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Entertaining Groups in Branson

It's time to plan a Family Vacation

Branson is a place where families come to bond and spend quality time together. This family-friendly city has so much to offer a family reunion or vacation.

There are many options for lodging in the Branson area. One of the most popular choices is renting a cabin in the wilderness. Groups in Branson that choose cabins get all the advantages of camping while enjoying the comforts of modern life. The close proximity to the city also allows your group get to and from your destinations very quickly.

There is no better way to spend time with a group of people than star gazing late at night. You can look up at the unveiled sky, start a campfire, or go exploring with the little ones. Renting a cabin in Branson is the best way to experience all the city has to offer while still be tucked away from the every day toils of society.

The Possibilities are Endless

Groups in Branson have a myriad of options, from live shows, to the Silver Dollar amusement park, to a ride on one of the Main Street lake cruises. These romantic and classy cruises include great food and live entertainment. These trips are great for kids as well as there are on board activities for them to do as well. Groups in Branson have a one in a life opportunity when taking a lake cruise. You can hold your special someone while gazing at the pristine water, or you can watch a terrific live show by some of the Midwest's most talented performers.

Branson also has both golf courses and shopping centers. You can split up your groups and have one go out for a day of golfing and the other enjoy shopping for souvenirs. Groups in Branson can have a diversity of activities while exploring this marvelous city.

When you are in Branson you have to catch one of over the hundreds of shows that take place there every year. There are family friendly shows for people of all ages. There is live theater, musicals, plays, and magic shows every week. There is also country and gospel music concerts quite often. You can wave your hands in the air and sing along to your favorite tunes with the people that you care about the most.

Make a Splash on Your Next Vacation

Family groups come to Branson for the world-renowned Silver Dollar City. This is a great place for children and parents to have a blast. You can hop onto a inner tube and float carelessly down their water attractions. There is also a number of slides and water-themed play areas as well. If you want to tackle the White River with family you can also take a white water rafting tour on the river. There is so much to list on this amazingly fun theme park. It is never overcrowded either!

Silver Dollar City is only open in the Spring and Summer, so be sure to plan out your trip accordingly.

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101 Years of Branson History

Branson HistoryWhen Reuben S. Branson opened his general store and post office it is safe to say he never anticipated Branson one day becoming the "live music capital of the entire universe," as called by "60 Minutes."

Branson’s first official postmaster dubbed the town "Branson" on his application for the U.S. Post Office department, and it was officially named Branson on April 1, 1912.

In 1894, William Henry Lynch, a Canadian mining expert, bought Marvel Cave and with his two daughters started Branson’s first attraction. Lynch opened the cave and gave tours. The cave is still in operation today located under Silver Dollar City.

While Marvel Cave brought visits in from across the country, Harold Bell Wright moved to the Ozarks in 1898 because of health reasons. Wright moved in John and Anna Ross and was so inspired by the Ozarks and its residents he wrote "The Shepherd of the Hills."

The book quickly became popular, and today is the fourth most widely read book in the publishing industry. The book told Wright’s perspective of the Ozarks and told the story of John and Anna Ross, renamed Old Matt and Aunt Mollie, as well as telling about the beautiful views and amazing cave in the area.

Due to the book’s success, tourists from all over began coming to Branson and by 1959 with the completion of the Ozark Beach Dam and Table Rock Dam, Branson was not only known for its beautiful views, but for its outdoor activities like fishing and boating.

1960 began a new era for Branson. Hugo and Mary Herschend opened Silver Dollar City, located 10 miles west of Branson on Hwy. 76. This theme park was fashion after a small Ozark mountain town from the 1880s. The park featured attractions such as a stream train, musical entertainment, food, shopping, and local craftsmen.

In its first year Silver Dollar City attracted 125,000 people to the little town of Branson and continues to be Branson’s most visited attraction today.

While Silver Dollar City was bring visitors for all around, Branson was working on gaining its "live music capital" title.

One of the first performers to start a show in Branson was Red Foley, who hosted one of the first successful network television shows "Ozark Jubilee."

