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Branson Lakefront Condo For The Summer


Summer is breathing down our necks, so what could be better than to take this time and go on a vacation? After all the hardwork you out in for the past months, you deserve a sweet vacation as a reward for yourself. And now that we are talking about vacation, the best place to be is in Branson Missouri!

Branson will never give you one dull moment because you have a lot of activities to try and attractions to visit. It is also the ultimate summer vacation destination in the Midwest. No matter what you want for your summer vacation, Branson has it all for you. If you want outdoor fun, there are the best theme parks and nature parks for a unique summer adventure. Branson is home to Silver Dollar City, an 1880’s themed amusement park, Xtreme Racing Center, and a lot more. There are also the nature parks like the Table Rock State Park Marina and TriLakes Area for all the nature lovers out there. If you are more of the indoors type of person, you will be more than satisfied with Branson as well because of its live music shows and theater plays. It is called the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. Be amazed with the homegrown talents of Branson as they show you how it is to put up a good show. Catch some of Branson acts like the Presleys, the Baldknobbers, The Cat’s Pajamas, and a lot more.

Your summer vacation this year will be even made more awesome by choosing the right lodging place. For that, always choose to stay in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills has various lodging options for you, one of the most famous of which is the Branson lakefront condo. These condo units are named The Majestic and is located nearby Table Rock Lake, one of the most pristine lakes in Branson.

The amenities that await you in the Branson lakefront condo in Thousand Hills are fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, with king-sized beds and Jacuzzi tubs. There is also a fully equipped kitchen with all the basic equipment you need. Spaces in the lakefront condo are big enough. There is a spacious living room and a private deck in the lakefront condo. Your entertainment needs are also addressed by the condo with its cable televisions equipped with premium cable channels, a DVD player, free wireless internet access, and swimming access to Table Rock Lake. Your rental of a Branson lakefront condo also gets you a private dock near Table Rock Lake.

Reserve your very own Branson lakefront condo right now. For more inquiries, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Free Ice Cream for Kids in Branson with the I Pledge Program!


What could be better than having an ice cream for free on a hot summer’s day? If you think this is too good to be true, do not worry for Branson will give you just that. If you are around Branson on July, then you might just be lucky enough to get a free ice cream for the kids!

This >free ice cream for kids in Branson is part of the “I Pledge” program. The free ice cream is brought to you by Nettie Marie’s Homemade Ice Cream, which is located in the Keeter Center at the College of the Ozarks. This is one way of showing support to the I Pledge Program. Free ice cream will be handed out in the following dates: July 1,3,10, 17, 24, and 31. It will be available on the said dates from 3 PM to 5 PM. So how do you get a free ice cream? It’s simple. Just let the kids recite the Pledge of Allegiance by memory, and they get a super yummy ice cream from Nettie’s Homemade Ice Cream.

This has been an ongoing tradition to encourage the kids to memorize the Pledge of Allegiance and to instill a sense of nationalism to the young ones, too. These young ones will soon be the leaders of the country, and with a little help and support to the I Pledge Program, we can help create the future leaders already. Keep the tradition alive by visiting Branson’s Keeter Center on the said dates, and let your kids memorize and imbibe the Pledge of Allegiance. A sweet reward will be waiting for them afterwards!

With this, you can make your visit to Branson as a learning experience, too, and not just a mere vacation. You can also treat the kids to more learning experiences by bringing them to Branson museums such as the Branson Titanic Museum, Hollywood Wax Museum, and the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. These museums are child-friendly, too! Spend some quality moments with your kids, too by visiting recreational places such as Silver Dollar City and the Tracks Family Fun Park. The kids will surely have a great time with the rides and other attractions in these places.

For your place to stay during your visit to Branson, make Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort your only choice. It has a variety of lodging options for you to choose from. The units for rental offered by Thousand Hills are really suitable to small and large families. Thousand Hills also offers you convenience and comfort by being near Branson’s entertainment district, but it is also situated away from the city noise so you can have a relaxing time. Inquire now by calling 1-877-262-0430!

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Catch a Performance of The Three Dog Night in Branson


Branson is known to offer its guests the best live music shows, concerts, and theater plays. That is why it has come to be known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. So for your visit to Branson make sure that you don’t miss out on the spectacular music shows in the area. Catch some of the musicians who don’t stay in Branson for long! These are limited shows for you to enjoy!

