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Let Love Blossom in Branson



It is only a month away until it is the month of love again. February is the month where people ask out their special someone on a date, where people profess their love to another person, and where people give precious gifts and do romantic surprises to the people they love. For some, February is about reliving the heartache of a past love, or staring at couples, wondering how it feels to be one. Whichever side you may be in, you can always celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Let the love you feel radiate throughout Branson this month of February by planning a Branson vacation for the Valentine’s Day. There are several activities lined up for you in Branson this February 2014. Visit Branson together with your loved one, or visit Branson alone. Who knows you might meet your Romeo in Branson just in time for the Valentine’s Day?


One activity you should try is to tour the different museums in Branson, especially the Branson Titanic Museum. The Titanic Museum is an exact replica of the unsinkable ship that sank. The museum also features artifacts from the ship and from the survivors themselves. There are also survivors of the Titanic who are willing to share their stories with the people. Relive the romantic scene of Jack and Rose in the Museum’s grand staircase. Make this one a place to remember for both of you as you remember the story of two star-crossed lovers.


You could also take a tour of the city of Branson and marvel at the simplicity and elegance of it. DO not miss out on the music shows that Branson is very much famous for. You could make your Valentine’s Day in Branson even more memorable by watching a concert with your loved one. For sure, the great local artists of Branson will be performing love songs just because it is the month of hearts. After a concert, you can have a date in one of Branson’s good restaurants. From Texas dishes to Italian dishes, whatever you crave for, Branson has it for you. Shopping can also be an activity for you and your loved one as the shops in Branson typically do not have long lines like during the holidays.


After a nice trip for a day, you should have your rest to get ready for another love adventure tomorrow. For this, you can head on to Thousand Hills for your lodging needs. Thousand Hills offers lodging options that are intimate enough for a couple to stay in during the Valentine season. The lodging options in Thousand Hills also guarantee comfort and privacy so you can share a moment with each other.


Make this a Valentine’s Day to remember forever and make your own memories in Branson. Plan your vacation now!



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Experience Polar Bear Plunge in Branson


This February, witness a different kind of activity – one that will not only give you the chills, but also one that will inspire you. When we say it will give you the chills, we mean it literally and figuratively. This event is called the Polar Bear Plunge, a charity event for the benefit of the local Special Olympics athletes.

The Polar Bear Plunge gives you the opportunity to experience some cold and have fun in the snow as you walk, run, or crawl in the freezing waters of winter. This event is specially designed to support the contenders of Branson is the Special Olympics. Let this event be your way of giving back to the special athletes of Branson. Not only will you have some fun with your family and friends by doing some crazy things in the snow, you also get to help out and touch other people’s lives. The money from this event goes to the funds for the training and competition expenses of the special athletes for the Special Olympics.  These special athletes are kids and adults with intellectual disabilities.  

This event is only one proof that Missouri lets you have the best of both worlds – being able to have fun and lend a helping hand. The Polar Bear Plunge is held in Table Rock Lake where the water is really chilly during the winter season. If you want to participate in this event, you have to be at least 10 years old. You also have to be able to raise a minimum of $75 per day. This event is also hosted by the Branson Police and the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and is a project of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Missouri.

Since the Polar Bear Plunge is held in Table Rock Lake, why not stay in a place near Table Rock Lake, too? Imagine being home in just minutes after participating in the event. You can already get the rest and relaxation that you need after a long, tiring day. For the most convenient lodging place for your Branson winter getaway, choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Not only to do you stay close to all the happening in Branson, you also get to be in a place surrounded by the gifts of nature. Thousand Hills is situated in Highway 76 in downtown Missouri, which is also considered to be the entertainment district of Branson. Now, you don’t have to travel far to experience the famous live music shows, the best malls and restaurants, and the exciting and peaceful theme parks and nature parks which Branson is very proud of. You are also offered various lodging options in Thousand Hills – among these are the nightly rentals of log cabins, golf front condos, and lake front condos. The lake front condos are located near Table Rock Lake – really perfect for you not to miss out on the Polar Bear Plunge! Call Thousand Hills at 1-877-262-0430 now for reservations and inquiries. 

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See Action in Branson’s NAIA Basketball Tournament


Calling all the sports fans out there! If you love to see intense sports action, then head on to Branson to get some. Choose among the main sports like basketball, baseball, and volleyball – whichever tickles your fancy. Branson is not only the entertainment capital of the Midwest, but it is also a venue for sports enthusiasts.

