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Thousand Hills Golf Course Is Open Year Round

What does it mean to be dedicated? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines dedicated as ‘having very strong support for or loyalty to a person, group, cause, etc.’ and ‘devoted to a cause, ideal or purpose.’ A dedicated individual is one who doesn’t give up because something got hard. They are not deterred by bad weather, cold temperatures or less than ideal conditions. They don’t stop because something changes; instead, they look for an opportunity to keep on going. Dedicated people adjust when needed to keep pursuing what they love. Are you dedicated? More specifically, are you a dedicated golfer in the Branson area? If so, you’re in luck and your dedication is going to pay off…because the Thousand Hills Golf Course is open all year round!

branson-winter-golfThe Branson golf course at Thousand Hills is one of the most popular courses to play in the Midwest. With its fabulous and award winning 18 holes, golf enthusiasts are always eager to go for a hole in one here. This golf course was rated four stars by the Golf Digest magazine in 2009 and has been voted Best of the Ozarks for Branson Golf Courses by the readers of the Springfield Newsleader for two consecutive years in a row. The Thousand Hills golf course has also gained rapid popularity in the sporting world by catering to golfers of all skill levels – novice to expert can come here to play a good round of golf or receive golfing instruction from experts, regardless of age or skill level. This course is open to the public, and playing 18 holes here comes with some great amenities: rental clubs, a golf shop, a clubhouse, use of golf carts with GPS units at no additional charge – all this plus great scenery too! What’s not to love? And all of this is open and available to dedicated golfers all year round, weather permitting! So no matter the season, you can get your golfer on.

During the winter months, golf remains a great way to get out and challenge your mind and your body – but golfing on this Branson golf course in the winter does require a few shifts in your game. (Obviously, the course will not be open during severe weather in order to ensure player safety, but during the clear, crisp days of winter, the holes are yours.) Here are a few tips to keep you and your game up to par!

Clothing: It is very important to stay warm while golfing in the winter – but you also want to be comfortable, and not feel hindered by winter gear when taking your swing. Light layers are helpful here – such as wearing fleece lined thermals under your trousers. Gloves are a must – find a pair that fits snugly so that you can still properly grip your club. You will also want to keep your ears warm – there are a variety of ear warmers and hats on the market to suit any taste or style.

Hydration: Believe it or not, it is actually more important to stay hydrated in the winter than in the summer – in the winter, it is more difficult for you to tell that you are thirsty. So be sure to take liquids with you on your round of Branson golf. An insulated thermos is a great choice to carry hot or cold drinks with you while you play – like water, tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Safety: Golfing in the winter is challenging and fun – but it also has a few safety risks to keep in mind while you are on the course. Pay attention to the temperature – if it gets too cold, it’s probably time to find a place to warm up to avoid frostbite. Also watch for wet, slick or icy areas on the course to avoid sustaining an injury due to slipping and falling.

If you are a dedicated golfer, this Branson golf course is your best year round option to play a round!

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This is Why the Spring Season is the Most Wonderful Time to Visit Branson

If you are looking for a wonderful spring break destination that offers exciting indoor and outdoor activities, Branson Spring is the perfect choice for fun in spring time. No matter what your interests and hobbies are, you will surely find your favorite activity that will make you thoroughly entertained. With lots of exciting attractions that Branson Spring can provide, every visitor will certainly enjoy in every corner of this wonderful spring break destination.

With over 80 live entertainment performances and movie shows in 50 theaters, there is always a wholesome fun waiting for you in Branson. Of course, if you have a passive approach to your vacation you will find dining and shopping areas to satisfy your cravings for delicious foods and shopping needs. If you have a more active approach on your vacation plan, the area around the lakes, offer a wide variety of outdoor activities that include hiking, biking, boating, and fishing.

Spring in Branson is a great time to experience as it has moderate temperature that averages between 50 degrees and 80 degrees. This means that the nights have mild temperature and have warm and sunny days.  In Branson, the fall season often has the same weather patterns as in spring time and offers occasionally rain shower that brings forth beautiful fresh bloom of flowers and grasses.

