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Experience the Old Time Christmas at Silver Dollar City


Christmas is one of the most awaited time of year. It is the perfect time to bond with your family and make memories together that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. This season deserves more than just a celebration and so we invite you to spend the holiday season in Branson, Missouri where the fun and excitement never stops. There are so many things to see and do in the entertainment capital of the Midwest, making your Christmas the best ever. One of the main attractions during Christmas is Silver Dollar City.

Silver Dollar City is famous for its thrill rides and attractions. But not only that because it is also famous for hosting the Old Time Christmas each year. The entire theme park is transformed into a holiday Christmas wonderland. This unique Christmas celebration blasts you to the past as you experience Christmas the old fashioned way. It is not just a wonderful celebration, but also a splendid retreat from the busy and crowded streets of the city during this season. Starting from November through December, watch out for these celebrations at Silver Dollar City's Old Time Christmas.

Christmas on Main Street

You will find the whole city decorated with dazzling lights. Feel free to roam the streets and see blinking light displays in every turn. At the center point in the square, there is a very tall Christmas tree ( approximately 5 stories tall) decorated with not less than 300,00 lights! Behold the beauty of the entire city with all of these lights.

Christmas Carols

Any Christmas celebration would not be complete without a bunch of Christmas carols playing in the background. Hear Christmas music, such as holiday songs, traditional carols, and new favorites, being played all through the theme park throughout the season. These songs will echo through the park the joy of Christmas and will make this a musical experience to remember.

Live Musical Shows

Not only Christmas carols have music, but also the Christmas-themed and other shows in the theme park. Visit the Opera House Theater and be able to watch The Christmas Carol by Dickens, performed by fourteen actors along with period clothing, beautiful scenery and special effects at par with Broadway. You can also watch The Living Nativity, which is another performance about the birth of Christ in Bethlehem. If you want more, there are also shows scheduled regularly.

Silver Dollar City Rides and Attractions

One attraction you wouldn’t want to miss is the light parade that marches through the city twice every evening. It is an exciting parade for all ages that make you feel the spirit of an Old Time Christmas at the theme park. And if you are craving for Silver Dollar City's rides, you might want to try Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, roller coaster Fire-In-The-Hole, Powder Keg, The Giant Swing, and many more, but are subjected to the present weather of your visit.

Traditional Christmas Cooking

Complete your visit by sampling some delicious Christmas cooking favorites, such as turkey, Christmas pudding, or roasted chestnuts. Savor these scrumptious treats while you enjoy different rides, festivities, and attractions in Silver Dollar City.

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Outdoor Branson Winter Activities

Branson Winter Activities - SnowWhen some folks think of winter, they picture curling up next to a toasty, crackling fire with a fuzzy blanket or a warm quilt, a good book or the TV remote and a steaming hot cup of rich hot cocoa. But wintertime, though cold, can provide some neat opportunities for some outdoor activities that you would not get at other times of the year – just be sure to layer up nice and warm! If you are lucky enough to be in Branson, Missouri in the wintertime, you are in for some fun – there are some great Branson winter outdoor activities waiting for you when you are ready to brave the cold.

Talking Rocks Cavern: If you want to escape the cold, head underground to check out Talking Rocks Cavern. Here you will see the beauty of the Ozarks from the inside out as you take a forty-five minute tour of the caverns. Stalactites and stalagmites decorate the inside of Talking Rocks year round! After you explore the cave, check out the gift shop, mini golf and gemstone mining as well! It is sure to keep you occupied on a cold winter’s day.

Hiking at Table Rock State Park: If you are a nature or a hiking enthusiast, grab your wool socks and a warm coat and head on out to Table Rock State Park for some winter hiking! Winter provides an opportunity to see the lake and the surrounding area in a different light. Chances are you will see some of the unique songbirds that winter over in Missouri, or that you will spot a squirrel or two harvesting their winter acorns from their caches. Be sure to bring your camera! Snowdrifts and icicles make for some great photographic opportunities. And don’t forget about the exercise benefits! Studies have shown that exercising on a cold day burns more calories than on a warm day, because in the wintertime your body is working double time to exercise AND keep warm. So take a hike!

