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Vroom and Zoom in Branson’s Track Family Fun Parks


It is already a given that Branson offers you and the whole family ultimate fun and adventure with the many activities and attractions in the area. Branson’s main attractions would have to be their live music shows, but you just can’t miss out on the entertaining theme parks. One of these theme parks is The Tracks Family Fun Parks – a place packed with family-friendly fun and adventure. You can’t go wrong with a visit to this theme park as this will definitely give everyone loads of memorable family bonding moments.

The Track Family Fun Parks features rides and attractions for people of all ages. It is one place where you are licensed to not act your age. Just be a kid all over again to enjoy this place. Ride a go-kart or have a laser tag tourney with the young ones – the fun possibilities are endless. Go-Karts are one of the park’s major attractions. Track Family Fun Parks has three high-rise go-kart tracks so you can choose which one to try according to the level of difficulty. Wild Woody (Track 3) and The Lumberjack (Track 5) are a must-try if you want to feel like you are riding a wood coaster. It has wooden tracks to make the entire ride as thrilling as you want it to be. The Heavy Metal High Rise (Track 4) is a 4-story high steel and concrete track with a rock-n-roll theme. There is even a stage where you can have a photo op. Aside from these tracks, there are also the classic go-kart rides for everyone. Try the high-speed sprint track, laser tag arena, bumper boats and cars, mini golf, arcades, and the 100-foot skycoaster. There are also rides especially for the kids so they get a thrilling experience as well.

This year, the Track Family Fun Park introduces a new attraction to everyone. Try and experience the blacklight and laser attractions at Track 5 – Route 76 Glow Golf! It is a new, fun, and challenging way to play golf. This is a 9-hole back light mini golf course featuring the tourist spots in Branson. The Laser Maze Challenge is another new attraction in Tracks Family Fun Park where guests can find their way out of a web of lasers without touching them, or by how many lasers they can burst through. All these challenges are timed to make it more thrilling. The Fences with Batting Cages at Track 5 is also a great venue to try your softball and baseball skills.

Enjoy your Tracks experience when you stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. You get to have a comfortable and convenient stay, plus you also have the opportunity to have a Track Go-Card for big discounts and perks in the park. Choose from Thousand Hills’ lodging options now and reserve your very own by calling 1-877-262-0430.

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Water Adventure in the Branson TriLakes Area



More than the Branson live music shows that have made this place famous worldwide, Branson has so much more to offer to its guests. No wonder it is dubbed as the ultimate vacation destination in the Midwest. What tourists are enjoying in Branson is the adventure that it brings. Yes, you can have all kinds of adventure in Branson, even in the waters!

The TriLakes Area in Branson serves as home to 3 pristine lakes – Lake Taneycomo, Bull Shoals Lake, and Table Rock Lake. These are popular tourist sites for water adventures like boating, jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, wake boarding, swimming, fishing, diving, and a lot more. A trip to Branson Trilakes Area may just be your much-needed rest and relaxation since it brings you to your kinship with nature. People who frequent the lakes are usually families, sports enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and those who just want to relax from the fast-paced city life. Let’s take a closer look at these lakes.

Lake Taneycomo is a cold water haven for trout. Trout fishing is extremely popular in this lake. Taneycomo also provides a breathtaking background for the nearby shopping district in downtown Branson. Branson Landing is the nearest mall to Lake Taneycomo, and the lake backdrop for this outlet mall has greatly helped in attracting shoppers. Not only do you get to shop in the Landing, but you also get to be treated to sightseeing in Lake Taneycomo.

Bull Shoals Lake is known for its houseboat rentals, leisure and fishing activities. Here, you can have a grand time boating, jet skiing, and enjoying other Branson water sports and attractions. Fishing is most popular in Bull Shoals Lake, and it often serves as host to top regional and national tournaments. Some of the record breaking fishes from Bull Shoals are the 13 pound 14 ounce largemouth, 51 pound striped bass, and a 21 pound 1 ounce walleye.

Last but not the least, Table Rock Lake is the lake closest to Branson’s entertainment district in Highway 76 Strip. Table Rock Lake boasts of top bass fishing. Here, you can spot fishes like largemouth smallmouth, Kentucky spotted bass, white bass, rock bass, and many more. Several record holders in fishing tournaments were also from this lake, such as the 5 pound 6 ounce record white bass and the 7 pound 8 ounce spotted bass.