Stone Hill Winery Tour LogoIf you are planning your next spring break, you will certainly enjoy with the array of varied wonderful attractions and activities in Branson Spring time. In Branson, there are seven selections of different golf courses including the famous Thousand Hills Golf Course and Resort. However, if you prefer to broaden your entertainment pleasure and learn the area it has to offer, then you will find there is plenty more to do in Branson during spring time than simply playing golf.

Branson is the permanent place of the Titanic museum with art galleries that house more than 400 personal items from passengers of the RMS Titanic ship. When you tour the Titanic museum and take a closer look inside, you will be amazed to see the grand staircase that is beautifully hand-crafted, wooden inlayed, and built from original blue prints of the Titanic. If you are a fishing enthusiast or just with plain interest in fish, Branson’s Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery is a great adventure for the whole family.

The Stone Hill Winery in Branson will give you some knowledge about the wine industry in the region. Branson also features many activities for the whole family to enjoy including the Kirby Vanburch Magic Show, and The Baldknobbers Jamborre, among many other fantastic attractions. World Fest At Silver Dollar City from April to May is also one of the events to enjoy if you like to savor favorite food from home classic to delicious cuisine. Later in May, you may be keener on celebrating the Bluegrass & BBQ Festival.

Whatever enjoyable activity you prefer, from a romantic weekend getaway to a great family vacation, Spring in Branson is definitely a perfect springtime destination. To enjoy a wonderful vacation with more entertaining activities, spend it in Branson this coming spring time.

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Have a Romantic Valentine’s Day Cruise in Branson


It is February once again! This means that it is the season of love once again. February is the month for couples and for those who are searching for love. February 14 is a special day, so make it even more special with your loved one by spending it in Branson.

Branson Missouri is known to be one of the best vacation destination in the Midwest. For this Valentine’s Day, why not take a quick break and plan that romantic getaway with your special someone? A Branson vacation is just the right thing you need to de-stress from all the stress and worries, and at the same time, you also get to rekindle your love with your special someone. One idea for your Valentine date is the Branson Valentine’s Day Cruises on Main Street Lake Cruises Landing Princess.

The Valentine Cruise on the Landing Princess happens on February 14, 2014 until February 15, 2014. The cruises are also available at 4:45 PM, so if you are lucky enough to catch the perfect timing of the trips, you just might witness the sunset in the Ozarks with your loved one. A cruise for your Valentine date spells luxury. This would definitely make your loved one feel way beyond special. Capture your perfect moments and make memories to last for a lifetime in Branson’s Valentine’s Day Cruises. The Valentine Cruises in the Landing Princess also includes a dinner aboard the luxury yacht. The name of the yacht itself gives you a hint of the luxury and the feels you can have in the Landing Princess. Your Valentine date is also assured of a very romantic ambiance – the perfect place to have that Valentine dinner with your date! The dinner on board the Landing Princess features extraordinary food that will surely please your taste! Some of the standouts in the menu of the Landing Princess are Filet Medallions in red wine sauce served with roasted crunchy new potatoes and grilled asparagus, and chicken breast topped with lemon crème sauce and served over angel hair pasta with steamed broccoli and hollandaise sauce. The meals in the cruise also comes with a Baby Lettuce Salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing topped with cranberries, feta cheese, and toasted walnuts. The cruise also serves desserts like chocolate cheesecake with strawberry drizzle. To put the cherry on top of your perfect date, a complimentary glass of champagne will also be served for you and your date. A rose will also be given to even perfect that romantic ambiance of the cruise.

If this spells out your dream Valentine date, then book that trip to Branson now. For your lodging needs in Branson, choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort for various lodging options to choose from. Thousand Hills is located in Highway 76 so you will not miss out on all the fun offered by Branson. For more inquiries and for reservations, just dial 1-877-262-0430.