These are just a few of the fun outdoor Branson winter activities you can find around town. You can also check out the local parks for some great sledding hills, peruse the winter scene on the Branson Landing, or build a snowman! And when you get cold, your fire, blanket and cocoa will be waiting for you in your cabin when you return.

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Branson Titanic Museum: One of Branson’s Bests


Have you watched the movie Titanic already? If you have, then you must have been amazed by the beauty of the enormous passenger ship, mesmerized by the luxurious features of the things found inside, saddened by the tragic event that lead to a total destruction, and cried over and over again about the lives that were taken when it sank. But if you have not seen the movie yet, go on a vacation in Branson, Missouri and discover the wonders of the Titanic through the Branson Titanic Museum.

The history of the Titanic, also known as RMS Titanic, was first studied by the Titanic Historical Society, Inc. (THS) in 1963. It is far by the world’s largest global organization dedicated to the preservation of the Titanic and its dedication has led to many discoveries about the sunken passenger line. The Branson Titanic Museum, on the other hand, is working with THS. The museum was established to share facts and stories about the Titanic. The museum ensures that you will have the best experience during your Branson Vacation.

The Branson Titanic Museum is enclosed in a unique building. Visitors that will see this building will immediately recognize that it is the Branson Titanic Museum because it is shaped like a two-story tall replica of the ship itself but only on a half scale measurement. The details of the building were carefully constructed to include lifeboats, portholes, thick ropes, and so much more. Because of this, the museum has been one of the most photographed buildings in Missouri, especially in Branson.

But the amazing features of the museum do not stop on the shape of the building. Once inside, you will see more than 20 galleries telling the different stories about the Titanic. These galleries include over 400 artifacts from the sunken ship! You will be able to learn not just about the tragic event that sank the ship, but also its first construction, sailing, sinking, and rediscovery at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can even see the replica of the staircase of the ship that was featured prominently in the Titanic movie. The museum does not choose people at a specific age; visitors of all ages will definitely have fun here.

What’s new at the Branson Titanic Museum! This 2013, the Branson Titanic Museum included exhibits that feature stories as told by the youngest and littlest passengers of the Titanic called Titanic’s Littlest Heroes. Visitors can see and learn more about the Titanic through the eyes of the youngest passengers as they share their story from the moment they boarded the ship.

For more information or ticket reservation, please visit

While you’re in Branson, maximize your stay by making Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort your home away from home. The resort offers you various Branson lodging and accommodation options. You can choose from a Branson Condo, Branson Log Cabin, or a Branson Lakefront Condo. Whichever you choose, Thousand Hills will make sure that your stay will be worth it. This resort not only provides you with a majestic place to stay but also a place to rest and relax during your Branson trip. For ticket reservation, or more information, or lodging reservations, please dial 1-877-262-0430.

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A Branson Lakefront Condo For The Couple

Do you plan on going on a vacation in Branson, Missouri with your loved one? Or do you wish to have that honeymoon right here at the entertainment city? if you do, remember to check out Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort for its amazing Branson Lakefront Condos, called as The Majestic. It is just the right place to be at the right time of your vacation.

The Branson Lakefront Condos is proudly presented by Thousand Hills as their new addition to the Branson Condo Rentals. These lake condos have the newest and the latest designs and appointments perfect for the couple. A spacious living room is provided for that lazy afternoon with your loved one. There is also a fully-equipped kitchen where you can whip your best dish for that romantic candle-lit dinner. For your convenience, there are full size dishwasher, microwaves, and even a washer and a dryer. Stepping into the bedrooms, you have high-end beddings with triple sheeting with pillowtop mattresses so that each night spent in the lake condo will be as dreamy as possible. You can enjoy having your own private bath and master bath with a whirlpool Jacuzzi-type tub. And your will never get bored with a complete TV and DVD set in the room as well.