The most popular of the collegiate sports in Branson is basketball, especially the NAIA Basketball. NAIA Basketball occurs in the months of September to March. These months are also considered the off season, but this sports event in Branson still manages to draw large crowds. There is also a basketball tournament for both men’s and women’s during the fall season. This tournament is the Midlands Collegiate Athletics Conference, or MCAC. Off season in Branson is never really the off season since a lot of tourists still visit because of the exciting sport events happening here.

The week-long NAIA basketball tournament happens during the month of March in the College of the Ozarks. This event is big enough to draw a huge crowd to Branson – teams, officials, volunteers, coaches, media men, and of course, the basketball fans! Over 33 colleges and universities come together in Branson for this big sporting event. The NAIA basketball tournament is for 6 days and it also features intense but healthy competition among the teams. Because of the immense popularity of the teams and the sport, some of the businesses in Branson already sponsor some teams. This tournament is the epitome of healthy and adrenaline pumping college athletics.

Watch out for this college sporting event this coming March! Because of the intense fans and the more growing popularity of the sport and the event, the month of March also proves to be a busy one for Branson. This is the time when all the restaurants are full, the shopping malls are jam-packed, and the hotels are all fully booked. If you plan to go to Branson for this event, then don’t get stuck in looking for a hotel room. All you have to do is go to Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort, located in Highway 76 in Missouri.

Thousand Hills offers you not the usual hotel rooms. Instead, it gives you the options of having nightly rentals for log cabins, golf front condos, or lake front condos. When you are traveling to Branson in large groups, opting to have these nightly rentals would make you save some bucks since these lodging options can accommodate more people in one unit. Imagine not having to rent multiple hotel rooms for your vacation!

Come to Branson for the NAIA basketball tournament and make Thousand Hills Golf Resort your home away from home. For more inquiries about the lodging options, contact 1-877-262-0430.

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It’s Golden Week Sale In Tanger Mall


It’s that time of the year when shopping is at its finest in Branson once again. Branson may not be known for its shopping malls, but it will really guarantee you a grand shopping time in Branson. You would not want to leave Branson’s shopping malls because of the great discounts and fascinating finds that you can get!

There are a lot of malls in Branson where you can find anything you need and want. There are malls for your fashion needs and to keep your wardrobe updated with the latest trends. There are also these malls in Branson where you can find some limited edition stuff like movie posters, original soundtrack, and movie memorabilia. One of the most famous outlet malls in Branson is Tanger Outlet Center. Tanger Mall has been one of the most visited malls in Branson. Get in touch with the latest in fashion in Tanger Mall, because this mall houses several brands that you surely love.

Some of the brands present in Tanger Outlet Center are Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, Jockey, Van Heusen, Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana Republic, Coach, Forever 21, GAP, and so much more. The shops in Tanger Mall are not limited to fashion finds for adults alone. There are also shops for kids like Tommy Kids, Gymboree, Chico’s Outlet, and many more. There are also restaurants in Tanger Mall so you can grab a bite as a breather from all the walking you do inside the mall.

To make your shopping in Branson even more pleasurable and fulfilling, come to Tanger Outlet Center this 17th of January up to the 9th of February. During these dates, the Golden Week Sale is happening in Tanger Mall! The Golden Week Sale is done in Tanger Mall in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Greet the Year of the Horse with big savings on your spendings! You can also find some shops in Tanger Outlet Center during the Golden Week Sale which offers you coupons, and extra big discounts so you can shop until you drop.

If you are planning your vacation in Branson, Missouri and you would want to make the Golden Week Sale as one of your itineraries, then choose a lodging place that would be more convenient for your shopping activities. Choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is located in Highway 76 in downtown Missouri, which brings you close enough to Tanger Mall. Living this close to Tanger Mall lets you visit until the Golden Week Sale ends, so you can be updated on the new arrivals for the brands that you like everyday. On your way home, you also do not need to worry of the stress of carrying multiple shopping bags since you can get home in just minutes!

Make this shopping experience in the Golden Week Sale in Tanger Mall a really favorable one for you. Be the go-getter that you are and get that item you want in a marked down price! 

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A Branson Spring Break You Will Remember



Another season has come, and you need that getaway to take your mind away from worries. The season of spring is one of the best times to visit a place like Branson. It is not too hot to make you sweat profusely while strolling around, and it is also not too cold to require layers and layers of clothes to beat the freezing weather. This season is just right with temperatures ranging between 50 to 80 degrees Celsius. Experience a nice sunny day and a cool night when you go to Branson for your vacation.


