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Experience the Thrill in Branson’s Ride the Ducks

During the World War II, there were military vehicles used in the battles. When the war was over, these military vehicles were renovated and were made to be useful again for another purpose. Appropriately names as “Super Ducks”, everything is absolutely super about these water vehicles such as power steering, automatic curtains, increased freeboard, and dual line disc brakes. In Branson, these military vehicles are used in the amazing and the favourite water Ride of the tourists, the Ride The Ducks. These amphibious vehicles were designed to make your lake cruising experience something to remember.Ride the Ducks in Branson Missouri

Branson, Missouri has been always known for its attractions that tourists from across the globe go to. Ride The Ducks is one of the most unique Branson Attractions that provide fun, adventure, and thrill all in one ride. It is an 80-minute tour along Branson Missouri pathways, with a trek up the beautiful Ozark Mountains, travel along the famous Highway 76 visiting Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery, trip to the pristine Table Rock Dam, and lastly, an exciting finale in true “duck” fashion straight into Table Rock Lake for a lake cruise. The Ride The Ducks is an ultimate lake activity for the whole family! Known for the comfort and the reliability the water vehicles provide, you are sure to have fun and still be at ease during your cruise.

But the Ride The Ducks is not all about fun, your safety is most certainly valued in this fantastic cruise. Thus, each water vehicle is commanded by highly trained, dedicated U.S. Coast Guard-certified captains who not only guide your tour but all entertain you will all the facts about the journey. Not to mention the anecdotes and humor they have that will turn an ordinary tour into the most enjoyable tour there is! You’ll never get bored with Ride The Ducks because of all the things you’ll know about the different places in Branson. You could even be a “duck for a day” with bill-shaped noise makers. If you want to do that quack and be the ducky duck that you can be, plan that trip to Branson and get reservations for your Ride The Ducks tour!

If you are worrying about where to stay, leave it to Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort. We have many lodging and accommodation options that will surpass your expectation on luxury and comfort. You can either be in a Branson Condominium, Branson Cabin, or a Branson Table Rock Lake Condominium. And for your convenience, all of these lodging options are only minutes from the Ride The Ducks. For more detail and for reservations at Thousand Hills, dial 1-877-262-0430 and for Ride The Ducks, visit or call 417-266-7600.

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Learn Golf the Branson Way

        Your vacation in Branson will not only bring you lots of adventures and excitement brought about by the famous theme parks and live music shows that the place is famous for. Now, your vacation in Branson can also be about golf. Whether you consider yourself to be a pro at the sport, a beginner, or even someone who hasn’t held a golf club before, there are no worries because Branson golf caters to every skill level.Branson golf course stream

        One of the best golf courses in Branson is in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. It is, by far, the most popular golf course in Branson. The golf course in Thousand Hills is and 18-hole public golf course that managed to receive a 4-stars rating by Golf Digest magazine last 2009 and was voted by the people as the Best of the Ozarks for Branson Golf Courses in Springfield News-Leader for two straight years. You may be wondering now why this golf course in Branson is just so famous. The best way to know is to see it for yourself.

        The golf course in Thousand Hills is popular among people – golfers and non-golfers – alike because it does not favor any skill level of a person. There are three separate tees in the golf course in order to let the professional golfers play their own A-games, and at the same time, let the novice golfers practice and get a chance to be better at the sport.

        When in Thousand Hills’ golf course, not only can you play a good game of golf, you can also savor the sights and freshness that nature gives you. As you pay golf, you also get to see amazing rock formations, tall trees of the surrounding forests, and you also get to hear the rushing of freshwater in the Ozark streams. Thinking about the scenario would make you say that the golf course is in a good location. What if you also knew that the golf course is located within minutes from Branson’s entertainment district? And that the golf course is only 5 minutes from Lake Taneycomo and Table Rock Lake, which are considered by many to be Branson’s perfect lakes? By now, you would think that the golf course’s location is beyond perfect!


        Thousand Hills golf course boasts of wide fairways and perfectly manicured Zoysia grass. This 18-hole par-64 golf course has one par 5 hole, eight par 4 holes, and nine par 3 holes. The slope ratings are the following: Blue 125, White 116, and Red 113. There are also golf clubs for rent in Thousand Hills. Yamaha carts equipped with GPS are also available for use – and absolutely for free! If you are just beginning to learn about the sport, there are also golf professionals to help you level up with the pro players.