But enough on what’s inside and check out what’s on the outside. The scenery can’t be explained by words alone! The surroundings of your Majestic Branson Lake Condo includes one of the cleanest, and most pristine lakes in the country. The lakefront woods surrounding the area is specially quiet, peaceful, and will give you a serene place to relax and recharge, and be with your beloved. Besides having such a luxurious place to stay, you can also enjoy swimming and boating at the lake by walking only a short distance from your condo. The Majestic has its own private boat dock for your convenience if you have your boat with you. There is also ample trailer and car parking that is near the condo as well.

These Branson Lakefront Condos are just perfect for the couple. The Majestic is located just a few minutes from town and the famous 76 Music Boulevard. It is located at the pristine Table Rock Lakefront, which is only minutes from other attractions such as Table Rock Dam, Dewey Short Visitor’s Center, a great paved walking trail along the lake, State Park Marina, and the Corp of Engineers swimming area, Moonshine Beach. Your vacation will be full of fun and excitement and you will be able to go home anytime you want to your Branson Lakefront Condo and have that much wanted rest.

For more information or for reservations, please visit or dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Experience a winter wonderland in Branson


Branson, Missouri over the years has become a leading tourist destination because of all the things it can offer to people. People from all over the world come to Branson to experience the live musical shows and the theaters that have made the city famous. And you could just be one of those people who have a great and awesome time in the city! You can also enjoy the various museums and educational establishments, try out the thrill rides and water activities of Silver Dollar City and White Water, shop in the world-famous shopping mall such as the Branson Landing, lodge in the world-class hotels & resorts, and dine at the unique Branson restaurants and so much more. But what's significant about the entertainment city is that it has various festivities and events for every season.

The winter season is one of the most awaited seasons of the year because of the snow. This season can also be celebrated in Branson and people could have more than just a regular winter season with all of the festivities and events in the entertainment capital of the Midwest. You will delight in seeing the snow blanketing the beautiful Ozark Mountains during the day and be amazed by so many light displays at night. Enjoy the cool weather and the snow with these festivities and events and have a Branson Winter!

Winter Fun

All throughout January & February, Hot Winter Fun is Branson’s answer to the winter blues. It rolls out with many special offers throughout town with a number of shows and shops staying open through the Hot Winter Fun season. You could also visit area museums such as the world’s largest Titanic Museum, The Hollywood Wax Museum, and the Veteran’s Memorial Museum, just to name a few.

Branson After Christmas Sales

For the shoppers, the outlet malls and the Branson Landing offer an after-Christmas sales. When you stay at Thousand Hills Gold Resort, don’t forget to get your coupons for the malls! Save the date for sales start December 26, 2013.

The Branson IMAX Film Festival

From March through April, you can enjoy your Branson winter by being in the Branson IMAX Film Festival. It is a month-long celebration featuring cutting-edge technology and IMAX presentations. The Big Screen is sure to please you and your family!

NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball Championship

If you are a college basketball fan, you shouldn’t miss out on the Annual NAIA Division II Men’s basketball championship presented by College of the Ozarks. From March 6 through March 12, Keeter Gymnasium, College of the Ozarks will entertain you with its talented college basketball players. You might want to get ready to cheer for your favourite team!

Continue the winter season in Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort where guests can have the choice in choosing a Branson Lodging that will fit their lifestyle and taste. Let our Branson Condos, Branson Cabins, and Branson Lakefront Condos surpass your expectations with luxury, space, amenities, and breathtaking sceneries. Plan your visit this coming winter season and don't forget to make Thousand Hills your home away from home!

For more information or for reservations, dial 1-877-262-0430. We are looking forward to your stay with us during the cold winter season!

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A Branson Lakefront Condo for your Christmas Vacation



This Christmas season, give your family the best gift by treating them to a Christmas in Branson. Spending a Christmas in Branson may be one of the most traditional ways of celebrating, but it is so well mixed with the modern day practices and traditions that makes people enjoy their stay for the yuletide season.  In fact, some even comes back every Christmas to Branson to celebrate the annual festivities.


