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Life is Full of Adventure and Fun at the Branson Arcades

Arcade games became so popular with adolescents and young adults that is usually operated by coins. Branson arcades have a variety of state-of-the-art games that include skee-ball, video games, driving games, and hunting and sporting games.  There are also varieties of redemption games that dispense tickets which can be redeemed at the end of game for a prize. Arcade games are something amusing when played at local arcade while you pump quarters in any of the games.

Wild World Arcade Games LogoBranson’s Wild World features a number of arcade games and all open for guests of all ages. In this Wild World, you can see water creatures like crocodiles, sharks, turtles, alligators, lizards, and other interesting animals.  In addition to these creatures, the place features a “Jungle Arcade.” The arcade offers a number of pool tables and video games and more. With a small fee, anyone can enjoy every game in the arcade. Branson’s Wild World is also perfect for birthday parties and other special occasions. 

If you like to feel the adrenaline rush that comes while you accelerate the pedal, then check out Crazy Taxi High Roller game which is one of the most popular arcade games of all time.  This game will position you in the driver’s seat of a crazy taxi in some of the most interesting cities in America – from Las Vegas to the streets of San Francisco. This game features a killer soundtrack from artists such as Bad Religion, The Offspring, and Methods of Mayhem that will let you ride in style as you pick up passengers to a long journey.

If you have dreamed of marching with a football team down the field in the last two minutes to win the Super Bowl, and while you are not suited yet with the pros, you can still play this great game with the NFL Two Minute Drill. This action-filled arcade game features four pop out targets and three different sized stationary targets that you must hit with a football in order to score. You can heave touchdown passes without getting tackled – and this a deal you simply can’t ignore.

When you are in Branson and drive along Highway 76, you will easily notice the go-kart tracks and mini-golf courses that mark the landscape. You’ll never notice that some of the attractions in the area have arcades inside some of the buildings. In the area, there are arcades in tracks 3 and 5 that offer a variety of games, including driving games, dance games, Skee-Ball, and hunting/sporting games.  In the arcade, you can play games for tickets that are redeemable after you finished playing.

There is another place that offers arcade games, the Grand Country Square where you and family can enjoy many of the games. From Big Bag Wheel to Guitar Hero, there is always something enjoyable for everyone in the arcade.

If you are planning a wonderful trip this summer season, bring your family for some fun and experience to play some of the popular games in Branson arcades.


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Beat the Heat by Visiting the Branson Tri-Lakes Area

Lake Swimming LogoIf you want to experience a perfect vacation this summer season, come to the Branson Tri-Lakes Area where you can beat the summer heat by participating in various outdoor activities. The three pristine lakes Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo, and Bull Shoals Lake offer world-class recreational water adventures that include wakeboarding, swimming, water skiing, scuba diving, parasailing, boating, kayaking, and of course fishing. Branson Tri-Lakes Area also offers camping where it is accessible to many public marinas and area resorts. 

The commercial marinas and resorts in all three lakes in Branson offer an array of boat rentals including ski boats, bass boats, pontoon boats, and wave runners. In Branson Tri-Lakes Area you can find dock facilities with guide service offered by many area resorts and marinas. Table Rock Lake which is one of the three pristine lakes in the area was created after the construction of the Table Rock Dam. The Table Rock Dam releases or discharges water and it flows to Lake Taneycomo.  During the construction of Powersite Dam in Forsyth, Missouri in 1913, it created Bull Shoals Lake. This lake features the finest freshwater fish in the world. The popularity of Bull Shoals Lake has been justified with the abundance of trout, walleye, and panfish.

Many visitors come to Table Rock Lake which is considered a paradise for scuba divers, campers, and boaters. During summer season, the lake boasts 80 degree of crystal clear water which is perfect for all kinds of water sports adventures. On the lakeside of Table Rock Lake, you can explore scenic hiking trails, caves on the banks, and picnic sites. Several bass angling tournaments are also regularly held in the lake.   