        This golf course is situated in Thousand Hills Resort where there are nightly rentals available for condo units and log cabins. This is indeed the perfect lodging for golf enthusiasts and adventure seekers at the same time. To reserve a lodging place or for other inquiries, call 1-877-262-0430 now!

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Fundraising With Thousand Hills Golf Course

Thousand Hills Golf Resort continues philanthropic partnerships within the Ozark Mountain community through golf course fundraising techniques. During 2013, several non-profit organizations ranging from area schools to private and public charitable organizations chose Thousand Hills Golf Resort to help facilitate their fundraising goals. Organizations can realize from $5,000 per event during Scrambles, Golf-A-Thons and upwards for Pro-Am and Celeb-Am events.

“One fantastic fundraising option is to schedule a 13-hole event which finishes at our Clubhouse just in time for a catered meal or awards ceremony. Basically, you receive four additional holes for the price of nine”, said Mike Rankin, Thousand Hills Pro Shop.

Thousand Hills Golf FundraisingThe increased draw to golf fundraisers is two-fold for the organization. Typically, golfers have extra income and are willing to pay more for an upscale resort such as Thousand Hills. Also, a well-planned event will bring back the same golfers year after year establishing a reoccurring fundraising opportunity for the organization.

Revenues can also be maximized by incorporating event registration fees that package lodging, food and beverage and meeting space. Try adding a silent auction or raffle. Thousand Hills has flexible indoor and outdoor meeting space to customize your event based upon your fundraising goals.

Lodging is available at every price point and allows you to expand your fundraising efforts outside your local area. Choose from a variety of accommodations including upscale suites, condos, townhouses or cabins. Staying in larger units such as a luxury, three bedroom condo stretch lodging dollars and our guests actually pay lower per bedroom rates than if they stayed in a moderately priced hotel.

The next time you need to raise money for your organization - Think Thousand Hills Golf Course. Our professional staff is waiting to guide you as your partner to make our communities better. Please call us at 855-353-0886.

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Sights to Behold in Branson Scenic Railway

There is no better way to enjoy Branson than to be amazed by the sights that it can give you. Breathtaking, scenic, wonderful, majestic – you will surely run out of adjectives to describe the attractions and sights in Branson. Normally, you would think of a tour. But Branson offers you more than just a tour.

Branson give you a whole new vacation experience through its Branson Scenic Railway. Ride the rails and experience the romance of train travel as you bask in the sceneries that are exclusive in Branson. Now, take a trip down memory lane to know how this Branson attraction came about.Branson Scenic Railway train on tracks

The Branson Scenic Railway first started as the White River Railway in the year 1902. It took three years after that to finish the construction of the railroad. Twelve million dollars was spent to lay 239 miles of track in the rugged and rough terrains of the Ozark Mountains. The city of Branson reached new heights after the construction of the railroad, making the area accessible to Branson tourists.

The Branson Scenic Railway had its maiden trip in the year 1993 wherein it used a working commercial railroad line for it to travel. Its routes go either north or south only, and those routes aren’t fixed. The routes are yet to be determined just before the train departs. The train, when going north, can take you as far as Galena, Missouri in the James River Valley. When it is going south, you can go as far as Arkansas. There are tour guides to point out the sceneries that are of significance, and also areas where there were extinct communities. These communities are described as when the railroad was built in 1902. Trips of the Branson train depart from the historic depot, which was built in 1905.

Nowadays, White River is now known as Lake Taneycomo and Branson Scenic Railway still continues to give the Branson tourists a chance to know more about the history and the present splendor of the place. This unique tour experience never fails to give the tourists something worth remembering when they go back home.

At present, the Branson Scenic Railway goes on a journey that is 40 miles roundtrip through the Ozark Mountains. The train goes on a trip 3 to 4 times in a day. It gives the passengers a chance to see awesome Branson sceneries that are inaccessible by car and other modes of transportation. A trip in the Branson Scenic Railway takes approximately an hour and 45 minutes. This is enough time to acquaint you with the history of Branson and the Ozarks as narrated by the train conductor. The train and the rails that are used at present are restored to ensure the passengers’ safety and to give the passengers a first-class experience.

Plan your vacation now so you don’t miss out on the chance to witness the panoramic view of the Ozarks. The Branson Scenic Railway operated from March to December. During the months of April to October, Branson Scenic Railway offers a dinner train on Saturdays, which require reservations. Experience Branson in a different way. Come and take a journey aboard train on the Branson Scenic Railway.

