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The Haygoods and Their World-Class Entertainment



Branson is made popular by its live music shows. Being the Live Music Capital of the World indeed entails a lot of pressure to provide only the best entertainment to the audience, but it is also a great privilege for Branson to be a major contributor to the tourism industry. Tourists flock to the place, mostly because of the live music shows. If you still haven’t experienced the Branson kind of entertainment, then it’s time you have one!

There are a lot of good artists in Branson. One of them is The Haygoods. The Haygoods never fail to elicit a standing ovation from their crowd because they have this unique and incredible harmony and energy when performing. Their performances will leave you in awe with 20 different instruments. The Haygoods have been in the Branson entertainment scene for a long time so this group is not just about hype.

Who are The Haygoods? This group is made up of 5 brothers and 1 sister. This 6-man band brings something fresh to everyone each year. From the marvelous special effects to the world-class stage presentation to their various musical styles, you are bound to get an unforgettable musical experience in Branson. They will be performing today’s top charts, Country, Rock, and Pop artists, and also the music of the yesteryears. Their show appeals to people of all ages, and it is also a great avenue to introduce the young generation to the hot hits decades ago, and the earlier generations to today’s chart toppers. The Haygoods also have a meet and greet with the fans after their show. Get a chance to meet The Haygoods and hang out with them. This is truly a wonderful experience for everyone!

During the months of November and December, The Haygoods perform a Christmas Extravaganza to pump up everyone’s holiday spirits. This has also become one of Branson’s family traditions to listen and sing along to Christmas carols performed by The Haygoods. You can also choose to celebrate New Year with The Haygoods! You can add this to your Branson holiday plans, because a Haygoods show is just too good to miss out on.


You can catch shows by The Haygoods in the Clay Cooper Theater in Branson’s The Strip. This is where you can also find several other theaters. If you are staying in Branson for more than a day, choose to stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort because you get to stay real close to The Strip. Have the liberty of seeing any show that you want, anytime you want to. The lodging places in Thousand Hills are situated far enough from the city noise, and closer to the comforts of the Ozarks. Don’t forget Thousand Hills as you plan your trip to Branson. For inquiries and reservations, call 1-877-262-0430.

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More Hours, More Fun in Silver Dollar City’s Moonlight Madness



Branson attractions are truly world-class. It is these attractions that make people come back often to Branson. The Live Music Capital of the World is more than just about the music shows. Guests who have visited Branson are witnesses to the unique experience that Branson can offer. Aside from the live music shows, there are also outlet malls, restaurants, museums, nature parks, and theme parks. One of Branson’s most popular theme parks is Silver Dollar City. This 1880’s themed amusement park is all set to offer more entertainment to everyone.

Silver Dollar City is home to thrilling rides and attractions. It is in Silver Dollar City where you can find the most daring wood coaster in the world – the Outlaw Run. You can also enjoy the steam engine train rides, geysers, and other kid-friendly attractions in the park. More than 40 shows daily are also ready to give you a breather from all the excitement in the park. If you visit Silver Dollar City now, you may just be in time for the Moonlight Madness Festival. The Moonlight Madness Festival gives you extended park hours so you can have more fun in the park. From July 18 to August 2, 2015, the Moonlight Madness Festival will treat you to a long, fun night in Silver Dollar City.

The park opens at 9:30 AM. With Moonlight Madness, you have 12 hours to enjoy all the attractions in the park. There are also special shows and events to keep you coming back for more. The Great American Country Nights, an energetic country music show, will be taking over the spotlight all throughout the festival. You can also loosen up and party the night away with the street dances on the City’s Square every 9:30 PM. Everyone’s favorites will be played, such as The Chicken Dance, The Electric Slide, and The Cotton-Eyed Joe. Silver Dollar City is also known to have the best theme park food in America. Treat yourself to a delicious food trip as the eateries and shops are also open until 10 PM. Try out the food from Eva & Delilah’s, Fanny’s Funnel Cakes, Flossie’s Fried Fancies, Hannah’s Ice Cream Parlor, Wagon Works Grill, and a lot more. On July 25 and August 1, the park will be open from 9:30 AM to 12 MN.


Have a blast in your Moonlight Madness experience and have a comfortable stay in Branson’s Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is just a couple of minutes away from Silver Dollar City so you get to have that much needed rest after a whole day of adventure. Choose from log cabins, lakefront condos, and golf homes in Thousand Hills. For inquiries and reservations, call 1-877-262-0430.

