills makes it all convenient for you because it puts you close to the many happenings of the city, but it also gives you the peace and quiet, and privacy as it is situated in the heart of nature, too. The view of the Ozark Mountains from Thousand Hills Golf Resort makes your getaway more romantic. You and your loved one can choose to stay in and enjoy each other’s company, or you could choose to go on a date in Branson’s Highway 76. In Highway 76, you can catch Branson’s world-class live musical shows. Witness why the Branson legends were able to stand the test of time in performing their craft. Catch the shows of the Presley’s, Shoji Tabuchi, SIX, and many more as they drown you in good music. After the shows, you can also head to the best dining places in Branson like the Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon, Cantina Laredo, and Farmhouse Restaurant. You can also go shopping and find really great bargains in Branson’s downtown shopping district. All these definitely makes up the perfect date night for you and your special someone. A day is never enough to experience the best of Branson together.

After a long day of adventure and fun, you can go home to your cabin in Thousand Hills and take that well deserved rest with your loved one. The cabins have fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, complete with a king-sized to fit the both of you and a Jacuzzi tub to further relax you after a long day. You can also choose to catch your favorite late-night shows with the cabin’s cable television, or you can have a movie night with the cabin’s DVD player to end the day. A spacious living room in the cabin is the perfect place to cuddle and spend quality time together. You can also choose to cook your meals in the cabin with the fully equipped kitchen. With all these amenities, you will almost feel like you are home with your loved one.

In your journey to forever, make Thousand Hills a part of your plan by spending your romantic getaway in a Branson cabin. For reservations and inquiries, contact 1-877-363-0430 now!

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A Romantic Trip To Branson – Stay in A Cabin

A special time alone with your special someone is like oxygen to a relationship. Spend time with your loved one in a place where you can both enjoy and have the privacy and peace that you long for. Quit the search now because Branson Missouri is the perfect place for your romantic vacation. Not only does Branson have the best entertainment shows, may it be theater or live music; it also has the best theme parks for you and your loved one to enjoy.

For a more romantic vacation, try to stay in a cabin in Branson. The log cabins in Branson also have the feel of privacy, as Branson offers you 1 bedroom cabins that are ideal for a couple’s vacation and at the same time spacious enough for the both of you. The best cabins to stay in Branson are in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is located near Highway 76, the heart of Branson’s entertainment district. Now, you can stay close to all the happenings in Branson and retreat after a long day of fun to your private cabin hideaway. You and your loved one can choose whether to go and have fun in the famous attractions in Branson, or stay in your cabin and enjoy a cozy day with each other. Thousand Hills is situated near the Ozark Mountains and near the best shopping malls, restaurants, and theme parks that Branson has to offer you. This way, you get a good mix of nature and the busy city life.

Apart from the good location of Thousand Hills, what makes the people who have stayed in the log cabins satisfied is the hotel-like living that these cabins give you. These cabins have top-of-the-line amenities that spells out luxury for you. Now you can have that romantic date with your loved one right in your own home, away from the hustles and bustles of the city. These log cabins are nestled at the foot of the Ozark Mountains, and are surrounded by tall trees to give you that serene ambiance. Branson cabin in the winterThe cabins are also made of Colorado cut spruce logs so that your interaction with nature not only ends on the environment outside the cabin, but it also continues inside the cabin itself. Upon walking in the cabin, allow the rustic and modern architecture to breathe life into it, making you feel that you are finally home with your loved one.

Your stay in the log cabin entitles you to a fully furnished bedroom and bathroom. For those who believe that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, there is also a fully equipped kitchen for you to cook those delectable meals. You can also enjoy an intimate movie night with your special someone with the cable televisions and DVD players in the cabins’ spacious living rooms. You also get to enjoy private time in the cabin’s deck for you to savor nature’s breeze. Thousand Hills also makes sure that you will not get disconnected by giving you free wireless internet in the cabins.

