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Experience Andy William’s Moon River Theater


Branson Missouri is one place where all the good theaters can be found. This is definitely heaven for all the theater geeks and play goers out there. Because of this, there is no doubt that Branson is now dubbed as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. If you are planning for your vacation to the Midwest, make sure you know where to catch the best shows in Branson.

One of Branson’s fantastic theaters is the Andy Williams Moon River Theater. Named after Andy Williams, this theater shows a lot of promise and talent just like Andy Williams. Williams had a legendary career in the field of music. A lot of Branson guests and locals have come to Andy Williams Moon River Theater just to hear him sing. Aside from the acts of Andy Williams, there are also other shows that are equally exciting to watch out for.

How exactly did Andy Williams start out? Andy Williams grew up in a small town in Iowa and started his love for music at the age of eight. He has three brothers who, with him, formed the Williams Brothers Quartet and they rose to popularity and did their very first professional recording in 1944. Andy then moved to New York to pursue his talent and love for music. It was not long before he started conquering the charts with his hits like Canadian Sunset. He, then, expanded his career by doing some live performances and television shows. It was in the year 1992 when Andy Williams was able to put up a 12-million dollar theater in Branson. Andy Williams continued to perform in his theater until the year 2011. He was diagnosed of cancer, and passed away in September 2012.

Even now, he is still sharing his talent and musical prowess through the theater that he built. The Moon River Theater in Branson has a very relaxing façade, complete with a rushing stream, waterfalls, and exceptional landscaping. The Andy Williams Moon River Theater won the 1992 Conservation Award for developed Land Use from the State of Missouri. The interior of the theater lets you get to know more about Andy Williams. You can see his personal art collection in the theater itself so the guests could enjoy them.

The Moon River stage has become a launching pad for other artists in Branson. Stars like Randy Travis, Lee Greenwood, Clint Black, Daniel O’Donnell, and many more have all performed in Branson’s Moon River Theater. So far, the most popular show in this theater is the Andy Williams Christmas Show. This family-friendly show in the Moon River Theater is definitely something that you should not miss. The next time you plan for your Christmas vacation in Branson, make sure that you include a visit to the Moon River Theater as one of your itinerary.

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What’s In Store For An April In Branson


Branson is known to be the entertainment capital of the world. The winter season usually sees the most visitors in Branson, especially with the grand celebration of Christmas. With all the attractions and activities in Branson, every day of the year would surely be a good time to visit. For your vacation this April, choose Branson to be your prime destination. There will never be a dull moment in Branson!

The month of April in Branson marks the blooming of the spring season. This season can promise you the very best of the sceneries in Branson. Also, you get to see a lot of events in the city. Although April tends to draw a lot of tourists in Branson already, the full crowds are not yet here so you can enjoy most of the Branson attractions and activities. There might be a line when you go to Silver Dollar City or to Branson’s outlet malls and restaurants, but these line are much shorter as compared to the crowds during the winter.

For the sports fans, there is the NAIA Basketball Tournament in Branson during April. In here, you can witness healthy but competitive games between the colleges. Who knows, you might just be looking at your future NBA superstars already? Aside from this, Branson also has the freshest live music shows and theater plays to offer you during April. Your visit to Branson will guarantee you that you will be one of the firsts to see the new acts and skits of the talented entertainers in Branson. In April, you will also get to enjoy watching these awesome live shows of Branson in a cheaper price. This is because the ticket prices of these live shows are less expensive during this time of the year. The entertainers are practicing their new acts, and the tourists in Branson are not that crowded as compared to the number of tourists during the peak months of the year. If you visit Branson during April 15 to 24, you will be just in time for the Springtastic Show Spree. This event is hosted by Branson so the people can enjoy ten different shows in Branson for one low price. The Springtastic Show Spree would be just perfect for you to be able to enjoy much of Branson’s famous live music shows while saving some money.