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Witness A Branson Tradition in the Shoji Tabuchi Theater



When in Branson, one must experience the musical adventure that it brings to you. Being in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, everyone will surely enjoy the live music shows in Branson. You can explore the theme parks, museums, outlet malls, and restaurants in Branson but seeing a live music show is a must to make your Branson experience truly complete. Branson live music shows are mostly found on The Strip, or Highway 76.

One of the most popular theaters in Branson’s The Strip is the Shoji Tabuchi Theater. This theater has become one of the strong pillars of Branson entertainment. It is a Branson tradition. The shows of Shoji Tabuchi are among the popular ones in the area. For more than 25 years, Shoji Tabuchi continues to improve its shows to offer a better musical experience each time.

Shoji Tabuchi is known to be a master violinist. He is performing with his wife Dorothy, his daughter Cristina, and a whole ensemble of talented musicians chosen especially by Shoji Tabuchi. He is also very close to his band members as he takes the time to introduce his set of skilled musicians in every show. But the Shoji Tabuchi Theater is more than just about music. There is also a dance company, which is a project of his wife. With much rehearsals and talent in the company’s routines and shows, this dance company is now known to be one of the best dance companies in the world.

The Shoji Tabuchi Theater also added a hint of Japanese culture in his shows through the taiko drumming. He hopes that this art form will be able to recreate the origin of the spirit of the Japanese people. In Japan, the taiko drums were used back then as a symbol of the community, and to scare off enemies in battle. Taiko drums were essential because these also dictated the limits of a community by how far the reach of the drum sounds were. In the Tabuchi Theater, you can see 25 taiko drums of different sizes. The largest is called odaiko, whcich was hand crafted by Asano Taiko. The smallest drum is called shime-daiko, having the highest pitch.

The shows of Shoji Tabuchi are considered a Branson tradition for many. Everytime a family gets to visit Branson and watch the Shoji Tabuchi show, they are sure to be back the next time. For tickets to the Shoji Tabuchi Theater in Branson, you can call the Thousand Hills Concierge at 1-877-262-0430. Plan your Branson trip now and catch a show in the Shoji Tabuchi Theater.


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Stay in a Condo with Your Family This Winter

Branson Winter CondosWinter can be a great time for families to visit Branson. As long as you pack and dress for warmth, you can enjoy some great activities and festivals in Branson that only come around during the colder months of the year! In planning a family winter trip to Branson, the question “where will we stay?” will probably come up at some point. You will certainly want to book somewhere with ample room for both adults and children, somewhere where you and your family can come in after a cold day and make cocoa or watch a movie; somewhere that you wouldn’t mind getting snowed in if the weather got bad, or if the road conditions were hazardous. Not to worry – Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort has your family covered with their outstanding condos!

One of the nicest things about the Branson condos at Thousand Hills is the option of space – if you are planning a large family gathering in the Midwest this winter, you have the option to book a townhouse that sleeps twelve people. If it will just be you and your spouse, you can book a condo that only sleeps two. And if the kids are coming, you can pick from condos that sleep up to four, six or eight people! With so many luxurious options, ranging from roomy to cozy, there will always be plenty of Branson condos to meet your family’s needs.

The Thousand Hills condos feature a lot of great, family friendly amenities for your stay; a fully equipped kitchen is available for making cookies with the kids, or a meal with mom and dad. So if you are tired of eating out during your trip, you can have a real family sit down dinner without leaving the comfort of your condo! Each condo also comes with TVs and a DVD player for those cozy family movie nights. A whirl pool tub or Jacuzzi in your condo can provide hours of relaxation for grownups, or hours of fun in the tub for little ones! Free Wi-Fi and cable television channels are also provided for those days when it might be too cold to head into town. And finally, washers, dryers and ironing boards are also included in your stay in case the kids (or you!) run out of laundry!

When your family is ready to venture out of your awesome condo, Thousand Hills offers indoor swimming pools and an exercise facility for your enjoyment. And of course, your condo is only minutes away from all of the great family fun that Branson has to offer! Silver Dollar City, Presley’s Country Jubilee, the Sight and Sound Theater, and the Butterfly Palace all make or some great winter family fun in Branson.

Branson condos from Thousand Hills are the perfect lodging choice for a winter family vacation. Once you stay in one, you’ll never ask “where will we stay?” again!