Plan Your Lake Vacation 

Come and experience the TriLakes Area in Branson for you to discover more water adventures that you can add to this list. When you are in Branson, stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. In Thousand Hills, you can have the best lodging options and you also get to stay close to the TriLakes area and Branson’s best theaters. Reserve your unit in Thousand Hills now by calling 1-877-262-0430. 

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Make A Branson Cabin Your Vacation Home



Your vacation lodging is a crucial detail. It could make or break your whole vacation experience. If you are planning for a vacation in Branson, then read on to find out where is the best lodging place to make your Branson vacation a truly memorable one.


Branson boasts of world class entertainment and attractions that will surely guarantee you a good time. In Branson, you will find Silver Dollar City, the world-famous 1880’s-themes amusement park. Silver Dollar City has numerous rides and attractions that will delight people of all ages. There is also the ride called Outlaw Run, which is also called as the world’s most daring wood coaster. Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush when you board the Outlaw Run! This amusement park is beaming with excitement and fun. To give you some relaxation from all the excitement, you can watch a show in Silver Dollar City’s mini theaters or you can treat yourself to a delicious snack. Silver Dollar City is also known to serve the best amusement park food in all of America.


There are also many nature parks in Branson for all the nature lovers. Branson also has three pristine lakes, and the area surrounding the lakes is called the TriLakes Area. This is perfect for picnic trips with the family. The area is also open for those who want to swim and do other water activities like boating.


But, one thing you should not miss in Branson is the live musical entertainment. Find out why it is called the Live Entertainment Capital of the World by watching the live music shows of Branson’s homegrown musical talents. Theaters abound Branson, and there are a number of shows available each day. Does this pretty much sound like the perfect vacation for you? If yes, then head over to Branson and stay in a place near all these happenings.


Thousand Hills Golf Resort is the place to be when in Branson. It is so strategically situated in Highway 76, where most of the theaters and parks can also be found. Highway 76 is also booming with the best restaurants in Branson, so when you stay in Thousand Hills, everyday will be a treat for you. Thousand Hills offers rentals of the Branson cabin. These Branson cabins range from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom cabins. With hotel-like amenities, these Branson cabins will be your home away from home.


The Branson cabins in Thousand Hills Golf Resort comes with fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms. It also comes with a fully equipped kitchen. When it comes to entertainment, Branson cabins provide you with a DVD player and a cable television, not to mention a swimming pool where you can take a quick swim. The cabins also have free wireless internet.


Make this Branson cabin your vacation home. For inquiries and reservations, just call Thousand Hills at 1-877-262-0430.

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The National Harvest & Cowboy Festival is Definitely On!



Everyone head over to Branson to have loads of fun in the ultimate vacation destination in the Midwest! Branson is known worldwide for its spectacular live music shows and concerts, but the festivals in Branson are also a major factor why people can’t get enough of this place. Whether you are in Branson for a quick getaway or a month-long vacation, there is surely a festival you can catch and enjoy!

One of the attractions in Branson that tourists don’t dare miss is Silver Dollar City. This 1880’s themed amusement park is the most visited theme park in Branson because of its rides and attractions. Silver Dollar City also hosts several festivals throughout the year. No matter what time of the year or what season you choose to go to Branson, there is a festival waiting for you in Silver Dollar City. From September 16 to October 31, 2015, Silver Dollar City will be hosting the National Harvest & Cowboy Festival. Once this festival hits Silver Dollar City along with the burst of fiery colors around you, it means that fall is in the air.

This fall festival is considered to be the largest gathering of American artists and craftsmen – a grand celebration of American craftsmanship. It is already no wonder why Silver Dollar City is called The Home of American Craftsmanship. Aside from the demonstrating craftsmen in the theme park, National Harvest & Cowboy Festival adds more craftsmen to the bunch. You can witness crafts demos such as glassblowing, candle making, pottery making, culinary arts, knife making, pumpkin carving, and a lot more. Artists also get to have the recognition they deserve with the “Made in Missouri Juried Exhibit & Sale”, featuring the Best of Missouri hands Artists. More than 130 craftsmen will add to Silver Dollar City’s resident craftsmen to bring in more fun and excitement to the guests.

During the festival, you can still enjoy the attractions in Silver Dollar City. Have the ride of your life in the park’s world-class rides. For your breather from all the thrills in the park, you can always catch a show in the park’s theaters. Catch more than 40 shows daily to make your visit even more entertaining and memorable.


The festival may have started but it’s not too late yet to experience the fun and excitement that only the National Harvest & Cowboy Festival can bring. For the festival, choose to stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort for a convenient and comfortable stay. Thousand Hills is located minutes away from Silver Dollar City, so you can have a well-deserved rest after spending a day of adventure in the festival. You can call 1-877-262-0430 for reservations in Thousand Hills, and also for purchasing two days’ worth of tickets for the price of one day!