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The Ideal Adventure for the Family is at Greatest adventures Minigolf

The Greatest Adventures Minigolf in Branson is an ideal adventure for the whole family. Built in 2008, it is one of the largest, wildest, and the newest minigolf course in Branson. The 36 hole has a unique design offer challenging fun for every member of the family. A memorable adventure in the Great Adventures Minigolf features waterfall cave, the jungle animals, the Egyptian artifacts, and the smoking dragon.

This Minigolf course also features gift shop offering Branson souvenirs and toys. If not joining the action, you can visit the snack bar and the patio next to the huge waterfall. You can also watch the flat screen TV inside the building. The Great Adventure Minigolf is just minutes away from Thousand Hills Resort, the best condominium and cabin rental location in town.

Right in the heart of Branson, a 36-hole themed miniature golf course can also be enjoyed. A list of this kind of miniature golf includes “Smokin Dragon”, knights, smoking dragon, Medieval castle, and gorilla. In Branson, you can find a number of minigolf courses. The following minigolf courses maybe helpful to you if you want to experience more great golf adventure:Greatest Adventure Mini Golf Logo

*Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf & Games located at 2901 Green Mountain Drive

*Greatest Adventures Miniature Golf located at 4800 Gretna Road

*Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf at 3030 W Highway 76

*Brookside Miniature Golf at 2925 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway

*Professor Hacker’s Dinausaur Canyon at 2501 Green Mountain Drive

*Grand Country Market at 1945 W 76 Country Blvd.

*Indoor Mini Golf at 1945 W 76 Country Blvd.

*Back to the 50s Mini Golf at 2801 West Highway 76

Greatest golfers from world over come to Branson to compete on its spectacular courses. Greatest Adventures Miniature Golf is located on Gretna Rd in front of the SHOPPES at Branson Meadows in Branson, where the movie theaters are located. In 2011 USPMGA (Us Pro Mini Golf Association) rated the Greatest Adventures Miniature Golf as one of the top 10 championship mini golf courses in the USA. At the age of 16, Olivia Prokopova won the US Open Miniature Golf Tournament held in this golf course.

If you are fond of playing miniature golf, Branson has it for you. You may play the mini-links and battle your way through Pirates, Dinosaurs, and Gators and more. These golf adventures in Branson are really great for fun for the whole family. The nice landscaping of the golf course and water features create a wonderful atmosphere. Watch the family of ducks that wades through the course’s streams.

Your vacation in Branson to play mini golf takes you to see beautiful wooded valleys, beautiful scenery,  and a view of the Ozarks that you would never think that you are around Branson’s entertainment district. The Greatest Adventure Minigolf course is 10 minutes drive from Table Rock Lake and five minutes drive to Lake Taneycomo where viewing the lakeside scenery is a wonderful sightseeing experience.

So, if you want to experience an ideal adventure for the whole family, come to the Greatest Adventures Minigolf in Branson.

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It’s Time For Some Bluegrass & BBQ in Branson!


If you want a unique treat while you are on vacation, then the best place to be is in Branson. Branson is very well known for its entertainment district. The world-class musical shows and talents of Branson have made it the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. But apart from the music shows and plays that it is known for, Branson also has the best festivals to make everything even more exciting for you!

One of the most anticipated festivals in Branson is the Bluegrass and BBQ festival. This festival is hosted by Silver Dollar City, which is one the most famous theme parks in Branson. Silver Dollar City offers you rides and attractions that will guarantee you an adrenaline rush and thrills! This 1880’s themed amusement park is home to a ride called The Outlaw Run – the world’s most daring wood coaster. To give you a breather from all the excitement in the park, there are also over 40 shows daily that you can catch. Silver Dollar City gives you the Bluegrass and BBQ festival, which is actually two exciting festivals rolled into one.