All these and more awaits you and your loved one in your Branson vacation. The air of romance never fails to be the log cabin’s asset. Plan your trip to Branson now and let Thousand Hills be a part of your chance at forever.

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Bring Your Family to a Condo in Branson

Branson is considered by people to be the ultimate family vacation destination. In Branson, you get to do unique bonding activities with the whole family. You are guaranteed fun and excitement in Branson for your family vacation.

In planning your itinerary, don’t forget to include in your plan a condo in Branson. Getting a condo for the whole family is the wiser choice, as compared to renting hotel rooms which can fit only a small number of people in a room. Condos in Branson are spacious and big enough to accommodate the whole family – not to mention the very homey and luxurious feel that it gives you. With a condo in Branson, you can save money that you can spend instead on recreational activities, shopping, or great food in Branson.

For the perfect condo in Branson, head on to Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills offers you a choice between getting a condo with a view of the lush greens of the prized golf course, or a condo with a view of Table Rock Lake, one of the most pristine lakes in Branson. The golf-front condos and the lakefront condos are very much set to give you the grandest vacation of your life. In Thousand Hills alone, the dads and their sons can play a good game of golf to start out the family’s bonding activities. Adjacent to Thousand Hills is Table Rock Lake, where the entire family can go fishing, boating, or swimming. If some members of the family wants to swim in a pool, Thousand Hills’ condos also have a swimming pool. Your place is enough to have some quality time with the entire family already.Branson golf condos

You and the entire family also get to live near Branson’s attractions. Thousand Hills Golf Resort’s location is close enough to the entertainment district of Branson. You can watch your favorite theater plays in Sight and Sounds Theater. You can also catch some of Branson’s musical legends like the Presley’s, the Baldknobbers, SIX, and Shoji Tabuchi just to name a few. Thousand Hills is also a few minutes ride away from the theme parks and shopping district of Branson. Not only do you get to be where the city’s life is, you can also be assured of peace and quiet as Thousand Hills is situated in the vicinity of the Ozark Mountains.

Experience hotel-like living while savoring the majestic views of nature. The condos in Thousand Hills offer you amenities that are top-of-the-line. The condos have fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, which features a king-sized bed with posh linens and a Jacuzzi tub for the bathroom. The kitchens are also fully equipped with a dryer, microwave oven, and silver wares. You can also shoo boredom away because the condo units have a cable television with premium channels. A DVD player is also available if ever you want to have a movie night with the entire family in the condo’s spacious living room. Wireless internet is also available for free so you can stay connected online even while you are on vacation.

Do away with the hassle of renting multiple hotel rooms because vacation time with the family is all about togetherness. Rent a condo in Thousand Hills now and be ready to have an oh-so-amazing time in Branson with the whole family!

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Branson Outlet Malls, Another Reason To Visit




Branson is known to be the ultimate family vacation destination because of its numerous family bonding activities that involves nature. Examples of these are boating and fishing in Table Rock Lake, playing a game of golf in Thousand Hills Golf Resort, and taking a tour in nature parks. Some would think of going to the world-famous Silver Dollar City to get their own adrenaline rush in the daring rides.



Branson also assures you of great shopping experience. Branson outlet malls gives you great discounts and also great finds. You can also shop for unique souvenirs, handcrafted items, jewelries, musical instruments, and nice artworks in Branson outlet malls.



The Branson Landing is located very near Lake Taneycomo and it features various national retailers that has everything you need and you can buy it with the best bargain. Some of the retailers are Bass Prop Shop, Belk Department Store, Chico’s, and Ann Taylor Loft. When shopping in Branson Landing, there is a $7.5 million water and fire show to keep the shoppers entertained as they hop from shopping establishments to dining places. Shopping in this outlet mall in Branson will surely be a day’s worth of activity already.