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See the Fall Colors in Branson’s Inspiration Tower



What is it about fall that makes everyone want to stop, relax, and enjoy? The magic of the fall season lies in the calmness that the surroundings bring. There are lots to see in Branson, no doubt, as it is branded as the ultimate vacation destination in the Midwest. The main attraction that Branson brings its guests is the live music shows, which is why it is called the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. Music lovers wouldn’t go wrong with choosing Branson for their getaway.

This fall season, Branson gives you more reasons to visit this place. One of these reasons is a trip up the Inspiration Tower at Shepherd of the Hills. The Inspiration Tower is one of Branson’s popular attractions because it gives you a 360 degree view of the Ozarks. It is also the second highest point in Missouri, standing at 230 feet, so you are guaranteed to get a good view of the beauty of fall in Branson. The Tower can be seen from many locations in Branson. But what exactly is the significance of the Inspiration Tower in Branson?

The Inspiration Tower was built in 1989 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Harold Bell Wright’s first visit to the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead. The spot where the tower stands was known as Inspiration Point, Wright’s first campsite on the homestead. Once you get a view of the Ozarks from the Inspiration Point, you will understand what kept Wright inspired enough to write his book “The Shepherd of the Hills”.

Weighing 3 million pounds and having more than 92,000 pounds of structural steel, the tower is sturdy enough to hold up a constant wind of 172 miles per hour and it can also withstand wind gusts of up to 224 miles per hour. In order to experience the Inspiration Tower in Shepherd of the Hills, you need to go up, of course. You can take the glass elevators (there are two of them) which will lead you straight up to the observation deck of the Inspiration Tower.

If you want to visit the Inspiration Tower, you can do so any time of the year. It is open from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. Your trip to Shepherd of the Hills is not just about the Inspiration Tower. You can also visit the gift shop at the ground level, where you can buy tower themed souvenirs and other products from the homestead. There is also a snack shop where you can have a nice cup of hot chocolate and something to munch on.


Visit the Inspiration Tower in Branson this fall. For more than two decades, this tower has been inspiring locals and tourists, and you might just be one of them! For your trip to Branson, book your stay in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort where you can have various lodging options and you can also stay close to Branson’s attractions. For inquiries and reservations in Thousand Hills, contact 1-877-262-0430.

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Shopping Galore in Branson Landing’s 5th Annual Artisan’s Market



Shopping in Branson may be the last thing that comes to your mind when you think of the place. After all, it is known to be the Live Music Show Capital of the World. But more than the spectacular live music shows, theater plays, and concerts that have made Branson famous, there are also other attractions in the place to give you much fun and adventure on your visit.

The outlet malls in Branson provide the guests and locals with much happiness because of the lowest prices, frequent sales, big discounts, and great finds, too! It is truly a shopper’s haven. Shopping in Branson Landing is also a relaxing experience because it has a very picturesque backdrop courtesy of Lake Taneycomo. For the locals and the frequent guests, Branson Landing is the best place to go for shopping and relaxation.

This September 25 to 26, 2015, Branson Landing will be hosting the 5th Annual Artisan’s Market. This fall event in the Landing is a gathering of artists and crafters from all over the country. This is also a chance for the guest artists and crafters to show the people their own works of art. The Branson Landing Promenade will be filled with tents, where you can find a unique souvenir of Branson. Get a souvenir for your remembrance of your Branson trip, or you can get one as a gift for your loved ones back home. One thing for sure is that these crafts are purely handmade so you can find something for someone.

The Annual Artisan’s Market in Branson is the Landing’s way of giving more unique affordable items to the guests, and an opportunity to feature the crafts of the artists and craftsmen. Aside from the event in the Branson Landing Promenade, people can also explore the shops in the Landing. Some of the shops you can find are Belk Department Store, Bass Pro Shops, Aeropostale, Chico’s The Children’s Place, Hollister, White House Black Market, and many more. To fuel you in your shopping adventure in the Landing, there are also restaurants where you can get satisfy your cravings. Choose from restaurants like Black Oak Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cantina Laredo, Joe’s Crab Shack, Garfield’s Restaurant, Subway, White River Fish House, and others.


Drop by the Branson Landing this September 25-25 for the 5th Annual Artisan’s Market. You can also see more sales and promos in Branson Landing by visiting For your stay in Branson, let Thousand Hills Golf Resort provide you with various affordable lodging options that are suited for your vacation needs. Thousand Hills is also located close to Branson’s theaters to make entertainment more accessible for you. For reservations and inquiries in Thousand Hills, call 1-877-262-0430. 