Spring is also the time when the flowers are blooming and there are occasional rain showers that makes the weather perfect. A Branson Spring Break is also the best time to play sport. Branson gives you the best golf courses in Missouri, so you better try these golf courses. Whether you are a professional at the sport or still a beginner willing to learn, a golf day would be really apt during the season of spring. One of the best golf course in Branson is located in Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort. The golf course in Thousand Hills caters to all skill levels.


Another thing to do in Branson during the season of spring is to catch the shows and concerts that are known to give Branson the title as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. Be a witness to the musical talents of Branson talents like the Presleys, the Baldknobbers, The Cats’ Pajamas, and so much more. Apart from the musical entertainment brought to you by the live shows, you can also spend some time touring Branson’s unique museums. One unique museum is the Branson Titanic Museum where instead of going inside a building, you go inside a replica of the Titanic ship that set sail in the 1920s. Several activities lined up in the museum includes a tour in the gallery of artifacts from the survivors and from the actual ship that sank. You can also take a tour of the entire ship from the grand staircase to the other rooms that were seen in the film. Survivors of the Titanic mishap also share their stories to the guests of the Branson Titanic Museum.


Spring in Branson also brings lots of festivals for the guests to enjoy. Some festivals are held in Silver Dollar City, which is considered to be one of Branson’s most famous theme park. Make sure you participate in these festivals to make the most out of your stay in Branson.


For your lodging needs, let Thousand Hills Golf Resort be your partner with its various lodging options. To inquire about the available lodging options, just dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Branson is the Place to Be This March


Do you want to experience summer without the scorching rays of the sun? Do you want to see the beauty of spring in its early days? If yes, then there is only one place to be – Branson, Missouri! Branson can give you all that when you visit for a vacation in the month of March.

Try some of Branson’s outdoor activities and get ready to have an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime. One such place in Branson that is teeming with adventure is Silver Dollar City. Silver Dollar City is an 1880’s themed amusement park. The park itself is designed very reminiscent to the life during the 1800’s, with crafts men and women all over the place to show you how the essential tools back then were made from glass and other materials. Silver Dollar City also offers rides and attractions for people of all ages. There is the famous Outlaw Run that never fails to excite everybody. It is not just a roller coaster in the park; it is the world’s most daring wood coaster with its gravity-defying twists and turns. After trying some rides in the park, why not take a breather by watching Silver Dollar City’s theater shows? Silver Dollar City opens mid-March with a new set of adventures for everyone.

The Branson outdoors is also a great place to be in during the month of March. This is the time when the weather is not too hot and not too cold during the day. At daytime, the temperature runs from 50 to 70 oF, and 30oF during the nighttime. You can spend your day-to-day activities in Branson’s nature parks. Some of these nature parks are the Table Rock State Park Marina, The Butterfly Palace, and the Busiek Forest. You can have a picnic by the lakeside in Table Rock State Park Marina. You can also do some hiking in other nature parks. Other activities that you can do are fishing, boating, and swimming. With all the endless possibilities that you can do in nature, you will definitely be thankful that you headed out to Branson for your vacation.

The month of March is also a great time to take a tour of Branson. You also have a choice on how to do it – hop on a horse and let it take you around, go biking around Branson, or you can do it by the adrenaline-thrilling zipline tour. If you are also looking for more adventures, then take a trip with the whole gang in Talking Rocks Cavern.

Branson music shows are also starting in March, so you would not want to miss out on that! Witness pure talent of the Branson locals, and know why it is the Live Entertainment Capital of the World.

This March, we hope to see you in Branson as you enjoy the chill weather, the activities to do, and the sights to see.


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A Branson Cabin for your Valentine Date



Time flies really fast. It won’t be a while until we hit the month of February. For the love month, make sure you spend it right with your special someone. A trip to Branson for your Valentine date would be the perfect idea for your February romantic getaway.


Branson has the perfect places to make your February a really romantic one. You can have some fun and some laughter to remember with your date in Branson’s premier theme park, Silver Dollar City. The exciting rides in the theme park will guarantee you hours of adrenaline rush and new adventures. Make sure to try Silver Dollar City’s Outlaw Run and Powder Keg rides. If you are both nature lovers, then head on to Branson’s TriLakes area where several water activities like boating, fishing, and swimming can be done. The place surrounding the TriLakes area can also be a romantic spot for an afternoon picnic with the apple of your eye.


