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See the Bird’s Eye view of the Ozark Mountain

Chopper Charter LogoIf you want to experience a wonderful Branson vacation this autumn season stay at Thousand Hills Hotel and take a helicopter tour. As you fly high above, you have the chance to see fascinating views of numerous theaters, fantastic landscapes, and the beautiful Table Rock Lake. To have a wholesome enjoyment on your helicopter ride, don’t forget to bring camera with you as you always have unobstructed views of the city of Branson and sprawling landscapes for a perfect photo souvenir. You can’t completely appreciate your Branson vacation until you’ve taken to the sky and enjoy the numerous panoramic views around the city and the Ozark Mountains.

If you take a Chopper Charter Branson Helicopter Tour, you can make your dream come true of taking a flight that soars above the great city of Branson. Chopper Charter Tour can fly you to wonderful places in Branson and as far as Springfield, Missouri. Sip champagne onboard the luxury helicopter as it takes you to your dinner destination. Some other options available on this helicopter dinner flight tour is a private pickup at your home. This Chopper Charter Dinner Flight Tour costs $250 per couple.

On the Trailer Helicopter Flight Tour you can surround yourself with the sights of the wide open lake scenery. You have the option to choose between an aerial view of the wonderful Table Rock Dam or a flight over the majestic Branson Landing. Either option, allows you to see more of the beautiful lakes of Branson. This tour costs $45 for adults and $35 for children. Another exciting helicopter tour in Branson is  a 12-minute Matinee Helicopter Flight Tour where you can experience the depth of the Ozark Mountains as you soar above the fascinating Inspiration Tower. This tour costs $85 for adults and $75 for children.

Another beautiful helicopter tour is the 17 minute Main Feature Flight Tour that cruises from Branson Strip and journey to the majestic Chateau on the Lake. The flight tour will allow you to see Shepherd of the Hills, Silver Dollar City theme park, and even the calm valleys of Lake Taneycomo. This tour costs $109 for adults and $99 for children. The Encore Flight Tour is a 22-minute exciting tour that hovers above natural lake waters in Branson. See the hillsides of the Ozark Mountains that are covered by colorful autumn leaves. This tour costs $139 for adults and $129 for children.

Once you have experienced the thrill of helicopter flight, you will understand how each moment in the sky is getting better. The Director’s Cut Flight Tour offers 5-course meal that won’t leave you hungry above the sky. This tour allows you to spend half-hour in the air and can be customized for whatever flight destination you like. This long flight tour costs $199.50 for adults and $189.50 for children.

If you want to see from above the sky fascinating views of fantastic landscape, the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves of the Ozark Mountains, try a thrilling helicopter flight tour in Branson.


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Love Books? Visit the Harold Bell Wright Museum

Branson is not only known for great entertainment and exciting outdoor activities, it is also famous for many educational attractions. These educational attractions include Titanic Museum, The Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery, and Mt. Pleasant Winery. If you love books, the Harold Bell Wright Museum is an interesting educational attraction in Branson that features a number of best selling books of Harold Bell Wright. Shepherd of the Hills which is one of the most widely read books in early 20th century were authored by Harold Bell Wright.Harrold Bell Wright Museum Logo

Harold Bell Wright became a pastor in 1905 at the Christian Church in Lebanon, Missouri. He remained there until 1907 when he transferred to California for another pastoral position. After the success of the Shepherd of the Hills (his first book that sold one million copies), Write resigned as pastor of the Christian Church in Redlands, California and moved to a ranch near El Centro in the same state and devoted the rest of his life writing interesting stories.

In the museum, you can view a video about Wright’s fascinating life as well the chance to see up close his antique guns, furniture, saddles, and handwritten manuscript of Shepherd of the Hills. Wright was an American writer that has written many best-selling books of fiction, non-fiction, and essays during the first half of the 20th century. He is said to be the first American writer to make $1 million from writing fiction. There were about 15 movies produced and claimed to be made from Wright’s stories. Some of these popular movies included The Shepherd of the Hills in 1941, a John Wayne film and The Winning of Barbara Worth in 1926 that featured Gary Cooper.

Most of the books written by Harold Bell Wright were best selling books outside of the Bible, for many years and are still popular up to day. When you visit the museum, you can have the chance to read a letter from President Reagan to the Wright family expressing his appreciation for Harold Bell Wright and the influence he had in the early life of Pres. Reagan. Your visit to the museum will give you a glimpse about the life and career of this early 20th century best selling author through a number of exhibits such as his personal gun collection and many original manuscripts.

