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Communicate with Nature this Fall Season in Branson

Ozarks Fall Color LogoFall season in Branson offers variety delightful colors of the foliage around the landscape below the Ozark Mountains.  During fall season in Branson visitors can have the chance to take foliage driving tour that gives them the opportunity to see rich colors of the autumn leaves from every corner in the Ozarks region. Other tours offered in fall season in Branson are tours by plane, helicopter, train, and by river boat. Fall season in Branson is also the time to celebrate traditional American heritage with music festivals, patriotic events, craftsmanship displays, and many outdoor recreational activities.

The best time to communicate with nature is to take a wonderful vacation during fall season in Branson because of its fantastic changing colors of the leaves and excellent cooler atmosphere all throughout the fascinating landscape of the Ozarks. Throughout fall season, the world famous entertainment shows and excellent show performances in many theaters in Branson continue to flourish while holiday shopping deals and fantastic lighting displays will start to delight visitors of all ages.

During this season where colorful foliage decorates the landscape of the Ozarks, it will be great to take a winding and thrilling ride with the Branson Scenic Railway. This spectacular train tour travels through the colored mountain hills. The train tour takes its passengers 3 to 4 times daily to the Ozark Mountains on a 40 mile round trip travelling mountainous terrains which are inaccessible to vehicles. As the train moves on the railway, you can start to enjoy panoramic views along the way as its mountain hills are decorated with colorful foliage. You can also spend some of your times in the day by strolling at some of the beautiful hiking trails in the lakeside or spend a relaxing moment in a cool atmosphere in the award winning 18-old golf course at Thousand Hills Golf Resort.

During fall season, Branson features many interesting festivals and special events throughout the season. One of the most popular festivals that is celebrated this season is the National Harvest Festival which runs from September 12 to October 26. Traditional American musicians and craftsmen are featured in this month long celebration. Another interesting festival this season in Branson is the Autumn Daze Craft Festival where 150 craftsmen and women are featured showing their talents in making the finest handicrafts.  

Whether you want to enjoy nature this fall season in Branson, watch exciting festivals, or spend great shopping and fine dining, you can have both of these in Branson. If you want to go shopping after enjoying the colorful foliage of the Ozarks and watching interesting festivals, visit the new Branson Landing development shopping center. In this great shopping destination, you can find an array of unique shopping items from local crafts to themed souvenirs. Branson Landing also features many fine restaurants where you can savor sumptuous foods.

If you want to see the changing colors of nature this fall season or watch great festivals, visit Branson and stay at one of the best accommodations of Thousand Hills Golf Resort.


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Have the Best Halloween Party!

swinging apple game logoIf you want to have the best Halloween party with your family and friends, stay at 5 Bedroom Branson Townhouse at Thousand Hills Golf Resort. This 5 Bedroom Branson Townhouse is such a perfect place to hold any kind of party where every guest can have the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable stay. The townhouse is large and spacious where each bedroom has its own bathrooms. Features of the townhouse include whirlpool tub, queen sized sofa sleeper, and separate walk-in shower. The master bedroom is located on the ground floor, while the other four bedrooms are on the second floor. All bedrooms feature cable TV with  HBO, a DVD, and a free wireless internet access.

The large size of the 5 Bedroom Branson Townhouse can easily accommodate any Halloween Party you have in mind. You can host a Spooktacular Halloween Party where your food ideas can put all your friends under your spell. You can also throw a Halloween Vampire Party where you can place haunting decorations, vampire-inspired recipes, and creepy crafts. A Ghoulishly Glamorous Halloween Party can also be organized to scare everybody with simple, but terrifying images and spooky decorations.

Of course, Halloween Party will not be complete without organizing Halloween games for kids. Some of interesting Halloween games is the “Guest the Ghost”. Kids must form a big circle. Play some music on and take in turns for one child to be blindfolded and walk around the circle, touching other children’s heads. When the music stops, the kid whom the blindfolded touched must guess who he is. If the kid has correctly guessed the blindfolded person, he goes out. If he doesn’t guess correctly he would go around the circle again.