After Foley made the Ozarks more well known with his hit show, performers like the Baldknobbers and Presleys began performing in Branson. Wright’s "The Shepherd of the Hills" even began being performed in an amphitheater where the original Old Matt and Aunt Mollie lived, produced by Dr. Bruce and Mary Trimble.

While the Baldknobbers, Presleys, and "The Shepherd of the Hills" all still perform, Branson has seen countless numbers of great shows, performers, and acts over the years.

Since the 1990s, Branson has been growing and changing to meet the needs of the large groups of tourists that visit every year.

Adding to Branson’s entertainment and outdoor fun, the city has seen the development of the Branson Landing, a waterfront development incorporating dining, shopping, and nightlife. Also, the addition of the Titanic Museum Attraction, the new Branson Convention Center, and Branson’s largest theater, Sight and Sound Theater, only add to Branson’s appeal.

Branson continues to grow, morph, and building onto its already amazing history, and will surely be entertaining visitors for many years to come.

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Romantic Branson Getaways

With Valentines Day just around the corner, it's time to start making romantic plans with that special someone. Unfortunately, even a simple dinner and bouquet of roses can quickly become very expensive. But what if you could enjoy a whole weekend of romance and luxury for nearly the same price as an hour-long meal at a fancy restaurant? Romantic Branson getaways in a one bedroom cabin rental allow you to do just this.

Imagine the special memories that you could make with your best girl or guy over the Valentines holiday weekend. Romantic Branson getaways are the perfect way to rekindle your romance and truly connect with one another, and our cabin rentals provide the atmosphere and all of the amenities that you need to have the time of your lives. Here's a closer look at what you can expect from romantic Branson getaways.

A Romantic Environment

Romantic Branson GetawayWhat could be more romantic than being able to cozy up with your sweetie in a completely private one bedroom cabin rental? You'll be able to leave the stresses of every day life, the kids, and everything else behind so that you can focus on each other and fall in love all over again. The log cabins are situated in a relaxing wooded area so that you two can feel like you are the only people in the whole world. Don't let that worry you, though - you'll still have easy access to all that Branson has to offer so that you can take in a show, do some shopping, or visit one of the city's famous attractions. Even so, you may find that you never want to leave your cabin at all.

Luxurious Amenities

When you embark on romantic Branson getaways, you shouldn't have to worry about a thing and at Thousand Hills we make sure that you never do. Our cabin rentals provide everything that you could ever want or need on your couple's retreat. In fact, you won't feel like you are in a cabin at all as each rental features all of the creature comforts of home including a fully equipped kitchen where you can whip up a romantic dinner for two on Valentines Day evening. You can enjoy your dinner indoors by candlelight, or could even watch the sunset and enjoy the scenery as you dine together on your cabin's front for back porch. Together you can cuddle up and take in a movie in your cabin's large living area, or sip on champagne during a long soak in your own private Jacuzzi tub.

Extra Perks

At Thousand Hills, we go the extra mile to ensure that your romantic Branson getaways are absolutely perfect. We are more than happy to help you with all of the small finishing touches that truly make your trip special. You can surprise your sweetheart with a sweet treat when you request that a box of Harry and David's Gourmet chocolate truffles be delivered to your cabin rental prior to your arrival. You can even have a fresh floral arrangement added to your reservation as an extra romantic gesture toward that special someone. Don't have time to stop off and purchase a bottle of champagne or non-alcoholic sparking grape juice before you get to the cabin? No problem. Simply order the drink of your choice and you will even be provided with two special keepsake glasses etched with the Thousand Hills logo so that you can always remember the special time you had on one of our romantic Branson Getaways.

Are you ready to see how romantic Branson getaways can spice up your relationship?

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4 Things to Look For In Branson Condo Rental

If you are fond of spending time with your family and friends on vacation trips, stay at Branson condo rentals. Branson is a cool destination for you to enjoy. The scenes are breath taking. There are lots of sports activities to do. There is never a dull moment here as after all the touring, you can have fun dining and shopping.