The tour to the Harold Bell Wright Museum takes approximately one to two hours and is open to visitors of all ages. The museum is handicap accessible and features gift shop that allows visitors a chance to shop for snack foods or souvenir themed items. The museum also allows visitors to use cameras and video cameras.  The price of the ticket to the museum is from $8.87 to $12.22 for ages 18 and up and $5.52 to $7.76 for children ages 7 to 17. Children under six years old are free.

If you love books, visit the Harold Bell Wright Museum in Branson where you can see many displays of books and personal collections of the best selling author in the early 20th century.


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Say Hello to Our Big Furry Friends

National Tiger Sanctuary LogoTry to experience all of the excitement of seeing big cats by visiting the National Tiger Sanctuary in Branson, Missouri. While you are in Branson, you can explore the Ozarks by joining some popular outdoor adventures such as zipline and canopy tours that is located at the Wolfe Creek Preserve. You can also visit some great hiking trails in Branson such as the Table Rock Lakeshore Trail that connects to the Dewey Short Visitor Center or the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, a paved hiking trail where you can see beautiful limestone bluffs and tumbling waterfalls. If you are a water sports enthusiast, you can explore the Ozarks more by visiting the Lake Taneycomo where you can find service marinas and resorts that offer kayaking, fishing, and boating, canoeing or just plain wading along the lakeside.

The National Tiger Sanctuary is located just off Highway 65 in Branson. The tiger sanctuary provides wholesome fun and excitement for kids and adults alike. The sanctuary provides guided tours that last approximately 1.5 hours. The tour is handicap accessible and allows tourists to use both cameras and video cameras. The sanctuary also features a gift shop where you can buy things like food snacks and souvenirs. While you are inside the National Tiger Sanctuary, you can get up close and personal with the animals where photographing them can be a good souvenir.

The National Tiger Sanctuary is a non-profit organization established in 2000 to create a safe environment to connect with the diverse creations. The facility was entirely built with private funds from donations from generous individuals and supports from members.  The sanctuary is dedicated to provide education about the conditions of our environment which are affecting the Earth’s ecosystems.

In the sanctuary, you’ll get to see different kinds of big cats, including tigers, panthers, lions, and mountain lions just to name a few. So it’s a great experience to tour around the sanctuary and see these majestic critters. Guided tours in the sanctuary are run three times a day, and each visitor can see the big cats play, sleep, and look amazing for all onlookers. There are special tours that are available during the day which will give visitors a chance to watch the tigers being fed by caretakers.

The sanctuary also provides Awareness Tour where guests can have the opportunity to visit the big cats and witness each of their unique personalities. The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and starts with some fun and finishing with a close up view with the tigers. Another exciting tour in the sanctuary is the Combo Awareness Tour and Feeding Tour. Guests can watch the big cats three feet away and get the chance to see their distinctive behavior which is fascinating to hear and see. Guests will have to push food thru long tube to animals.

If you want to experience the excitement of seeing big cats, visit the National Tiger Sanctuary in Branson where you can join a guided tour to witness up close and personal with the critters just three feet away.


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Listen to the Sound of Crunchy Leaves Under Your Feet!

walking on autumn foliage LogoHiking enthusiasts who will visit Branson this fall will be delighted to learn of a great hiking opportunity at Table Rock Trails. Hiking in Table Rock Trails is really an exciting outdoor adventure where hikers can have the chance to see beautiful colors of the Ozark Mountain and hear the sound of the leaves crunching while they step on it. With the many fun-packed outdoor adventures at Table Rock Lake, local residents and tourists alike are excited to experience water sports adventures and other outdoor activities along the lake. The beautiful bluffs, wooded valleys, and wildlife around the Table Rock Lake offer hikers a great panoramic view experience.

If you are fit to take some exciting outdoor activities, try the beautiful hiking trails in Branson. Table Rock Trail in Branson is one of the fascinating outdoor activities that will let you enjoy the delightful changing of colors of the leaves around the hillsides of the mountains. Branson also offers many water sports adventures such as fishing, boating, swimming, and scuba diving. This autumn season, many people want to experience hiking trails in Branson that can be greatly enjoyed at Table Rock Lakeshore Trail and Table Rock State Park.  