If you are visiting Branson on July 12, 2014, you can catch the awesome talents of the legendary music icon, the Three Dog Night. This group will be celebrating their 4th decade in the music industry, bringing along with them an amazing list of accolades that they have. During the years 1969 to 1974, no other music group has achieved what they have achieved. They had a lot of songs that made it to the top 10, released a lot of records, and sold record breaking concert tickets. Three Dog Night is surely a group that has made its name in the music industry. A lot of you are definitely familiar with the songs of Three Dog Night. Their hits have also found a place in the current pop music industry, as they are used in TV commercials and movie soundtracks. Songs like Mama Told Me (Not to Come), Joy To The World, Black and White, Shambala, and One are sure to ring a bell for you. Come and see the performance of Three Dog Night, and find out the reason why they are still one of the popular groups in the world of music.

You can catch the shows of Three Dog Night’s at the Oak Ridge Boys Theater in Branson Missouri. This theater is known to be hosting the shows of many world-renowned artists and comedians. If you want to catch a show of the Three Dog Night’s, you can call 1-800-785-1550 for tickets.

And while you are in Branson, why not spend some time to embark on a whole new adventure of your own? You can go to Branson’s nature parks and theme parks for the ultimate fun getaway. You can also visit the TriLakes Area in Branson and do some of the water activities in the lakes.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Branson Missouri, the best place to be in would be Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills offers you various lodging options to choose from, and you also get to stay in a place that is very near Branson’s entertainment district! All that you need and want is in Branson already, so plan that trip now to the Live Entertainment Capital of the World! 

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Women Will Never Get Behind Playing Golf with Men

If you are one of the women who wants to get started playing golf, you need to learn the basics from golf professionals. At Thousand Hills Golf Resort, you can easily find golfers who are ready to help women playing golf for the first time. Some of your friends who have been playing golf but haven’t been trained to teach others, can assist you how to get started. But it is always best to hire a professional who can teach basic lessons that are ideal for novice golfer. The first important lesson you should learn is the grip and a basic swing. Then you need to spend a lot of time at the driving range to make your swing becomes better.

Women Golfers LogoWomen playing golf should not worry about expensive golf equipments when starting to play golf. They can start with a set of inexpensive clubs or a used set. Thousand Hills Golf Course offers golf clubs for rent or you can borrow from the professional golfer teaching you. Once you become comfortable and determined to continue playing golf, you can upgrade to clubs that suit your needs. Although playing golf is not that easy, you shouldn’t be discouraged and stop playing as you will enjoy it in the long run.

The best time of learning to play golf is when the golf course is not crowded especially in mid afternoon through the evening. On your first few times in the golf course, be sure to play with a professional golfer who is more experienced so you will learn the right etiquette of playing golf. You can also search some articles about golf etiquette on the internet that will let you learn many other unspoken rules about playing golf. Once you get through with the ins and outs on the golf course, you will find it easy to look other women to play with you.

Golf in the 80s, used no graphite clubs and drivers and fairway club had wooden heads. There were only sand wedges and pitching wedges. Golf balls were all white and golf shoes had metal spikes. However, there were already steel shafts on clubs. Today, new fairway clubs and drivers have much larger heads as compared in the past. Women’s role in golf is expanding rapidly and many golfers nowadays expect more women to play golf as time goes on.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort has a well designed golf course for women golfers. The golf course has nine par threes which are all reachable for women golfers. The golf course is properly maintained and the elevation changes make the scene beautiful. Your driving can even get through wooded areas between some of the greens and tees that you can’t find in other golf courses.

If you are one of the women who likes to play golf, the first thing you need to do is to learn the basics from golf professionals. Once you are ready to get started, visit the golf course at the Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson.


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You Will Never Miss a Tee Time, Get Your Own Golf Home!

Thousand Hills Golf Resort is widely known as one of the most popular destinations for golfers in Branson, Missouri. The 18-hole public golf course was rated 4-Stars by the Golf Digest magazine in 2009. Springfield News-Leader also voted it for the past two years as the Best of the Ozarks for Branson Golf Courses. This golf resort is also well-known for its ability to cater different golf skill levels. The three separate sets of tees of the golf course cater to all golfers without discrimination on age and experience. The perfect ambiance of the resort is another good advantage in playing the 18-hole golf course.Thousand Hills Gold Homes Logo

If you love playing golf, it is best to get your own Golf Home at Thousand Hills Golf Resort so you will never miss a tee time. Your stay in the Golf Home at Thousand Hills in Branson will take you to see beautiful wooded valleys, a view of the Ozark streams, and a unique rock formations that you would think you are far from civilizations but you are actually near the 76 Strip and world-famous live entertainment district. The convenient location of the place is just about five minutes drive to Lake Taneycomo where you can have the chance to view the beautiful natural scenery around the Ozark mountains.