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Celebrate Old Time Christmas in Silver Dollar City


Head over to Branson to celebrate the Christmas season in a different way. Spend the Yuletide season in Branson's world-famous theme park, Silver Dollar City‎. Silver Dollar City is an 1880's themed park which features rides and attractions that will surely delight kids of all ages. Bring out the kid in you when you visit this amusement park in Branson, and also don't forget to bring your holiday cheer to fully enjoy the unique Christmas celebration in Silver Dollar City.Christmas lights in Branson's Silver Dollar CIty

Opening in November, the celebration at Silver Dollar City is really a must-see event. Simply put, your Christmas vacation in Branson just won't be complete without experiencing the Old Time Christmas. The Old Time Christmas is Silver Dollar City's special holiday treat for all of Branson's guests. Here, you get to celebrate Christmas the old school way in winter wonderland.

The Old Time Christmas festival starts at the Town Square, which is the main entry point. The start if the festival is especially focused on the colorful light display called the "Christmas on Main Street". At the central point in the town square is a gigantic Christmas tree to match the height of your Christmas spirit. This giant Christmas tree is decorated with more or less 300,000 lights that illuminates the whole Town Square.

A Christmas celebration is not one without the Christmas carols. There is no room for a Scrooge in Silver Dollar City's Old Time Christmas since Christmas songs are there to serenade you while you are in the park. These Christmas carols continue to fill the park all throughout the season. Traditional carols, Holiday songs, and new Christmas chart toppers are sure to please your ears and will also get your holiday vibes going. As these songs about Christmas joy echo through the amusement park, your visit to Silver Dollar City's Old Time Christmas will truly be an unforgettable experience.

This is the time of the year when anything Christmas-y can be found just about anywhere in Silver Dollar City. Even the stage shows in the amusement park's Opera House Theater are in line with the holiday theme. One such show that is a staple in Silver Dollar City's Old Time Christmas is Charles Dickens' "The Christmas Carol". This magnificent theater piece is portrayed by fourteen actors donned in period costumes, coupled with a grand stage design and awesome special effects. It almost feels like you are watching a show on Broadway. Another performance to watch out for in Old Time Christmas is "The Living Nativity", which will let you time travel back to when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. Other shows about Christmas are also scheduled regularly, so you better catch as many shows as you can.

When the sun sets and the night envelopes the amusement park, a light parade marches through the park's streets twice every evening. The rides in the theme park can also be enjoyed by everybody. As you go around the park, fill your stomach with traditional Christmas cooking and foodies, like the traditional turkey, Christmas pudding, roasted chestnuts, and many others.

Experience Christmas in a Victorian manner in Silver Dollar City's Old Time Christmas. Make this holiday season your best one yet with a visit to Silver Dollar City. For your lodging needs, head on to Thousand Hills Golf Resort for nightly rentals of log cabins and condo units - totally perfect for a family vacation. For reservations and inquiries, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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International Cuisine in Branson

Eating out for breakfast, lunch or dinner is always a real treat. It’s fun to sample from many different restaurants to develop your tastes and learn what dishes you like and don’t like. Branson, Missouri offers many great eateries to order up at around town – everything from bakeries to barbeque joints to pizza places. But if you’re looking for a flavor with a different flair, something that is outside the traditional American box, perhaps you should give some international eats a try – the international cuisine in Branson is sure to please your palate!

Vasken’s International Deli

If a tasty and non-traditional lunch is what you are after, you’ll want to make a date at Vasken’s International Deli! Located along Gretna Road and just down the way from the Coleman Outlet, Vasken’s is fast becoming one of the most popular luncheon places in the area. Featuring a large variety of Greek and Mediterranean food, Vasken’s is one of the more unique restaurants for international cuisine in Branson. The atmosphere in this deli is large and open – folks who are dining in can grab a seat wherever they can find an empty spot! Many customers wind up sharing tables as they enjoy the great food. The menu items themselves are prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients and the pricing is very reasonable for the amount of food in a given order. Appetizers such as hummus dip and Baba Ganoush (a refreshing eggplant dip) are a fun way to start off your meal. Pizzas, salads and cold cut sandwiches are some of the tasty menu items, but the Vasken’s Famous Gyros take the cake – it’s easy to see why they are famous! Featuring thinly sliced and spit roasted lamb and beef, fresh veggies and a tasty sauce all wrapped in warm pita bread, these delicious Greek sandwiches will have you hooked. The Firehouse Gyro is just as good as the Famous Gyro – it includes a creamy sauce with a kick and spicy giardiniera vegetables on top of the regular gyro ingredients. Side dishes include potato salads, Feta cheese and stuffed grape leaves. Round off your meal with a flaky, buttery sweet almond croissant!