The lake that is considered number one trout fishing in the United States is the Lake Taneycomo that has a length of 22 miles. Lake Taneycomo features several species of pan fish including largemouth bass, German brown trout, small mouth bass, bluegill, and cutthroat trout. The lake’s clear cold waters provide exciting fishing experience all year round. Aside from boating and wading, angling on the lakeside can also be enjoyed for trout fishing. Lake Taneycomo is accessible to the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery, where you will learn how many fish trout is produced annually.

Bull Shoals Lake has about 1,000 miles of pristine shoreline that boasts clear and clean water. The lake is perfect for scuba diving, boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, and fishing. All year round, the lake offers excellent fishing with the abundance of different kinds of fish. The lake is also famous for white bass and walleye fishing. Marinas in the lake feature motor boats for rent, supplies for sale, and guides for hire. Water sports activities such as cruising by motorboat or sailboat and skiing are some of the popular water recreational activities in the lake.

If you want to enjoy exciting water sports activities in the lakes this summer season, come to Branson Tri-Lakes Area and enjoy fun activities the beautiful lakes have to offer.


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Witness Golf Greatness in Legends of Golf Tournament


Branson is not just about the live music shows which made it famous worldwide. It is also a haven for sports enthusiasts. It has a lot of sports for you to enjoy, both as a player and as a spectator. One of the sports that people enjoy much in Branson is golf. In fact, Branson has the best golf courses in the entire state. If you want to participate or watch a golf tournament, visit Branson this June for the Legends of Golf presented by the Bass Pro Shops.

On June 2 to 8, 2014, a very exciting golf tournament will happen in Branson. Also called as the Champions Tour, this is a membership organization of professional golfers 50 years and older. This tourney was first held in 1980 as the Senior PGA Tour. Having started out with just four events and purses amounting to $475,000, this event has come a long way to what it is today. The points that the payers earned in the official Charles Schwab Cup events will determine the Charles Schwab champion, which is a whole season’s worth of games to determine the Champion Tour’s leading player. The Champion Tour’s primary purpose is to give its players financial opportunities. Also, it aims to entertain and inspire the fans and the golf enthusiasts through its games. It also delivers value to its partners and creates outlets for volunteers to give back to the community. This tournament does not only promote the game of golf, but it is also creates an impact in the lives of other people in the communities in which it plays. In the year 2010, all three Tours of the tournaments was able to generate $120 million for local charitable organizations. For all the years that the tournament was held, it has already donated more than $1.6 billion to several organizations.

The Legends of Golf tournaments will be held in Top of the Rock and Buffalo Ridge Golf Courses. If you want to watch the games, just head on to these golf courses.

Make the most out of your stay in Branson by seeing other attractions that the place is famous for. If you are looking for the perfect lodging place in Branson, look no further and head on to Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. This place offers you the best lodging options, and it also has an exceptional golf course so you can hone your own talent in golf. Who knows, you might just find yourself playing with the pros someday. Thousand Hills is also close to Branson’s entertainment district to make it even more convenient for you. What are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Branson now, and get ready for some intense golf action! 

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Have a Reel Good Time with the Whole Family at the Bull Shoals Lake

Fishing at the Bull Shoals Lake has never been this exciting in Branson as the lake has the finest fresh water in the world. The clear and clean water of the lake covers 1,000 miles of pristine shoreline. Bull Shoals Lake covers an area of 45,000 acres and mostly surrounded by deep forests. This man-made lake was formed after the completion in 1952 of the Bull Shoals Dam. It was constructed to produce hydroelectric power for the purpose of controlling flood coming from the White River basin.

Bull SHoals Finshing LogoFishing at the Bull Shoals Lake is a wonderful recreation that becomes popular because of great abundance of fabulous wall eye and white bass. The lake is not only a favorite fishing destination, but also a great place for swimming, scuba diving, water skiing, wakeboarding, boating, and parasailing. In the Bull Shoals Lake you can find marinas and area resorts that offer boats and a variety of sports equipments for rent, supplies on sale, and guides fore hire.

