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Classic Cars Are Right at Home in Branson

Just about everyone can admit to being at least slightly enamored with classic cars. Classic cars sparkle, evoke nostalgia and capture the imagination of both young and old folks alike. Older people might have owned a classic car as their first daily driver, or a young person might dream of restoring one with their own two hands. Whatever your level of interest in classic cars, there is no doubt that they fit right into Branson, the Live Entertainment Capital of the Midwest! Museums and parades pay homage to these neat vehicles, plus the famous Shepherd of the Hills Classic Car Show!

Shepherd Summer Car cruiseShepherd’s Super Summer Cruise is held annually at the Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead and Old Mill Theater; this fascinating tourist attraction is where the famous book ‘The Shepherd of the Hills’ was written by Harold Bell Wright. This story of the Ozark hills and the people who call it home captivated millions, and what started as a humble homestead has grown to incorporate a live enactment of the book complete with horses, wagons and fire, horseback riding tours of the beautiful acreage, the Inspiration Tower and the Vigilante Extreme ZipRider – One of the tallest and longest ziplines in the United States! With a location this cool, it is no wonder why the car show continues to be a hit year after year.

The Shepherd’s Super Summer Cruise lasts for three days. The Show n Shine display features more than 500 classic cars and trucks parked all around the beautiful grounds of the historic homestead. Visitors can admire and photograph the cars, and visit with classic car owners, collectors and restorers from all around the United States – because people really do come from all over for this car show! The Super Summer Cruise features contests for the cars as well, and professional photographers of the owners and families with their shiny rigs!

The big finale for the car show is the actual cruise – the Super Summer Cruise starts at midnight and winds through Branson, featuring all the awesome cars and trucks that were registered in the show! Spectators will line up for miles to check out this midnight spectacle filled with cars from another era – and you won’t want to miss it either!

If you just can’t get your fill of automobiles at the car show, make a visit to Branson’s Auto and Farm Museum! Located right on The Strip, you can see dozens of collector cars, plus antique tractors and farm machinery too! There is no doubt in anyone’s mind – classic cars really do fit right in with Branson!

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Bass Pro Legends Golf Tournament – 2 Years and Counting

It is hard to spend any time in Branson without hearing about the Bass Pro Legends Golf Tournament, a PGA Championship game held right here in Branson, Missouri. This grand event attracts celebrities, golf fans and volunteers from across the country to participate and be spectators of this beloved golfing championship. This hugely popular tournament first came to town in 2014, and was held at the Top of the Rock and Buffalo Ridge golf courses. The first year was a huge hit, and the PGA tournament returned again in 2015.

The PGA Legends of Golf Tournament came to be back in 1978, when the Liberty Mutual Insurance Legends of Golf generated what became the Champions Tour, which made its debut in 1980. In 2014, many years after the tournament’s creation, the game was played at the golf courses created by conservationist and Ozarks legend Johnny Morris and three famous golf champions. Their collaboration combined with the PGA Champions Tour became the Bass Pro Legends Golf Tournament – and the marriage between the two has indeed become legendary! This was the first PGA TOUR sanctioned event to use a Par-3 Course in official competition.

The Bass Pro Legends Golf Tournament is a two man, 54 hole game, and in 2014 at the inaugural play, Jeff Sluman and Fred Funk walked away with a one stroke victory over the other players. The 2015 tournament was won by Joe Durant and Billy Andrade with a closing score of 9 under 45. Each and every PGA player who has taken part in the Bass Pro Legends Golf Tournament has been very enthusiastic about both the game and the location; pro golfer Gary Player said "It was a very exciting week, a very different format - I think golf needs more of this."

Golf professionals and famous players who have participated in this outstanding tournament include Gary Player, Hale Irwin, Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus. The latter two players actually partnered with Johnny Morris in the creation of the Top of the Rock and Buffalo Ridge golf courses – Tom Watson designed The Himalayas putting green, and Jack Nicklaus was a major designer of the par-3 Top of the Rock course. (Arnold Palmer was also a leading player and course design specialist who helped create the now famous golf courses.)

