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Why Get A Branson Log Cabin For You


A crucial part of your vacation is your choice of lodging. You may be used to renting hotel rooms in your other trips for the luxurious vibe, but hotel rooms lack the homey feel. Your visit to Branson may just give you a surprise by offering you the best lodging options that will make you feel comfortable and homey at the same time.

One such lodging place in Branson is the log cabin. For the best log cabins in Branson, the place to go to is Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is known to many for its award winning golf course and luxury lodging. This place is also considered the perfect place to stay in for your vacation because of its proximity to Branson's entertainment district and Ozark mountains. Imagine the convenience it brings you when you get to stay near the city and enjoy the calmness of nature inside Thousand Hills. The Branson log cabins in Thousand Hills are a popular option because it makes people feel that they have never left home at all. The log cabins have the right mix of a rustic facade and modern architecture. It also has the best amenities to ensure you of a relaxing stay in the cabin.

Your nightly rental of the Branson log cabin in Thousand Hills already includes fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms. These rooms have king sized beds, luxurious yet comfortable linens, and a Jacuzzi tub. It also has a fully equipped kitchen in case you want to do your own cooking for your family and friends. The Branson log cabin in Thousand Hills also makes sure you won't get bored during your stay. It has cable television, equipped with premium cable channels like ESPN and HBO, in every room in the cabin. It also has a DVD player for your movie nights in the cabin's spacious living room and free high-speed wireless internet so you can't miss any e-mail from work or and update from your favorite social networking sites. You also get to have a private deck and access to the swimming pool.

While you are in Branson, go and take any adventure that you like. Make the most out of your stay here. And while you may get tired of all the activities that you can do for the entire day, you don't have anything to feel stressed about. Upon going home in your log cabin, just sit back, relax, and let your log cabin do all the pampering and de-stressing for you. Let your dream vacation turn into reality now and make Thousand Hills Golf Resort your lodging partner. For inquiries and reservations, dial 1-877-362-0430.

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Daniel O’Donnell Returns to Branson

As one of Ireland’s favorite performers, Daniel O’Donnell has made an impression on Branson visitors season after season.

This November, O’Donnell will return to Branson at Andy Williams Moon River Theatre for a very limited time. At 2 p.m. throughout the month of November, O’Donnell will bring his easy listening music to audiences in a variety of styles including traditional Irish ballads, country favorites, and traditional gospel.

As usual, O’Donnell will team up with Mary Duff, Ireland’s top female vocalist, to produce a festive international show.

Early in his career, O’Donnell was turned down by a number of managers because many didn’t think his music was relevant to today’s audiences. His sister, Margaret, had made a name for herself in the entertainment world in Ireland, and O’Donnell decided to leave college to join Margaret in her band.

He started in the band with an electric guitar he had no idea how to play. One of the other band members tried to teach him, but O’Donnell didn’t want to play – he wanted to sing. He took a gamble in 1983 when he decided to produce his own record. O’Donnell sold every one of those records himself, and by 1985 he had caught the attention of Mick Clerkin, who wanted O’Donnell to produce an album for his record label. Clerkin set O’Donnell up with Sean Reilly, who has managed Daniel O’Donnell since the beginning of his career.

Now, O’Donnell’s career has blossomed, and is now a favorite with a number of age groups and audiences. That is certainly the case in Branson, where O’Donnell’s shows almost always sell out.

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Let Your Thanksgiving Fun Begins at the Branson Scenic Railway

Taking a train tour with the Branson Scenic Railway is a wonderful time to celebrate thanksgiving where you will feel a thrilling experience with the vintage passenger train ride that travels through the foothills of the Ozarks. This 45 minute round trip takes passengers through tunnels, trestles, and through the wilderness in southwest Missouri to northwest Arkansas which is home to wildlife and the ruins of old communities. This train journey takes you to places where cars and other modes of transportation can’t have access, making your unique trip something to remember all your life.Branson Scenic Railway Tour2 Logo

This Branson Scenic Railway tour travels through many sites with rich history plus a narration of a conductor about the interesting places you see. It’s really great to experience this train excursion tour because trains have been renovated and restored to let you feel the ride during the old days when popularity of train travel had just started. Branson Scenic Railway features three cars and each car offers different panoramic view of the jaw-dropping and breathtaking beauty of the Ozark Mountains.

