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Winter: One of the Best Things About Christmas


Now that it’s already December, it would be just be a few days before the much awaited holiday of the year. Yes, that’s right, Christmas! This special holiday is one of the best holidays every year and it is best spent with your family or your loved one. And what is one of the best things during Christmas? Mountains of snow everywhere! Christmas always comes with the winter season that anyone surely loves.

This winter season, spend it in Branson, Missouri with your family. You can stay at Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort and make it your home away from home. Thousand Hills has the best Branson Lodging for your winter holiday. Keep yourselves warm in a Branson Condo, a Branson Log Cabin, or a Branson Lakefront Condo. Trust us with your lodging needs and you will not regret it. Our accommodations will surpass your expectations with affordability, luxury, and so much more.

During your winter season, don’t forget to take advantage of all the things Branson has to offer. The city is not known as an entertainment capital of the Midwest for nothing. So, here are the winter activities you should not miss during your visit:

Winter Fun

All throughout January & February, Hot Winter Fun is Branson’s answer to the winter blues. It rolls out with many special offers throughout town with a number of shows and shops staying open through the Hot Winter Fun season. You could also visit area museums such as the world’s largest Titanic Museum, The Hollywood Wax Museum, and the Veteran’s Memorial Museum, just to name a few.

Branson After Christmas Sales

For the shoppers, the outlet malls and the Branson Landing offer an after-Christmas sales. When you stay at Thousand Hills Gold Resort, don’t forget to get your coupons for the malls! Save the date for sales start December 26, 2013.

The Branson IMAX Film Festival

From March through April, you can enjoy your Branson winter by being in the Branson IMAX Film Festival. It is a month-long celebration featuring cutting-edge technology and IMAX presentations. The Big Screen is sure to please you and your family!

NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball Championship

If you are a college basketball fan, you shouldn’t miss out on the Annual NAIA Division II Men’s basketball championship presented by College of the Ozarks. From March 6 through March 12, Keeter Gymnasium, College of the Ozarks will entertain you with its talented college basketball players. You might want to get ready to cheer for your favourite team!

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas is only a few sleeps away! If you want to have the best winter and Christmas season, better make plans as early as now! We would definitely love to celebrate this joyous season with you and your family. For more information, or for reservations, please dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas


It is that time of the year again when we spread joy and we celebrate the season of giving. You can make your Christmas this year a little bit more special by making it a Christmas in Branson. A Christmas in Branson gives you all the best options and would ultimately give you and your family the perfect Christmas vacation.


Branson is also teeming with Christmas celebrations here and there. These celebrations start as early as November. One of the most anticipated Christmas celebration is Branson is in Silver Dollar City. Silver Dollar City is one of Branson’s prized attractions. This 1880’s-themed amusement park gives its guests endless adventures and exciting attractions to delight the kids and adults alike. There is always something for everyone in Silver Dollar City.


For its Christmas celebration, Silver Dollar City gives its guests an Old Time Christmas. It is the park’s way of celebrating the yuletide season old-school style. The park is decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments and you would feel like you are in one of those magical Christmas movies. Upon stepping inside Silver Dollar City, a light display immediately greets you and this is called as the “Christmas on Main Street”. At the center of the amusement park, you can see a towering 5-story Christmas tree with special effects and adorned by lights and ornaments. As if the lights surrounding the gigantic Christmas tree is not yet enough, every corner of the park is still decorated with lights. These lights light up the park, and would surely light you up, too.


To get your Christmas spirit going, Christmas carols are played all over the park. Throughout the season of Christmas, which starts in November 1 to December 31 for Silver Dollar City, Christmas carols resound in the park. You will definitely feel the Christmas vibe with the traditional carols that you know and the upbeat Christmas songs that are new. Your visit to the park is, in itself, a musical experience already.


Talking about musical experience, Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas also incorporates the theme of Christmas in almost every stage play in the park’s Opera House Theater. The stage shows in Silver Dollar City are great in providing relaxation from all the excitement that has been going on with all the other rides and attractions. Some of the stage shows performed in Silver Dollar City are The Nativity and “A Christmas Carol”.


What is Silver Dollar City without its famous rides? Your Christmas trip to Silver Dollar City is not complete unless you try out the famous rides like Powder Keg, Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, The Giant Swing, and The Outlaw Run, which is the world’s most daring wood coaster.


Come to Silver Dollar City now and experience all the magic that Christmas has to offer!