The tournament is arranged so that only 13 of the 26 two man golfing teams are playing at the same time – part of the uniqueness of the Bass Pro Legends tournament is that whichever teams are NOT on the course are partaking in an Outdoor Pro-Am activity such as Fishing (bass or trout) or Shooting (archery or skeet.) The teams will then swap so everyone gets a chance on the course!

Charitable organizations that benefit from the golf tournament include America’s Wildlife Museum and Aquarium, and the local College of the Ozarks, also known as Hard Work U. In fact, College of the Ozarks supplies the golf caddies for the players during this tournament – students are encouraged to volunteer at this exciting and famous event!

The Bass Pro Legends Golf Tournament has really put the Branson/Tri-Lakes area on the map as far as golfing goes – and with two successful years and a third on the way, this great championship game will continue on into the future!

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Branson Golf Fall ColorsWhen you mention Branson, Missouri, the Live Entertainment Capital of the Midwest, there are several unique aspects of the town that come to mind. Take bluegrass music, for example – Branson has been the home and host of many famous bluegrass groups over the years, such as the Presley’s, Big Smith, and Rhonda Vincent. One might also picture Silver Dollar City when Branson is mentioned – this world famous theme park is home to American crafters and thrill rides such as Outlaw Run that you won’t find anywhere else. Another unique part of Branson that people think of when the town is brought up in conversation is golf – Branson is home to many outstanding golf courses that grow in popularity each and every year!

Thousand Hills: Thousand Hills doesn’t just feature a great hotel, rustic cabins and beautiful condos – the pride of Thousand Hills is their award winning 18 hole public golf course! This Branson golf course has hosted famous celebrities, golf pros, and those dedicated to the sport for years – and the number of golfers that tee off here grows every year! The Thousand Hills course is a Robert E. Cupp design that features zoysia grass fairways and bent grass greens, with challenges for all skill levels. You are sure to enjoy this unique and scenic Branson golf course!

LedgeStone: The LedgeStone golf course, tucked into the Stonebridge Village community, is a beautiful course layered into the Ozark hills for you to enjoy. This par 71 design is one of Branson’s Finest Mountain Golf Courses and offers a driving range, golf cart and club rental, and even golfing lessons.

Top of the Rock: This beautiful natural Branson golf course was designed by Ozarks legend Johnny Morris, along with golf pros Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, and Arnold Palmer. Overlooking Table Rock Lake and featuring pristine waterfalls, stocked ponds full of bass, and natural creeks, this is the first-ever Par-3 course to be included in a professional championship. Sand bunkers, water hazards and more all come together to make one amazing Branson golf course.

Pointe Royale: This lovely 18 hole Branson golf course is situated along the banks of Lake Taneycomo, and is both a pleasure and a challenge to play. Featuring water hazards on nine holes, and sand bunkers at every hole, you will want to stay on your game! Pointe Royale also features a pro shop, and grill and bar, and golf/lodging packages.

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Don’t Miss Out on Branson Music Shows



That one thing that really gave Branson the spotlight it is enjoying now is music. Branson boasts of excellent and astounding live music shows that have left its audiences amazed. No wonder Branson is called the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World”.


Add to that the fact that Branson has dozens of state-of-the-art theaters, and there are shows in the morning, afternoon, and evening, Branson indeed has been the entertainment district in downtown Missouri. Thanks to Branson music shows! It also offers you a variety of shows by Branson’s legendary homegrown artists, and also by the budding local musicians. Read along and find out more about some of the other Branson talents that you should watch out for when you visit Branson.


The Cat’s Pajamas is a vocal band which features upbeat songs. When you see them perform live, you will find yourself bopping your head to their beat in no time. This band, armed with a cute name, has also performed in NBC’s “The Sing-Off”. If you want unique and upbeat music, catch The Cat’s Pajamas performances only in Andy Williams Moon River Theater.