Table Rock Lakeshore Trail is a beautiful hiking trail in Branson that connects to the Dewey Short Visitor Center. This trail stretches up to 2.2 miles long. Another beautiful hiking trail in Branson is the Table Rock State Park. This trail covers an area of 356 acres and provides easy access to Table Rock Lake. This beautiful state park draws thousands of visitors from all over the country year round. The park also offers great biking, camping, and horseback riding.

Table Rock Lake which comprises two hiking trails is a beautiful body of water surrounded by hickory and oak trees. Its clean and crystal clear waters wind down through the valleys of the Ozark Mountains, from Branson, Missouri  to Eureka Springs in Arkansas. The lake receives about five million visitors every year and they always take advantage of the exciting recreational outdoor activities it has to offer. Table Rock Lake was created when the Table Rock Dam was constructed for flood control. With its 779 miles of shoreline, many visitors can have the opportunity to enjoy lots of recreational activities on water and on land.

After experiencing great hiking trails in Table Rock Lake, you may want to cool off and soak up on the clean waters of the lake at the Moonshine Beach. If you want to explore more after spending a relaxing day at Moonshine Beach, you may like to try fishing or boating adventure. If you feel like boating but hesitant to man the boat, but still like to feel the thrill of boating, the lake has three commercial boats that offer boating experience to excursionists.

If you want to experience a great hiking trail at Table Rock Lake with your family this autumn season, come to Branson and stay in the best accommodation of Thousand Hills Golf Resort.


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Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Senior Day


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Experience the Silver Dollar City Magic


What makes a great vacation are the adventures and memories that come with it. Branson Missouri will surely promise that you get loads of these. Apart from being known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, it is also considered to be one of the famous vacation destinations in the Midwest. There are a lot of attractions and activities that people of all ages can enjoy in Branson. One such attraction in Branson that people enjoy most is Branson’s 1880s-themed craft village, Silver Dollar City.

Silver Dollar City brings to you all the fun that you can have in a theme park. It features lots of thrilling rides, demonstrating craftsmen, entertaining shows, shops and restaurants, and six annual festivals. These are the reasons why people never get tired of coming back to Branson’s Silver Dollar City. Because the fun is endless, and there is always something new to look forward to. Silver Dollar City operates from mid-March to December 31. Throughout this period, guests of Silver Dollar City can enjoy world class roller coasters, steam engine train rides, giant swings, and water shoot-out rides. Try the most famous ride in Silver Dollar City, the Outlaw Run which is also considered to be the world’s most daring wood coaster with all its heart-pumping twists and turns. If all these thrills are too much for you, there are also more than 40 shows everyday for you to catch. Each show lasts for about 20 to 25 minutes.

In every corner of Silver Dollar City, you can find over a hundred craftsmen and women who demonstrates crafts to you. These people and the crafts they made were important aspects of the life back then in the 1880s. Some of the craftsmen and women that you can find in the park are glassblowers, blacksmiths, and even cooks making homemade soap!

The fun and excitement does not end here! Never will you find Silver Dollar City a boring place because of the festivals hosted in this park. The first festival of the year is the World-Fest where international diversity is celebrated. During May, the Bluegrass & BBQ Festival is hosted by Silver Dollar City. The kids are going to love a visit in Silver Dollar City from June to August because of the National Kids Fest. From late August to early September, a festival that features Branson’s favorite music genre is happening. This is the Southern Gospel Picnic where good food and good music come together. The National Harvest Festival runs from mid-September to late October. And come November and December, the Old Time Christmas transforms the whole park into a winter wonderland with all the lights and Christmas decors.

What more can you ask for in a theme park that has everything you want? Come and visit Silver Dollar City – where the magic never ends. If you are looking for a lodging place in Branson, stay close to Silver Dollar City and book your stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. It has various lodging options for you and you also get to be in a really secluded place away from all the city noise. For more inquiries and reservations on Thousand Hills, just call 1-877-262-0430.

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Love Branson? Live in Branson!

Branson Golf Condos LogoIf you want to spend a wonderful autumn vacation with your family, choose a condo or cabin for your Branson Real Estate accommodation at Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Branson real estate offers you two options to stay whether in a condo or in a cabin. Both of these two accommodations feature luxury and comfort not found in other hotel accommodation elsewhere. These great accommodations at Thousand Hills Golf Resort are located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. Staying in either cabin or condo will give you the taste of the beautiful natural scenery of the wildlife and great outdoor activities around the area.