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Have Your Own Branson Christmas Vacation Home


While many have considered staying home through the holidays, many have still went to Branson, Missouri to celebrate. Branson, Missouri is home to different forms of entertainment and this Christmas has just what you are looking for. Both locals and tourists have come to Branson to experience fun and excitement at its finest, proving the entertainment capital of the Midwest a leading tourist destination.

This coming Christmas, take the whole family to Branson and have the best Christmas ever. Make memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. You can watch various Christmas-themed live musical shows, visit museums such as the Hollywood Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, engage in different water activities at the State Park Marina or the beautiful Ozark Mountains, ride the thrill rides and try the water activities at Silver Dollar City and White Water, shop and enjoy great Christmas sales and discounts at the great malls such as the Landing, or dine at Branson's finest restaurants that serve unique Branson dishes. You can enjoy all of these when you spend your Christmas in Branson.

Branson is truly a paradise of its own. That's why more and more people have considered having a home in the city. And this Christmas, how would you like to have your own place in Branson, Missouri? Thousand Hills Sales Company, a part of Thousand Hills Golf Resort, is proud to present its Branson Cabins for sale! If you want to spend the Christmas at home, why not spend it at your Branson home?

A Branson Cabin is the perfect vacation home this Christmas. Starting off with the best location in town – nestled in the rolling foothills of the Ozark Mountains, located two blocks north of the Grand Palace on Oak Ridge just off "The Strip." That's have your own place to stay while being located in the heart of Branson's entertainment district. Next, the Branson cabins are situated in a rustic wooded setting that will give you the feeling of seclusion. It's your own cabin in the woods with an interior that is meant to blend in with the surrounding environment. It is just the perfect getaway backdrop for an intimate couple of for the entire family this Christmas.


These Branson Cabins could be yours today. Each cabin has its perks – a spacious living room, fully-equipped kitchen with major appliances, fireplace, screened in back porch, and a choice to participate in the nightly rental program. Having your own place and nightly income would definitely come in handy. The key to having the best vacation home is all about cost not being the main concern, but quality – a cabin with the newest and the latest appointments with a touch of an old look. We have created an oasis in the middle of the woods. This Branson Real Estate opportunity don't always come, so you better think about it right away! For more information, please visit If you want to know more about the cabins, please visit We look forward to working with you as you purchase your next Branson Christmas vacation home!

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Have the best December in Branson



December is a month of joyous occasions in Branson Missouri. It is also the best time for you to spend your Christmas vacation with the entire family. Make this month of the year a truly memorable one by spending it with your loved ones in Branson.


What makes a December in Branson very unique is the variety of activities and attractions present. Fun and festivities abound all throughout Branson for the month of December. Branson has truly become the ultimate family vacation destination in Missouri as families and large groups often flock to Branson during Christmas time to celebrate it in a classical way.


December is winter time. Your visit to Branson during December guarantees you access to the fun and adventures of the activities that the Branson TriLakes Area has in store for you. Table Rock Lake State Park, a state park for one of Branson’s most pristine lakes, gives the guests a really wonderful sight of the park covered in snow. You can do hiking activities in Table Rock State Park. After your snowy hike, you can drown out the cold in Table Rock State Park’s restaurants which serves meals, hot coffee, and desserts – perfect way to cap off your hike. Apart from these winter activities, the most notable of all festivities is the celebration of Christmas.


Christmas is probably the most celebrated occasion in Branson. You should not miss out on the Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights wherein you will be treated to a grand display of music, color, and lights. Another lights show in Branson is the Branson Area Festival of Lights, where the entire Branson city is covered in thousands and thousands of Christmas lights. Silver Dollar City, Branson’s world-class amusement park, also celebrates Christmas in a unique way. It has a celebration called Old Time Christmas, a classic celebration of the holiday season in Branson. Silver Dollar City becomes a winter wonderland as lights and festivities surround the amusement park. There are also parades, theater plays, and of course, the rides and attractions to keep everyone entertained while keeping their Christmas spirits soaring. To complete the Christmas celebration in Silver Dollar City, Christmas carols are played throughout the park for all to hear.


Apart from these, your December trip to Branson should also accommodate visiting the unique museums in Branson. There is the Titanic Museum in Branson for you to relive the memories of the unsinkable ship that sank. During December, the entire museum which is built like a ship is decorated in line with the Christmas season. Not only does the visitors get to tour the grand halls of the Titanic and listen to the stories of the Titanic survivors; they also get to meet Santa and his reindeers during the month of December! Cool, isn’t it? Grab the opportunity now and make the most out of your Branson Christmas vacation.



For your Branson vacation, book your stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort for various lodging options. Thousand Hills is the perfect addition for your Branson Christmas vacation.  