The Golf Home at Thousand Hills is part of the luxury lodgings of the golf resort that provide golfers easy access to the golf course. These golf home rentals of Thousand Hills Golf Resort offer guests modern home furnishings and stunning wildlife scenery. The interior designs of individual golf home are intended to capture the image of the natural landscape. The golf homes offer vacationers comfortable living and affordable accommodation which is just a walk away to the golf course. Staying at Thousand Hills Golf Homes gives you the chance to experience good old hospitality in the Ozarks. The beautiful location of Thousand Hills Golf Resort and its affordability are some of the reasons why many golfers fall in love with the golf home accommodation.

Thousand Hills Golf Home is conveniently located at Green Mountain Drive at 100 Residence Lane. This lodging project of the award winning Thousand Hills Golf Course features a total of 34 golf homes. Each unit of 1650 square foot features 3 bedrooms (1 bedroom on the main level and the other two bedrooms are located on the second level). This Thousand Hills Golf Home has 2 baths, granite slab accents, granite countertops, wood flooring in the living room, and a two-car attached garage. This Branson golf home community at Thousand Hills Golf Resort also includes outdoor swimming pool.

If you want to stay in a Golf Home at Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson you are more likely to get what you like – beautiful views of the golf course and the prestige staying in a luxury accommodation. A golf home built adjacent to the golf course may allow you to view golfers at play while you’re still home peering through your bedroom window.


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Celebrate the 61st Annual Hollister Fourth of July Celebration


Branson is known to be one of the few places which celebrates traditions. It celebrates various holidays and festivals in a grandiose way that the guests and locals alike just have the time of their lives in Branson. Events like these are celebrated in such a way that you get to enjoy and learn. Some of the holidays that Branson is very known for celebrating are the Branson Veterans Memorial Day and of course, Christmas.

For this month of July, take a time off, and come visit Branson to celebrate Fourth of July. This celebration is often tagged as a grand and festive one, so this is something that you surely could not miss! There are various celebrations of Fourth of July in Branson, and for your visit to Branson, why not try celebrating it in Hollister City? Hollister is known for its Fourth of July celebrations, too. For 60 years, the Hollister Fourth of July celebrations are the ones that the visitors and locals will always remember. Hollister has done it for 60 years, why would the 61st be any different?

Come and witness what is said to be the oldest fireworks display in Taney County as Hollister celebrates Fourth of July. Be a part of this annual tradition in Hollister and be a witness to the great fun that you can have! Bring the whole family along so you can have some quality time making memories together. Every year, many families and guests visit Hollister and the TriLakes Area to witness the 4th of July Show.

This event is held at the Historic Downing Street in Hollister. It is also brought to you by the City of Hollister Fire Department. Enjoy a whole day of fun and excitement, and cap off an already great day with a spectacular fireworks display at dusk.

While you are in Branson, make the most out of it by experiencing all the good things that the place has to offer. Watch some of the live music shows that Branson is very famous for. You can also have a grand family time in Branson’s theme parks like Silver Dollar City and Tracks Family Fun Park. Another way to spend some family time is to visit the nearby lake area and have picnic, or do some water activities in the lake. You will surely have a great time in Branson!

For your lodging needs in Branson, choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. You have a choice of what unit would be the best fit for you and your family. You can choose among a Branson log cabin, Branson golf front condo, or a Branson lakefront condo. Thousand Hills is also located very near Branson’s entertainment district. Book a trip to Branson now in time for the Fourth of July, and reserve your unit in Thousand Hills! 

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Have a Cavern Escapade this Summer, Visit All the Fantastic Caves of the Ozark!


Summer season is a perfect time to visit caves near Branson to experience a once-in-life-time adventure in all the fantastic caverns in the Ozarks. The sparkling stalactites and stalagmites that are clinging to the floors and ceilings of the caves are some of the wonderful spectacles of natural caverns. Cave salamanders, cave crickets, and bats that are positioned upside down are some of the amazing sights that you can enjoy while donning a head lamp inside the caves. Marvel Caves Underground Waterfall LogoThese caves near Branson which are all interesting to explore include the Marvel Cave, Talking Rock Caverns, Fantastic Caverns, and the Smallin Civil War Cave.