Bull Shoals Lake garnered several angling records in the states of Missouri and Arkansas. The lake also achieved wide recognition when it improved fish habitat and enhanced fishing in the area. The stream coming from Bull Shoals Dam that drifts to the White River has an abundance of trout and produced state records for brown and rainbow trout in the Midwest.  Fishing in the Bull Shoals Lake is the most favorite recreation wanted to be enjoyed first by visitors from all over the country. Largemouth bass, white bass, striped bass, and black bass are all abundant in the lake that can be angled easily by fishing enthusiasts.

Boating is also one of the most popular water sports activities in Bull Shoals Lake.  Area resorts and several marinas in the lake offer multiple boat docks for boating enthusiasts so they can buy supplies including fuel for their boats for them to set sail. At the dock facilities in the Bull Shoals Lake, boaters can rent boats, Wave Runners, take service of a guide for fishing trip, rent a houseboat, scuba gear, and other water sports equipments. The dock facilities also feature a full floating marina store that sells reels and rods, marine hardware, sunglasses, clothing, snacks and many more to boaters.

If you want to experience other water sports adventure aside from boating and fishing, try a little more thrilling adventure, scuba diving in the lake. Exciting water adventure under the waves can be greatly enjoyed by advanced divers or even by beginners. Bull Shoals Lake is called sometimes the “Caribbean of the Midwest” by scuba diving enthusiasts. Diving classes are offered for advanced and beginner in the lake. Be entertained for hours on the lake floor with its sunken boats, beautiful rock formations, and hundreds of different types of fish.

For a fun and exciting fishing trip, boating, and diving adventure, visit the Bull Shoals Lake this summer and stay at one of the best accommodations of the Thousand Hills Golf Resort.


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Fire Up the Grill at the Silver Dollar City Bluegrass and BBQ Festival

SDC Bluegrass and BBQ Festival LogoSilver Dollar City Bluegrass & BBQ Festival is a combination of two events of classic American traditions of great music and barbecue food feast that are celebrated in a truly enjoyable presentation. The Bluegrass portion of the festival features more than 50 bands performing hundreds of shows throughout the 16-day fest. Bluegrass musicians and singers coming from around the country come to Silver Dollar City in Branson to show their talents. Bluegrass is about traditional music that is influenced by the ancestors of early American settlers. The Irish and Scots influenced the fiddle music, whereas the music rhythms portray an African influence

Visitors of all ages come to Silver Dollar City Bluegrass and BBQ Festival each year to enjoy the great performance of live bluegrass music.  This festival was organized in the 1950s and gained wide popularity as generations continued to patronize the event that added delights and innovations that make the bluegrass music and savory barbecue foods the best as ever. This festival brings both the country’s traditional and contemporary music by a group of musicians performing with a common goal of entertaining visitors. The festival helps uphold the traditional and contemporary forms of live bluegrass music in inspiring people of all ages.

Silver Dollar City Bluegrass and BBQ Festival features astounding music from rising stars and barbecue creations by famous barbecue experts. Experience the exciting attractions and activities in the festival and savor the sumptuous taste of barbecue at the House of Barbecue in Red Golf Heritage Hall. Whether you have a passion in weekend grilling or a barbecue aficionado, don’t miss to visit Sauce Shack and Bottle Neck Bros.

Traditional and contemporary music in the festival will not be complete without the sumptuous and delicious barbecue foods. There are about more than 300 BBQ sauces that can be tasted by visitors at the House of BBQ in the festival. And there are lots of BBQ creations to choose from around America: Carolina pulled pork, Memphis-style dry rub ribs, Kansas City smoked chicken, and Texas-style beef brisket. The Bluegrass and BBQ Festival in Silver Dollar City features the finest grill companies that offer an awesome display of barbecue delights and mouth watering delicacies.

The bluegrass festival at the Silver Dollar City today features artists with their award-winning music such as The Grascals (the Grammy-nominated group); Rhonda Vincent (dubbed as the “Queen of Bluegrass Music” by the Wall Street Journal); Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver (6-time IBMA Vocal Group of the Year winners); Blue Highway (the IBMA Vocal Group of the Year); the Gibson Brothers (winner of the 2012 IBMA Entertainer of the Year); and The Baxcars (5-time Grammy winner and 9-time IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year). Plus many other guest performers such as The Bankesters, the Snyder Family, the Hillbenders, and the Monroeville.