Little Hacienda

If you have a flair for Mexican food, head on over to Little Hacienda, mi amigos! Located off of Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, Little Hacienda has plenty of sizzling hot – or not – options to keep you happy. Upon entering the restaurant, your table will be supplied with the traditional tortilla chips and a delicious red salsa with plenty of cilantro and a jalapeno kick. But don’t fill up on just chips! Be sure to save room for entrees like Chili Verde, a Taco Plate (your choice of crispy or soft, ground beef or shredded chicken) or Ranchero Fajitas, a sizzling hot cast iron platter of seasoned to perfection beef, chicken or shrimp. The Ranchero Fajitas also come with rice, beans, warm flour tortillas, sour cream and pico de gallo – so come hungry or be prepared to have leftovers! Little Hacienda also offers a full service bar, as well as carry-out and catering options.

Waxy OSheas at the Branson LandingWaxy O’Shea’s Irish Pub

If you’re after a hearty meal with, perhaps, a pint to wash it down, then the luck o’ the Irish is on your side! You’ll find all foods Irish (with a few American favorites too) on the Branson Landing at Waxy O’Shea’s Irish Pub. A pub-like atmosphere, with wooden bench style booths, wrought iron light fixtures and friendly service makes you feel right at home. Start off with an appetizer like South O’ The Border Nachos or Scotch Eggs and a draft beer. Or order a cup of Beer Cheese Soup, a hearty yet tangy thick soup topped with fresh croutons. An entrée like Waxy’s Fish and Chips, Chicken Pot Pie or a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is sure to fill you up. If not, there’s always the dessert menu!

Branson, Missouri, is loaded with great food of all kinds. So when you’re ready to step outside the box, international cuisine in Branson is sure to satisfy!

The Branson Missouri Blog

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Celebrate the Best Christmas in Branson



This Christmas season, do not forget to visit the Ozark Mountains and celebrate the best Christmas in Branson. And you won’t even have to worry about looking for a place to stay because the Thousand Hills Golf Resort is there to make your stay comfortable with its nightly log cabins rentals or luxurious condo units. Do not miss out on the fun this Christmas season; make sure to check out all the celebrations Branson has for you and your family. Lots of Christmas shows, various celebrations, and a whole lot more are in store for you here at Branson!Christmas lights in Branson


Branson will give you the best Christmas celebration. With a Branson Christmas, you can celebrate the special holiday not just with your loved ones of loved one, but also with the fun and exciting events Branson has in store for you. Fill your holiday with oh-so-fantastic shows and events! And just so you know, here is a small sampling of the how you can celebrate the best Christmas in Branson:


Branson Festivals of Lights

From November 1 to January 2, beautiful lights are set up all around town that you can drive through and enjoy at night. You could also make use of the Trolley or Ride the Ducks tour and let them take you out for the night if you don’t want to drive. Light displays are all over Ozark Mountain Country for your enjoyment!


Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights

From November 1 through December 31, a beautiful display of the lights and dioramas are present. These are located west of Branson at the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead. You can drive through using your car and have that delicious hot chocolate in the gift shop and stay warm this season. For a gorgeous view of the Branson night lights this Christmas season, you can take a ride to the top of Inspiration Tower.


Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas

This is a special Christmas festival in Branson that starts November 3 through December 30. This is considered as one of the best ways to experience and celebrate your Branson Christmas the old fashioned way. You can see miles of lights and delight in the beautiful 5-story Christmas tree. This event will surely amaze people of all ages! There are also many shows and musicals during this festivity. There’s no other best way to celebrate a Branson Christmas than to sit back with a cup of Hot Chocolate or Wassail and travel back in time to celebrate the holidays.


The 65th Annual Adoration Parade and Lighting Ceremony

This favourite annual event among all local residents will be held on December 2. This marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday.