If credentials as an artist were the basis of success, then it is no doubt that he is one successful man. Doug Gabriel, a man of pure talent, was named as Male Vocalist of the Year for seven times! No, he is not your typical one-hit wonder. This guy continues to prove to everyone that the title is his to claim. Doug Gabriel has performed numerous songs for his audience, and he also is known for the “Mufftar”, which is a guitar made from the muffler of a 1969 Ford Thunderbird. Doug has proven that talent with creativity has a long way to go. Catch him perform live for you at the Jim Stafford’s theater in Branson.


If you are an avid fan of America’s Got Talent, then you would know who the Dutton Family is. They were one of the finalists of the said show, and they really wowed the American audience with the variety in their talents. This family is truly a joy to watch. Tag the whole family along as the shows of the Dutton Family is also perfect for people of all ages.


Branson is not all about music, after all. Take a break and laugh your hearts out by watching the Hamner Barber Variety Show. This show is pure fun and entertainment by the comedy ace Jim Barber. The Hamners are also in the show to present to you mind-bloggling illusions for you to think hard about. A good laugh coupled with some of the best magic tricks? Now that is how Branson spells fun.


There are a lot of other shows for you to catch in Branson. These are just some of the shows that you will surely enjoy when you visit Branson, so plan that trip now and find out more about the famous Branson music shows.

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Silver Dollar City: A Unique Amusement Park



One thing for sure about Branson’s claim to fame is the live entertainment it provides its guests. It is aptly called the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. Branson’s homegrown musical talents have made a name for themselves and have also popularized Branson among the tourists. Branson has a lot to show and another attraction that is sure to keep the tourists coming is Silver Dollar City.


Silver Dollar City is Branson’s most famous amusement park which has an 1880’s theme. Take a blast from the past and visit Silver Dollar City in Branson with the whole family. This family-oriented amusement park has various rides and attractions that will give you heaps of fun and adventure. A day in Silver will not be enough for everything that this place has to offer.


Silver Dollar City is open from mid-March up to the 31st of December. There are more than 30 rides and attractions in the park that caters to people of all ages. There are rides for the little ones, and there are also rides for adults that will guarantee a jolt of adrenaline in them. Some of the rides include a giant swing, steam engine train ride, water shoot-out rides, and the world-famous roller coaster. Silver Dollar City also has six entertainment venues which has over 40 shows per day. People in the park can take a break from all the rides and catch a free show, which lasts from 20 to 25 minutes per show.


When you go to Silver Dollar City, make sure not to miss out on riding the Outlaw Run. The Outlaw Run is considered as the world’s most daring wood coaster. It has daring twists and turns that will surely get your excitement soaring. Expect ultramega adrenaline rush with the Outlaw Run.


Another attraction in Silver Dollar City that makes it a legit 1880’s village is the making of crafts. Along the sidewalks and corners of Silver City, one can find more than 100 craftsmen and women who demonstrate the crafts that were a necessary part of the life during the 1880’s. There are also blacksmiths and glassblowers who can show you how to turn an ordinary piece of glass into a masterpiece.


This theme park in Branson is also known to have one of the best foods in all of the amusement parks in America. Silver Dollar City houses 12 restaurants for the guests to enjoy a sumptuous meal after a long day of adventure and excitement. The restaurants in Silver Dollar City will also satisfy every person’s cravings. Eva and Delilah’s Bakery, located inside the entrance of the park, serves yummy pastries that anyone will truly enjoy. There is also Aunt Polly’s, a restaurant that serves the best fried chicken and catfish. Buckshot Annie’s Skillet Cookery is also known for its harvest succotash. If you are craving for grilled dishes, then The Ribhouse is the perfect place for you. The Ribhouse serves barbecue, baby back ribs, smoked chicken, and smoked brisket. For desserts, ice cream and funnel cake vendors abound the park so you can grab one anytime you like.


Book your trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson now. Your trip will be very worth it, as you experience a vacation like no other.