Another exciting Halloween game is the “Swinging Apples”. You need apples and string in this game. Tie the apples around each apple stem and hang the apples on the doorway. Each child should take turn biting into the swinging apple while their hands are placed behind their backs. The child who has bitten most apples will come out the winner. If the kids want to experience a sweeter taste, hang ring doughnuts on a string instead of apples. Any Halloween Party wouldn’t be exciting without a pumpkin. This Halloween game is to create pumpkin carving. You can design anything you like to create a perfect scary face. Seeds can also be used for special added effects as if the pumpkin that is designed like a human head is vomiting.

Another interesting game you can include in your Halloween Party is the Halloween Treasure Hunt. Suitably scary décor and items to hide are needed for this game. Decorate the room where the treasure hunt will be taking place with Halloween-style designs. You could place cardboard stand-up gravestones, paper spider-webs, or cut-out bats to the ceiling. Then hide various goodies around the room for the kids to search.

If you want to spend a scary experience with your family and friends, throw a Hallooween Party during  your stay in a 5 Bedroom Branson Townhouse at the Thousand Hills Golf Resort


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Dine In Branson's Finest Restaurants


Branson is known for its live music shows and theater plays. To most people, it is also a vacation destination with all its activities and attractions that people of all ages will truly enjoy. What most people do not know yet about Branson is that it could also be a place for your gastronomic adventures! Take a look at the best Branson restaurants so you know where you can have the best food and meals in Branson.

Satisfy your steak cravings by going to some legit steakhouses in Branson. One place that you should try is the Lone Star Steakhouse and Salon in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. This place is said to be the home of the best steak in town. Now, it’s yours to discover this taste wonder in Thousand Hills. Come with big appetites in Lone Star Steakhouse for you to enjoy the food even more! Another place for your steak cravings is the Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse. This Texas ranch house style steakhouse is a homey place that serves your favorite steaks and seafood dishes.

If you are looking for other places that serves seafood, Branson has them, too. Try dining in Joe’s Crab Shack or Red Lobster. These places are known to serve fresh and authentic seafood dishes to treat your cravings. The dishes served by these restaurants are also for all ages. Joe’s Crab Shack and Red Lobster also offers you a beautiful scenery to go along with a great dining experience.

Family dining as never been this good in Branson. After a long day of adventure, it would sure feel good to have a sumptuous meal right after. For family dining, try Branson’s Garfield Restaurant & Pub, and Farmhouse Restaurant. Garfield’s offers you diverse cuisine to suit everyone’s taste. It is also the perfect venue for your family or friendly gatherings. Farmhouse Restaurant is a mom and pop type of restaurant that will satiate your taste buds with good home cooking.

You also don’t have to go far to taste authentic Mexican and Italian cooking. Branson has some restaurants for you! Mexican dishes are best served at Cantina Laredo, located in the heart of Branson Landing. This sophisticated Mexican restaurant is one for the books! For the best Italian dishes, the place to go is Olive Garden. This place offers genuine Italian feels through and through – from Italian dishes to Italian hospitality.

Your visit to Branson will definitely be memorable as you try out these restaurants. Have the best dining experience in Branson, and you will soon find out that it is not just about the live music shows, theaters, and theme parks – it is also the food that makes people come back. 

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Check Out the Golf Front Condos in Branson


The place Branson rings a bell to you as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. But this is not the only reason why lots of tourists flock to Branson whatever season it may be. Branson is also known to be the ultimate vacation destination because of the countless activities and attractions that one can do here.

In Branson, you can find as much adventures as you like. You can visit the theme parks in Branson, as well as the nature parks in the area. You can also catch the live music shows, concerts, and theater plays brought to you by Branson's homegrown talents and some visiting artists. Aside from these attractions, Branson also gives you the privilege to take a tour around the finest museums. Such museums in Branson include the Hollywood Wax Museum, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Titanic Museum, and a lot more. Branson is also a place for the sports enthusiasts. It has the best golf courses across Missouri and is often the venue for big golf tournaments.