If you want to enjoy a great entertainment with sumptuous BBQ foods and astounding traditional and contemporary bluegrass music by many award-winning artists, come to Silver Dollar City Bluegrass and BBQ Festival in Branson.


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10 Things to Love about Summer Season in Branson

Summer in Branson LogoBranson, Missouri is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in the Midwest. With just a population of 10,000, Branson attracts annual visitors of over 8 million. Summer in Branson is perfect for families who want to visit exciting attractions that appeal to visitors of all ages. Whether you want to spend a day at an amusement park or decide to watch one of the world’s famous live entertainment shows, Branson has everything for the entire families in every corner.

During summer season, there are 10 enjoyable and exciting things visitors love to visit in Branson.  One of these things is the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner Show that offers a rodeo-themed show accompanied with four-course dinner. Dixie Stampede Musical Rodeo was picked by the Travel Channel as one of the must-see Branson attractions. The next exciting place to visit is the Track Family Fun Park an amusement park that allows parents to go-kart racing with their kids. The park offers a full day of entertainment and fun. Silver Dollar City is another beautiful attraction which is the most widely visited spot in Branson. The park offers many thrill rides and features food options including ice cream parlor and a candy store.

The Shepherd of the Hills Homestead is one of the most beautiful Branson attractions where tourism boom in the area all began. A bestselling book in 1907 bearing the same name attracted tourists who were in search of the characters and the Ozarks setting of the novel. Branson Landing is a great shopping paradise that features outlet shops, bars, restaurants that sits next to Lake Taneycomo. The center of attraction of this beautiful Branson project is the Water and Fire Fountain which was extravagantly constructed at a cost of $7.5 million.

Live Entertainment District in Branson offers more theater seats than Broadway. Your trip to this entertainment district will not be complete without experiencing at least one of its world-famous live entertainment shows. The ABBA Dancing Queen, features lookalike singers who perform spot-on renditions of various ABBA’s musical hits.

The Titanic Museum in Branson offers a great collection of artifacts from passengers of the ill-fated RMS Titanic. A boarding pass is given to each visitor upon boarding to experience how Titanic passengers enjoyed the luxury of cruising. Another great museum to visit is the Hollywood Wax Museum that is devoted solely to Hollywood celebrities. The museum allows visitors to stand beside the life-size wax figures of famous Hollywood stars.

This season it is great to visit the White Water Park where you can beat the summer heat.  Popular attractions in the park include the 7,000 feet of water slides and the Aloha River. Showboat Branson Belle located on Table Rock Lake is the last best thing to visit in Branson. This showboat which is powered by two paddle wheelers offers two-hour river cruise with live entertainment show while enjoying a three-course meal.

If you want to see many wonderful attractions and exciting activities that include visits to live entertainment shows, museums, and amusement parks, come to Branson this summer season.


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The Perfect Branson Nightly Rentals



Branson is a place known to have lots and lots of adventures and fun. It is truly the perfect vacation place for your family, friends, and loved ones. In Branson, you never run out of things to do as it makes your vacation itinerary jam-packed. If you have already planned for your Branson vacation, you also should know where to stay in Branson to make your vacation a perfect one.


There are lots to see in Branson. You can visit Branson’s famous theme park, Silver Dollar City, and enjoy the thrills and excitement that it can offer you. You can also go to the unique and fun museums in Branson to learn fun facts and tidbits. You can surely learn a thing or two about Hollywood stars in Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum, or about bizarre facts from Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, or about the famous unsinkable Titanic in Branson’s Titanic Museum. There are also outdoor adventures that you can have with Branson’s many nature parks and lake activities.


To make it all more convenient for you, stay in a place close to all the action. The perfect place to stay would be in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is located in Highway 76, where the entertainment and shopping districts of Branson is also located. Thousand Hills is very near all the happenings in Branson but it also makes sure that it becomes your home; that you can have peace and quiet during your stay. It is also near the Ozark Mountains so you get a breath of fresh air and also a breathtaking view.