Christmas is the time when Branson transforms into a winter wonderland. The entire place is enveloped with lights, and there is not one dark spot in Branson during Christmas. With other people bringing on their good cheers for others, your Christmas spirit will really be uplifted. Branson also gives you festivities wherein you can treat your eyes to a grandiose display of lights, colors, and images about Christmas. Your Christmas vacation would be much more perfect if you choose to live in a Branson Lakefront Condo.


For the best lakefront condos in Branson, choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills Golf Resort is located near all the happenings in Branson, making it more convenient for their guests as they can go home minutes after enjoying the Christmas festivals in Branson. It is also located near Silver Dollar City so you can get to visit the amusement park any time you want. Thousand Hills Resort also offers the best lakefront condos since it is located very near Table Rock Lake, one of the most pristine lakes in Branson Missouri. The vibes sent by staying near the lake are very relaxing and peaceful, making your condo a perfect place to rest after a long day celebrating Christmas.


The lakefront condos are available for rental. The smallest unit available is the two bedroom lakefront condo, while the largest unit which is still available is the three bedroom lakefront condo unit. The amenities that come with your lakefront condo rental are par excellence. Get ready to redefine luxury as you get to Branson’s lakefront condo. It will never be boring to stay inside your lakefront condo since there are a lot of entertainments stuff for you to do. There is a lakeview pool and gazebo for you to use. You are also guaranteed of swimming access to Table Rock Lake upon renting a lakefront condo. The condo unit itself also has cable televisions equipped with premium channels like ESPN and HBO. If you want to watch your favorite movie, you can also bring DVDs of it as the condo units have DVD players.


All of the units also have fully furnished bedrooms and fully equipped kitchen to make the experience feel even homier. The units also have a spacious living room for your family’s activities.



Renting a lakefront condo would not feel any different as your home as it has the major appliances that you need. However, luxury would spell all the difference. Come and rent a Branson lakefront condo now for your Branson Christmas vacation! For inquiries, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Celebrate Thanksgiving in a Branson Cabin


Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all the blessings you have received. It is also a time when you can bond and catch up with the family over a vacation or a celebration. This year, make sure that your Thanksgiving will be unforgettable by spending it in Branson.

Branson Missouri boasts of world-class theme parks, museums, and live musical shows to keep the whole family entertained. November is the perfect time to visit Branson before the holidays because the place itself showcases the beauty of the fall season. There are also live musical shows and theater plays that are in full swing all throughout the month. Apart from that, the whole family can also have some quality time over a sumptuous dinner at Branson restaurants. Thanksgiving dinner is made more special by Branson restaurants during this time of the year. Shopping in Branson may also be considered as underrated, but it is slowly becoming one of the main and biggest attractions in Branson during the pre-holiday season. Play Santa and find the perfect and unique gifts for your loved ones only in Branson malls.

Your place to stay in Branson during Thanksgiving is vital. It is with that knowledge that Thousand Hills Golf Resort was created for the visitors of Branson - to provide a comfortable, luxurious, yet affordable lodging place for everyone. Thousand Hills offers you with a variety of choices for your lodging place. One of the most famous lodging options is the Branson cabin. Branson cabins in Thousand Hills comes in one-bedroom cabins (for singles, couples, and a small family), two-bedroom cabins (for small to medium sized families), and 4-bedroom cabins (for large sized families or for large groups going on a vacation). These log cabins are also situated in a secluded spot so you can’t feel the busy city vibes, and instead have a good night’s sleep and your much needed rest.

These Branson log cabins are perfect for your Thanksgiving home since it offers you all the amenities that a home should have. It has luxurious bedrooms with a king sized bed, and bathrooms with a Jacuzzi tub. It also has a fully equipped kitchen so that you have a choice whether to try out the restaurants in Branson or cook your own secret recipe for the whole family. The log cabin also does not lack anything when it comes to entertainment. A cable television equipped with premium cable channels like ESPN, and HBO is available in every room of the log cabin in Thousand Hills. This is very advantageous so you would not want to miss your favorite show or that all-important basketball game even while you are on vacation. There is also a DVD player in the cabin’s spacious living room so the whole family can bond over some popcorn and a good movie. A swimming pool is also available for use, so make sure to take a dip in pool to refresh yourself. Wireless internet is also available for free in the log cabin.