This may be your first time to visit this place and you want to know what to look for in Branson condo rentals. Here are 4 basic things for you to consider:


1. Cleanliness and Safety.

After a long trip, you want to retire in a comfortable, nice, and clean place. The linens are fresh, the bathrooms are clean, and the floors are shiny. The door needs to have a secure locking system. The place must quiet and peaceful. You want privacy and need not be disturbed by noise from the outside.



Condos In Branson2. Location.

Branson has lots of good things to offer. You definitely want to have easy access to the all the places you want to go. One thing you need to look for in Branson condo rentals is a condo and cabin that is near major theme parks, fitness centers, family entertainment, restaurants, and shopping malls. You do not want to spend more time traveling in your car than enjoying the sights and food. In addition to this, you need a condo rental with a first-class class location, one that can offer you with a quiet getaway at the heart of Branson.



3. Amenities.

Most hotels provide their guests with numerous amenities to make their stay a memorable and pleasurable one. This comes, however with a very steep price. You need to look for a condo rental that has the same amenities as a hotel with a more affordable price. There are Branson condo rentals that offer the same amenities and features like expensive hotels. They have full kitchens, cable TVs, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and yes, of course, the tool for today, hi-speed Wi-Fi.



4. Good Service.

A good service is a most important aspect you have to consider in finding Branson condo rentals. A lovely apartment with lousy staff can not help you enjoy your vacation. You need friendly and courteous personnel to guide you on your stay in Branson. It is always a pleasure to deal with warm and hospitable persons.


The condo rental that fits these qualities is the Thousand Hills Resort. These Branson condo rentals have clean rooms that provide pleasure, safety and privacy. The goal of the resort is to keep you in utmost comfort during your stay here.

Condos in BransonRegarding the location, Branson Thousand Hills Cabin and Golf Resort is strategically located near all your Branson travel destinations. You can play in this award winning golf course with your family and associates. Your family can also have a taste of the delicious food offers from nearby restaurants and enjoy shopping in their specialty stores.

The features in this golf resort are comparable to expensive hotels. You have the luxury of working out in a fully furnished fitness center, taking a dip in the pool, playing a round of golf, and communicating with your friends back home. The best part of it is the affordable price and the good service it provides.

You can make the most of your stay in Missouri by staying at Thousand Hills Resort. You experience the comfort of home, the luxury of a hotel, and the amenities of a tourist. Be one of the many patrons who visit these affordable Branson condo rentals regularly.

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Restaurants in Branson Missouri

If you are thinking about a vacation destination that provides a new experience for you, your family, and friends, come to Branson Missouri. This place is not only for tourists who want to see breathtaking views of the lakes. Branson is also for people who are fond of tasting different food offers. The restaurants in Branson cater to all kinds of appetites, mostly your own.

McFarlain’s Family Restaurant

McFarlains Restaurant in BransonBring the whole clan to McFarlain’s Family Restaurant. As the name implies, this full service restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner for everybody. The entrees include soups, sandwiches, and salads, all done in a special homemade style. The specialties of the house are slow-cooked chicken, shrimp, pot roast, and ribs.

Pamper the hunger of your kids as they have their own special menu. Dessert is the most awaited part of the meal in this restaurant. Branson Traffic Jam is one combination exclusively prepared for persons with discriminating taste like you. It is just the right blend of tart and sweet from strawberries, cherries, cranberries, and rhubarb.

The atmosphere is just as cozy. The theme is the early 1900s with hundreds of original artworks, old photographs, and antique items. This place is really worth going to.

Florentina’s Ristorante Italiano

When the whole family is craving for food served the traditional Italian style, come to Florentina’s. You all love homemade sauces, pastas, and pizzas baked in brick ovens. Come to this Ristorante not only for the good food. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the hospitable ambiance as well.

Dine with your friends and family with raised glasses and dishes passed from one hand to another, all accompanied by welcoming arms and warm smiles, just like the way Italians do. Restaurants in Branson like Florentina’s are visited by international celebrities for the food, hospitality and ambiance.