Have you ever wondered how it is like to live in a golf course in Branson? Well, that is not impossible here in Branson. It offers you a choice of having a golf front condo as your lodging place for you vacation. Live a luxurious life with the lush greens of the golf course within your reach. For the best Branson golf front condos, there is no other place to go to but in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. The golf course in Thousand Hills has many accolades to its name. This is the perfect place for you to hone your skills in golf, or discover the sport for the first time.

What does your rental of a Branson golf front condo give you? You have the best amenities in your golf front condo. It has fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, which has king-sized beds, luxuriousvyet comortable linens, and a Jacuzzi tub so you can have a relaxing time in the condo. The kitchen in the condo is also fully furnished with all the equipment you need for cooking. There are also cable televisions equipped with premium channels like ESPN and HBO in every room. If your family and friends have a traditional movie night, you can always make it happen even while on vacation with the condo's DVD player and a spacious living room too. The condo also comes with a private deck for you to have some alone time and enjoy the scenery of the golf course. High speed wireless internet is also available for free so you won't miss out on your work e-mails and updates from your social netwrk circle.

Inquire now about Thousand Hills' golf front condos in Branson. For your inquiries and for reservations, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Professional or Not, You can Take Your Best Photo Ever!

Branson Autumn Scenery LogoIf you are looking for a perfect place to take the best photo ever, come near the Ozark Mountain that features the best natural scenery during autumn season. Get ready with your camera, take into action and find the best location to capture the most picturesque view that you can take home to display on your wall. Branson outdoors are exciting and fun that can bring thrill and excitement to everyone. The panoramic views of the hillsides along the Ozark Mountains are the primary draws in photo shooting activities. In Table Rock Lake, there are many outdoor water activities that can be enjoyed such as bass fishing, boating, and parasailing.


During autumn season, visitors who want to enjoy Branson outdoors will find the place filled with colorful foliage that can be a good opportunity for photographers to capture the delightful colors of the autumn leaves. The beautiful hiking trails in Table Rock Lake also give photographers a good chance to take beautiful images of the scenery along the lakeside. These nature trails along the lake provide great outdoor experience for hiking and biking enthusiasts – from easy walking along the paved roads to rough trails for hikers and bikers.

If you want to enjoy a more exciting and thrilling outdoor activity, try to participate in Branson Zipline and Canopy Tours. This great eco-adventure tour is situated on the Wolfe Creek Preserve just seven miles north of Branson. This zipline and canopy tours consist of traversing platform to platform and travelling through multiple sky bridges hovering above many colorful trees which can be a good opportunity to capture delightful images.

Participating a tour with Branson Zipline and Canopy Tours will give you the chance to see many fascinating images and picturesque views around Branson. While flying with zipline that soars above the trees, you can have clear views of the Skycoaster at the Go Kart track, the Henning Hawk Watch Tower at the Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation area, and the top of the roller coaster at Silver Dollar City. The magnificent views you can enjoy with the zipline tour can be a fascinating image to capture to get the best photo of your zipline tour along the Wolfe Creek Preserve.

Autumn season in Branson is such a great time to celebrate where you can spend a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. In Silver Dollar City, you can enjoy many fun packed outdoor adventures in the park. This park in Silver Dollar City features two dozens themed rides that can give you a wholesome fun and excitement.  The 1880s-style theme park boasts about 100 craftsmen that include basket weavers, glassblowers, knife smiths, quilters, blacksmiths, and many more craftsmen and artisans. Inside the park, you can find many fine restaurants that feature Ozark country cooking, so it’s a feast for every visitor who craves for delicious treats.

If you want to experience some of many exciting outdoor activities, grab your camera and head on to Branson and join exciting outdoor adventures and take the best photo ever.



