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Come and See the World in Branson


It is everyone’s dream to be able to see the world. But what if you will be given the opportunity to see the world without the need for passports, visas, and intense travel? In Branson, you can have that opportunity! Branson Missouri is known to many to be the live entertainment capital of the world. Now, you can also get to know Branson as a place that can show you the whole world.

Branson Missouri holds an annual event called See The World in Branson. This event will start in April 1, 2014 and continues until May 5, 2014. See The World in Branson highlights the vast influence of international artists and musicians on the unique Branson style of entertainment. You can also experience the international influences in the attractions in Branson. And if you are longing to taste food from the different parts of the globe, this event would be the best venue for that. Taste the delectable dishes from different countries. You are guaranteed to have the best time here in this event because you don’t only get to physically indulge yourself in the specialties that other countries has to offer, you also get to be exposed to the different cultures and traditions of the countries. This event will also let you some trivia or tidbits about the other countries. See The World in Branson makes sure that all the continents are well represented so it would really feel like you are travelling the whole world. Just imagine how far your one visit to Branson could reach. There are local theaters, hotels, restaurants, and retail venues to represent the countries from all over the world. You can also expect overflowing creativity as some places are designed well to be able to give you the distinct vibe for a particular country. Some examples of the venues that you can visit are Mexico, Israel, Greece, Scotland, wherein the cultures of these countries will be highlighted.

Branson already has attractions which feature the talents of various countries, too. Some of these shows are the Acrobats of China, Twelve Irish Tenors, Shoji Tabuchi, the Liverpool Legends, Yakov Smirnoff, and many more. These internationally acclaimed acts are one of the reasons why Branson has become known worldwide to be a powerhouse in entertainment.

Branson offers you this opportunity to see the world and explore the other places that you have been used to seeing in books, magazines, and movies. The spring season in Branson during this time also makes it a conducive time to have your vacation since the weather will be so chill. This month long festival will surely have many things to offer to Branson’s guests. For this festival, make your vacation long enough for you to experience a lot of things and to make some memories of your own. Choose your lodging place in Thousand Hills Golf Resort, since it near all the attractions in Branson. Plan your vacation now in Branson and See The World In Branson – No Passports Needed!

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Enjoy Your Spring Break in Branson Theme Parks

Spring break in Branson is a wonderful time to experience great outdoor attractions and activities at Silver Dollar City theme park. Silver Dollar City in Branson boasts six annual festivals, 60 outlet shops and restaurants, and 40 entertainment shows. Spring break in Branson is a perfect vacation destination where you can see flourishing flowers and plants filled the surroundings of the beautify scenery around the Ozark Mountains.

As Branson is beautifully located near the three lakes namely, Table Rock Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, and Lake Taneycomo, it makes the place the best vacation destination. The easy accessibility with the lakes, will allow you to enjoy the many opportunities of exciting water sports adventures and other outdoor activities. A complete fun of enjoyment of exciting attractions and activities is what visitors want to experience during spring break vacation in Branson. Families spending a wonderful vacation along the lakes will surely enjoy lots of activities including water sports adventure.

Spring break in Branson is such a great time to enjoy as the temperature of the climate averages from 50 to 80 degrees which means warm and sunny in the day while in the evening you feel a refreshing air. If you have an active style on your vacation, there are several outdoor adventures to enjoy around the lakes that include hiking, biking, boating, and fishing.  However, if you prefer to spend a leisurely walk around Branson shopping area, you will find many outlet shops and upscale restaurants that offer great shopping and fine dining. In the same location during night time, you can enjoy live entertainment shows that feature world-famous performers.

Silver Dollar City theme park offers many exciting theme ride adventures to make your spring break vacation in Branson a wonderful experience. Silver Dollar City features a fun-packed theme park with dozens of attractions and 30 thrill rides that include Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, world-class roller coasters, PowerKeg, steam engine train rides, Giant swing, and water-shoot-out rides. The park’s PowerKeg and roller coaster rides will give you a truly exciting and thrilling ride of your life when it is launched at 53mph in 2.8 seconds. The theme park also features RiverBlast and multi-level goes kart tracks which is the most thrilling and the most exciting ride in the park. The park features also a play area with climbing nets, tree top fun houses, sand tables, and a carousel.