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Why Not Picnic The Next Time You Visit Branson?

The word ‘picnic’ usually conjures up a nostalgic image of a happy couple or family sitting on a checkered blanket overlooking a grassy vista with the tranquility of nature surrounding them; a large wicker picnic basket sitting in the middle of the blanket might contain any number of goodies like sandwiches, carrot sticks, slices of cake or a plate of cookies, and a pitcher of ice cold lemonade completes the image. While this vision is usually the starting point of any picnic, the great thing about an outdoor meal is that you can tweak it and add your own creative and personal touches to make it your own! Picnics can happen anywhere, at any time, and Branson, Missouri, just happens to be an excellent place to explore your picnicking options. Read on for some great locations in and around town for a Branson picnic.

Table Rock LakeTable Rock State Park: Table Rock Lake, created by the construction of the Table Rock Dam, and named for a large table shaped rock formation along the shores of the lake, is one of the many things that has made Branson famous. The lake is great for fishing, boating and swimming – plus, it happens to be a prime location for a Branson picnic! Table Rock State Park is a wonderful place to hold an outdoor meal with your sweetheart, your family, or your colleagues. The state park boasts many waterside locations that are great for throwing down that checkered blanket. However, if sitting on the ground isn’t really your style, Table Rock State Park also provides picnic tables for guests to sit and enjoy a meal. If you like to grill during your picnics, the park has you covered there as well – charcoal grills are available for your convenience!

College of the Ozarks: College of the Ozarks, one of the few work colleges in the country where students work to pay for their tuition instead of handing over a check, has a long and unique history rooted right around the Branson area. The college offers visitors tours of the campus grounds, a chance to buy college raised and made produce, milk, meat and crafts at the farmers market, a five star restaurant and an ice cream parlor and so much more. The beautiful campus, which is made so by a very dedicated and talented student landscaping team, is also a lovely spot for a picnic! Many perfectly manicured lawns overlooking Lake Taneycomo, the dairy, or the stunning chapel, provide the perfect spot for your picnic blanket.

Silver Dollar City: While this world famous theme park might not be the first place that comes to mind for a Branson picnic, the theme park is geared towards outdoor meals! The hilly landscape is dotted with picnic tables, just waiting for you and your family to sit down and share some home packed cheese and crackers, or perhaps a tasty skillet meal or hamburger purchased from one of SDC’s eateries.

The possibilities for a Branson picnic are endless – so get creative with where you lay down your checkered blanket!

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Bring the Family together in a Condo

Condos For the FamilyMost folks out there, more likely than not, have some very fond memories of family vacations. Family vacations are one of the best opportunities ever for families to make those cherished memories that are remembered many, many years down the road. Some people remember cross country road trips where the whole family piled into the car for adventures in some of the country’s national parks. Others might recall flying to a tropical location to spend a week wading in the ocean and gathering seashells. Still others could have a memory of all those related staying on the family farm, getting back in touch with their roots. Whatever type of family vacation you might have had, the best part was undoubtedly that fact that the family was together. And if you are planning a family trip to Branson anytime soon, you will be glad to know that Branson condos make it a comfortable option for the family to all stay together!

The luxurious and cozy condos at Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort are the perfect option for a family vacation. The sheer variety of the condos is one of the things that make them so great for your trip – there are Branson condos available for any family size, budget and desires! Perhaps your family just consists of you and a spouse – so consider one of Thousand Hills more intimate condo choices, such as a location that sleeps two and offers a Jacuzzi or whirlpool tub. Maybe it’s a family comprised of the parents and two or three children – a condo that sleeps six and provides an outdoor porch for grilling hot dogs and making s’mores would be a good option. And if you’re bringing your whole family, plus grandma and grandpa and maybe some distant cousins for a Branson family reunion, you will certainly want to book a townhouse that can hold up to twelve people, and includes a kitchen for cooking big family meals! Whatever your family structure, there are plenty of Branson condos for you to choose from.

Let’s not forget the great amenities that come provided with Branson condos, and of course, are family friendly! All the linens – towels, sheets, pillowcases, etc. – are provided for your convenience; Mom’s packing just got a whole lot easier! Washers, dryers and detergents are also provided – just in case the little ones get their clothes dirty, you won’t have to worry about packing mountains of laundry. Comfortable living rooms complete with TVs, lots of channels and a DVD player makes for a great way to kick back at the end of a long day exploring Branson. If you have to do a little business while you are in town, Branson condos come equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can quickly send those emails and get back to enjoying your family time. And of course, your condo will be only a stone’s throw away from the best that Branson has to offer – shopping, attractions, shows, food and more!