Another famous Branson outlet mall is the Tanger Outlet Center. Tanger Outlet Center in BransonEven when you are on vacation, you will not miss out on the latest fashion trends because Branson brings fashion to you. Tanger Outlet Center features shops like Polo Ralph Lauren, GAP, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne, Banana Republic, Levi’s, Eddie Bauer, Haggar, Izod, Van Heusen, Rockport, and Skechers. Kids will also enjoy shopping because Tanger Outlet Center has shops like Tommy Kids, Osh Kosh, Disney Store Outlet, The Children’s Place, Gymboree, and Carter’s. Keep yourself up to date with the latest fashion trends while enjoying your vacation in Branson.



The IMAX Entertainment Complex is the place to go for souvenirs and for some exclusive collector’s items. This place combines the best shopping places and also souvenir and gift shops. IMAX Entertainment Complex also features Legend Gifts, where you can find your favorite movie’s posters, limited edition prints, soundtracks, and your favorite IMAX films on video. For collectibles, visit The Shadow Box and discover great items like antique grandfather clocks, unique jewelries, and custom leather apparel. IMAX Entertainment Complex never fails to bring out the junkie in you so drop by and pay a visit to this Branson outlet mall.



For the girls, there is Fashion House Ladies Boutique. It is Branson’s premier boutique and it features upscale clothing, girly accessories, and personal service. When you are on vacation, you can still look and feel fabulous with the Fashion Ladies Boutique.


To make it more convenient for you, get a lodging place near all the Branson outlet malls. There are cabins and condos available for rent in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Reserve your own cabin or condo now in Thousand Hills. Call 1-877-262-0430.


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Getting the Most out of Your Trip to Branson MO


Branson Missouri is the place to be for your ultimate dream vacation. Not only does it give you a blast from the past with its rich history, it also gives you exciting attractions that are surely worth sharing to everyone you know. Branson Missouri is known to be the world’s Live Music Capital. It also is the top family vacation destination.

Numerous attractions and live shows, together with the fresh ambiance of the place’s proximity to nature, are the assets of Branson Missouri, something that no other place can offer you. In Branson, you will never run out of things to do. Read on and learn how to get the most out of your trip to Branson Missouri.


Take a trip down memory lane in Branson’s top museums. You can go to the Veterans Memorial Museum and learn a thing or two about the heroes who gave their own lives for the country. This museum honors the heroes of the past and the heroes who are continuously serving the country right now. For the kids and the kids at heart, you can also visit the World’s Largest Toy Museum in Branson. See toys of different sizes and reminisce the days of your childhood as toys from the 1700s and childhood icons such as Shirley Temple and Groucho Marx can be seen in the museum too. For a more romantic and bittersweet experience in Branson museums, visit the Titanic museum. This museum lets you walk into a replica of the unsinkable that sank. Inside, you can also see the artifacts from Titanic’s expedition and also get a chance to get to hear the stories of the survivors of Titanic. Feel the thrill of playing Jack and Rose in the ship’s grandiose staircase and dining halls. All these can be found in Branson’s world-class and unique museums.


Take the time off work to bond with your family. Hop on a boat and take a tour of the Tri-lakes area, especially the Table Rock Lake which is considered to be one of Branson’s most perfect lakes. Water activities such as fishing, boating, and swimming are all for you to enjoy. For dads, going fishing with your sons or daughters is a great bonding experience. Or you could also choose to go play a game of golf in Thousand Hills Golf Resort, which features an 18-hole golf course and also caters to different skill set of players. Do not miss out on visiting Silver Dollar City also, a theme park which features exciting and thrilling rides for the whole family. Adults should try the Outlaw Run, the world’s most daring wood coaster. For the kids, do not worry since there is also a coaster for kids that is as thrilling as the Outlaw Run.