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Stay in a 3-Bedroom Branson Condo for Your Vacation



A family vacation is a very good idea this upcoming Christmas season. To have the best family vacation, there is no other place to go but in Branson, Missouri, which is known to be the ultimate family vacation destination. Branson boasts of world-class amusement parks and nature parks that will surely provide the whole family great and quality entertainment. Branson is also known to be the Live Entertainment Capital of the World because of its live music shows featuring its great homegrown musical talents. Theater plays in Branson also offers a unique experience for the playgoers.


Your choice of your lodging place in Branson is equally as important as any detail in your vacation. Of course, you would want to stay in a place that is close enough to almost all the attractions that a Branson guests must experience in Branson. You should settle for a place that lets you be near Silver Dollar City so you could experience the marvel and the magic of Branson’s famous 1880’s-themes park anytime you want. You should also stay in a place that is close enough to Branson’s famous shopping malls so you can still be updated with the latest in the fashion world, even while you are on your vacation. Being in the vicinity of restaurants on Branson is also important so you and your family can have the option of eating your meals in the restaurants, all at your own convenience.


The perfect place to stay in is at Thousand Hills Golf Resort in downtown Missouri. Thousand Hills offers a 3-bedroom Branson condo for large families. Getting a 3-bedroom Branson condo is more beneficial and practical for you than renting out a hotel room. Not only do you get to be in one house as a family, you also get to enjoy a homey feeling living in the Branson condo. Thousand Hills’ condo units gives you a great view since the condo unit are surrounded by nature. These condo units are also situated right in Branson’s golf course.


The 3-bedroom Branson condo unit comes with fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchen. The bedrooms include triple sheeting, and also has extension of up to 8 beddings. If you are going to Branson in large groups, then a 3-bedroom Branson condo is definitely worth your every dime. Every bedroom also comes with a cable television with premium cable channels. IF you want to watch your own movie and you happen to have a copy of it, a DVD player is also provided so you can still have your movie nights even while on vacation. Thousand Hills condo units also have the major appliances ready so you would not miss home.


Located in Highway 76, Thousand Hills gives you this great option of renting a 3-bedroom Branson condo. Plan your trip with your family and friends now to Branson, and avail of this value offer from Thousand Hills. For inquiries and reservations, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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 Plan Your Branson Vacation

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Branson Restaurants for your Holiday Feast



It is almost the month of December, which means that the season of Christmas is already near. If you haven’t planned your Christmas getaway yet, better do so now! For the perfect Christmas vacation, go to Branson Missouri to celebrate the Christmas classics. For sure you have heard about Branson being the world’s Live Entertainment Capital, and having the best amusement parks and nature parks. Read along to find out yet another reason why you should choose Branson to be your Christmas destination.


Branson may not be very well known for its restaurants, but these are certainly one reason why people keep coming back. The Branson restaurants, though not in the limelight, are just as important as other factors for the guests. For one, these restaurants in Branson can satisfy any craving that you have. It can also satisfy any appetite. In Branson, you are free to crave for anything because whatever you want, Branson has it for you!


For your steak cravings, there a number of Branson restaurants to satisfy that. Your appetite may be big or small, but Branson will surely fill up your tummy with the best steaks in town. There is the Lone Star Steakhouse and Salon, which is located in Highway 76 and within Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Lone Star is known to be serving one of the best steaks in town, and it serves the steaks in very large servings. So ready your appetite for a steak adventure. If you want your steak Texas-style, head on to Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse. This restaurant is ranch house style and it is also known to be serving the fines steaks in Branson. Their menu also serves seafood, so if you also have seafood cravings, then you are hitting two birds with one stone in this Texas steakhouse.


Are you craving for seafood? Not to worry, because Branson also has the best seafood restaurants in town. The Red Lobster is a famous seafood place in Branson Missouri. You can order fresh seafood here to satisfy that craving of yours. Another place that you can go for your seafood craving is Joe’s Crab Shack. This restaurant is located near Lake Taneycomo, one of Branson’s most pristine lakes. You can find this restaurant in Branson Landing. Joe’s Crab Shack is also a kid-friendly place, so you can bring the whole family to enjoy fresh seafood.