The Branson Scenic Railway train excursion was started in 1933 and became a daily tour. Before the start of the train excursion, the routes are already determined that either go north or south. The route to the north will take you as far as Galena, Missouri while the route to the south will go as far as Arkansas. As the train starts its journey, the narrator inside the train relates a story about the construction history of the railway. As the train takes you through southwest Missouri, trestles and originals tunnels can still be seen.

Today, this train tour excursion takes its passengers on a 40 mile round trip 3 to 4 times daily to the Ozark Mountains, travelling mountainous areas inaccessible to vehicles. The train tour offers all visitors the opportunity to enjoy first class dining on board while being served with delicious baked cookies and hot cocoa in a special souvenir mug. As the train travels along the rail tracks, you can have the opportunity to see changing colors of the foliage around the Ozark Mountains. While the tour is about to end, you will certainly enjoy even more when it heads across the entertainment district of Branson and let you see many exciting attractions and various theaters.

If you want to look for a great alternative to the Branson Scenic Railway without sacrificing entertainment and thrilling ride, try the Ride The Ducks. This exciting amphibian ride on the river and on land is the most unique Branson attractions that provide fun, thrill, and adventure all in one ride. This 80-minute tour travels along the famous Highway 76 in Branson, a trek to the Ozark Mountains, and a river cruise along the pristine waters of the lake. This amphibian trip with Ride the Ducks is an exciting mountain and lake activity for the whole family.

If you want to spend a thanksgiving fun with thrilling experience of the trip around the Ozarks, take a train tour with the Branson Scenic Railway.


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Branson Log Cabins Make For A Comfy Vacation Home


Branson Missouri is the perfect vacation spot in the Midwest that offers you all-around entertainment. It has been known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World because of its spectacular live music shows, concerts, and theater plays. It is also home to several theme parks and nature parks for the perfect family outing or even your own quality time with yourself. To find out what makes Branson a very memorable place for its guests, you have to experience all that it can offer you.

For the adventure lovers, Branson does not fall short of giving you fun adventures in its theme parks. If you want your trip to be nature-filled, then you can spend time in Branson's nature parks or in Branson's TriLakes Area. If you are more of the indoors type of person, you can always go to Branson's theaters to witness theater plays and live music shows featuring the local talents of Bransons and other visiting artists, too. With these fun-filled activities deemed for people of all ages, what more can you ask for?

To make your vacation even more special, Branson also gives you the best lodging places. One of the most sought lodging places in Branson is Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. It is situated in the vicinity of Branson's entertainment district, and also near Silver Dollar City theme park. Thousand Hills offers its guests various choices for lodging. If you are looking for a cozy and comfortable place to call your home away from home, then the best choice for you is a Branson log cabin. The Branson log cabins in Thousand Hills is located in the woods of the Ozark Mountains so they promise you a breathtaking view of nature's gifts. The cabins also have a rustic ambiance to make you feel more detached from the busy city vibe. An even though Thousand Hills is just minutes away from the city, the location of these cabins assures you that you won't be disturbed by the city noise.

The Branson log cabins in Thousand Hills give you hotel-like amenities to make your stay even more perfect. It has fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, with king sized beds and a Jacuzzi tub. It also has a fully equipped kitchen so you can opt to cook your kitchen masterpiece instead of dining out. Your source of entertainment will not be an issue too, since these log cabins have cable televisions, a DVD player, swimming pool access, and free access to high speed wireless internet. The cabins also have a spacious living room and a private deck.

Now that you have found the perfect spot for your vacation, it is time to make that dream vacation come true. Book your stay at Thousand Hills right now, and enjoy your time in the log cabins. For more inquiries and reservations, call 1-877-262-0430.