Marvel Cave is one of the oldest caves in Branson that was opened by William Lynch in the late 1800s as a tourist attraction. The Herschend family owned the cave which is located at the entrance of the Silver Dollar City. The ticket admission to the Silver Dollar City includes the sixty minute Marvel Cave tour. This cave tour covers a walk down on the staircase to five hundred feet below to the Cathedral Room, the cave entrance room. After the tour, you will ride back up in a unique cable train.

Another Branson cave that is also owned by the Herscend family is the Talking Rocks Cavern. This cave features guided tours where visitors go down to the floor of the cave. Here, you will see grotesque rock formations like the famous bacon and curtain structures. A light and sound show will also be included in the Talking Rocks Cavern tour. You can also find a gift shop in the cave that leads to its entrance.

Located in Springfield, Missouri is Fantastic Caverns that features a rare opportunity of the only tour with a ride through this fantastic cave in America. In 1862, this fascinating cave was discovered by a dog of local farmers that crawled to the entrance of the cave. Five years later, there was an announcement in the newspaper calling for explorers who were brave enough to enter the cavern. The twelve local women who responded to the call had their names carved onto the side of a cave wall which is still visible to this day. Fantastic Caverns today is now a family owned business that features a jeep drawing tram tours through the cavern. Inside the caverns, you can find fabulous gift shop that is full of historical items and themed souvenirs.

Another beautiful Branson cave that is located in the Ozarks is the Smallin Civil War Cave. This cave is full of rich history of the Ozarks. It is also more accessible than some others in the area although it only features ramps (no stairs) and inclines. Visitors to the cave can have the opportunity to view unique cave creatures like the Blind Cave Salamander and the Birstly Cave Crayfish.

If you want to experience a great cavern escapade this summer, visit all the fantastic caves near Branson and discover the fun of cavern hopping at the Ozark Mountains.



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Have a Golf Tournament Like a Pro!

Branson Golf at Thousand Hills LogoMany golf enthusiasts choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson for their golf retreats or golf tournaments year after year. The resort is considered by many golf professionals as the most popular golf resort in Branson for many good reasons. The golf resort can ensure a memorable and successful golf event that is within your budget. The resort has the ability to customize package that fits to your needs. Whether you want to hold a golf tournaments or just a group of friends on a golfing get-together event, Thousand Hills Golf Resort is your best choice.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson is sure to entertain every golf enthusiast. The golf course is located in the heart of Branson, just two blocks south of Andy Williams Moon River Theater and Grand Palace. The beautifully sculptured Zoysia fairways, fescue roughs, and large U.S.G.A. Crenshaw Bentgrass greens make the golf course an exciting place to play. The finest fairways with rare sand traps and natural hazards will make your golf playing a memorable one.

The 18-hole public golf course of Thousand Hills was voted Best of the Ozarks by the readers of the Springfield News-Leader for Branson Golf Courses for the past two years in a row. The Golf Digest magazine also rated the golf course 4-Stars in 2009. Thousand Hills has also gained wide popularit y from its ability to cater many different levels of golf skills. From beginner to professional level, the three separate sets of tees of the golf resort in Branson are all challenging but fair for everyone who wants to enjoy playing golf with no discrimination on the level of experience.

The perfect location of the golf course is another advantage in playing the 18-hole golf masterpiece. As you start your golf journey in Branson, it will take you through past unique rock formations, beautiful hardwood forests, and over the streams of the Ozark. In this beautiful golf course, you would never think that you are within the 76 Strip and the world-famous live entertainment district in Branson. The resort is also within 5 minute drive from Lake Taneycomo that makes your golf adventure a wonderful outdoor experience.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort has dedicated staff to assist you in planning golf tournaments, charity events, or company outings. This finest golf course of Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson assures that every detail of your golfing event is well organized and properly put in place that will exceed your expectations. Thousand Hills golf resort is a full service golf course that offers discounts to nightly rental guests. Online discounts can also be enjoyed by all Branson golfers by clicking on the internet. Online offers also include Branson golf packages and other mini-golf courses. You can also make your Branson golf course tee times 60 days in advance online.

If you want to enjoy a great golf experience, visit the Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson where many golfers consider the place as one of the most popular golf courses in the Midwest.