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It’s Santa’s Season in Branson


You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why. Santa Claus is coming to town! Can you feel the crisp cold air, see the icy streets, and hear the bells and angelic voices everywhere? Ho-ho-ho! says Santa as the Christmas season in Branson is almost here! And where place else is better to celebrate the season than in Branson, Missouri – the home of fun and entertainment.

Branson, Missouri is known all over the world as a tourist destination. People come to the city to have all kinds of fun and enjoy various thrill rides and attractions. Not to mention educational establishments and museums, live musical shows, outdoor and water activities, and so many more. But in December, Branson becomes the best place to celebrate the holidays.

It’s definitely Santa’s Season in Branson as the entertainment city transforms into the perfect place to spend the holidays. Spend Santa’s Season in Branson and have a merry Branson Christmas with us. Of course, you would want your nights at Branson the best and still be at the most convenient location. So, spend your nights at Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort and make it your home away from home. Thousand Hills has the best Branson Lodging: Branson Condominiums, Branson Log Cabins, and the new Branson Table Rock Lake Condominiums. You will have the most luxurious stay and still be only minutes from everything Branson has to offer.

Santa invites you to celebrate the holiday season in Branson. There are lots of things to do and things to see. Take your family with you and make every moment memorable. Here is a sampling on the events and things you should watch out for during your Branson Christmas:

  • Festival of Lights in Branson

The whole town of Branson, MO is filled with bright lights at night that attract tourists from all over the country. Guests can drive through the streets of Ozark Mountain Country and witness all the lights flickering in the dark. For those who do not want to drive, they can hop on a Trolley or Ride the Ducks through the dazzling streets of Branson.

  • The Trail of Lights at Shepherd of the Hills

Dioramas and also light displays can be found at Shepherd of the Hills Homestead. Guests can also drive through the lit-up streets and can stop over at gift stores to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate. They can also ride to the top of the tower to see the whole city of Branson at night with all the light displays.

  • Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas

Silver Dollar City is the famous theme park found in Branson. It is home to various thrill rides and attractions, but makes a way for Christmas by putting up a 5-story Christmas tree and lights all over the park. There’s nothing like a Branson Christmas where you can sit back, relax, enjoy a nice cup of hot Chocolate of Wassail, and let the rhythm of the Christmas songs take you.

  • The Annual Adoration Parade and Lighting Ceremony

Among all the events in Branson, this event is a favourite of the local residents. It consists of a parade and a lighting ceremony that signals the start of the Holiday season. During your stay in Branson, this is definitely one of the events you would want to see.

  • Branson’s Santa Workshop

Make a way for Santa Claus! Take a trip to historic downtown Branson and spend your time to decorate “Giving Trees” to collect gifts for the Boys and Girls Club and residents of local nursing homes. Santa will be there for all the children who want to visit. They can also decorate a cookie or an ornament to take home.

  • Branson Shows and Theaters

Branson is known for its shows and theaters that established the attraction-filled place. Thus, during this season, many of the Branson shows are present and they have incorporated a Christmas theme to celebrate the holidays.

  • Branson Christmas Shopping

Complete your vacation with the much wanted Christmas shopping! Branson has many shopping malls for you, including the new Branson landing. If you stay at Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort don’t forget to get you coupons for the malls! And remember that for someone who already has everything, a Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort gift certificate is the best gift.

Make your Christmas a Branson Christmas and make it count. Spend your holidays with us and create memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. For more information or for reservations, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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White Water Unveils Its Latest Adventure

The newest thrill ride addition to White Water for 2014 had only one requirement when designers set out to create a new ride for the park.

Kapau Plummet new at White Water


The new slide is in the initial stages of construction, and will open in Spring 2014. Dubbed the KaPau Plummet, this new slide will have two 240-foot slides. A drop floor will launch riders into a 70 degree plummet with a spiraling loop, sending riders through the translucent water slide at 26 feet per second.

Make sure to visit White Water for the 2014 season and experience the KaPau Plummet for yourself!

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Springfield Little Theatre – Preserving the Arts

Trips to Branson are always fun, but sometimes you need a little change of pace during your vacation. If you’re looking for a fun day trip with your family while visiting Branson, take a short drive to Springfield, home of the Springfield Little Theatre.


Landers Theater Home of the Springfield Little TheaterThe Landers Theatre was built in 1909 after the Baldwin Theatre burned. Over the years, the theatre was home to a variety of productions, including “Five Star Jubilee,” a national NBC-TV show. The theatre was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977, and is still the oldest and largest civic theatre operation in Missouri, and one of the largest in mid-America.