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Connect to Branson with Social Media

Social media is one of the most used forms of networking these days. People use it to connect with old school friends from years past, or to keep in touch with far away relatives. Social media is used to plan events, or to alert people of upcoming festivities. Contests and promotions are held through social media platforms, and of course, businesses use social media to better connect with their customers. These platforms are a great way to stay informed and in touch – and did you know that there are many different ways to stay connected to Branson with social media? Get ready to view the Branson social life the next time you scroll through your newsfeed!

Facebook: Facebook has quickly become one of the most famous social media pages in the world – and there are plenty of Branson centered Facebook pages for you to like and share! A great place to get introduced to Branson social media is through the Explore Branson Facebook page; here, you will be able to scroll through photos of Branson, find links to different attraction pages, and read informative articles about the Live Entertainment Capital of the Midwest. You will also want to click like on the Branson Chamber Facebook page! Here you can connect to the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and get up to date information about the latest happenings in Branson. And don’t forget about the Thousand Hills pages as well! You can connect with other people who have experienced the fantastic lodging that Thousand Hills has to offer, as well as keep up with different events around town.

Twitter: Twitter is a popular social media platform for posting ‘tweets’ – short blurbs of information that are usually accompanied by a few hashtags. And Branson has plenty to tweet about! Follow Explore Branson on Twitter for up to the minute tweets and photos about Branson social events like parades and festivals. Silver Dollar City has their own Twitter page – follow them for great park photos, and tag them in your own. Thousand Hills also sports their own Twitter page – check it often for new tweets about their cabins, condos and more!

Instagram: Instagram is all about pictures – and luckily for Branson social media, there are several Branson centered users for you to follow! Explore Branson has a vast array of pictures to scroll through, many of which have been submitted by area visitors, which gives you a great perspective of Branson. The Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce has an Instagram account too – be sure to follow them for an insider look around town!

These are just a handful of ways for you to get your Branson social media fix. Be sure to share photos, hashtag, like and tweet your own Branson adventures – then other folks can have an opportunity to connect with the great town of Branson through social media!

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Living Comfortably at the Cabins at Grand Mountain



Branson Missouri is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Midwest. Not only because of the live music shows, but it also has the best theme parks, outlet malls, restaurants, and many others. In Branson, you get to have an endless opportunity for fun and adventure with the activities and attractions that you can enjoy here. A lot of tourists who have visited Branson want to come back because there is just too much fun in this place!

Every memorable vacation in a place is coupled with a great lodging experience. You can’t enjoy much if you don’t enjoy your very own home away from home. When you plan a trip to Branson, always choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort your only lodging choice. Thousand Hills is in the perfect location. It is right in Highway 76, which is also known as the entertainment district of Branson. Although Thousand Hills is close to the theaters and concert scenes in Branson, there is still no need to worry since the lodging places are situated in a place far away from the noise. You still get to have the peace and relaxation that you deserve.

One of the most popular lodging choices in Branson is the Cabins at Grand Mountain. It is popular for families who want a quiet and tranquil atmosphere so they can have quality time together. It is perfect for couples who want peace and privacy on their romantic getaway. The Cabins at Grand Mountains in Thousand Hills are located in a rustic and wooded setting to make you feel that you are indeed on a vacation. These cabins at Thousand Hills are situated in the rolling foothills of the Ozark Mountain Country, hence its name “Grand Mountain.” The cabins are made from Colorado cut spruce logs, and the interiors are decorated so as to flow well with the natural landscape in the surroundings.

There are a lot of options in Thousand Hills when you rent a log cabin. You can choose among units that can sleep 2 people, to units that can sleep up to 16 people. Your log cabin rental already comes with jetted tubs, fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchens, fireplaces, a porch, cable TVs, DVD player, and free high-speed wireless internet.


Staying in the Cabins at Grand Mountain is already a great experience in itself. Your next vacation in Branson should be spent with a Thousand Hills’ cabin rental. For more inquiries and for reservations on the log cabins in Thousand Hills, contact 1-877-262-0430. 

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The A-List Life in Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum



We often see wax used in candles, papers, and many other uses. But have you ever imagined using wax in making replica of famous men and women? Yes, and there is even a museum for life-sized wax figures here in Branson. Branson Missouri is known to be the ultimate vacation destination in the Midwest simply because guests continually find something interesting to do. Never a dull moment. That is the Branson promise.