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Branson Real Estate 101


Branson Missouri is known to be one of the most famous destinations for tourists, whatever season it may be. This place is also called the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, and this tends to draw much tourists, too. For many, Branson is also their home. For yourself or for your family, why not consider having a home in Branson Missouri?

The Branson Real Estate Market and also its condominium market is growing rapidly to give the people new and luxurious projects. One major player in Branson real estate is Thousand Hills Sales Company. Thousand Hills Sales Company has been the leading provider of the best real estate projects to the market. Get to know more about the real estate listings, so you can find one that will fit your own needs.

Thousand Hills is just the perfect place for you to start looking for the house of your dreams. It has a very convenient location for you, since it is located close to the Branson entertainment district. Also, it is situated in the Ozark Mountains to give you a fresh breeze away from the busy city vibes. You need not worry about the noise of the city as Thousand Hills assures you that you are also away from the noise. With this, the Branson real estate options in Thousand Hills still remain to be a popular option for those who are looking for a place to settle down.

Another unique opportunity that you can enjoy in Thousand Hills is its nightly rental program. What is more convenient and practical than to be able to enjoy your own home in Branson whenever you are in the area, and be able to rent it out to guests if you aren’t. The real estate listings in Thousand Hills are the golf condos, golf homes, log cabins, and the Table Rock Lake condos.

The golf homes and the golf condos are situated near the golf course in Thousand Hills, which is also considered as the best golf course in the Ozarks. The log cabins are also in a very comfortable location in the woods of the Ozarks. You would find the right mix of the rustic façade of the log cabins and the modern architecture inside it as very awesome. The Table Rock Lake condos, on the other hand, is located near Table Rock Lake which is also considered as one of the most pristine lakes in Branson. Start every morning right with the cool breeze brought to you by Table Rock Lake.

If you are considering having a home in Branson, Thousand Hills would be more than happy to help you find one and to help you live a happy and content life in Branson. For more information about Branson real estate in Thousand Hills, just call 1-800-495-4653.

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Vacation Planning Made Easy, Ask our Experts

Thousand Hills Golf Resort LogoThousand Hills Golf Resort offers several vacation lodging options that can help make your vacation planning made easy. At Thousand Hills you can get the best accommodations available in Branson. After selecting the best vacation spot, the next decision to consider is to choose the best resort in the area that offers modern amenities, excellent service, and a location that is convenient for shopping and dining opportunities, fun activities, and more. In choosing the most comfortable and convenient lodging, there are some several factors to consider, these are the party size and planned activities.

If a vacationing party is large that may number a minimum of 8 guests, an option might be three-bedroom townhouse or a three-bedroom condo lodging.  For a party of one or two people, it is best to select a single hotel room, where many of it provides a standard accommodation. A big group that settles in a three bedroom lodging will have many advantages that include high-end amenities in each room such as cable TV with HBO, DVD player, free wireless internet connection, and features of king size bed, Jacuzzi tub, master bath in the master bedroom,  a separate living room, and Jacuzzi Suite with a mini kitchen.

Large parties that are staying longer, may select a vacation condo with two or three bedrooms where every kitchen is fully equipped with essential things such as kitchen wares, dishes, utensils, dishwasher, washer/dryer, microwave oven, and refrigerator. Many of the vacationers are also after the great location of the accommodation where some features beautiful natural scenery, calm and peaceful environment, and a beautiful surrounding with a picturesque view of the wildlife. Travelers who are in the level of senior citizens or older have also factors to consider when choosing an accommodation. These travelers should choose a cabin accommodation where it doesn’t have a second level as compared to condo or townhouse where it has always higher floor levels.

The activities to be enjoyed by travelers play an important role in determining which lodging is best for them. If their planned activities include boating, swimming, scuba-diving or para-sailing, they should choose a lakefront lodging. Lodging in the lakefront is also perfect for visitors who want to spend great outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, biking, or horseback riding. If travelers are attending in a variety of activities, choosing a lodging that has proximity to places to be visited is a great option.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort is proud to offer all three lodging accommodations in a cabin, a condominium, or a townhouse. Condo or cabin rentals in Branson unlike regular hotels, are highly recommended for groups of any size. With Branson cabin or condo rentals you will have the opportunity to enjoy tranquil settings that include picturesque scenery of the rustic wildlife areas around Thousand Hills Resort.

If you are planning a wonderful summer vacation with your family, get a reservation now, and ask the experts of the Thousand Hills Golf Resort the best accommodation that is best for you.



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