Witness two classic American traditions in one festival in Branson in this annual Bluegrass & BBQ event. The Bluegrass portion of this festival features over 50 bands which gives more than a hundred performances for the Branson audience. Within the 16 days of the festival, make sure that you get to catch the shows since there will always be a band that will have your type of jam. Bluegrass musicians and country singers from all over America come to Branson to perform. When you come and watch the Bluegrass and BBQ festival, you also get to know the folk music of America which is traditional Bluegrass music. This traditional music is greatly influenced by the ancestors of early settlers. What should you expect from traditional Bluegrass music? The rhythms of this music dates back to its African influence, and some Irish and Scottish influence can be heard in the fiddle music. The Bluegrass festival’s main point is to merge traditions and modern music. See and hear how the modern musicians add their own flavor to the traditional music. You can also see contemporary and traditional groups perform in Branson. Help keep traditional music alive by patronizing this kind of festival. Some artists to watch out for in the Bluegrass portion are Grascals, Rhonda Vincent, and Nothing Fancy.

Now comes the BBQ part of the festival. Treat your taste buds to a mouth watering BBQ recipe! More than 300 BBQ sauces are waiting to be tried by you at the House of BBQ. You can also see other creations such as Memphis-style dry rub ribs, Carolina pulled pork, Texas-style beef brisket, and Kansas City smoked chicken. There is also a contest and people can judge who gets the People’s Choice BBQ Sauce in Bottleneck Brothers Sauce Shack.

What is more perfect than a festival with music and good food? There is surely nothing like the Bluegrass and BBQ festival in Branson! Book your trip to Branson now to experience this unique festival! 

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Find The Perfect Home in Branson


Why take a vacation in Branson when you can live right here in Branson? Live your dream as you choose your home in the entertainment capital of the Midwest. There is never a dull moment in Branson, but you can also find peace and serenity amidst all the happenings in the city.

A home in Branson is very convenient and exciting proposition to anybody. First of all, Branson is regarded as the prime family vacation destination because of the many activities and attractions that could be done here that are family-friendly. Now, having a home in Branson enables you to take your much-needed vacation and bonding time with the entire family.

There are a lot of things to do in Branson. Whether you are planning to stay in Branson alone or with the family, you are assured to find activities and attractions for any age. Branson is especially famous for its live music shows and theater plays. Aside from these, you can also visit the different theme parks and nature parks in Branson to give the adventure and thrill or the quiet time that you need. Branson also has the most interesting museums in it. You can also shop all you want with Branson’s outlet malls and dine all you can with Branson’s restaurants. Your perfect home in Branson should then be within close proximity to all these exciting activities and sights.

Thousand Hills Sales Company is here to help you in choosing the perfect Branson home for you, depending on what you want and need. Getting a Branson home in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort is very much recommended because of its strategic location and comfort. Thousand Hills also offers you various options for your Branson home. You can choose from the golf condos, golf homes, log cabins, and Table Rock Lake condos. Although Thousand Hills is situated near Branson’s entertainment district, it still makes sure that you get the peace and comfort that you want in a home. Depending on the unit you choose, you are still guaranteed of a breathtaking view that comes with living within the caress of nature.

The units in Thousand Hills are very spacious and can accommodate any size group. You also have a choice on how many bedrooms you want – from one to five bedrooms. The units also have a private deck for you to have your own quiet time to yourself to de-stress after a long day of work and stress.

Thousand Hills Sales Company has remained to be the leader in Branson real estate offerings. In choosing your home in Branson, trust only the leader in real estate offers. Get a home in Thousand Hills Golf Resort now and let the rest of your life start now. 

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Why Visit Branson in March



Have you ever wanted to take a break from all the stress from work or school? Come this month of March, Branson is the perfect place to go for that quick vacation. Forget about the worries of work and school, and rest your mind in Branson’s wide array of activities and attractions.


The month of March marks the early spring season so going on a vacation would be perfect because of the lovely weather. Chill out as you commune with nature or go all out as you visit Branson’s entertainment district. Your March vacation in Branson will surely be a blast with all the things that you can do. A day will not be enough for you to experience the wonders that Branson can offer.