Other Branson restaurants like the Olive Garden and Farmhouse Restaurant provides satisfaction to your other cravings. For instance, Olive Garden is the place to go when you have to crave for Italian dishes. In Olive Garden, taste the best pasta and pizza in Branson. The Farmhouse Restaurant is the place to go when you miss the good ol’ home cooking. This is a mom and pop type of restaurant which is located in downtown Branson.


Every craving will be satiated right here in Branson. And since it is the holiday season, these restaurants may offer big discounts and promos for you! Visit Branson now, and have a grand time with these Branson restaurants.

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Visit Branson’s Inspiration Tower



Branson is known for being the Live Music Capital of the World. It is also known to have the best nature parks and amusement parks in America, which is why it has been the prime vacation destination for so many people. Branson may be perceived as a city of fun and excitement, but everyone should know that within the city of Branson lies the Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower.


The Inspiration Tower in Branson is one of the places where you can have your quiet time to yourself to easily de-stress and forget all your worries. This tower also enables you to see whole of Branson. Get ready to be inspired in this tower which is actually the second highest point in Missouri. If you come on a clear day in Branson’s Inspiration Tower, you can even see across the state line of Arkansas!


This 230-foot Inspiration Tower in Branson is of the perfect height for you to see every location in Branson. The view in the tower itself is breathtaking. The tower can also be seen from any location in Branson. Whether you are going shopping or enjoying a day at the famous TriLakes area in Branson, you can still see the top of the tower.


The Inspiration Tower of Shepherd of the Hills, was built in the year 1989 to commemorate the historic 100th visit of Harold Bell Wright, who is the author of the book “The Shepherd of the Hills”. Wright first visited the 160 acre homestead in which the tower, and Shepherd of the Hills, stand today. It was first called as the Inspiration Point, which is Harold Bell Wright’s very first campsite on the homestead. The visitors of the Inspiration Tower in Shepherd of the Hills in Branson can now see why Wright was inspired in this same exact spot. The view of the Ozarks never fails to leave one speechless.


It was costly to build this tower, costing roughly $1.5 million for its construction. It also contains over 92,000 pounds of structural steel. Its sturdy foundations contains rebar weighing 34.5 tons. Glass was also installed in the tower to add to its majestic effect. This tower was constructed to be safe to enough to weather winds of up to 224 miles per hour. For guests to climb up to the observation deck, two glass elevators are available for transport.


During the Christmas season in Branson, the tower is decorated and lit up with Christmas lights. It is made to look like a giant Christmas tree and serves as an eye candy to the visitors. There is also a gift shop at the ground level of the tower where the visitors can buy their souvenir items and snacks.


This tower has been inspiring people for over twenty years. Do not miss out on this chance and visit Shepherd of the Hills’ Inspiration Tower in Branson now.

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Branson Lodging for the Holidays


This Christmas, spend the season in Branson, Missouri. Take the whole family and have a merry Christmas with all the things you can see and do in the city. You can watch Christmas-themed live musical shows as well as other regularly scheduled shows, visit different museums such as the Hollywood Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, shop at great shopping malls such as the Branson Landing, experience the amazing outdoors at the three pristine Branson lakes, try the thrill rides and water activities of Silver Dollar City, or even dine at unique Branson restaurants that serve wholesome hearty Christmas dishes. You can have all of these in Branson. But a day is not enough, thus, make Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort your home away from home. You can choose from three famous Branson Lodging.

Branson Condo

A Branson Condo is not your typical condo. From a spacious living room to a beautiful and refreshing view of Missouri's award-winning golf course, you will definitely find this Branson Lodging worth it.

Branson Cabin

These cabins are the famous accommodations at the cabins at Grand Mountain. They are situated in a rustic, wooded setting with interiors and exteriors that blend with the surrounding environment. This is a great place to have that much needed rest after a fun-filled day during your Branson Christmas.