April is also the month when the World-Fest of Silver Dollar City happens. This is the largest international festival in America and this is happening in Branson on April 17 up to May 5. This festival in Silver Dollar City is one of the most anticipated because it simply brings together all the best acts, performers, and dishes from all around the globe. Aside from this, there is also the US Open Bow Fishing Championship on April 6, and also the Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce Spring Gold Tournament on April 19. For the retro music lovers, you are gonna love your visit to Branson this April since there would be an Elvis festival on April 12 to 14.

Book your trip to Branson now, and don’t forget to go to Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort for your lodging needs. In Thousand Hills, you are assured of a variety of options and also convenience, since it is situated near Branson’s entertainment district. For more inquiries and reservations, just call 1-877-262-0430.

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Have Some Fun in the Hollister Easter Egg Hunt


It’s Easter once again! Time to have some quality moments with the whole family! And if you are looking for the perfect family vacation destination, there is nowhere else to go but in Branson Missouri. Branson is home to many exciting attractions and spectacular live music shows that people of all ages will truly enjoy. Apart from these, there are also fun events held in Branson for the kids and for the kids at heart.

Come Easter, having an Easter egg hunt is one of the activities that kids and adults enjoy. Now, you can still do your traditional Easter egg hunt even while you are on vacation in Branson! Branson presents the Hollister Easter Egg Hunt, which is happening this April 19, 2013 at the Hollister High School Football Field. Bring along the kids, and you can watch them do the hunting (maybe you can even help them, too!) in the vast football field. Wouldn’t it be fun to see the kids with their Easter baskets and buckets running around and enjoying some laughs? The Hollister Easter Egg Hunt starts at 12:30 PM where the kids and adults await the appearance of the Easter Bunny to start off the Easter Egg Hunt, and at 1:00 PM the hunt begins! Witness how the Hollister High School football field will be transformed into an arena full of running and laughing children! All of the kids in the Hollister and Branson area in Missouri are invited to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt!

One tip for you if you have decided on coming down to Branson for the Hollister Easter Egg Hunt: Be early. Arriving early for the hunt would be very favorable for you. Not only do you get to survey the place, you will also be able to get in your place before the actual hunt starts. Nevertheless, this is your moment to enjoy with your children. For more information about the Hollister Easter Egg Hunt and about the other events for the Easter weekend in Hollister and Branson area, just call 417-337-8427.

And just when you are in Branson (or in the nearby place Hollister) for a vacation, why not make the most out of it and visit the best attractions in Branson MO? For some family friendly activities, you can also try visiting Silver Dollar City and the Tracks Family Fun Parks for thrilling rides and exciting activities with the whole family. Other bonding activities that you can do is to go on a picnic by the Table Rock Lake, which is one of Branson’s most perfect lakes. And why not catch a live music show with the entire family, too?

For your Branson vacation, choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort to be your lodging partner. It has various lodging options that are family friendly, too. Make this one a very memorable Easter vacation with your family, and make it even more special by spending it in Branson!

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Visit Branson in the Month of April


The month of April is a good time to visit Branson to witness the beauty of spring. This is the time when Branson regains its colors, so you are guaranteed to see all the wonderful gifts of nature. The weather is also chill during April – just right for you to do some of your favorite outdoor activities.

The crowd in Branson during the month of April is not that large as compared to the winter crowd, or in other months like June or July. Expect some lines in Branson’s Silver Dollar City and other attractions, but they are truly worth all the wait. Make sure that you know what rides you want to experience in Silver Dollar City already. One ride that you must try is the Outlaw Run, which is also known as the world’s most daring wood coaster. With its thrilling twists and turns, you will surely feel a different kind of adrenaline high! Try also the other rides in Silver Dollar City like the Steam Engine Train, Giant Swing, Geyser Gulch, and a lot more. Need a break from all the thrills and excitement in the amusement park? Why not try to catch a play or get some food to eat? Silver Dollar City offers you over 40 theater plays in the park, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the shows. To keep your tummy happy, there are also food booths and restaurants in Silver Dollar City to satisfy your every craving. Another bonus to that is that Silver Dollar City is known to have the best theme park food all over America.