Unlike other places, Thousand Hills Golf Resort offers you a twist for your nightly rentals in Branson. You don’t get to stay in your usual hotel rooms or motel rooms. Instead, Thousand Hills gives you a homier option so you can be comfortable – Branson cabins, golf front condos, and lake front condos. Nightly rentals of these Branson lodging options come with the best amenities to ensure an enjoyable stay in Branson. Amenities include fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, and also a fully equipped kitchen. These lodging options also have cable televisions with premium cable channels, and DVD players so you can be entertained while resting in your cabin or condo. There is also free wireless internet so you can stay connected to the online world. Apart from the swimming pool access that is available for all lodging options, renting a lakefront condo also gives you swimming access to Table Rock Lake and a resort dock.


Choose the Branson lodging option that is most suitable for you and the people you come with to Branson. You can have a one bedroom rental to five bedroom rental, depending on your choice. For your Branson vacation, just go with the best – only in Thousand Hills Golf Resort.

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Celebrate Outdoor Fun at the Bluegrass & BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City

Grascals LogoBluegrass & BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City is a yearly event that features food extravaganza and American traditional music performed by award-winning artists. Come and enjoy in this astounding festival with the combination of traditional music and food fest that will be held on May 8 to June 1 this summer season.  Savor the taste of delightful barbecue at The House of BBQ in Red Golf Heritage Hall. The two events of American traditions of classical music and the barbecue food feast are celebrated in a truly entertaining presentation at the Bluegrass & BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City.

The Bluegrass presentation of American traditions of classical music features 50 bands with entertaining performances of hundred shows in the 16-day Bluegrass & BBQ Festival. The singers and musicians that perform under the Bluegrass festival come to Branson to show their musical talents. The ancestors of American settlers influenced the Bluegrass presentation of traditional music in the festival. The traditional fiddle music was influenced by the Irish and Scots, whereas the rhythms of the music portray an African influence.


Many visitors from across the country come to Bluegrass & BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City every year to enjoy great entertainment of live bluegrass music and great BBQ foods. It was in 1950 when the festival was first organized that later gained popularity as more patrons continued to visit the event with added innovations and delights that make the bluegrass music and delicious barbecue foods the best as ever. This festival at Silver Dollar City brings the country’s traditional music by a group of performers to entertain visitors of all ages.

Bluegrass & BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City features astounding music from famous singers and delicious barbecue creations by well-known barbecue experts. The BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City gives everyone the opportunity to savor the delicious taste of barbecue. Whether you are a barbecue lover or have a passion in weekend grilling, don’t miss to taste the delicious barbecue at Sauce Shack and Bottle Neck Bros. If you love American traditional music and enjoy the savory taste of barbecue foods, don’t miss to visit the Bluegrass & BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City.

The Bluegrass portion of the festival at the Silver Dollar City features award-winning musicians such as The Grascals (The Grammy-nominated group); Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver (6-time IBMA Vocal Group of the Year winners); Rhonda Vincent (dubbed as the “Queen of Bluegrass Music” by the Wall Street Journal); the Gibson Brothers (winner of the 2012 IBMA Entertainer of the Year); Blue Highway (the IBMA Vocal Group of the Year); and the Baxcards (5-time Grammy winner and 9-time IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year). Other guest entertainers include The Snyder Family, The Bankesters, The Monroeville, and The Hillbenders.


If you want to enjoy a great entertainment with delicious BBQ foods and astounding traditional bluegrass music by many award-winning artists, come to the Bluegrass & BBQ Festival at Silver Dollar City in Branson.


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A Branson Condo For Your Weekend Getaway


It has been months since the new year has started and you have been working real hard. Don’t you think you deserve a quick getaway to unwind and get some steam off? No one else deserves an enchanting weekend vacation than you! And for the best Branson vacation, make sure you choose the best lodging place too!

The best lodging places in Branson can be found in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills offers you many lodging options. It has nightly rentals for Branson condo units, too. Break the routing of having to go to hotels for your vacation. In Branson, you are offered a Branson condo so you do not have to rent out multiple hotel rooms if you are coming over in large groups. The Branson condo units in Thousand Hills come in 1 to 4 bedroom condo units to make it all easy and convenient for you and your group.