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Two Bedroom Loft Log Cabins For A Grand Vacation


A grand vacation is what you need to unwind and de-stress yourself from all the hustles and bustled of work or school. Why not take some time off and visit the ultimate vacation destination in the Midwest? A little time for fun and adventure surely didn't hurt anyone. Go to Branson Missouri for your grand vacation. It is home to many activities and attractions that people of all ages will definitely enjoy.

Branson has all the ingredients to make up for a grand vacation for you. Are you looking for more adventures? Branson has the best activities and attractions in the area for you. It has the world-class theme park Silver Dollar City, which houses the most daring wood coaster in the world. Apart from that, Branson also has several nature parks like the Table Rock State Park Marina, if you want some quiet time all to yourself. You can also try the TriLakes Area in Branson for some water activities like fishing, scuba diving, boating, and a lot more. It is also a great place for some picnic with the whole family.

Your choice of a Branson lodging is a vital cog in your vacation. Make your vacation memorable enough for everyone by choosing the best home away from home. Choose only Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort, which offers you various lodging options. One of Thousand Hills' most famous lodging options is the two bedroom loft log cabin. This is best for medium sized families, so you do not have to rent out multiple hotel rooms for everybody. These log cabins also have the homey feel that you can't find in hotel rooms. The log cabins in Thousand Hills are made from Colorado cut spruce logs to give you the rustic ambiance. Located in the secluded woods in the Ozarks, these two bedroom loft log cabins have only the best amenities to offer you.

These log cabins have fully furnished bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen, too. Live the life of luxury and comfort in Thousand Hills as you spend some precious time in the cabin's private deck and enjoy the beautiful view of the Ozark Mountains. For your entertainment needs, the cabin also provides you with cable televisions with premium cable channels in every room, a DVD player, a spacious living room, and free high-speed wireless internet. You also have access to a swimming pool if you want to take a dip.

Stay in Thousand Hills for your Branson vacation to be near the entertainment district and at the same time be away from the city noise. Make this vacation of yours count by spending it with the whole family in a two bedroom loft log cabin in Thousand Hills. For inquiries and reservations, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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Magnificent Colors of the Ozarks on Branson Fall Season

If you are visiting Branson this fall, you will find an array of delightful colors in the landscape around the Ozark Mountains. During this season, Branson fall offers foliage driving tour to give visitors a chance to see beautiful colors of the Ozarks. Branson fall also offers other popular tours such as travel by plane, helicopter, train, or by boat on the pristine lakes. Branson celebrates traditional American heritage during fall season with music festivals, patriotic events, craftsmanship showing, and many outdoor sporting recreational activities.  

Autumn season in Branson is the best time to spend a great vacation because of its excellent cooler atmosphere and fantastic changing colors of the leaves all throughout the beautiful landscape of the Ozarks. During fall season in Branson, the world famous live entertainment shows and a variety of live performances in many theaters continue unabated while great holiday shopping deals and colorful lighting displays will start to flourish beginning in November. Your autumn vacation in Branson can become wonderful and memorable if you stay at the best accommodations of Thousand Hills Golf Resort.

This fall season in Branson, it is great to experience a spectacular train tour with the Branson Scenic Railway that traverses through the colored mountain hills. The train tour excursion takes its passengers on a 40 mile round trip 3 to 4 times daily to the Ozark Mountains, travelling mountainous terrains inaccessible to cars. As the train travels, you can have the chance to enjoy the panoramic views of the beautiful colored foliage on the mountain hills. You can also spend part of the day around the place Ozarks at Fall Season Logosurrounded by wooded valleys or spend a cool atmosphere in the award winning 18-hole golf course in Thousand Hills Golf Resort.

Branson also features interesting festivals and special events throughout the autumn season. One of these festivals this season is the National Harvest Festival which is celebrated from September 12 to October 26. This month long celebration features hundreds of traditional American musicians and craftsmen. An exciting event in Branson this season is the Autumn Daze Craft Festival which features over 150 craftsmen and women showing their skills in making the finest handmade crafts.