Visiting Branson during April also makes you one of the first ones to experience their new shows! Branson shows change in April so if you want to see fresh acts and skits, April may just be the best time for you to go to Branson. Ticket prices for the shows are also less expensive during April. If you happen to be around Branson during April 15 to 24, you can also witness Branson’s Springtastic Show Spree wherein tourists can watch and enjoy ten different Branson shows for just one price! This way, you can save money and at the same time, make the most out of your stay in Branson.

The month of April also brings you several festivals in Branson. There is Silver Dollar City’s World Fest happening on April 17 until May 5. This is one of the most anticipated festivals in Branson and you can also witness performances of international acts. Also happening on April 6 is the US Open Bow Fishing Championship, and the Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce Spring Gold Tournament on April 19. These are two events where you can experience the beauty of Branson’s TriLakes Area. There is also an Elvis festival happening in Branson on April 12 to 14, where you will see a lot of Elvis look-a-likes.

April is truly the best time to experience all that Branson has to offer. Make your move now and plan your Branson vacation this April!

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Enter the Breath-taking and Unbelievable Ripley’s Believe it or Not Branson Attraction

Ripley's Believe it or NOT LogoThere is one great attraction in Branson, MO where you should not miss. And it is purely entertaining for you and your family. Your kids whom you brought will be so much delighted. Believe it or not, the much famed Ripley’s Believe it or Not is right here in Branson!

As you approach the place, you will be amazed of an odd building full of cracks and already leaning. Your wild imagination fears you because it might fall. But nope, it is just a part of the attraction you are about to see inside. It all boils down why the building, named as Oddity Building is truly unbelievable , why it exist without falling or crumbling.

As you go inside the museum, you and your kids will be so much thrilled of about 400 exhibits and galleries. Ranging from old photographs of famous American heroes, artists, great philosophers to two-headed calf. The sound as you enter the museum is so thrilling, with some creeps and hair raising sounds, like you are in a horror movie. Your children will be in great laughter and enjoyment.. As if they hear the spirits and thus, your kids just want to be curious to feel and know better if these are real or reel!

Old music instruments like an antique piano, trumpets, old violin and guitars are on display. Seemingly, an old Toledo weighing scale, a warship wood artistry  and other medieval machineries are on exhibit too.You could also try a spin for a penny on a penny machine, where old coins just come out after trying to drop a penny. The slot machine is a little bit old fashioned and bulky, as compared to the high tech machines today.

There are also questions and drawings  printed on frames hanged on the walls  which are more interesting to your kids. Even you, everybody in your family, will think on the brain wracking questions such as “ which line is longer? “ or a question like “ where can you find the second car”. And that an answer is provided just below the artwork concealed below the question , until every one of you could not think anymore of the right answer! Such a very educational tour for your smart kids.

As you explore further the insides of the museum, you will be amazed of shrunken heads with faces of native women and men, as if they were mummified, with their hairs still in tact. Stories are related that they were old Ecuadorian people who have vanished and landed on the Bransonian soil. Many skulls , about 100 - 200 pcs are part of the exhibits too. You will feel your heads and your hair rise as you get to see them. . You and your kids will just be struck with awe. What is more revealing is a vampire killing kit, a centuries old artifact used by early people suspected as vampires. Some statues with odd faces and jaws, with no eyes as if only a skeleton just greets you with wide frown or smile.Because of your kids’ curiosity, these attractions  will make them laugh and even try to touch them. As if they are living or persons existing from outer space. You and your kids will not forget these unbelievable existence.

The culmination of this exploration of yours inside this museum is when you will pass and enter the tunnel. You walk on a steel platform, with different colors and lights just dazzles you. Especially for your kids, they will enjoy this much. As you walk on , it is somewhat dark, but the lights are just fantastic for your little kids and to go back and try again.