Come to the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson. It is located on Highway 76, and it is certainly a museum that you could not miss. The museum itself is beside an attraction like Mount Rushmore, but instead of the faces of presidents, you can see Hollywood stars. This version is called Mount Hollywood, and it is actually one of the most photographed places in Branson. You can also see the Great Ape of Branson on the top of a skyscraper replica above the museum. The Branson Hollywood Wax Museum is the only museum in Branson that is dedicated to the stars – people who made a mark in Hollywood. Without a doubt, this museum is a famous attraction for kids and adults alike.

As you go inside the Wax Museum, you will be amazed at how life-like are the figures created from plain old globs of wax and clay. You can even take your own photos with the celebrities. Have a selfie with Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Willie Nelson, Michael Jackson, and many more. You can also learn more about the stars by reading some unique facts and trivia about them.

While taking photos with the wax celebrities might take up much of your time, there is still more attractions in this museum. As you go next door, you will find the Castle of Chaos, which is a big hit with the teens. The Castle of Chaos is a haunted video game ride where you can scream your hearts out as you engage in a gun fight with the ghouls. Another attraction is Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors. This is one where you go in a maze to save Princess Hannah.


Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum is open to the public all year round. Museum hours may vary depending on the season so visit their website at to check on the operating hours. Special group rates are also available, and Branson locals get free admission on their birthday! What a treat! For your Branson trip to the Hollywood Wax Museum, choose to stay in a place that is near the museum. Stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort, where you can have the perfect lodging choice whether you’re going as a group, couple, or even solo. To inquire and to reserve units in Thousand Hills, call 1-877-262-0430.

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Dinner and Entertainment in Branson’s Dixie Stampede




The place called Branson is almost synonymous to entertainment. When you visit Branson Missouri, your expectations of world-class fun and entertainment will never fall short. Aside from the entertainment in Branson, the dining experience in Branson is also a must-try. Now what do we have if we combine good food with great entertainment? You have a Branson Dixie Stampede experience!


For some Branson guests, Dixie Stampede has been a part of their family tradition. The Dixie Stampede dinner show showcases live animals, dramatic lights, sounds, and pyrotechnics. You can even see stuntmen and women do tricks on horseback. These tricks combined with special effects and musical productions guarantee you of a unique dining experience. It is only in Branson where you can find this kind of entertainment.


Your ticket to the Branson Dixie Stampede entitles you to a unique dining experience and sumptuous food, too. You get to have a four-course feast delivered to you as you enjoy watching the live entertainment before you. The feast will include a whole rotisserie chicken, barbecued pork loin, vegetable soup, corn on the cob, herb basted potato, homemade biscuit and a decadent dessert. If you are a vegetarian, you can also request for such meal to the servers. A vegetarian meal in Dixie Stampede includes a garden vegetable salad, vegetable soup, corn on the cob, herb basted potato, homemade biscuit and dessert. Aside from the meal, your ticket also grants you access to the Carriage Room pre-show. Here you can walk in the stables to see Quarter Horse, Palomino, Paint, and Appaloosa horse breeds. In the Carriage Room, you also get to have a comedy show from Mountain Rukus. During the pre-show, you can also order popcorn, peanuts, and sodas in the Carriage Room.


The Dixie Stampede season starts in February and ends in December. If you visit Dixie Stampede during the holidays, you also get to enjoy the Dixie Family Christmas, and the costumes and lights around the arena. For Dixie Stampede show details, visit You can also get tickets to the Dixie Stampede show through the Thousand Hills Concierge.


As you go on a vacation in Branson, make it even more perfect by choosing to stay in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is located in the heart of Branson’s entertainment district so there would be no problem if you want to see more shows in the area. There are also several lodging options in Branson to suit your needs. Whether you are vacationing with the family or with a friend, Thousand Hills has the perfect unit for you. For lodging inquiries and reservations in Thousand Hills, call 1-877-262-0430.

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A Big Branson Experience in Branson IMAX Complex



Branson Missouri is not only a place to the music lovers, it is also a favorite destination for the movie goers. For the movie enthusiasts, the best experience in watching a movie is having the best seats in the theaters, crisp and clear surround sound systems and cinema screens. Movie goers in Branson frequent the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex. It is where you get to see your favorite movies in the most comfortable way, plus you are also treated to shopping spree and live music shows.