Whether you want to experience watching exciting festivals and events during this season or spend great shopping and fine dining, Branson is the best place to enjoy both. If you want to go shopping, you can visit the new Branson Landing development shopping center. This shopping center features a variety of retail outlets such as J.Jill, Cardinal’s Clubhouse, White House/Black Market and more. Here, you can find an array of shopping items from fine jewelries to themed souvenirs and ladies’ and men’s wear to accessories.  Branson Landing also features several fine restaurants. If you want to savor delicious cuisines in the area, you can surely have it in Branson Landing.

If you want to experience watching great festival sand special events during this fall season, visit Branson and stay at one of the best accommodations of Thousand Hills Golf Resort.


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Spend Your Vacation in a Two Bedroom Branson Lake Condo


Are you planning for a grand vacation this summer? If you are, Branson is the place to be for this season of fun, sun, and adventure. Make the most out of your vacation. Don't postpone joy. It all starts here in Branson.

Known to most people as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, Branson is also becoming known for the activities that you can do here. Branson is a heaven for the adventure seekers. It has a number of theme parks and nature parks that people of all ages will definitely enjoy. Visit the popular theme park, Silver Dollar City, for some world-class fun! If you are looking for a peaceful escape, go to Branson's nature parks like the Table Rock State Park Marina, Dogwood Canyon, and many others. You can also do some water activities perfect for the summer in the TriLakes Area in Branson. And of course, the live music shows, concerts, and theater plays of Branson homegrown talents and visiting acts are always attractions to watch out for.

Your choice of Branson lodging is as important as any other detail in your vacation. Make the best choice for your Branson vacation by staying in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills offers its guest various lodging options so they can find the perfect fit for them. Say goodbye to renting multiple hotel rooms and save some bucks by going for the ones offered in Thousand Hills. Thousand Hills is also a big hit because of its location. It is located near Branson's enertainment district and it is also nestled in the beauty of the Ozarks.

One of the most popular lodging options in Thousand Hills is the Branson lake condo. These Branson lake condos are located near Table Rock Lake to give you a refreshing ambiance and a breathtaking view. If you are coming to Branson with your family or with a large group of friends, get the two bedroom Branson lake condo for your convenience. It has hotel-like amenities to make sure that you get to have a comfortable stay and an enjoyable experience. It has fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, with king-sized beds and Jacuzzi tubs for you. It also has a fully equipped kitchen. Your entertainment needs are also addressed by the lake condo with its cable televisions equipped with premium cable channels, DVD player, and free high-speed wireless internet. This two bedroom Branson lake condo has a private deck and a spacious living room, too. You also get to have perks when you get a Branson lake condo because you have a private boat dock and access to Table Rock Lake.

Wait no more and book your trip to Branson now. With the perfect lodging place in mind, it will surely be the best vacation for you.

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Plan Your Southern Gospel Picnic Celebration in Branson


Branson is also one place notable for its celebration of its own festivals. Not only has it been dubbed as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, it is also the ultimate vacation destination in the Midwest. Filled with lots of activities and attractions that are fit for people of all ages, Branson is sure to lift you off of your feet and transport you into a new world of fun, music, and adventure.

One pride of Branson is its premier theme park, Silver Dollar City. It has been the home of Branson’s world-class rides and attractions. In fact, Silver Dollar City has also the best theme park food in America. There is always something fun going on in Silver Dollar City. And for this time of the year, Silver Dollar City will be hosting the Southern Gospel Picnic. This festival is a must for all the fans of the southern music genre.