Above all, your vacation in Branson Missouri would not be complete until you yourself can testify as to why it is called the Live Music Capital of the World. Branson Missouri live music shows Watch the live music shows in Branson which features the best musicians and talents. These music shows do not feature music alone because these talented musicians can also do comedy. Try watching the Baldknobbers Jamboree Show, which is one of the first shows in Branson. Until now, the Baldknobbers never fail to bring the house down and make people laugh. Try catching a show that features Branson traditions – the Presley’s Country Jubilee. For over 50 years now, the Presley’s have entertained millions of people in Branson with their music and comedic acts. They have stood the test of time and you can never go wrong with watching a Presley’s show. You can also try out other music shows. For sure, Branson’s got everything you need when it comes to entertainment.

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Own a Golf Front Condo




Your choice of a vacation matters significantly to make your every vacation worth remembering. Branson offers you a variety of choices for your vacation home. One of the options that it offers you is the golf front condo in Branson, a refreshing twist to the usual condo unit that gives you sights of skyscrapers – that not really make a conducive home for your vacation.



The best place in Branson to own a golf front condo is in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills Golf Resort is a place where you can have a long term relationship with. Thousand Hills gives you a chance to own a golf front condo, and at the same time, it also provides you the convenience and the luxury that Thousand Hills have delivered to thousands of the satisfied residents.



Owning a golf front condo in Branson’s Thousand Hills lets you experience the warmth of nature, and how is it like to be living in a vacation home with the most comfortable and laid-back ambiance. In fact, the atmosphere in Thousand Hills is so laid-back that you would not think that it is located right in the heart of the city’s entertainment and shopping district. Thousand Hills is situated close to Highway 76, where you can catch the world-famous theater plays and live music shows that Branson is very much known for. You can also take a short drive from your golf front condo and shop in Dewey’s Short Visitor’s Center, Branson Landing, or Tanger Outlet Center so you are still updated about the latest trends in fashion even while you are on vacation. Living in Thousand Hills also gives you the privilege to be right within reach of Branson’s best golf course. Golf Front Condo in Thousand HillsThe 18-hole par 64 golf course in Thousand Hills is truly the best there is, having been voted as Branson’s best golf course for two straight years. Having a golf front condo will easily tempt the golf enthusiasts, but if you aren’t one, let the view of the perfectly manicured vast valley of greens from your very own porch tempt you into having this golf front condo. It has the perfect view that you are longing for in a vacation home, not to mention the amenities that come with it.



Living in a golf front condo in Thousand Hills gives you access to a swimming pool and luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms in the condo unit. A Jacuzzi tub is also available for your ultimate rest and relaxation. Space is also not an issue in these golf front condos since the kitchen and the living room are spacious enough to hold the entire family, and can even hold more visitors. A private patio is also perfect for some serious pondering or just enjoying the sights of nature. Owning a golf front condo also reduces the hassles of looking for a place to stay in your Branson vacations.


A golf front condo in Thousand Hills is your best option for a vacation home. This is something that the whole family will surely enjoy, or this would also make a perfect retirement home. Expect your condo to relax and de-stress you after a day of adventure and fun in Branson. To own a golf front condo now, dial 1-877-262-0430 for inquiries and reservations.

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Big Back To School Discounts in Branson


Branson is known to be ultimate family vacation destination because of its world-class attractions, theme parks, museums, and live music shows. Now, Branson is also famous for its outlet malls. It is this time of the month when it is perfect to drop by Branson to get huge discounts on school supplies.


The Sales Tax Holiday in Branson, which goes by the Missouri state law, is responsible for the big discounts on back to school purchases in Branson’s outlet malls. This event will begin on the first Friday in August until the following Sunday of August. This 2013, this event falls on the first minute after 12 midnight on August 2 through Sunday, August 4.Branson Landing at night


On these days, school supplies are greatly marked down for you to get big savings. Other “back to school” items like school clothing or school uniforms can be yours for as low as $100. School supplies are also under $50. Even computer softwares are also marked down. Softwares are sold under $350 so you can increase your productivity using your computer for school. There are also computers and computer peripheral equipment that are sold under $3,500 each. Buying these items are truly great help for your child’s school needs. These purchases are also of great help in you because these items are free from Missouri Sales Tax. Talk about big savings for your back to school needs. The Sales Tax Holiday, however, does not include items such watches, jewelries, phones, umbrellas, handkerchiefs, scarves, ties, headbands, or belt buckles.