There are also world’s famous live entertainment shows that can be enjoyed in Branson during spring break. These shows are: Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus which is performed in the New Shanghai Theater; Dublin’s Irish Tenors and the Celtic Ladies which is performed in King’s Castle Theater;  and the “Dancing Queen: Abba’s Greatest Hits” which is also performed in King’s Castle Theater and many more shows.

With so many attractions and outdoor activities including many stimulating thrill rides in the Silver Dollar City theme park, vacationers in Branson during spring break have many reasons to return another time.


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Spring Break in Branson Means Table Rock Lake Exploration Time

Table Rock Lake Bonding LogoIf you are looking for a great vacation this spring break, visit the Table Rock Lake in Branson where you can explore many exciting water sports activities such as boating, fishing, skiing, swimming, scuba diving, and more. Spring break in Branson will let you experience a warm and sunny days with occasional rain showers that give off fresh blooms of flowers and plants.

At the Table Rock Lake, you can have a great time to enjoy the lush greenery on the lakeside scenery, boat trips on the rivers, cruises on the lake, live entertainment shows, and outlet shopping. Visitors to the lake will be delighted to learn that it was created after the damming of the White River in 1958. This man-made Table Rock Lake was made with the collaboration of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to measure the flood control along the river.

During this spring season in Branson, the temperature averages between 50 degrees to 80 degrees which has a perfect blend of sunny and warm weather while the nights have refreshing temperatures.

Table Rock Lake is really a perfect family spring break destination as it features several outdoor activities and water sports adventures.

Along the banks of the Table Rock Lake, you can find dozens of attractions. The scenic beauty of the forests, natural shoreline of the lake, bluffs and wildlife are well preserved by the area’s environmentalists. The lake has about 750 miles of shoreline and has an area of 52,300 acres.  It has an abundant supply of large bluegill, bass, and crappie in the lake.  There are also catfish of all sizes at the bottom of the lake. If you want to go boating or fishing, boat rental is available in marinas and other area resorts.

At Table Rock Lake, there are several fine restaurants that serve boaters. These restaurants in the coves offer delicious treats with free boat docking. In the area, there are full-service marinas that offer delicious foods and other supplies while you are refueling the boat. There are also eateries in Kimberling City near the Table Rock Lake that serve foods from local choices to home favorites. You can also find dine-in restaurants at the lake that offer evening live entertainments during weekends.

The lake features more than 100 resorts that can make your lake adventure truly exciting and enjoyable. Your spring break vacation in Table Rock Lake will not be complete if you don’t try a river boat adventure. If you are hesitant to man the boat, you can take a ride in one of the commercial boat cruises that operate on the Table Rock Lake. These boat cruises operate from many locations so that so they can provide good service to many boaters around the lake.

If you want to experience and explore some of the many water sports activities in Table Rock Lake this spring season, come to Branson and enjoy the awesome view of the lake while exploring many exciting attractions and water sports adventure.

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Have the Grandest Spring Break with Branson Golf at Thousand Hills Golf Resort

Branson Golf LogoIf you want to experience the grandest spring break vacation, come to Branson Golf at Thousand Hills Golf Resort. The resort is located near the famous 76 Country Music Boulevard in the heart of Branson, Missouri. The Thousand Hills Golf Resort is popularly known as one of Branson’s most fascinating golf courses. This award-winning 18-hole course is played each season by about 25,000 golfers. This golf course is equipped with challenging tees and fairways. The course has 9 par 3’s, 8 par 4’s, and one par 5. The layout requires precise shots into the greens. Strategic bunkering throughout this 18-hole course not only adds aesthetic value but also to the overall excitement and experience of playing golf.

Golf Digest magazine in 2009 rated 4-Stars this 18-hole golf course and was voted Best of the Ozarks by the readers of the Springfield News. Thousand Hills Resort’s popularity was gained from its ability to cater different golf skill levels. From neophyte to professional golfers, the three separate sets of tees will assure you that the golf course remains challenging and fair for all golfers with no discrimination on age and experience.