Santa’s Workshop in Branson

For the whole month of December, you can go to historic downtown Branson for a time of decorating the “Giving Trees” to collect gifts for the Boys and Girls Club and residents of local nursing homes. Children are also welcome to come and visit Santa, decorate a cookie and make an ornament to take home. Here at Branson, a workshop with Santa is part of the celebration of Christmas.


Branson’s Live Shows

Branson is known for its various entertainment theaters, so don’t forget the hundreds of live shows and theaters! Many of them even incorporate a Christmas there into their existing shows for the celebration of the season. The shows are all throughout Branson town from November 1st to December 31st.


Branson Christmas Shopping

A Branson Christmas would not be complete without shopping! Branson has many outlet malls and shops to accommodate your shopping needs, as well as the new Branson Landing Shopping district in historic downtown Branson. If you stay at Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort, don’t forget to ask for you coupons for the malls. Don’t forget you stocking stuffers as well!


Bring your whole family and celebrate the best Branson Christmas together at Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort. You will have that Branson Christmas that you will always remember, whether in one of our 1-4-bedroom condos or log cabins. All of us at Thousand Hills wish you and your family a Merry Christmas Season and we look forward to your stay!

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Experience shopping at its finest in Branson


Being the entertainment city that Branson is, people think of the place as full of fun and excitement. They think of the pristine lakes, the live shows that have made the city known all over the world, the best museums, and the breathtaking scenery that surrounds the entire city. But what most people do not know is that Branson can also be a great destination for all the shoppers out there to do their shopping. And not just to shop for known brands and lines, but also for beautiful hand-made arts & crafts, one-of-a-kind jewelry, musical instruments, unique artworks and souvenirs. The city can also be a place to hunt fantastic bargains! You can truly have everything even in your Branson shopping at Branson, Missouri. This just goes to show, again, that Branson is the perfect vacation spot.

Tanger Outlet Center - One of the outlet malls in BransonEnjoy your Branson shopping by checking out the shopping places below.

Branson Landing

It is the newest shopping mall in Branson that hold $7.5 Million Water and Fire Show that keeps the shopper entertained while they shop. This mall features a variety of popular national retailers from Bass Pro Shops and Belk Department Store to White House/Black market, Chico’s and Ann Taylor Loft. It is located at the lakefront of Lake Taneycomo, which is just a perfect location for you to go shopping after a day of outdoor activities.

Tanger Outlet Center

If you wish to shop for the famous brands and clothing lines, you must check out Tanger Outlet Center. Stores such as Polo Ralph Lauren, GAP Outlet, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic, Aeropostale, Liz Claiborne, Levi’s, Eddie Bauer, Haggar, Izod, Van Heusen, Rockport, and Skechers are all in the mall that will let you keep your wardrobe up-to-date with the latest fashion styles and designs! And for the kids, Tommy Kids, The Children’s Place, Osh Kosh B’gosh, Disney Outlet Store, Gymboree and Carter’s are available.

IMAX Entertainment Complex 

The IMAX Entertainment Complex is the place to go if you are looking for specialty Branson stores. One of the stores in the complex is the Legend Gifts, which has movie posters, limited edition prints, soundtracks and IMAX films on video. The Shadow Box can is also there where you can get beautiful quilts, grandfather clocks, custom-made leather apparel, jewelry, and souvenirs.

Branson Craft Mall

The Branson Craft Mall features the famous craftsmen of Branson, Missouri. You will be able to see candle making, basket weaving, a silversmith, brass engraving, potato bags, decorated shirts and jackets, leather works, wood turning, pottery & musical instruments made and played daily! Over 16,000 sq. ft. of arts and crafts and 200 booths featuring imaginative artisan from across America all for your shopping pleasure!

Fashion House Ladies Boutique

Check out Branson’s premier boutique with all the personal service, upscale casual clothing and super cute accessories. This can be fun for both girls and women!


With all of these shopping places in Branson, you can never leave the city with just window-shopping. Make your Branson shopping the best by maximizing your experience with all of the stores Branson offers!