Mel’s Hard Luck Diner

Mels Hard Luck Diner in Branson MOYour trip to Branson becomes more memorable when you stop by this place to eat. The food is great, and the service is even better. The servers are talented singers who know how to entertain while serving food.

You can feel the festive atmosphere of this diner as soon as you enter the front door. The theme of the restaurant is the 1950s and the productions include Presley, and Hits of the Sixties, among others.

Partake of their half-pound cheeseburgers, blue plate specialties, salads, and tasty sandwiches. Their special dessert is called Ice Cream Avalanche as it is created from 12 ice cream scoops, brownie crumples, bananas, and 8 different toppings.

Montana Mike’s Steakhouse

There are two branches of these restaurants in Branson, a proof of its great food and atmosphere. One is at Hwy 76 and the other is at Hwy 248. The steaks are aged on its natural state for 21 days. The butchers slice the meat by hand to create a perfect cut. The natural flavor and tenderness of the meat is preserved to perfection.

The service is quick, and the servings are big. The appetizers, soups, pastas, steaks, and salads are served mountain-sized to fill your appetite. You need not worry about your precious kids. There is a menu catering to their small tastes.

Thousand Hills

Morestaurants in Branson, you might want to call it a day in one of the log cabins and condos of Thousand Hills. You and the members of your group can relax and share an after dinner coffee or tea before retiring and preparing for the next day ahead. Make this page your guide when you come to this place to enjoy the experience only Branson, Missouri can give.

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A Condo in Branson Will Make You Forget Other Hotels

One of the most important decisions you will make when planning your vacation is where you are going to lay your head. Which hotel is going to give you all the comforts and amenities of home, but still give you that great vacation experience? Before booking that same old standard hotel room, think about checking into a condo in Branson.

Condos can provide you with amenities hotel just can’t. You will have all of the comforts of home, without the worries of staying in a traditional hotel room with the annoying neighbors and bothersome hotel restrictions.

Condos offer freedom; you will be able to choose from the numerous amenities available to you when staying at a condo in Branson. A condo presents the ability to go out for a night on the town and come home to a comfortable bed, or spend a relaxing evening at your home-away-from-home watching movies and playing games with the family.

condo in BransonA condo in Branson grants you with the freedom to eat where and when you want. Of course you will want to go out and enjoy the local restaurants, but sometimes a relaxing meal in the evening is just as nice. Not only will a condo give you kitchen space, but it provides a way to save a little extra money by not eating out at every meal. Eating out on vacation is part of the experience, but sometime you miss the comfort of a home cooked meal or the simplicity of a relaxing lunch. You have the ability to order in, take to-go with you back to the condo, or put in a movie and pop a bag of popcorn. In a hotel room you may not have these options, but a condo supplies endless possibilities.

Another issue which arises when staying in a hotel is the limit on how many people can stay in a room at a time. Hotels may charge extra fees for more people, and a family may end up having to rent several rooms taking away from family time. In a condo, there is no limit to how many people can stay together. A couple could rent a smaller suit, or a family could comfortably rent a condo big enough to accommodate everyone for a family gathering.

Typically, a resort with condo rentals will have other activities not available at a hotel. While a hotel may have a pool, a condo in Branson can offer you not only a pool, but also a private patio, a Whirlpool Jacuzzi-tub, a tennis court, and access to a golf course. You will not find these activities and luxuries at a hotel, and you most certainly won’t find them available all in one place away from the noise and craziness of the tourist attractions.

A condo in Branson will give you the family oriented experience you are looking for where you can focus on spending time with your family and enjoying the vacation you are on instead of wishing for the comforts of home. A condo is Branson will make you forget about other hotels.If you are looking for the overall experience, a condo is the ideal place to stay. Many times condos are cheaper because you can buy a package deal instead of paying an individual rate for each night.