With all these amenities, it feels like you are spending Thanksgiving in your own home - in your dream home, that is. So what are your waiting for? Plan the perfect Thanksgiving now and make Thousand Hills Golf Resort your lodging place. For inquiries and reservations, call 1-877-262-0430.

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Branson Platinum Experience for the Holidays



Are you planning to go to Branson this holiday? If yes, then read along so you could make the most out of your money.


Branson Missouri is known to be the ultimate vacation destination of people – families and friends alike. You are guaranteed to see lots of attractions and enjoy various activities that it would feel like your time for vacation in Branson is not enough. Make the most out of your vacation without shelling out lots of money for it. Sounds impossible? Well, Thousand Hills Golf Resort has the solution to that!


Your stay at Thousand Hills Golf Resort is more than just having a lodging place. It is also about experiencing fully all that Branson has to offer. For the upcoming holiday season, choose to stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort and make the most out of your stay. A way of saying thank you for Thousand Hills is giving its guests a Platinum Experience. Unlike other hotels that give coupons with percentages off, or buy one get one coupons, Thousand Hills gives you tickets, admissions and meals to Branson’s finest attractions and establishments amounting to $750.


The Platinum Experience booklet in Thousand Hills gives you access to the best musical shows there is in Branson. One such show is the Shoji Tabuchi Show. The performers in this show are considered to be Branson’s first family of extraordinary musical entertainment. Shoji Tabuchi, the main man of the show, together with his wife Dorothy and his daughter Christina, never fails to wow the audience with their innate musical talent. This show is purely family entertainment and would be perfect for the whole family to tag along and enjoy good American music.


The Platinum Experience also gives you access to theater shows – a shoutout to all the theater geeks out there. One of Branson’s unique theaters is Sight & Sound Theater. This theater depicts stories in the Bible in a way that you have never experience before. The stories that this theater perform are suitable for kids and adults alike. The theater has a cast of 45 professional adult and children actor. There are also live animals in this theater which they incorporate in their plays, so do not be surprised when watching a play. The sets of this theater are also known to be spectacular and will leave you speechless.


A Platinum Experience in Thousand Hills also guarantees you freebies in Branson’s best restaurants. Get a complimentary appetizer in Floretina’s Ristorante Italiano, a complimentary breakfast in McFarlain’s Family Restaurant and many more. You also get to have tickets to Branson’s famous theme parks, Silver Dollar City and White Water.


Can’t wait to experience all these perks for the holidays? For you to get a Platinum Experience booklet from Thousand Hills, a reservation should be made until December 31, 2013 in any 2 bedroom or larger lodging choice, which includes golf condo, lake condo, or log cabin. You will get your Platinum Experience upon check-in. Book now and enjoy Branson!

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Branson Shopping for the Holidays


Branson is known to be the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. It boasts of live music shows from Branson’s homegrown musical talents and budding artists. It also features concerts of musical legends and singers or bands that are hot on the music scene right now. Aside from these, Branson is also associated with its world-class amusement park, nature parks, and many other attractions and fun activities.


Branson shopping may not be one of the first things that will come to your mind upon hearing the word Branson, but it has been a constant favorite among guests. Shopping in Branson gives you the al the perks you want – great discounts, bargains, and one-of-a-kind finds. If you know where to look for the best fashion finds in Branson, then you are guaranteed to save some money. Also, Branson offers you unique items and collector’s edition items that would be perfect as gifts for your loved ones, especially this holiday season.


This Christmas season, go do some Branson shopping and discover wonders. First off, shop at Branson Landing. Branson Landing is one of the most popular outlet malls in Branson. Aside from the mall’s aesthetics, people have been trooping to this mall because of the shops they have. Examples of shops that can be found in Branson Landing are White House/Black Market, Belk Department Store, Bass Pro Shop, and Ann Taylor Loft. This mall also has a Water and Fire Show to keep the people entertained as they move from one shop to another. At times, especially during holidays, live concert events are done in Branson Landing.