Branson Lakefront Condo

These are the newest addition to the Branson Lodging at Thousand Hills. Appropriately called The Majestic, these condos are located just minutes from one of the most pristine lakes in Branson, Table Rock Lake. You will delight in the breathtaking view of the main channel of Table Rock Lake. Spend the holidays in one of these and make the most out of your Branson Christmas.

All of these Branson Lodging are with a spacious living room, a fully-equipped kitchen with all major appliances, high-end beddings with pillowtop mattresses in each room, as well as a whirlpool Jacuzzi-type tub in each bathroom. And you can never get bored with the complete TV and DVD sets in each room and free wireless internet. You will surely feel the spirit of Christmas as these Branson Lodging will be decorated with a Christmas theme. Feel the difference in staying at these Branson Lodging. Whatever your lifestyle or taste is, Thousand Hills has something to fit it. For more information or for reservations, please dial 1-877-262-0430.

Plan Your Branson Vacation

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Turn your Christmas into a Branson Christmas


Branson, Missouri is a place for your family this Christmas. If you want to make the most out of this once-a-year holiday, then going to the entertainment capital of the Midwest would definitely be a great decision. It’s always family time in a Branson Christmas with all the things you can see and do in the city. You will surely make more than just memories that will last a lifetime in your hearts. You can make everything count!

This coming Christmas, plan your visit to Branson, Missouri. The city did not become a tourist destination for the past few years for nothing. There are just so many things around to keep you as busy as a bee during your holiday. Just as what is written above, make everything count! And by doing so, make sure not to miss any of these Branson Christmas activities!

Branson Festival of Lights

What's Christmas without the lights? During the Festival of Lights, there will be dazzling light displays all over town, which you can drive through. You can either take your car and drive through the light displays filled towns or take the Ride the Ducks for your convenience. Be dazzled and amazed as these light displays shine their brightest to impress you.

Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights

The Shepherd of the Hills Homestead is what made Branson known all over the world. With its beauty, having trail of lights all over the place would definitely make it more beautiful. This Christmas, head out to the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead and witness different trails of lights and dioramas. After which, you can enjoy a steamy hot chocolate at the gift shop or ride to the top of the inspiration tower to see the eye-catching view of Branson at night.

Silver Dollar City's Old Time Christmas

Get ready for this as the whole Silver Dollar City becomes a Christmas Wonderland. Witness the miles of lights and the beautiful 5-story Christmas tree which will delight both young and young at heart! You can also watch Christmas-themed musicals or enjoy some hot cocoa or Wassail. Have a blast through the past and celebrate an old time Christmas!

The Annual Adoration Parade and Lighting Ceremony

This event signals the start of Christmas in Branson. Be sure not to miss this when you visit the entertainment city this Christmas! For more information, contact the Branson Chamber of Commerce.

Santa's Workshop in Branson

You better watch out, you better not cry for Santa will be in Branson! Bring your kids to downtown Branson and decorate the "Giving Trees" to collect gifts for the Boys and Girls Club and residents of local nursing homes. They can also visit Santa and decorate a cookie or ornament that they can take home.

Branson Live Shows

What's Branson without the shows that have made it famous? You can enjoy various Branson Shows during this holiday and some are even Christmas-themed for your enjoyment!

Branson Christmas Shopping

There's always some space for a little Christmas shopping! Branson has all your shopping needs with its numerous shopping malls and outlet stores. If you need a gift or some holiday shopping, Branson has if for you!

Transform your Holiday into a Branson Christmas. You will never regret going to Branson, Missouri. If you need a place to stay, make sure to check out Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort. It has different Branson Lodging for your convenience. Whatever lifestyle or taste, Thousand Hills has it for you. You can choose from a specious Branson Condo, a luxurious Branson Lakefront Condo, or a secluded Branson Cabin. Let your eyes feast on the beauty of these accommodations by visiting  The accommodations can also be decorated with a Christmas theme to help you celebrate the season! For more information or for reservations, please dial 1-877-262-0430.

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