The Southern Gospel Picnic begins on August 22 and ends on September 1, and will be held in Silver Dollar city. Get ready to be treated to good food and outstanding performances by award winning Southern Gospel artists. The Southern Gospel genre has been a part of Ozarks country heritage and tradition. Bluegrass pickin’ parties, small town church worship services, and backyard family reunions have all been part of what transpired to be Southern Gospel’s legacy to Branson music. If you aren’t a fan of this music genre yet, you can still go to the Southern Gospel Picnic and you might discover a music genre that you might like. See the performances by The Perrys, 2012 Dove Award Southern Gospel Song of the Year winners; Guy Penrod, a legend in the Southern Gospel music genre; The Isaacs, triple Dove Award winners and Grammy nominees; The Booth Brothers, the seven time winners of the 2012 Singing News Fan Awards, and a whole lot more. The concerts of these artists will be held all over the city of Branson. The performances to be held in the Red Gold Heritage Hall and Echo Hollow will be hosted by Duane Green, a veteran in hosting Southern Gospel events. There is no doubt that you will like this experience very much, so there are also CDs that you can buy for you to listen to the comforts of your own home anytime.

Southern food is also featured in the Southern Gospel Picnic. You will find the beauty of the combination of Southern Gospel and southern food. One of the restaurants that you can visit are The House of Chicken and Fixin’s. Explore more restaurants on your own to find which best satiates your cravings.

For tickets to the Southern Gospel Picnic in Silver Dollar City, you can opt to buy a day pass or a season pass. A day pass is ideal if you are visiting the festival for only one day, whereas if you will be staying for a couple of weeks to a month to make the most out of this festival, then a season pass will definitely be your choice. Southern Gospel Picnic tickets also offer discounts for large groups.

Book your trip to Branson now. It is never too late to be planning a grand time in the Southern Gospel Picnic in Silver Dollar City. 

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How Lovely it is to Cuddle in a Cabin on a Cool Fall Night?

1-bedroom-branson-cabin-jacuzzi LogoIf you want to spend a relaxing vacation during autumn season in a rustic and cozy accommodation, stay at one bedroom Branson cabin in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. This one bedroom Branson cabin accommodation is perfect for couples who want to cuddle in a cabin on a cool fall night. This spacious accommodation of 675 feet will let you experience luxurious and comfortable living in a calm and secluded place. This Branson cabin features large Jacuzzi Tub in the living area and furnished with top quality amenities such as cable TV, DVD player, and a free wireless internet access. The cabin also features a fully furnished kitchen with refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher, pots and pans, utensils, dishes, and more.    

Once you have experienced the luxury and comfort in one bedroom Branson cabin, there is a chance that you may consider coming back some other time. Despite the location of this Branson cabin accommodation that is surrounded with wooded hills and valleys, it is actually near the Highway 76 Strip where you can have easy access to many exciting attractions and hundreds of live entertainment shows.

Near the Branson cabin accommodations, you will also find many shopping opportunities such as the Branson Landing and Tanger Outlets which are just minutes away from your cabin accommodation. Branson cabin accommodations at Thousand Hills Golf Resort feature indoor and outdoor facilities that include swimming pools and exercise facilities. The resort is also accessible to museums and theme parks.

In Branson, you can’t help fall in love with some of the world’s most famous live entertainment performances and movie shows. The titillating sensations of classic songs of the legendary Platters will amuse you as they perform on stage. They will tickle you with their old favorites as if you just started to fall in love. You will feel living in the good old days as they perform the romantic ballads like “The Great Pretender”, “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”, and “Only You”.  You can also watch the beautiful performance of Ann Margaret in Andy Williams Show in the Moon River Theater. This Andy William Show in the Moon River Theater features a variety of musical performances and other wonderful shows including Big Band and Broadway.

If you want to enjoy great dining experience, there is a perfect place in Branson that can truly fulfill your autumn vacation. The Showboat Branson Belle is a beautiful river boat cruise based in Table Rock Lake. Branson Belle is a paddle wheeler boat that offers unique river cruise with fine dining. While you are onboard the river boat, live performances will entertain you while you are being served with delicious meal. The wonderful ambiance in this fantastic river cruise will make your day full of unforgettable moments.  

If you want to experience a perfect autumn vacation in a cozy cabin accommodation, come to Branson with your loved one and stay at one of the rustic cabin accommodations at the Thousand Hills Golf Resort.


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