Family vacations are all about being together and making memories – book yourself a Branson condo today and start planning the best family vacation ever!

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Join Tanger Mall’s Annual Fit for a Cure



What usually pops into your mind when you hear about Branson? It might be all about live music shows and entertainment. Branson, being the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, is one of the most visited places by tourists in the Midwest. It also takes pride in its world class theaters and shows. Even the theme parks in Branson also draw their own share of tourists with their thrilling activities and festivals all year round. With all these, one might overlook the unique experience that shopping malls in Branson might bring.

The Branson outlet malls offer an adventure with your shopping experience. One such outlet mall is Tanger Outlet Center. Tanger Mall is popular to tourists and locals alike because of its perfect location and the perfect shopping ambiance – not to mention the many shops that cater to people of all ages. Tanger Outlet Center also holds events, like the Annual TangerStyle Fit for a Cure 5K Run/Walk. This event is to promote family fitness as a part of the community. The TangerStyle Fit for a Cure 5K Run/Walk will be on September 26, 2015 at 8 AM in Tanger Outler Center. Hosted by the sponsors and Tanger Mall, this fitness event will definitely bring together friends and neighbors in Branson for a common cause. The proceeds of this event will not be for naught, since it will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks. If you want to join the race, it is best to register now to avail of exclusive freebies. Early birds, specifically, the first 300 registrants, will receive a race pack which includes a souvenir shirt and lots of other freebies.

For interested registrants, you can register via 2 ways. First is by going to Tanger Malls’s Branson Shopper Services Center, or you can do it online by visiting Choose whichever is convenient for you.

Tanger Outlet Center is home to top brands and store like New York & Company Outlet, Torrid, Polo Ralph Lauren, GAP Outlet, Old Navy, Tomy Hilfiger, Banana Republic, Van Heusen, Rockport, Skechers, Aeropostale, Levi’s, and a lot more. There are also shops for kids like Tommy Kids, The Children’s Place, Osh Kosh, Disney Store Outler, Gymboree, and Carter’s.

For your lodging needs in Branson, choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort where you can have the most comfortable and convenient stay. You also have several lodging options to choose from. Thousand Hills is located near Branson’s entertainment district and outlet malls so fun and adventure are within your reach. Reserve your units now by calling 1-877-262-0430.

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Live The Lakefront Condo Life For Your Vacation



Your vacation should not be that expensive for it to be a memorable one. In Branson, you can have the best vacation while spending less. Being in the live entertainment capital of the world offers you many opportunities for fun and adventure. You can also have the best moments with your loved ones in Branson. When you plan your trip to Branson, don’t forget the must-visit places like The Strip, Branson outlet malls, restaurants, museums, theme parks, and a lot more. You are surely in for a grand time in the ultimate vacation destination in the Midwest.

To make your vacation even more exciting, your choice of lodging is just as important. When in Branson, there’s no other place to go to but Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. This is where you can find comfort and convenience rolled up into one place. Thousand Hills has the perfect location for you. Situated just a couple of minutes away from the entertainment district of Branson, Thousand Hills lets you enjoy all the shows you want, anytime you want it. You also get to stay near the best malls and restaurants, plus there is also a golf course within Thousand Hills where you can learn golf or train your skills. Thousand Hills is also near the lakes area in Branson, making it a relaxing experience everytime you visit.

One of the popular Branson lodging choice in Thousand Hills Golf Resort is their lakefront condo unit. These units are named The Majestic, and you will know why it is called such when you get to stay here. The lakefront condo units are located in the perfect Table Rock lakefront location where you can have easy access to Table Rock Dam, Dewey Short Visitor’s Center, State Park Marina, Moonshine Beach and other attractions nearby. Table Rock Lake is known to be one of the most pristine and cleanest lakes in the country, making the lakefront condo units your perfect choice if you want to unwind and de-stress yourself.

The amenities you get to enjoy when you rent a lakefront condo are a fully equipped kitchen, fully furnished bedrooms with luxurious beddings and pillows, whirlpool tub, cable TV, DVD player, free high-speed internet access, and a spacious living room. It would be really nice to walk down to the lake to see the sunset with your loved one. You can also launch your boat at State Park so you can use it for some water activities in the lake.


Book your stay in Thousand Hills now by calling 1-877-262-0430.

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