Another popular outlet mall in Branson is Tanger Outlet Center. Tanger Outlet Center is for the fashion-conscious individuals, with the range of shops that this mall has. Now, even while you are on vacation, you can still be updated with the latest fashion trends. You might also find a gift to suit your fashion-savvy loved one. Some of the shops which can be found here in Tanger Outlet Center are GAP, van Heusen, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Izod, Liz Claiborne, Skechers, Banana Republic and Aeropostale. For the kids, there are Tommy Kids, Osh Kosh, Disney Store, Gymboree and many others.


Lastly, you should also be able to visit IMAX Entertainment Complex. This outlet mall in Branson is where you can find unique gift items. It also has a store called Legend Gifts, wherein you can find limited edition items such as movie posters, original soundtracks, and IMAX films of your favorite movies. This store is perfect especially for the movie geeks. A shop called Shadow Box is also where you can find antique items. You can also get gift ideas of any kind for your loved ones back home.



Make your visit to Branson more fun by taking a stroll down these outlet malls. After doing this, maybe Branson shopping might just be in your next itinerary the next time you visit Branson.

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Keeping the Tradition of “Mr. Christmas”: Andy Williams Moon River Theatre

In Branson, Christmas comes to life in a variety of shows, attractions and light displays across the city. One of Branson’s favorite Christmas traditions lives at Andy Williams Moon River Theatre, where “Mr. Christmas” entertained audiences of all ages for years.

Before coming to Branson in 1992, Andy Williams had built a successful career as an entertainer that spanned over 50 years. His solo career began in 1952, and grew alongside the careers of famous crooners like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and Tony Bennett. He recorded 17 gold records, and even hosted his own TV variety show from 1962 to 1971. Williams obtained the title of Mr. Christmas in the 1960s and 70s on his TV show by airing holiday programs. Peter Sagal of National Public Radio said Williams was the man who invented the heartwarming Christmas special.

Christmas at Andy Williams Moon River TheatreIn addition to his holiday TV specials, Williams recorded Christmas songs like the famous “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Each year, radio stations around the country play this famous Christmas tune. In Branson, you can tune in to 105.9 KGBX from Thanksgiving Day until after Christmas for constant holiday music, including Williams’ songs.

Williams visited Branson and decided to return to build a theatre. The $12 million theatre is 48,000 square feet and features beautiful landscape architecture, including rock formations, waterfalls and foliage. When the theatre opened, it was one of Branson’s most unique, since the town was mostly dominated by country performers. Other non-country performances began to make their way into Branson, and soon the town grew to be known as the live music capital of the world.

When Williams brought his show to Branson in 1992, he began performing live Christmas concerts during the holiday season. The Andy Williams Christmas Show has been a visitor favorite, drawing in crowds from miles away and out of state. Some families even make annual trips to Branson for the heartwarming performance of Andy Williams. In addition to the Christmas show, Williams performed with a number of big name entertainers, such as Glen Campbell, Petula Clark, and Ann-Margret.

This year, the Andy Williams Christmas Show will be without Mr. Christmas for the first time. Since Williams’ death in 2012, the Moon River Theatre has continued to operate, bringing talented artists like Lee Greenwood and Clint Black. This year’s Christmas show will still go on, featuring the Osmonds and the Lennon Sisters, who appeared alongside Williams over the years.

This year’s show promises to be a spectacular one as usual. This full production show features a full orchestra, dancers, variety acts and the music of the Christmas season. This year’s show will also include a tribute to Mr. Christmas. The Andy Williams Christmas Show begins Nov. 1 and continues Monday through Saturday until Dec. 7. Each year, the Christmas show has filled the 2000 seat theatre,

In addition to the Christmas show, the First Annual Christmas Tree Lighting will occur at the Moon River Theatre on Nov. 1 at 5 p.m. The tree lighting will be part of a tribute to Williams and the joy his show brought to his audiences over the years.

This holiday season, make sure to see the Andy Williams Christmas Show when you’re in Branson. Your family will love the heartwarming songs and cheer that Mr. Christmas brought to Branson all those years ago.

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