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See and feel the safari at the Promised Land Zoo


Just opened its gate last June 18, 2013, the Promised Land Zoo is Branson’s newest attraction up to date. It is located on the Shepherd of the Hills Expressway and is fast becoming a favourite destination of tourists and locals of the entertainment city. It features various animals from different places with a main goal of giving education and conservation awareness to people. The Promised Land Zoo is a whopping 5-acre land that is home to over a hundred different animals and over forty-four different species. Because it has only recently opened, many of the animals are babies and youngsters. But even so, just imagine how you would delight in seeing cute animals at the zoo! You and your kids would surely have a great time here at the zoo.Branson Promised Land Zoo

The Promised Land Zoo brings the animals to you rather than you go to them in very far places like the Savannah in Africa. There are lion cubs playing, lemurs swinging, and even hyenas laughing and lounging in the sun. Various exotic animals can be found at the zoo and you can even get up close and personal with them if you like! Adventure in the Promised Land Zoo is just like an adventure to the Safari. Besides exotic animals, you will also fins critters like caracals, alligators, prairie dogs, a spider monkey, and so much more on the neatly mulched hillside paths. Watch out for and get to know the famous animals at the Promised Land Zoo when you visit, like Forrest Hump ( a baby camel), the squirrel monkey, and adorable baby zebra, Calamity Jane (an Olive Baboon), and the Banana (the world’s largest Burmese Python)! Jungle Josh, one of the zoo’s directors and animal show performer will guide you with the animals of the Promised Land Zoo.

If you plan to have a trip to Branson, Missouri, better include the Promised Land Zoo  in your list of Branson attractions to visit. It is open daily from 9am until 7pm. You can buy the last admission ticket at 6:30pm if you want to check out the zoo at night and have that night in the safari feel. Bring your camera with you as you can take pictures while walking around zoo. You are free to ask questions of you have some! Here are some of the places you should stop by at the Promised Land Zoo: The Parakeet Paradise, a screened house enclosing different exotic birds, is open from 10am to 6pm. The much sought after animal shows are offered every at times 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. Watch Jungle Josh and his helpers bring out all sorts of animals during the show. You can pet and feed them these animals while Jungle Josh teaches fun facts about other unique animals, including Esmeralda (the Screaming Hairy Armadillo) and Barry (the Kinkajou). If you can’t get enough of the petting and feeding during the shows, you are welcome to participate in the daily bottle feedings at times 10am, 2pm, and 6pm.


If you are looking for something different in Branson, visit the Promised Land Zoo. Enjoy all of this and learn a lot about the animals you see. For your convenience, the zoo facility includes restrooms. End your day at the zoo by checking out the gift shop full of fun nature-themed items, stuffed animals, plastic critters, and Promised Land Zoo merchandise. There are also other animals that are housed at the gift shop!

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Branson Titanic Museum: A Museum You’ll Never Let Go


The RMS Titanic, or simply Titanic, was a British liner that aboard thousands of passengers. It was on its way to New York City from Southampton, UK when it collided with an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912.  It has been one of the most tragic maritime disasters in the world and so many replicas have been made in order to study and commemorate the event.The Titanic Museum found in Branson

In 1963, Ed Kamuda formed the Titanic Historical Society (THS), which is the first and largest global organization dedicated to preserving the history of the British Liner. Titanic Branson works with THS. And since Branson is known as an entertainment city because of its attractions, Titanic Branson has established a museum dedicated to the Titanic. The Branson Titanic Museum has become one of the most famous attractions in Branson. It has been the tourist spot for people looking for history, romance, or just simply a museum for the family. Because of Branson’s dedication to the Titanic, the established museum has become the largest Titanic museum in the world! No wonder why people from across the globe go to Branson, MO to see this.

The Branson Titanic Museum is a building shaped like a half-scale replica of the Titanic’s bow. It is a two-story tall establishment that features the same details as the actual Titanic, such as lifeboats, portholes, and so much more. What’s more interesting are the many artifacts in the galleries of the museum that tells of the story of the Titanic – from when it was built to when it sank and to when it was rediscovered in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. As the museum induces the hunger for discovery, visitors would not want to leave.

The Branson Titanic Museum’s goal is to give you the best experience during your Branson vacation. Thus, a new gallery has been opened at the museum! Discover the 133 Children’s Stories of Titanic as this year-long exhibit shows you the documentary of what the children saw, heard, and felt from the moment they boarded the ship. This serves as a celebration of the children’s courage and faith that has been an inspiration to us all. For tickets, dial 800-381-7670.


Come to Branson, MO and visit the Titanic Museum. As you witness the luxury of the Titanic, you can also be home to a luxurious place after at the Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort. The resort will provide you with various lodging rentals. The museum is only minutes away, so you won’t be missing out on anything! For reservations, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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