Springfield Little Theatre produces nine plays and musicals with about 60,000 guests in attendance annually. Alumni of Landers Theatre have gone on to national recognition in theatre and film. Some of those include Kathleen Turner, Tess Harper, and Kim Crosby, who played Cinderella in Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods.

This year, Springfield Little Theatre will be producing a number of plays and musicals, including Monty Python’s Spam-a-lot; The Little Mermaid, Jr.; Exit Laughing; The Music Man Junior; Shrek the Musical; I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change; and Trailer Park Musical.

To get tickets for a Springfield Little Theatre show, you can purchase them in person, online, or over the phone. You can visit the Landers Theatre at 311 E. Walnut Street in Springfield. Box office hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and through intermission during show performances. On Saturday, the box office is open at 12:00 p.m. for matinees and 5:00 p.m. for evening shows. On Sundays, the box office will open at 12:00 for matinees and remain open through intermission. You may also call the theatre during box office hours. All ticket purchases are non-refundable, and there is a $5 processing fee on all orders paid by credit card or check.

Online orders can be made on the “Shows” page of the Springfield Little Theatre. Tickets can be ordered through the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit to order tickets.

In addition to seeing a show at Springfield Little Theatre, you can also enjoy a meal at one of the many eateries in downtown Springfield. Farmers Gastropub is the home for a delightful mix of British and fine cuisine, including cottage pie, fish and chips, and grilled polenta with mushrooms, lentils, and walnuts. Other downtown restaurants include Mud Lounge, Ophelia’s, Fedora’s Social House, Mille’s Café, and RyMac’s Rub Pub.

When you arrive in downtown, be prepared to look for free parking in the area. Most things downtown are within walking distance of the available free parking. If you choose to use paid parking, the approximate cost will be $5.

While you’re in Branson, you could take a day trip to Springfield to enjoy a theatrical production from the Springfield Little Theatre, and enjoy a delicious meal from one of Springfield’s downtown restaurants.

The Branson Missouri Blog

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Experience the whole new Branson Landing


Branson Landing is a whole new attraction itself. Although it is known for Branson shopping, it is actually a whole new attraction that offers more than shopping. It is a vacationer’s paradise with a wide array of Branson attractions, restaurants serving unique dishes, and shopping venues where you can buy famous brands and also local brands. Branson Landing has more than you could imagine, making it one of the largest recreational areas of Branson, Missouri.

The Branson Landing is located on the shores of Lake Taneycomo with attractions, restaurants, and shopping venues that attract people from different places. With all of these, you will be coming back for more. Below is what Branson Landing can offer in detail.

Attractions at the Branson Landing

The Branson Landing has a $7.5 million water fountain show that was developed by the same maker of the Bellagio Fountains. The Branson Fountain is a jaw-dropping spectacle for the eyes of vacationers. It has a miraculous display of water, fire, and lights with the accompaniment of music that will let people admire the perfectly synchronized work of art every hour. In addition to this fantastic fountain Branson has become a home to many Branson attractions. There are also bridals shows, live concerts, and many more attractions along the 1.5 mile waterfront. There is a large pirate-themed playground for the kids and there are also street performers that add to the fun and excitement for both young and young at heart!

Restaurants at the Branson Landing

Branson is known for its unique restaurants that server delicious dishes. Thus, the Branson Landing has incorporated the restaurants in it, making it a haven for some of the finest restaurants in Branson. Some of the most notable restaurant choices include Liberty tavern, The White River Fish House, Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar, Waxy O’Sheas’s Irish Pub, and the Cantina Laredo. You can savor your scrumptious meal while enjoying the view of the beautiful Lake Taneycomo and the 1.5 mile boardwalk. Just remember that no matter what taste you have in food, the Branson Landing will surely have something for you to enjoy.

Shopping at the Branson Landing

The Branson Landing is known for its shopping venues. Belk is the mainstay of Branson shopping at the Landing that has over 60,000 square feet of clothing and items for the home. This beautiful store has all the luxury that women would definitely want. There are also 100 specialty shops along the water’s edge. While the women splurge on the luxurious finds at the Landing, the men are free to glance around the Bass Pro Shop. This shop is so vast that shoppers can even experience live boat and equipment testing or rental at the marina, and a wide variety of fishing accessories not found elsewhere. The Branson Landing truly provides shoppers the ultimate shopping experience!

The Branson Landing has combined all of these in an entertaining way that vacationers would definitely want to go to this destination. The Landing does not only provide shopping, it also gives vacationers entertainment at it finest!