The location of this 18-hole golf masterpiece is another benefit as the place allows you to see beautiful wooded forests, unique rock formations, and over Ozark streams. Here, you would never think that you are near the 76 strip and Branson’s world-famous live entertainment shows. The place is also within 10 minutes drive from Tale Rock Lake and 5 minutes from Lake Taneycomo that will let you see great outdoor attractions. With the beautiful location of the golf course, you will surely enjoy the spectacular combination of beautiful sceneries and challenging holes.

Thousands of golfers have played in the Thousand Hills Golf Resort since 1993 and many of them were satisfied and came back to play their favorite. The Golf Resort offers senior flags allowing senior golfers over age 55 to drive in the fairways on days specially open only for them. The implementation of the senior flag was made in the fall of 2012. Aside from the senior flags, new cart paths have been built so that walking to the greens will come easy and comfortable. The senior flag system and the new cart paths can help make the senior golfers become more interested to play golf often.

The golf course at the Thousand Hills has been re-routed for a better flow and faster round of golf playing. The re-routing of the course has put the difficult par later in the round and not after the easiest hole on the golf course. The change after the re-routing will reduce the typical round to four hours or less. Golfers still get the same great 18 holes but can be played in a little less time. Some of the maintenance practices in Thousand Hills Golf Course have been changed to expedite every round of play.

If you haven’t played at Thousand Hills Golf Resort before, come play at Branson Golf and enjoy our new re-routing of the golf course.


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Spring Break Madness at Silver Dollar City

If you want to spend a wonderful vacation this spring break in Branson, visit Silver Dollar City which is one the most popular vacation spots in Central America. Silver Dollar City has been entertaining visitors since 1960 with its 40 entertaining shows, 60 outlet shops and restaurants, and six annual festivals that make the place a favorite annual destination for every family. A wholesome fun of entertainments and exciting attractions is what people of all ages want to enjoy during spring break vacation. Families spending a great vacation time at Silver Dollar City will surely enjoy its non-stop entertaining activities and attractions.

SDC Frisco Ride LogoFrom mid-March to end of December, Silver Dollar City offers visitors lots of exciting and fun things to enjoy. The city features a fun-packed amusement park with dozens of attractions, and 30 thrill rides that include world class roller coasters, Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, PowerKeg, Giant swing, steam engine train rides, and water-shoot-out rides. Riding the roller coasters and PowerKeg that is launching 53mph in 2.8 seconds will give you a very exciting and entertaining ride of your life. You can also find six entertainment venues in the park featuring 40 shows daily that usually last 20 to 25 minutes.

Spring break vacation in Silver Dollar City is such a great moment to spend where families can enjoy the tranquil surroundings with refreshing atmosphere, lush greenery, and the flourishing blooms of flowers and plants. With the city’s fun-packed adventures, no one will ever feel emptiness around the place. The city’s 1880s-style theme park boasts American Craftsmanship featuring 100 craftsmen and women including glassblowers, basket weavers, knife smiths, potters, quilters, blacksmiths, and many more. Spring break vacationers can watch glassblowers at work turning a glass into a beautiful base. You can also enjoy at the park’s live music entertainment and fine restaurants serving delicious foods from home-cooked favorites to festival specialties.

The “Amusement Today” magazine rated Silver Dollar City’s with the best theme park food in the USA. Fine restaurants in the theme park include Aunt Pollys, with its fried chicken specialty and popular catfish; The Ribhouse, known for its baby back ribs, barbecue, smoked chicken and smoked brisket; and Buckshot Annie’s Skillet Cookery famous for its harvest succotash. There are also plenty of ice cream and funnel cakes for dessert, making dining experience, worth the visit.

Silver Dollar City has about six World Class Festivals to entertain visitors all throughout the year. These festivals include the World-Fest, a celebration of diverse international events and the Bluegrass and BBQ Festival in May.  National Kids Fest is celebrated by young visitors from June through August. The Southern Gospel Picnic runs through late August through early September. The National Harvest Festival is celebrated from mid-September to late October. From November to December is the time of celebration of Old Time Christmas.