With Branson’s popularity of having the world-class entertainment, exciting indoor and outdoor activities, it’s no wonder Branson real estate become every guest’s good choice of investment. Today, more and more people wanted to settle in Branson because of its nice location, moderate cost of living, and excellent live entertainment. For nearly ten years, Thousand Hills Golf Resort continuously offered nightly rentals of its condo and cabin accommodations. When these real estate rentals become known in Branson, guests choose condo or cabin accommodation that features beautiful scenery combined with luxury and comfort.

Branson real estate properties feature abundant beautiful natural scenery and picturesque wildlife. The delightful color of autumn leaves this season in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, help make the visitors decide to visit Branson often. These Branson real estate properties have an area of twenty acres. It is also home to 121 log cabins that were built with cut spruce logs from Colorado. These log cabins feature three deluxe and four deluxe bedroom units. The idea of this real estate project was to create a calm environment around Branson’s entertainment district. Many guests agree that peace and comfort in condo or log cabin accommodation is just what it makes interesting to live.

These comfortable and luxurious yet affordable real estate projects are located in the very heart of Branson. These real estate properties are all within walking distance to the Tanger Outlet Mall, Branson Variety Theater, and within minutes to Branson shopping area. These condos and cabins feature Jacuzzi tub, free wireless internet access, cable TV, DVD, major appliances, dining room with oak wood flooring, copper fixtures, rain shower heads, and French-style doors leading to private screened porch. The kitchens of these real estate properties are fully furnished with appliances like dishes, pots and pans, kitchen wares and utensils, and washer and dryer.  

The beautiful natural scenery and wildlife that surround the real estate properties make people think these are miles away from the heart of Branson. The truth is, these accommodations are located right in Branson’s entertainment district and just two blocks from the Highway 76 Strip. Outlet malls and retail shops are among the many of Branson’s attractions that are near the Branson real estate properties.

Branson real estate projects feature great surrounding, calm atmosphere, and picturesque view of the lake. All these can be enjoyed if you want some space in the Branson Real Estate properties at Thousand Hills Golf Resort.


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Never Too Late To Plan for Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic


Branson is always known to be a vacation place that offers something new to its visitors. It also has the best activities and attractions for everyone in the family to enjoy. There is never a dull moment in Branson and this is because of the endless fun that you can have. Not only does Branson gives you unlimited adventure through its theme parks, nature parks, and live music shows; it also gives you unique festivals all year round!

One such festival in Branson is the Southern Gospel Picnic, which is hosted by Silver Dollar City. The Southern Gospel Picnic happens on the last week of August until September 1. Since Branson is known to be the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, expect only the most spectacular live music shows in the Southern Gospel Picnic. Aside from the good music you can have in this festival, you can also taste good food with Southern flavors.

The Southern Gospel genre is on the spotlight in the Southern Gospel Picnic. This music genre has long been a part of the heritage of the Ozarks. From bluegrass parties, small town church worship services, and backyard family reunions, Southern Gospel songs are always there to give these events a southern charm. If you aren’t familiar with this genre yet, then going to this festival in Silver Dollar City will guarantee that you will be a fan of this genre afterwards. Some of the artists that you can witness perform live in the Southern Gospel Picnic are The Perrys, The Isaacs, The Booth Brothers, Guy Penrod, and a lot more. Witness the legends of Southern Gospel sing their hearts out, and also get to see how the budding artists fare with the veterans. The performances will be held all over the city. Those held in the Red Gold Heritage Hall and Echo Hollow will be hosted by the acclaimed Southern Gospel emcee Duane Garren. You can also get CDs of Southern Gospel songs so you can listen to them whenever you want.

Aside from the music, what makes Southern Gospel Picnic a unique music festival is the good food. Some restaurants that you can visit are The House of Chicken and Fixin’s, which is located inside the Reunion Hall. Here you can order delectable dishes like the Apple Butter Glazed Chicken, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Garden Fresh Salad Bar, and a lot more. Truly, this festival is a feast for the soul.

For tickets to the Southern Gospel Picnic, you can have them in two different ways. You can get either a one day general admission ticket or a season pass. The one day general admission ticket is the best choice if you are visiting Branson for a couple of days only. However, if you plan to make the most out of the festival and intent to frequent Branson, then the more practical choice is the season pass. There are also discounts for groups. Hurry and plan your visit to the Southern Gospel Picnic in Branson now!