All of Branson’s retail giants will take part in giving you the best back to school deals in Branson’s Sales Tax Holiday. Branson Landing will be open Friday and Saturday with mall hours from 9 AM to 10 PM and on Sundays from 10 AM to 8 PM. The Shoppes at Branson Meadows will also be open on Fridays to Saturdays from 10 AM to 7 PM and on Sundays from 10 AM to 6 PM. On the other hand, Tanger Outlet Center will be open on Friday and Saturday from 8 AM to 10 PM and on Sundays from 9 AM to 7 PM. The individual store hours will still hold despite the mall hours.


Bring your family to Branson for the last hurrah before the kids go back to school! A weekend getaway in Branson would be perfect because of the various events that would be happening all at once. There is the Sales Tax Holiday happening, Moonlight Madness in Silver Dollar City, book signing in Branson’s Titanic Museum and many more!


Catch all these events over the weekend in Branson. For your lodging place in Branson, head on to Thousand Hills Golf Resort located near Highway 76. You can be near all the fun and excitement that Branson brings you, and you still get to have that much needed rest after a long day in Branson. For inquiries and reservations, call 1-877-262-0430 now!

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Wet N’ Wild Night Water in Branson’s White Water



White Water is one of the most famous attractions in Branson, Missouri. It is one place that the tourists cannot miss out on. Branson’s White Water features a lot of thrilling and exciting rides from water blasters, speed slides, twisting typhoons to grand geysers to little soakers. Name whatever water fun you want to experience, and White Water hands it to you in a full of fun.White Water in Branson



With these rainbow of rides and attractions in White Water, the normal operating hours of the park is not enough to be able to enjoy each ride that the park has. Don’t fret now since White Water is having a special event called Night Water! Night Water in Branson lets you enjoy the rides and attractions of White Water beyond its operating hours. Open until 10 PM, Night Water lets you explore the park more. Try the Aloha River under the stars for a serene and romantic feel. Get some evening adrenaline rush when you try the rapids at Ohana Falls. You can also turn into your daredevil alter ego and try the Kalani Towers, where you will be dropped from a height of 75 feet – and in the dark! Who knew that going to a water adventure ride will be so much fun in the evening?



Night Water in Branson not only fascinates you with its rides. It also has a lot of other activities that happens after the daylight has gone. Come to Branson’s Night Water during select Thursdays and enjoy a Dive-In Movie! This is really a great opportunity for movie enthusiasts to experience a new way to enjoy their favorite movies. The Dive-In Movie in Branson’s Night Water is on the new Surf’s Up Wave Pool Big Screen. Catch movies every Thursday like The Lorax, High School Musical 3, Despicable Me, and many more!



Enjoy White Water more with its Night Water food and merchandise specials which are exclusive after 5 PM. Treat your tummy to a yummy delight of special burgers, hotdog, grilled chicken sandwich, and fries. There are also other treats like nachos, pretzels, cotton candy, and frozen lemonade and strawberry. During Night Water, you also get to enjoy a special discount of 20% off on all swimwear. You also get to have big squirt water toys for a very affordable price. This is a perfect way to feel like a kid again.



Night Water in Branson happens every Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from July 4 to August 10, so don’t miss out on the last stretch of White Water’s special offer for you. There are also select Bonus Days during Friday Nights and Saturdays from August 17-31.



A Night Water ticket costs only $25, exclusive of tax. You can order online thru Silver Dollar City’s website or call 800-475-9370. Night Water tickets are also sold in the front gate of White Water. Join in the fun now!

Night Water in Branson

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