With so many exciting attractions and a variety of outdoor activities including the many stimulating rides in the Silver Dollar City theme park, spring break vacationers in Branson have many reasons to return another time.

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Come and Join the World-Fest at Silver Dollar City


Branson is known for all the attractions and activities that people of all ages will certainly enjoy. These things in Branson are available all year round, so you are assured of the best activities and attractions, and not one dull moment no matter what season you come to visit. Another thing to look forward to in your Branson vacation is the festivals happening yearly. So why not plan your vacation just in time for a festival so that you can experience more of Branson?

For the months of April to May, come and join Branson locals and Branson guests in celebrating World-Fest in Silver Dollar City. This festival is happening from April 7 to May 8 in the most famous theme park in Branson. World-Fest is the park’s biggest celebration of world culture, and this would also be a great avenue to expose the kids and also yourself into learning more about the different cultures from around the globe. Now you don’t have to go to a lot of places to experience their culture, you can just visit Branson and come to World-Fest to be able to experience it. World-Fest is also the largest international festival in the whole America. This festival in Silver Dollar City features craftsmen, cooks, and performers from around the world.

Some of the festival’s main acts are Diego Martin’s Footprint Folk Performers, the Russian Academic Band, the Mayorov Russian State Circus, “Rhythms of Rajasthan” from western Rajasthan in India and so many more. Not only does World-Fest bring you the best music and entertainment from other countries, but it also gives you the best dishes! Taste and enjoy dishes like Irish stew, chicken fajitas, baklava, Italian calzones, carnitas, tiramisu torte, and a lot more. Also watch out for the award winning food which is to be served at Silver Dollar City.

Aside from having fun in the World-Fest, Silver Dollar City is an attraction in itself. You can try the different rides and attractions in Silver Dollar City to experience some adrenaline rush. This park is perfect for the whole family to make some memories with. Some rides that you have to try in Silver Dollar City are the Outlaw Run, Powder Keg, and the Steam Engine Train. To provide you with some breather from all the excitement happening in the park, there are also more than 40 shows happening per day so you can relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy a show before embarking in another adventure in Silver Dollar City.

Make your stay in Branson even more convenient for you by staying in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. You can choose from several lodging options, depending on what suits you and your group. Thousand Hills is also located very near Silver Dollar City so you can have your much needed rest after a whole day of adventure in the park and in World-Fest. Book your stay now by calling 1-800-262-0430!

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Year-Round Meetings in Branson at Thousand Hills

When you have a family reunion, a business meeting, an employee party, or a wedding reception to plan, you don’t have to stress over all the details. Give Thousand Hills a call and their team of experienced meeting coordinators will help you with all of your meeting needs.

Thousand Hills Golf and Conference Resort overlooks the beautiful 18 hole golf course and offers amenities like indoor and outdoor pools, tennis and basketball courts, hot tubs, exercise facilities, and a children’s playground area. Family friendly attractions are a short distance away in Branson. All of this is in an easily accessible location – in the Midwest, right in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. With golf view condos, lakefront condos, and secluded cabins, you can have the perfect home base for your Branson meeting.

Branson Meetings & Family ReunionsThousand Hills’ meeting spaces are equipped with conference phones, the latest in audio/visual equipment, and high-speed internet. When you’re conducting a business meeting and looking for high efficiency, Thousand Hills can help you get it done. Plus, each of the meeting rooms has a patio that offers a lovely place for your group to have lunch or take their morning and afternoon breaks.

Weddings coming to Branson also choose Thousand Hills Golf and Conference Resort for their reception needs. The golf course provides a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos, and the staff at Thousand Hills can help make your rehearsal dinner and reception easy. Thousand Hills also has catering and bartending services on-site, so you don’t have to hire someone else.