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Wonderful World-Fest at Silver Dollar City


Branson is known as a place where entertainment is at its best! This is where you can witness live music shows and great talents which you can enjoy very well. These are the things that you are used to see and hear about in Branson – live music, dancers, and a brilliant stage design. How about we add Chinese acrobats, Canadian and Irish step-dancers, Italian flag-throwers, Russian circus performers, and a lot more thrills in Branson? Branson will definitely be the place to go to if you want all-out entertainment!

Come to Branson during April 7 to May 8 and you will witness a unique and exciting festival in Silver Dollar City. Silver Dollar City is Branson’s world-class theme park wherein you will find lots of adrenaline-pumping rides and relaxing attractions in it. It also serves as home to the Outlaw Run, the world’s most daring wood coaster. From April to May, Silver Dollar City is celebrating World-Fest which is also the biggest celebration of world culture. World-Fest is where you get to experience cultures from across the globe, as performers from different countries showcase their unique talents and abilities to the audience of Branson.

Silver Dollar City’s World-Fest in Branson is the largest international festival in America. This is also the time when tourists flock to Branson to see a huge parade of colors and various talents from all over the world. You don’t get to see performers only; there are also craftsmen and cooks from other countries. Visitors in Branson can attest that World-Fest is a great venue for you to experience different cultures without leaving America. This festival of Silver Dollar City is also a great way to expose your kids early on to the varied cultures of other countries.

World-Fest in Branson’s Silver Dollar City also includes classic acts like the musician Diego Martin’s Footprint Folk Performers. These performers are just balls of energy, where they just explode in their performance with their steel drums. There is also the Russian Academic Band and the Mayorov Russian State Circus.

Apart from the entertainment that World-Fest brings you, it also entertains your tummy. World-Fest also showcases specialty dishes from other countries. Treat your taste buds to a different and exotic food experience in Branson. You can try some Irish stew, chicken fajitas, baklava, calzones, carnitas, tiramisu torte, and many more.

Silver Dollar City offers you entertainment at its best with its World-Fest festival. Come with the entire family to this world-class festival for some good memories and a unique experience. For your lodging needs for the World-Fest festival, choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort so you can stay close to all the fun in Silver Dollar City. Thousand Hills offers you various lodging options, depending on what suits you. Let Thousand Hills make it a perfect getaway for you! For reservations and questions, just call 1-877-262-0430.

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Branson Cabin Rentals for your Dream Real Estate Property

Thousand Hills Real Estate LogoAre you planning to look at Branson Cabin Rentals for your dream real estate property? At Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort, you can rent a log cabin or own it as your real estate property.  Your stay in Branson cabins is the best choice for people like you looking for luxury, quality and comfort living. The many varieties of fun and activities mix together with live entertainment and shows in the heart of Branson will provide you a wonderful and exhilarating stay in Branson Cabin. Come experience a wonderful stay in Branson cabin and enjoy the view of the unspoiled nature, pristine scenery, bountiful wildlife and crystal clear waters. These Branson attractions give some reasons why many people who stayed at Branson cabin never want to leave.

Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort is one of the pioneer providers of quality and luxury cabin accommodation in the whole of Branson area. For nearly ten years now, it has continuously offered nightly cabin rentals in the heart of Branson. With its many attractions, live entertainment and shows, theme parks, indoor and outdoor activities, Thousand Hills Resort plays a major role in giving every visitor a wholesome fun of entertainment. Every guest in Branson cabin has the chance to play the most popular 18 hole golf course at Thousand Hills Golf Course where every guest have preferential tee times. Try to enjoy also the resort’s indoor pools, exercise facility or the 9 holes golf.

Branson cabin which was infamous for many years suddenly became popular after a sizeable repeat clientele praising how they were satisfied its great service and how they enjoyed staying in our luxury cabins. Every year, lots of people come to Branson to see the beautiful natural scenery and wildlife. Many people think that staying at cabin does not bring comfort or convenience. Not so with Branson cabins as all of its units feature a unique design that comes with high-end amenities that include cable TV, DVD players, Jacuzzi tubs, rain showers, and free wi-fi internet. Some units has furnished kitchen with appliances, pots and pans, washer and dryer and a parking place ideal for guests staying longer.