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Branson Valentine's Day

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day, look no further than Branson, Missouri. Whether you’re celebrating with a loved one or with your whole family, you’ll find that there’s a lot to do and see on the most romantic day of the year. Since Valentine’s day rests on a Thursday this year, you could even take the whole weekend to experience the best that a Branson Valentines Day has to offer.

Kiss on a Lake Cruise

Many couples go out to a fancy meal at a restaurant for Valentine’s Day. Take it up a notch and impress your better half with a dinner cruise for a grand experience. Main Street Lake Cruises offers a special Valentine’s Day Cruise on their Landing Princess, where you’ll float around on Lake Taneycomo and nibble on juicy roasted chicken, sip on complimentary champagne, and take pleasure in decadent cheesecake.

Fall in Love with Nature

Love is beautiful, and so are the butterflies and more of nature’s alluring creatures that live at the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure. You’ll walk around in a life-like rainforest with hundreds and hundreds of butterflies flying all around you. Maybe you’ll get lucky and a few will land on you for a really great photo op and a fantastic memory. Other sights to see include the Emerald Forest Mirror Maze and a fascinating insectarium.

Take a Romantic Tour at a Winery

Wine spells romance and there’s a lot of it at the wineries in Branson. Take a winery tour, try out a variety of wines, and have a pleasant afternoon just gazing in your love’s eyes with a glass in your hand. You could rent a limo to drive you to a winery and back, which will both enhance your winery experience and free your mind from worrying about driving. The wineries in Branson include Bear Creek Wine Company, Lindwedel Wine Garden, Mount Pleasant Winery, and Stone Hill Winery.

Pay Tribute to Past Loves

One of the most well-known romantic flicks is Titanic, a story about a pair of doomed lovers. You can recreate some of the best scenes of the movie by visiting the Titanic Museum Attraction. February is Sweetheart Month at the exhibit, which pays tribute to the couples who embarked on the ill-fated ship. Walk up the Grand Staircase and watch other couples do their vow renewals there. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to do one yourself -- just make sure to reserve your spot in advance.

Enjoy a Breathtaking Show

Instead of holding hands at a dark movie theater, buy a ticket to one of the many spectacular shows in town for your Branson Valentines Day. A wide variety of live entertainment is always available to you year-round and that doesn't change during the valentine weekend. From country music to dancers in glittery costumes, from tribute performances of legendary musicians to variety shows that include music and comedy, you’ll find something to watch and delight in.

Relax in a Picturesque Setting

Take your beloved to a lovely cabin or condo to cap off your perfect valentine weekend. Light up a couple of candles and break out the champagne, or go straight to the bedroom -- it’s up to you. You’ll have the whole place to yourself to enjoy however you want. Wake up together to beautiful lake views or the sounds of nature when you stay in a cabin or condo in Branson. Now that’s what we call a perfect Branson Valentines Day.

A day or weekend at Branson can be a truly divine way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your significant other or with your family.

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Outlaw Run Receives an Important New Addition

Outlaw Run Roller Coaster CarsThe track at Outlaw Run has been completed for a few months now, but until recently it was missing one of the most important features--the roller coaster cars! The latest video from Silver Dollar City shows the behind the scenes process of bringing these cars to their newest roller coaster, Outlaw Run, scheduled to open Spring of 2013.

The journey for these stage coaches took an almost completely opposite track from their early old west prototypes. Instead of heading west to east and opening up the wild west, these cars started out at the assembly plant in Hayden, Idaho and traveled over 1,800 miles to reach Silver Dollar City. Despite the reverse orientation though, their trip wasn't much easier than their historical prototypes! As the old quote goes, "Neither rain nor hail nor sleet nor snow nor heat of day nor dark of night shall keep this carrier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds" and the same is true with this special delivery. They had to travel through a literal blizzard on their way across the plains!

Despite the weather, the cars arrived safely and met the track for the first time this winter. More testing, landscaping, and putting the finishing touches on are still underway to get Outlaw Run ready for it's debut this spring. Coaster enthusiasts can't wait to ride one of the tallest, fastest, and most intricately designed wooden roller coasters in history!