For your Branson vacation this March, try going to Silver Dollar City, an 1880’s theme park that is fit for kids and adults alike.  Silver Dollar City opens during the weekends of mid-March. You can catch this opening and make this place your very own play place. The winding paths and hills in the park make it more exciting as you travel along the park. Silver Dollar City features rides that will definitely give you the adrenaline rush. The most famous of all the rides is the Outlaw Run, which is also known as the world’s most daring wood coaster. Apart from the rides, the park also has numerous attractions. There are over 40 shows in the park daily for the guests to take a breather from all the excitement that they’ve had in the park. There are also craftspeople all around the park to show you how to make the essential tools during the 1880’s. Silver Dollar City also has a Culinary and Craft School for those who are interested. This theme park is also known for its reputation to have the best amusement park food in the entire country.


Also, the first Branson shows of the year starts in the month of March. Witness a spectacular show of pure musical talent infused with the performer’s own brad of comedy. Try catching shows like the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede, Hamner Barber Variety Show, the Baldknobbers Jamboree, and a lot more.


The weather in Branson during March is a little bit sunny outdoors, and gets cool during the night. Bask in the fresh air of Branson in the outdoors. Go out and have a horseback riding tour of the Ozark Mountains, or you can also try the tour by hiking or by taking a zip line tour. After your tour, you will be amazed at the gifts that nature has endowed Branson with. Guests could also have more adventure in a cave tour in the Talking Rocks Cavern.


Take the time to plan out your vacation in the month of March. Branson is teeming with a lot of activities to keep you occupied as you appreciate the natural beauty of Branson. Book your trip now! Call 1-877-262-0430.

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Get Ready For Some Hot Winter Fun


It is the time of the year when winter makes the Ozark Mountains look like a huge blanket of snow. Come over to Branson and experience some Hot Winter Fun! Have some fun and some adventure in Branson!

Hot Winter Fun in Branson lasts until the month of February. Grab this rare chance to experience the minty chill of the winter weather, together with some of Branson’s activities and attractions. Imagine the winter season, and doing activities like fishing, playing golf, and watching your favorite concert. Branson has all the fun you need and also the perfect locations if you are on vacation for some time with yourself. Branson is always the perfect vacation spot, too, if you are going with the entire family for the winter season.

During the months of January and February, the winter snowfall is not that frequent and the temperatures during the day is warm enough for you to enjoy Branson’s activities. These winter months enables you to go enjoy some trout fishing in Lake Taneycomo, which is part of Branson’s TriLakes area. Another thing to your advantage when you go for a vacation during these months is the off season price for your lodging needs. These months also guarantee you that there are no lines in restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, and parks. This time of the year is truly the best time for you to visit Branson because of the chill and relaxing pace.

For you to enjoy your vacation in Branson, you have to experience Silver Dollar City, Branson’s premier theme park, Branson’s restaurants and outlet malls, and of course, Branson’s world-famous live music shows. To maximize all these and also taking into account your convenience, stay in a place that is close to all the fun and action in Branson. Consider Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort for your lodging needs. Thousand Hills not only brings you close to the entertainment district in Branson, it also lets you live close to the Ozark Mountains so you are assured of having a breathtaking scenery and a peaceful environment.

Thousand Hills offers you lodging options to choose from. You can choose from Branson cabins, Branson golf front condos, and Branson lake front condos. These lodging choices you have will be very practical and convenient for you. No need to rent multiple hotel rooms for your place to stay, because you can stay in one place together! The cabins and condo units have all the amenities that you look for so you will still feel that you haven’t left home.

Visit Branson from January to February to experience a different winter experience. Tag along your friends and your family for a more fun and more memorable Hot Winter vacation! Contact Thousand Hills for inquiries and reservations on your lodging needs at 1-877-262-0430.

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Have A Romantic Valentine’s Day in Branson


Valentine’s Day is the season for hearts, couples, and even singles. Ignite the love with your special someone or find a new flame in Branson. This February, make it a romantic one by spending it in Missouri’s prime vacation destination – Branson.