You can also bring your family reunion to Branson, but don’t think you’re limited to just the summer months for your fun. Your reunion can center on family milestones, like gold and silver anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and graduations. Long weekends such as Memorial Day may be great for your family so people can easily get time off. Or, you can get more bang for your buck when you take advantage of value rates in Branson during the off season, which runs from January until May. Contact the group sales staff at Thousand Hills Resort so they can help you get the best deal. The staff at Thousand Hills can also help you plan your itinerary if you’re planning on experiencing more of Branson during your stay.

Business retreats also come to Thousand Hills for their meeting needs. Getting employees away from their desks can help them focus on the goals of your meetings better, so there is no better place than Thousand Hills to conduct your important meetings. The staff at Thousand Hills can save you money by helping you book your retreat during the less expensive dates during the year. Prices tend to peak in midsummer, so by avoiding those times, you can add days to your trip or simply save some money. Planning a free day for your employees midweek (perfect for a round of golf or relaxing in the hot tub) will help keep them from getting exhausted. Thousand Hills has great meeting rooms for you to use and get the most out of your meeting time.

If you’re having a meeting and need a superb location to host it, give Thousand Hills a call. Their trained and experienced staff can help you with all the details so you don’t have to. That way, you can get down to business or enjoy your wedding guests even more.

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Spring Break in Branson This Year

An Ozark Mountain spring can be one of the most beautiful sights when the trees are blooming and the warm weather entices everyone outside. The vibrancy of Branson makes it a perfect Spring Break destination for families.

Branson Spring BreakSpringtime is festival season in Branson, and a wide variety of events await visitors to the area. National sporting events are in the area in the form of the NAIA National Basketball Championship and FLW Bass Tournament. From March 12 – 18, the NAIA Men’s Basketball Tournament will be at College of the Ozarks. There are 32 teams in the single-elimination tournament. Be sure to get your tickets early, because seating is limited. Call 417-335-6242 to order tickets, and visit for more information about ticket information and to view the tournament bracket.

The FLW Bass Tournament is also scheduled to be in the Branson area two times in the spring. In March, the FLW Central Division College Fishing League will be on Table Rock Lake at the Port of Kimberling Marina and Resort. The Walmart Bass Fishing League Ozark Division will be on Table Rock Lake in May at the Port of Kimberling Marina and Resort. To register for one of the fishing tournaments coming to Branson this spring, visit

Aside from fishing, Table Rock Lake offers 800 miles of shoreline and almost endless ways to have fun. What’s Up Dock? is Table Rock Lake’s full service marina, and they have everything from fuel to soda and WaveRunner rentals. Centrally located on the lake, What’s Up Dock? provides you with the utmost convenience as you enjoy the lake.

Port of Kimberling Marina and Resort also offers you everything you need for a lakeside adventure. They have luxury hotel rooms, full RV hookups, and campsites to fit whatever your tastes. Plus, Port of Kimberling Marina has boat ramps, nightly slip rentals, ski and pontoon boat rentals, and even a floating restaurant. Swimming, boating, fishing, scuba diving, and paddling are just some of the ways you can enjoy Table Rock Lake with the help of What’s Up Dock? and Port of Kimberling Marina and Resort

If you’re not into sports, international music and cuisine are at WorldFest at Silver Dollar City. This year, WorldFest promises to be just as astounding as any other. From Apr. 5 to May 4, visit the park to hear traditional Flamenco music by Benise, watch the aerial dance of the Los Pampas Gouchos drummers, and the artistry of world-champion fire knife dancers.

Branson shows are another great way to enjoy the Ozarks during Spring Break. The Baldknobbers, the Presleys, and the Acrobats of China are great options for your family. For a complete list of shows open this spring, visit

Start planning your trip to Branson for Spring Break today! Get your attraction tickets, grab your sunglasses, and be prepared to have the most fun in Branson.

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Time to Learn in Silver Dollar City’s Science and Math Day


Branson is the place to be when you are in need for a relaxing vacation. It has a lot of theme parks and nature parks where you can have fun all day! One of the most popular theme parks in Branson is Silver Dollar City. This is an 1880’s themed amusement park where you can have endless adventures and some legit adrenaline rush.