Outlaw Run is already shaping up to be one of the premiere Branson highlights of the 2013 season--and the excitement is only getting bigger. Make your plans to visit today and secure your chance to visit Silver Dollar City and this historic grand opening.

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Why You Should Choose To Stay in Cabins in Branson

Branson offer a variety of accommodations that meets a variety of lifestyles and expectations. The cabins in Branson offer a certain serenity that you just can't find anywhere else. When it comes to quality family time, there is no comparison to a cottage for just you and your family to share. Just your family enjoying nature.

Quality Time Bonding With the Family

cabins in BransonIn today's world of short attention spans it can be refreshing for a family to get away from every day life. You and your family can trade in your smart phones and game systems for volleyballs and fishing rods. Cabins in Branson offer a unique opportunity for families to really experience one-on-one quality time.

A cabin out in the woods is a great way for a family to make memories together. Roasting marshmallows by the fire, telling scary stories, and going on a fishing trip to a local lake are just some of the few memories that will be forever etched on their minds.

In addition to being a conservative, family-oriented vacation destination, Branson is also the favorite spot for many retirees looking for a quiet and tranquil vacation spot. Nonetheless, Branson is a place where family's build memories and tradition, as is demonstrated by return visitors. Over 75% of people visiting Branson are been here before. Visitors keep coming back for the quiet tranquility and culture of this enchanting city.

Shows and Entertainment in the Branson Area

The cottages and cabins in Branson also provides close proximity some of the premier attractions in the Branson area. These attractions for fun for the whole family and include the theme park Silver Dollar City, music shows, and Christmas specials. These attractions are what truly what makes cabins in Branson such an attractive option when visiting the area.

Music & Variety Shows

One of the most popular attractions to the Branson area is the variety of shows available to visitors. There are dozens of venues and theaters that cater to the tourist population. These venues boats over 100 hundred different shows mostly which feature country or gospel music. Cabins in Branson provide close proximity to all the local theaters and venues.

You can never see just one show. Visitors to Branson average 2-3 shows per family. It's a great chance to gather around, sing some family-friendly tunes, and soak up some clean Missouri air. These shows have been known to be addicting, so be sure to pack a lunch or take a lunch break at one of the local eateries.

Ozark Mountain Christmas

This is an extremely popular annual event. There are Christmas music and variety shoes going on all day, every day, and Silver Dollar city has major lighting displays which make cabins in Branson an unforgettable celebration. In addition to Silver Dollar City's special cavalcade of lights, there are a number of drive-thru light displays in around the Branson area. You can warm up some hot cocoa and take your family on a whimsical Christmas road trip.

Branson Landing

Whether you need to do some Christmas shopping or you want to indulge in some of the finest fashion boutiques in Missouri, you can enjoy a day of shopping at Branson Landing. This premier shopping center provides visitors to Branson with shopping right on the lake front, along with restaurants and hourly fire and water shows. This is a great option to go while your spouse is hitting a few balls at the gold course or fishing at a nearby lake. Branson landing is located within miles of many available cabins in branson that are available for rent, which makes it must on any vacation.

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Great Weather For a Weekend in Branson

If you are looking for some sunshine and nice weather, come to Branson! This week is going to be beautiful! The sun will be shining and the weather will be enjoyable with the highs in the upper 50’s. Thousand Hills Golf Resort is one of the most interesting and fun golf courses in the state that can challenge all different skill levels, with creeks, ponds, rock outcroppings, hardwood forests and dramatic elevation changes. The golf course at Thousand Hills is known as one of the most popular golf resort in Branson for a good reason. Our 18-hole, public golf course was rated 4-Stars by Golf Digest, and was voted Best of the Ozarks for Branson’s Golf Courses for the past two years in a row. We are running a great special on golf, all locals within 100 mile radius will get a rate of $32.50 and that includes the cart rental. We are offering great specials on our rooms too; stay 2 nights in a King Jacuzzi suite for $89 a night. Our rates are progressively lower the longer you stay the more you can save! For more information and reservations see or call us at 877-262-0430.

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