If you love shopping and dining, don’t forget to see the outlet malls and fine restaurants around the Branson. As this place has been considered by many a shopper’s paradise, visit the three outlet malls with more than 200 shops, many boutiques offer unique gift items that include hand-made heirloom and hundreds of specialty stores.  Don’t forget to come to Branson’s newest “Winter Wonder Landing” at the Branson Landing waterfront. Visit also the Branson Landing shopping district in downtown Branson where you will see lots of shopping items from fine clothing to favorite souvenirs, jewelries and accessories.

Today, people prefer to stay at Branson cabins with the best quality and comfortable type of lodging. While there is a huge demand this winter season, guests are encouraged to make early reservations, so they can be guaranteed a Branson cabin accommodation. So, if you like to stay in a cabin with peace and comfort, Branson Cabin Rentals for your Dream Real Estate Property has it for you.

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Have A Good Time at Silver Dollar City's Worldfest


It is that time of the year again when people flock to Branson to witness the biggest international festival all over America. This is none other than the World Fest at Silver Dollar City. Why is this festival a really famous one for the tourists across the state?

For one, the World Fest is indeed famous because it is hosted by Silver Dollar City. For those who do not know, Silver Dollar City is an 1880’s themed amusement park that is a hit to people of all ages in Branson. It has the best rides and attractions to get you on an adventure like never before. There are also theater plays in Silver Dollar City to help you take a break from all the excitement in the park. Not only that, Silver Dollar City is also known to have one of the best amusement park food all over America.

World Fest is one of the most anticipated festivals in Branson because it gives the visitors a taste of the world. Expect every spring season for the tourists to come to Branson for the festival to witness amazing performances, taste exotic dishes, and experience different cultures from around the world. In this festival, language barrier will not be an issue at all since laughter and music will be your common language for the festival. Get to see performers from different countries across the globe as they entertain you with their country’s own brand of entertainment, and a little bit of comedy, too. Some of the performers to watch for in this year’s biggest international festival are Benise, Via Romen, Spanish Marionetas, and a lot more. Benise performs exceptionally with his Spanish guitar and with the help of his world-class musicians and dancers. He does Flamenco music so well that he makes his own brand of music. Via Romen features a Ukranian violinist, a Romani accordionist, and so much more. This is the musical band to watch out for in World Fest! The Spanish Marionetas entertains the visitors using the Spanish Toreros. Other acts from t previous World Fest that you can see in this festival are the Amamos Argentina, Island Fire, Ecuador Manta, Dearbhail Finnigan, and a whole lot more! Prepare yourself for days of awe, music, and dance as these personalities entertain you.

The World Fest in Branson happens during April 5 to May 4, 2014. You can still catch the festival right now if you book your trip to Branson now. To make your vacation even more awesome, make Thousand Hills Golf Resort a part of your vacation. You have various lodging options to choose from and you will also get to stay very near Silver Dollar City! Make your move now and book your trip to Branson for the World Fest!

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Pack Your Bags and Off We Go to Kanakuk Kamps for Fun and Adventure

Kanakup Kamps – a Christian summer camps that offer camping activities, outdoor games and adventures, and exciting entertainments for boys and girls. The Camps feature different types of camps that offer kids according to their age. Kanakup Kamps have 70 sports activities that include basketball, football, soccer and other outdoor adventures. The summer camps include handpicked staff of 2,500 Christians who are dedicated and kid-loving camp members. These staff members help develop solid relationship with Christian character that is focused to campers as they hone their skills in sports.

Kanakuk Kamps LogoThe staffs at Kanakup Kamps believe that America’s natural resource is in the youth. The camps have been showing kids since 1926, the joy of good relationship with Christian believers through non-denominational Christian mentoring, sports training, and camping adventures. The greatest foundation to the camps mission is based in the scripture: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul … love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22). And a camps’ goal is to make sure that every camper regardless of age understands how to live and walk in harmony with the camps mission. Kanakup Kamps has the goal dedicated to every member: “I’m Third” – God is first, other second, and I’m third.