Silver Dollar City is famous for its rides, specially the Outlaw Run which is also the most daring wood coaster in the world. There are also other thrilling rides in Silver Dollar City like the Steam Engine Train, Giant Swing, Geyser Gulch, and many more. Aside from the rides, Silver Dollar City also offers attractions like several theater plays within the park. These musicals give the guests a breather from all the excitement in the park. Silver Dollar City is also known to have the best theme park food in America.

Silver Dollar City does not only promote fun and thrills all the time. It also has a Science and Math Day every March. Not only do you get to have fun; you also get to learn about something new! The Science and Math Day in Silver Dollar City is developed based on the classroom curriculum by secondary school teachers. The kids can apply the lessons they have learned from science and math. Some concepts that they can learn more and apply are measurements, estimation, gravity, motions, forces, and systems.

Marvel Cave Mystery Tours is one of the stops in Silver Dollar City where the kids can surely enjoy. With your fellow spelunkers, try to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the Gray Bat population. Play detective in this activity as you gather evidences and solve equations to catch the culprit.

Aside from experiencing some adrenaline rush from the Outlaw Run, you can also apply some principles of physics and calculus to this amazing ride! There will be trained student volunteers to help the participating students with the formulas and equations that they can use. The volunteers will also stamp the workbook of the students as soon as they complete the station.

To help the students prepare for the event, you can also visit the website to find all the lessons, labs, worksheets, and pre and post-tests that are used in the Science and Math Day in Silver Dollar City. You can also check in the Guest Relations Horseshoe for some extra materials and also to answer questions about the event.

This is the perfect opportunity for the teachers to encourage a more fun learning environment for the students. Instill in them the gusto to learn more and the motivation to keep on learning beyond the four walls of the classroom! Visit Silver Dollar City this March 27 now!

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Thousand Hills History

Branson, Missouri, is an area steeped in rich history and heritage. Take the history of Shepherd of the Hills and the Baldknobbers, for example. Or perhaps the history that surrounds the Table Rock Dam. Silver Dollar City, one of the worlds’ leading theme parks, is a great showcase of the Missouri Ozarks heritage. There is a great deal of natural history here too – just look at all of the beautiful springs, forests and rock formations. If you are a Branson history buff, you just might be interested in the history of Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort, one of the leading resorts in Branson.

Thousand Hills in very well known in the Midwest for its award winning golf course, and for the venue’s willingness to cater to golfers of all levels, from professional all the way down to novice. The golf course is open to the public, and Thousand Hills often hosts golfing events. The resort side of the business is also extremely popular; Thousand Hills offers golf course and lakeside condos, as well as a hotel and rental cabins. All options come with a host of luxurious amenities to make a travelers stay comfortable and convenient. Thousand Hills also partners with several area businesses to offer guests the Platinum Experience during their stay. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Thousand Hills has become such a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike. So how and when did it all get started?

Thousand Hills Golf ResortIn 1990, partners of Silver Dollar City purchased a spread of 330 acres for a whopping $2.85 million dollars; this purchased property was dubbed ‘Thousand Hills.’ Over the next few years, some of the acreage was sold to other businesses. In 1992, the beginnings of what would later become an award winning golf course began to take shape. Condominiums were soon added to the lineup and in that same year, Thousand Hills sold eighty condos in eleven weeks – and that was just the beginning of condo success!

In October of 1993, construction on the golf course began. One hundred twenty thousand yards of rock were moved, and over seven hundred thousand dollars of topsoil was purchased and trucked in to aid in course construction. In 1994, the Clubhouse was built and in 1995, the golf course and clubhouse were completed with a total cost of $8 million. The legendary Andy Williams hit the venues’ first ever golf ball in April of 1995, and history went on from there. The condos, and later on, cabins, continued to be a huge hit and sold out repeatedly. Everyone wanted a piece of the Thousand Hills pie, and that still holds true today!

So come visit Thousand Hills Hotel and Gold Resort today – stay in a cabin or condo, play a round of golf, and simply enjoy this great place that history brought forth.

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