There are a lot of activities that you can do, and attractions that you can enjoy together with your loved one. In Branson, you can spend Valentine’s Day in the entertainment district with some live music shows, and cap it off with a romantic candlelit dinner in Branson’s best restaurants. The live music shows in Branson are the reason why Branson is very well known worldwide. During the season of hearts, you can catch a live show in Branson depending on your mood. There are shows that will set your romantic mood by serenading you with love songs. If that is not your type of a romantic night and you just want to have fun, then there are also shows in Branson for you. You can spend the special February night by watching some light-hearted music shows, with upbeat love songs, comedy, and even magic! If you prefer to have some quiet time alone so you could talk with your loved one, then you can head on to the Tri-Lakes Area to catch some cool night breeze and share the love.

Daytime activities in Branson will not disappoint your romantic mood. Visit Branson’s Titanic Museum. Not only will you learn a thing or two about the unsinkable ship that sank, you can also have some romantic moments as you play the role of Jack and Rose, the star-crossed lovers in the famous Titanic movie. If you want to have some adventures together with your special someone, you can also visit other Branson museums like Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. Get ready to know some facts and several other oddities that may seem unbelievable to you. You can also spend some time in Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum. Take your pictures with the famous Hollywood stars, just like they are real!

After a long day of your Valentine adventure, you would need the perfect lodging place to further make up your perfect day. For your lodging needs in your Valentine vacation, make Thousand Hills Golf Resort your only choice! Thousand Hills offers you various lodging options such as Branson log cabin, Branson golf front condo, and a Branson lakefront condo. Depending on what you want, Thousand Hills has just the right place to give you some rest after a long, tiring day. If you and your loved one prefer an intimate setting and a cozy atmosphere in the woods, then a Branson log cabin will be the right lodging option for you. If you want the best view, whether it may be the Ozark Mountains or Table Rock Lake, and a luxurious experience, then renting a Branson golf front condo or a lakefront condo is definitely for you.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Branson this February. Make it even more special by making Thousand Hills a part of it. Make your reservation now and dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Experience the Outdoor during a Branson Spring


Spring is one of the best times to visit Branson, Missouri. The city would be in different colors as the flowers would be in full bloom. See the city bursting with the colors of the rainbow as you try different attractions in the city. The time of the year is just perfect and the things you can see and do are just so many.

A Branson spring is not just any kind of spring. People will be all over the city before summer starts. This is also the perfect time of the year with temperatures that vary between freezing and hot. You can enjoy both the weather and the sights to see during spring! And one attraction in Branson that is a must try is the outdoors. If you visit the city this upcoming spring, be sure to check out the Branson outdoors and behold the beauty that lies within the city limits of Branson, Missouri.

The Branson Outdoors boasts its beauty starting with the lakes of Missouri. These pristine lakes are sure to make you look longer as the waters are crystal clear and the surrounding area is very clean. Next is the breathtaking scenery from the Ozark Mountains and everything it has, such as the nature trails and camping sites. The Branson Outdoors is truly magnificent and even more beautiful during the spring! This is something you would not to miss.

As you appreciate the pristine Missouri lakes, get a load of the things you can do in the TriLakes Area. There are various water activities that the whole family can enjoy. You can do fishing, boating, parasailing, water skiing, catamaran sailing, scuba diving and so much more. You can visit the Branson State Park Marina at Table Rock Lake and enjoy these water activities being offered there. Each water activity will fill your day with water fun.

If you want a water-free adventure, try out the nature trails and the camp sites in the Ozark Mountains. Hike around the area or set up your tent at the camp sites and have the ultimate bonding with your family in the outdoors of Branson. This is one of Branson’s pride so you better check it out during your Branson Spring.

But if you want a different kind of entertainment, you can try out the different rides in Branson that showcase its outdoors. Feel the adrenaline rush as you try out mountain biking, ziplining, free-falling, canopy touring, and a whole lot more.


This spring, enjoy everything that the Branson outdoors has to offer and make the most out of it! And while you are in Branson, make Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort your home away from. We have the best Branson Lodging that will surpass your expectations with space, luxury, and resort amenities. Choose from a Branson Log Cabin, a Branson Condo, or a Branson Lakefront Condo. Make your spring plans now! For more information, or for reservations, please dial 1-877-262-0430.

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