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A Promise of Luxury by Branson Condos



Looking for a condo to stay in Branson, Missouri? Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort has a lot of choices for you. Branson condos do not only provide you comfort, they also promise you a luxurious stay in Branson, Missouri. Thousand Hills features suites to much larger five bedroom townhouses and condominiums. All of the available condo rentals will surely surpass your expectations. Starting with luxury, space, and over the top amenities in your condo, your stay is sure to end with a blast! Many units are available and are just a few feet from the only golf course in the city limits of Branson. And you don’t have to worry about parking your vehicle because ample parking is offered at all out Branson, Missouri condo rentals. Have that worry-free vacation and stay away from the crowded street noise in one of our luxurious Branson condos!

In Thousand Hills, your Branson condo rentals can absolutely come with several tranquil views including the golf course and rustic wooded settings like those featured in our Branson cabins. Also, you don’t have to worry about number because Branson has many lodging options to accommodate larger families, church retreats, and the like.


You will have a stay like no other with all the perks that come with a Branson condo. Guests of any age will enjoy the pools, both outdoor and indoor. And working out is not impossible since Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort has a full exercise facility, located near the Branson condos, for no additional charge.


To make it more exciting, Thousand Hills Resort has even recently added Branson Lake Condos at Table Rock Lake to their premier list of Branson Condo Rentals. Known as The Majestic, its name truly speaks for itself. These new Branson condos have 2 or 3 bedrooms and are of the highest quality, top design and newest appointments. Each room is fully-equipped with all the necessary appliances for the convenience of our visitors. The kitchens, for example, include full size dishwashers, microwaves, and even a washer/dryer. And for your ultimate comfort, the rooms have high-end beddings with triple sheeting with pillowtop mattresses. Aside from that, the bedrooms also have their own private bath and master bath that will always come with a whirlpool tub. For entertainment purposes, each room is equipped with a television set and a DVD player. Say good bye to boring nights!


For your next vacation, plan it with Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort. You can trust them to provide you with the best accommodation without sacrificing the comfort and beauty of the place. With all the choices presented to you, it is not impossible to have that luxurious vacation after all. Here at Thousand Hills, your dream vacation will surely come true.

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Catch the Old Time Christmas in Branson



It is that time of the year again when people are filled with joyous cheers. As the Christmas lights light up, the moods of the people light up too. Plan your vacation this Christmas in Branson now, and you will surely have a Christmas that you will not forget for the years to come.


Branson has been the ultimate family vacation destination in America, and this is also because of the many family-friendly activities that abound the place especially during Christmas season. Branson is also famous worldwide for its amusement park, Silver Dollar City. Silver Dollar City is known all over America to have the best amusement park food, as the place not only treats you to the thrills and adrenaline rush; it also treats your stomach to yummy food. The amusement park is also known to have the world’s most daring wood coaster, the Outlaw Run. Filled with twists and turns that will surely send you the chills, the Outlaw Run has been the most popular ride among the guests of Silver Dollar City. Other rides that are also popular are the Powder Keg, Giant Swing, Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, and Fire-In-The-Hole. For sure, Silver Dollar City is not your ordinary theme park with ordinary rides and attractions.


During the Yuletide season, Silver Dollar City is transformed into a magical place that lights up in every corner. This is one sight that you would not want to miss in Branson’s Old Time Christmas! Bring the whole family along as this festive event in Silver Dollar City is happening right now. The event is only until the end of December so you better grab the chance to visit Silver Dollar City now.


Branson’s Old Time Christmas in Silver Dollar City starts at the Town Square of the amusement park. It has a lights display which is aptly named as “Christmas on Main Street”, wherein you will also see a five-story Christmas tree fully dressed in ornaments and lights. As you walk through Main Street adorned in lights, you will also find spectacular bright lights in every turn you make in the amusement park. Silver Dollar City is truly Branson’s winter wonderland during the Old Time Christmas.


To make the Christmas celebration complete, Christmas carols are also being played all throughout the amusement park. Whose Christmas spirit will still remain a Scrooge after all these celebrations in Old Time Christmas in Branson? None, for sure. Holiday songs and Christmas carols, old and new, are heard as you take your tour and as you enjoy the park’s rides and attractions. For more musical treats, the Opera House Theater in Silver Dollar City also performs stage shows such as The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and The Living Nativity.



Come and catch up with the Old Time Christmas craze in Silver Dollar City! To make your stay in Branson more memorable, do not forget to make Thousand Hills Golf Resort as your lodging place. For more inquiries, just dial 1-877-262-0430. 

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