To add to the reasons why you should stay in Thousand Hills is the place’s location. Thousand Hills is situated very near Branson’s entertainment district and shopping district. You are sure to be close to all the live music shows and concerts, and also to the festivals happening in Branson. Also, you are located close to the best outlet malls in Branson so you can shop until you drop for your vacation. Not only that you will also have access to all of Branson’s best restaurants. Staying in Thousand Hills Golf Resort assures you that you will not miss any of the thrills that Branson brings. You may ask how you can find some peace and quiet for your vacation rest if you are this close to the city. Thousand Hills has the answer to that. Living in Thousand Hills is like living in nature’s warmth. It is a totally whole new environment once you step into you Branson condo to get some rest after an adventure-filled day. You get to be close to the Ozark Mountains and Table Rock Lake so you can find the peace and quiet you deserve.

The Branson condo units in Thousand Hills also has great amenities that are way beyond what you experience in hotels. It only gives you top-of-the-line amenities to give you luxury for your vacation. The Branson condo units in Thousand Hills has fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, with king-sized beds and a Jacuzzi tub. There is also a fully equipped kitchen for you to use. The Branson condo also has a private patio or deck and a spacious living room if you want some alone time or family bonding session. The televisions in the condo are all equipped with premium cable channels, along with a DVD player so you can have your usual movie nights even while on vacation. You can also share your wonderful experience in Thousand Hills to the whole world with the condo’s free wireless internet.

What more can you ask for in a condo unit that offers you hotel living? Make your move now and reserve your very own Branson condo unit in Thousand Hills! Just dial 1-877-262-0430.

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A Lakeside Sizzling Summer at the Branson Table Rock Lake

The scorching heat in summer season is not a problem for you and family who want to spend a fantastic and fun-packed adventure at the Table Rock Lake. With the family activities at the Table Rock Lake, residents and visitors alike are delighted to see the lake that was formed during the damming of White River in 1958. Along the banks of the Table Rock Lake, you will find many unique attractions that can be enjoyed best during summer time. The beautiful natural shoreline, bluffs, and wildlife are well preserved by the conservationists and environmentalists in the area.

Showboat on the Table Rock Lake LogoThe Table Rock Lake has an area of 52,300 acres and with a shoreline of about 750 miles. The lake is also best known as a popular bass fishing lake. The lake has abundant teems of crappie, large bluegill, and bass. At the bottom of the lake, catfish of all sizes are also abundant. If you want to try fishing, boating or swimming around the lake, you can get an experienced fishing guide at the area resorts and marinas to help make your lake adventure full of fun.

Table Rock Lake also features more than a dozen restaurants that serve lake excursionists and boaters alike. Many of the restaurants provide courtesy docks. In the coves of Table Rock Lake, you can enjoy delicious treats which are abundant in every corner of the lake. The lake has several full-service marinas and resorts where you can grab delicious foods and other supplies while your boat is refueling. You can also find marinas at the Table Rock Dam and Kimberling City that have upscale restaurants offering fine dining.

In the Kimberling City area of Table Rock Lake, you can find several eateries that offer delicious cuisines from casual to slightly upscale choices. There are also many dine-in restaurants on the lake that feature evening entertainment on weekends. While you are in the Table Rock Lake, get the chance to board the Showboat Branson Belle (a paddle wheeler river boat). When you get onboard this fantastic paddle wheeler boat, you can enjoy a beautiful cruise on the lake with live entertainment onboard while dinner is being served.

Table Rock Lake feature lots of attractions and interesting places to enjoy. The lake has more than 100 resorts to choose from, that give more reasons to enjoy a wonderful summer vacation. At the Branson side of the Table Rock Lake, many visitors choose to stay in this area for more entertaining attractions. As this side of the lake is near the entertainment district of Branson, the area not only offers visitors great live entertainment shows that feature world-famous performers, you can also find shopping outlets and fine restaurants where you can buy unique gift items, souvenirs and of course a taste of savory foods in the best restaurant you like to dine in.

If you want to experience a sizzling summer in the lakeside of the Table Rock Lake that feature many exciting outdoor adventures, come to Branson and stay at Thousand Hills Golf Resort.


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