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Spectacular September: Spend It In Branson


September may be the month when the summer season starts to fade away. You may miss the heat with the cooler September weather, but let Branson Missouri make an exception for you. The weather may get colder, but the shows and attractions in Branson continue to be hotter than ever! The month of September in Branson brings some activities and attractions that goes on all year round, but there are also special events happening this month only.

The month of September is also the month for the craftsmen to showcase their own arts and crafts. Branson becomes a haven for those who love to see and have unique crafts because this month is all about gathering the finest craftsmen in America in several fairs and gatherings for the guests to see or buy their artworks. In fact, these gatherings of craftsmen in Branson is duly recognized by the US Congress for promoting the heritage and craftsmanship of America.

One such festival is hosted by Branson’s premier theme park, Silver Dollar City. Every September, Silver Dollar City hosts the National Harvest Festival where visitors can see more than a hundred professional craftsmen do their own crafts. The craftsmen visiting in the National Harvest Festival range from glassblowers, sculptors, chainsaw artists, and many others.

Every third week of September, people flock to the historic area of Branson for the Autumn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival to witness and purchase quality arts and crafts. The people also get to be judges for the contest of the best art pieces.

September in Branson is not all about crafts. There is also one for the music lovers out there. Silver Dollar City also holds the Southern Gospel Picnic, which features the best performances from award winning Southern Gospel artists. The Southern Gospel genre has played a big role in Branson’s music history. If you want to expose yourself to a new genre, this festival will be a good one for you, too. The Southern Gospel Picnic also gives you the best Southern food choices.

If you are more of the athletic type, spending your September in Branson also gives you the best thrills! The Branson Ironman Triathlon happens every September, and the race usually goes through the popular areas in historic Branson. You can choose to participate in this race, or you can also enjoy yourself seeing the athletes in their pure competitive spirits.

Apart from these festivals, Branson also offers you some more such as the grape festival and the Shepherd of the Hills Festival. You can also catch the theater shows, plays, and concerts in Branson at this time.

Spending your September in Branson will truly be a relaxing and rewarding experience for you. The kids will be back in school so this is the perfect opportunity to go on a weekend trip to unwind and just have fun.

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Get Big Discounts in Labor Day Weekend Sale at Tanger Mall


You may have known Branson to be a heaven for the music lovers. Branson Missouri has established its name as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. For some, it is also known as the ultimate vacation destination because of the numerous attractions and activities that people of all ages will surely enjoy. So you have spectacular live music shows, theme parks, fun museums, and nature parks. Need you ask for more? You may be contented with these attractions in Branson, but it offers you something more.

Shopping in Branson is also one of the most enjoyable activities in the area. It serves as home to the best outlet malls that offer great discounts and fabulous fashion finds. One such outlet mall in Branson is Tanger Outlet Center. Tanger Outlet Center houses over 65 brand names to keep you updated with the latest fashion trends. Some of the shops that you can find in Tanger Mall are Polo Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Aeropostale, Levi’s, Eddie Bauer, Izod, van Heusen, Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy, GAP, Rockport, Skechers, and a lot more. There are also shops for the fashion-savvy little ones like Tommy Kids, The Children’s Place, Osh Kosh, Disney Store Outlet, Gymboree, and Carter’s. This mall surely has something for everyone.

Aside from offering the lowest prices for quality fashion apparels, Tanger Mall brings you even greater news. You can save more bucks when you shop at Tanger Mall this August 29 to September 1, 2014, because Labor Day Weekend is happening on these dates. The Labor Day Weekend Sale at Tanger Mall has lots of shows and activities lined up for you. Grabbing some great buys in this sale is also the perfect opportunity for some family bonding at the mall. This is also a great opportunity to do some back-to-school shopping for shoes, dresses, and other apparels. This 4 day sale in Tanger Mall is one that you should not let go of! In addition to the big discounts, you can also visit for updated sales and coupon information.

While you are in Branson, why not make the most out of all the thrills it gives you. Coming to Branson on August 29 to September 1 is also just in time for other fun activities for the family, like Night Water and White Water. You can also visit the nature parks in Branson to unwind. If you are staying in Branson for a couple of days and you need a lodging place, stay in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort so you get to be close to Branson’s entertainment and shopping district. Tanger Mall is accessible to you, as well as some of the best live music shows, too. Thousand Hills also has several options for you to choose from – Branson log cabins, Branson golf front condos, and Branson lakefront condos. For inquiries and reservations, just call 1-877-262-0430.

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