The Branson IMAX Complex boasts of its giant IMAX screen that is six stories tall and 83 feet wide. This theater can hold 22,000 watts of surround sound to amplify your movie viewing experience. Some of the films that you can see are Rocky Mountain Express, Flight of the Butterflies, Tornado Alley, and Ozarks Legacy and Legend. You can also find the Elite Cinema III in Branson IMAX Complex. The Elite Cinema III is considered one of the best theaters in Branson. It is where you can watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters with a stadium style seating, oversized seats, and Tempur-Pedic foam seat pads.

Aside from the great movie experience, the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex also gives live shows to enjoy. There is the Little Opry Theater where you can see local talents such as the Petersen Family Bluegrass Band. Other shows in the Little Opry Theater that you can catch are Johnny Cash Songbook, A Tribute to John Denver, Hank Williams Revisited, Smoke on the Mountain, Sanders Family Christmas, A Tribute to Marty Robbins, Patsy Cline Remembered, and many more.

So you already have an enjoyable movie and live show experience in Branson IMAX Complex. That’s not enough yet, since it still has something more to offer. Shopping in Branson IMAX is also one of the main attractions in this place. There are 17 specialty shops where you can look for all kinds of unique gifts and souvenir items. Some of the shops that you can find are D&D Leather, Fabulous Finds, Kelly’s World Famous Eucalyptus Oil, Ozark Mountain Quilts, Mini Masseuse, Fashion Liquidators, The Shadow Box, and a lot more.

Lastly, end your Branson IMAX experience with good food. Try dining at the McFarlain’s Family Restaurant, which is located inside the complex. Enjoy their burgers, chicken sandwiches, meatloaf, chicken pot pie, and their other bestsellers.


Have the best Branson experience by staying in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. It is located close to the theaters of Branson, and a short drive from Branson IMAX. You can choose from Branson log cabins, lakefront condos, and golf homes to be your abode during your vacation. Reserve your very own unit now by calling 1-877-262-0430.

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A Unique Experience in the Showboat Branson Belle


A vacation right now sounds perfect. And so is having a cruise during your vacation. If you want to experience a cruise without spending that much money, then head over to Branson Missouri! Branson offers you a cruise like no other without the heavy price tag.


Branson’s Showboat Branson Belle is your cheaper yet equally breathtaking alternative to a luxury cruise right here in Branson. The Showboat Branson Belle is a 3-decker boat where you can experience the marvelous views of nature in Branson. Be amazed by the beauty of the Table Rock Lake as you stroll through it. You can also enjoy a hearty 3-course meal in the boat while you get to be entertained by the shows. The Showboat features world-class performers and musicians that will surely please you as in your Showboat trip. This Branson attraction also served as home to a world-class performer and the one and only aerial violinist in the world, Janice Martin. The singing group The ShowMen and the comedian Christopher James are also in the house to give you the whole entertainment package. Be amazed, be entertained in Branson’s Showboat Branson Belle!


The Showboat Branson Belle has been an attraction in Branson for almost 20 years. This showboat is a paddleboat which has a peak speed of 11 mph. A ticket to the Showboat Branson Belle entitles you to two hours of pure entertainment, laughter, awe, and a happy tummy at that, too. The feast inside the showboat is freshly prepared from the ship’s galley so you can have your meal hot and fresh.


This riverboat gives you more than that! It also gives you a shopping experience inside a showboat! How cool is that? While the passengers are onboard, they can visit the White River Landing, which contains Layton’s Mercantile, McAdoo’s Boatworks, and On Board Boutique to cap off your Showboat Branson Belle trip. Layton’s Mercantile offers you various ladies’ accessories, apparels, and also home décor items. Not only that, you can also buy from here sweets like candies, jams, jellies, butters, and many others. If you are not sure what to buy, you can always get free samples to help you decide. In Layton’s Mercantile, there is a Showboat Box Office. This is where you can pick up your reserved tickets, make reservations for your next cruise, and learn some information about the Showboat Branson Belle.


All of these experience can be all yours for only $49! This includes everything from the cruise to the dinner to the show. At this price, the Showboat Branson Belle experience is definitely a steal! Next time, you should look no more on expensive cruises because the Showboat Branson Belle definitely equals the experience! For more information about the showboat, just dial 1-800-888-7277.

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