Kanakuk Kamps have eight summer camps located near Branson, Missouri that serve over 14,000 kids and teenagers. The camps operate a special camp ideal for outdoor adventures on the Los Pinos River near Durango, CO. Your child will surely have a summer fun to remember in the Rocky Mountains, either by hiking or white-water rafting on the rivers of Colorado. Mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, and water skiing are offered at both Colorado and Missouri camps.

The eight camps in Branson, MO and Durango, CO feature an array of activities for our campers. Whatever activities they are interested, they always find opportunities to practice their skills in sports and hone new challenges at Kanakup Kamps. The staff in the camps comprises hand-picked campers who are kid-loving Christian athletes who devoted much of their time to the camps. Kanakup takes special care in the interview process to ensure that the new recruited campers have the same goal of helping fellow kids grow spiritually and physically as the staff do.

Aside from traditional sports like basketball and football, Kanakuk offers a wide range of water sports activities from swimming to scuba diving. Camps have options for campers who are interested in gymnastics training and cheerleading, weight lifting, and tennis. The world-class adventure in the camps coupling with the good hearts of hand-picked staff members and mentoring by Christian leaders will guide your child through nightly devotionals, counseling time, youth style talks, and continuous Christian mentoring. The camps greatest hope is to make your child returns home ready to apply what they’ve learned in the camps and share it with friends around them.

If you want you kids to experience a great camping activities, outdoor games and adventures, and learn spiritual values, pack your bags and take your kids to Kanakuk Kamps in Branson this summer.


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Branson Scenic Railway, a Perfect Escape this Spring Season in Branson

If you are searching for a perfect escape this spring season, visit the Branson Scenic Railway where you can experience the most special train ride of your life. Branson Scenic Railway ride will give you the most unforgettable moment as you experience the excitement of train travel. Travelling in the railway is the perfect romantic getaway for couples who want to escape from the busy and crowded city streets.Branson Scenic Train Logo

The Branson Scenic Railway travels along the majestic and panoramic views of the Ozark Mountain that will let you enjoy the refreshing atmosphere that you don’t feel in the city you left behind. The service of Branson Scenic Railway started right after the construction of the White River Railway that began in 1902 and completed in 1905. The construction of the railway through the rugged terrain in the wooded valleys of the Ozark Mountains has used 239 miles of track that cost $12 million.

When Rueben S. Branson moved as early as 1882 to the White River (now named Lake Taneycomo) and Roark Creek, Branson was named in honor of him. Before the start of the construction of the railway, several treaties were erected to support gorges and tunnels blasted through mountain rocks. The city immediately flourished after the completion of the railroad in 1902 and the area became accessible to people wanted to experience a train travel.

The train excursions of the Branson Scenic Railway started in 1993 and became a daily tour and used commercial railroad line for its travelling tourists. The route of the train is determined before every departure with the routes that go either south or north. The northern route takes you as far as Galena, Missouri and the southern route goes as far as Arkansas. The narrator tells the story of the area while the train travels. He points out the communities as the train passes and describes the construction history of the railroad. As the train travels through the southwest Missouri, original treaties and tunnels can still be seen.

The train tour takes the passengers 3 to 4 times daily to the Ozark Mountains on a 40 mile round trip, travelling mountainous spots inaccessible to cars. It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the train excursion tour. While onboard the Branson Scenic Railway, you can have a complete relaxation as the train takes you all along the railroad travel. As you enjoy a special moment on board in a first class dining car, you will be served with hot cocoa along with delicious baked cookies and a gift of special souvenir mug.

As the train excursion tour heads across the downtown area, you will have the opportunity to view many city exciting attractions such as live entertainment spots, several theaters, outlet malls, and specialty shops right at the heart of Branson.


So, if you want to experience a train adventure tour with full of excitement and unforgettable moments inside the Branson Scenic Railway, come to Branson and stay at Thousand Hills Hotel & Resort.

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