Another thing not to be missed is for you to catch Branson’s live music shows. Witness the greatness of Branson’s homegrown musical talents onstage as they sing to you the songs of the past as well as the songs that you love now. Not only do these performers sing; they also provide you total entertainment with their own brand of comedy. After watching Branson’s live music shows, you will then find out why it is known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World.


For your convenience, stay in a place that is close to all the action in Branson – Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills offers various lodging options. For your Valentine date this February, Thousand Hills has the perfect lodging option for you. It has rentals of log cabins that are suitable for couples. These log cabins are cozy and intimate enough for you two to enjoy each other’s company. The log cabins are situated in the woods of the Ozarks, making it the perfect spot to give you peace and privacy.


The log cabins of Thousand Hills also offers you the best amenities that you can enjoy with your date. It comes with fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, with a king sized bed and a Jacuzzi tub for a luxurious experience. You can also choose to cook for your Valentine date as the log cabin also has a fully equipped kitchen. It also has a private deck or porch for you to have some intimate and peaceful time with each other. For your entertainment needs, the log cabins in Thousand Hills also have cable televisions equipped with premium channels like ESPN and HBO. If you want to pop your own favorite movie, you can also do so because the cabin has a DVD player for you to use. Share online all the memories and love you have had on your Valentine’s Day in a Branson cabin using the free wireless internet in the cabin.


Make your Valentine’s Day this year even more special by giving your loved one the getaway or vacation that he or she truly deserves. Treat them to a Branson Valentine date. Start planning now. For more information and inquiries on Thousand Hills log cabins, just dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Ring In the New Year in Branson

It's never too early to plan for a party, and New Year’s Eve 2014 will be upon us sooner than we realize. Some people celebrate it by staying up until midnight. Some people hold a large party with lots of bubbly champagne. Still others will turn on their television set and watch the ball drop in Times Square. And then of course there are the people who stay up late writing out their New Year’s resolutions. Whatever your style, come ring in January 1st with a Branson New Year! It’s sure to be a holiday to remember.

AcrobatsOfChinaOpenWelcome the New Year Acrobatic Style: If you want a cultured New Year’s celebration, reserve your tickets today to the Shanghai Theatre to watch the Acrobats of China perform a fantastic Chinese New Year’s Celebration on December 31. Guests will enjoy Chinese hors d’oeuvres and alcohol free sparkling wine, as well as receive hats, party favors and souvenirs from China. A balloon drop and a midnight parade with lions and dragons are also in the works!

Party on the Water with the Showboat Branson Belle: Are you up for watery New Year’s party? Then come aboard the Showboat Branson Belle to experience New Year’s on the lake. The ultimate New Year Showboat Cruise features a four hour cruise on the waters of Table Rock Lake – while you sail, you will enjoy a delectable three course meal, and the Made in the USA show, along with other great entertainment like Janis Martin and The ShowMen. You will have the opportunity to dance the night away, as well as receive party favors and watch a New Year’s fireworks show on the lake. A sparkling grape juice toast at midnight will really ring in the New Year!

A Place to Stay After The Parties: Once you have toasted the New Year, danced till your feet hurt, and partied until you can party no more, come spend New Year’s Day sleeping off the fun at Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. You can book a cabin, a condo, or a hotel room – whatever you need to suit your style. After the party, Thousand Hills will be waiting for you! Call or visit their website for pricing, availability and reservations.

These are just a few of the ways to ring in the Branson New Year. Whatever activities you choose, Branson will be glad to host you!

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Group Activities in Branson

Group activities are something that nearly everybody enjoys. Humans are herd animals – much like wolves or elk or horses, humans like to travel in packs. Being in a group makes us feel safe, included and secure. Being in a group can also help us problem solve better – the term ‘two heads are better than one’ is very often true! Groups are also very often more fun than just being by yourself, since you have more people to have fun with. And Branson, Missouri, is a great place to have fun with your group! If you are in town and looking for some fabulous crowd activities, read on for some places to take your Branson group.

Bear Creek Trail Rides

Do you have a group that is ready to take on a rugged outdoor adventure sport? Then make an appointment to saddle up and go for a horseback adventure on the trail in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks at Bear Creek Trail rides. Located just off of Highway 65 and right on the banks of Bear Creek, about ten minutes north of Branson, Bear Creek Trail rides offers rides to both beginning riders and folks who have prior riding experience. The trail will lead you through the forested hills, and up to lookouts with a sweeping panoramic view of the valleys below. Call for pricing, age and weight requirements, and booking info.

Silver Dollar City

Group Thrill Rides at Silver Dollar CityIf you have a mixed group who like to shop, ride thrill rides, eat, and watch shows, historic and beautiful Silver Dollar City is the place for your Branson group! Silver Dollar City offers a multitude of group discounts on admission and ticket pricing – and they are built to handle a crowd. Make plans to attend one of the many live shows that play throughout the operating season at the Red Gold Heritage Hall. Stop in at Browns Candy Shop to watch a peanut brittle making demonstration – and get a sample! Tackle the adrenaline rush of Powder Keg or the new world famous wooden coaster, Outlaw Run. Pick up some hand thrown pottery from the potters shop, or a hand turned baseball bat or rolling pin from the woodcarver’s store. If you have little ones, pop in at the petting zoo to pat the bunny! Whatever the interests of your group, Silver Dollar City is sure to suit.

College of the Ozarks

Does your group like stained glass, homemade fruitcake, and dairy cows? Then set up a tour of the beautiful College of the Ozarks campus, located in Point Lookout, Missouri, just a few miles south of Branson! Visit the inspiring Williams Memorial Chapel, and admire its vast stained glass windows and vaulted ceiling. Spend some time wandering though the Ralph Foster Museum, known as ‘The Smithsonian of the Ozarks.’ Poke your head in at the Fruitcake and Jelly Kitchen and get a free sample to nibble on. Come on over to the Tractor Museum and marvel at relics of a bygone era. And don’t forget to stop in over at Edwards Mill to watch students looming and weaving! Tour buses are welcome. Contact the admissions office for your group tour today.

And A Place To Stay

If your Branson group is planning on staying in town for a while, call Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort to book on of their group cabins or condos. These homey venues are built to comfortably hold a crowd, and come with all the amenities a Branson group might need!

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Daytrips to Springfield, Missouri

If you’re visiting the Branson area and want to get a better taste of what southwest Missouri has to offer, take a daytrip to Springfield and experience some of the rich Ozark heritage that resides in the area.

Located south of Springfield in nearby Republic, the Hulston Library at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield is open year-round for visitors to peruse the 6,000+ volumes collected there. With government records, books, diaries, maps, and journals, the library is an excellent source for researchers, genealogists, and anyone else who is curious about the defining event at Wilson’s Creek and how it affected the war. Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield is located at 6424 West Farm Road 182, Republic, Mo. and is free for visitors. For more information about this historical site, visit or

dickerson-park-zooFor a kid-friendly adventure, visit Springfield’s Dickerson Park Zoo. Over 340 animals live in the zoo, including elephants, hippos, a variety of exotic birds, and many more. The zoo is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from April to September, and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily from October to March. Tickets for adults and teens are $9; children (age 3-12) and seniors (age 60+) are $6. Children 2 years of age and younger are free. Dickerson Park Zoo is located at 1401 West Norton Road, Springfield, Mo.

If you’re looking to have a little fun that’s just for the grown-ups, visit one of Springfield’s favorite breweries. Mother’s Brewing Company creates three year-round craft beers as well as some seasonal varieties. Towhead, Lil’ Helper, and Three Blind Mice make up the year-round line-up, and Sandy, Old School, Winter Grind, and Spring Batch make up the seasonal brews. Located at 215 South Grant in Springfield, Mother’s Tasting Room is open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., Fridays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Stop by and sample some of Mother’s best brews, and even take a tour of the brewery.

For the art enthusiast, Springfield is home to Springfield Hot Glass Studio. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Bloodworths work hard in their studio, and have glassblowing demonstrations every day they’re open. The artists are eager to work with you to create one-of-a-kind glass pieces, and even offer glassblowing classes. Glass pieces are available for purchase online at For more information about Springfield Hot Glass, visit their website or call 417-868-8181.

If you’d prefer a day of relaxation in Springfield, take a drive to the area’s best day spa – Grove Spa. The professionals at Grove Spa are focused on helping you refresh your mind, body, and spirit. The spa offers massages, body treatments, facials and peels, waxing and tinting, nail treatments, and medi spa services. A day out with the girls is a perfect reason to visit Grove Spa for some pampering. For more information about Grove’s services, visit or call 417-881-8887.

No matter what time of year or weather, you can take a daytrip to Springfield during your Branson vacation. Enjoy a family outing at the zoo, a brewery tour, or a day of pampering without having to go far from the Live Music Capital.

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