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Experience The Variety of the Best Branson Restaurants


The restaurants are not the main thing that would come to people’s mind when they think about Branson. It has mostly been about the live music shows, the theme parks and nature parks, and all the other activities and attractions that made every spot in Branson famous. While food in Branson may seem to be unnoticed to some, it has also been the reason why the tourists are fueled to explore every bit of Branson.

With good food comes good mood. This is exactly why Branson has been a place full of happy people, willing to take up any adventure that comes their way. People in Branson don’t pass up fun. And this joyous mood of the people can be attributed to the food that Branson restaurants offer. Whatever craving that you may have, you can always find a Branson restaurant to satisfy that.

For your steak cravings, you can try the Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon, which is located in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. This is the perfect restaurant to be in for people with big appetites. It is also considered to be serving the best steaks in town. Another steakhouse that you must try is the Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse. This Texas ranch house style restaurant offers you the best steaks and seafood dishes. Craving for more Texas style dishes? There is no need to travel all the way to the Lone Star State because you can have it here in Branson, too. There is the Gilley’s Texas Café for that.

If you are looking for a seafood fix, you can also try the Red Lobster and Joe’s Crab Shack. These restaurants offers fresh seafood dishes that kids and adults will surely find palatable. Joe’s Crab Shack is also located close to Lake Taneycomo, one of Branson’s most pristine lakes, so you are assured of a good view to relax your mind while you help yourself to a good serving of your favorite seafood.

You can also opt to go Italian in the Olive Garden, a restaurant which gives you the simple joys of true Italian hospitality. If you want to go Mexican, there is Cantina Laredo, which features the best Mexican dishes that you can come across town. For those who miss having some good ol’ home cooking, head on to the Farmhouse Restaurant. This restaurant serves all that you crave for back home. If you are with your family in Branson, you can also have family gatherings and reunions in Garfield’s Restaurant and Pub, which features various dishes to suit everyone’s taste buds.

Whether you are a foodie going along in Branson, or you are with your family, your stay in Branson could be made even more special by staying in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. In here you will find comfort and convenience at its best. Staying in Thousand Hills is staying close to the restaurants in Branson. Explore more of Branson’s other restaurants that you can add on this list of Branson’s best restaurants. 

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Have an Exclusive Animal Encounter at the Promised Land Zoo

Promise Land Zoo Exclusive LogoThe Promised Land Zoo in Branson was established in 1999 as a family own business. It began with just a few animals and now it has grown to over 500 animals and expanded to more than 120 acres of space. The zoo is open year round from 9 am to 7 pm daily. Visitors can get the chance to bottle feed animals on daily schedules at 10 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm. The zoo features hundreds of animals that represent 50 species from all over the world such as antelope, kangaroos, lemurs, deer, tropical birds, large reptiles, and many more.

Promised Land Zoo offers a complete fun and a great adventure for people of all ages. The zoo is able to accommodate school buses and charter buses. A personal tour is also offered by the zoo so you can get up close and personal with the animals. Get the chance to bottle feed a camel, a monkey, or just hear stories of the zoo narrated by your personal tour guide. Some animals are kept in large cage where you can toss food at them. See amusing creatures such as ponies and goats. You will also be delighted to see some parrots show impressive language.

Inside the zoo, you can get the chance to feed horses, goats, porcupine, tortoise, hogs, and many more. When you drive through the zoo, you will be greeted by deer, emus, or buffalo all looking for some food. If you feel like feeding these animals, you can buy food specially sold for the animals at the shop. As you drive farther, it will be fun to stop for awhile and feed the animals if ever they come close to you.

The Promised Land Zoo is such a truly exotic place. In just one minute drive you’ll be right in the middle of the wooded hills of the Ozarks. The next minutes you may see herd of zebras while some ostriches chasing your car. Be sure you have brought your camera with you – as you may love to snap some photos of Forrest Hump (a baby camel), squirrel monkeys, and adorable zebra. Other popular baby animal is Olive Baboon named Calamity Jane that is raised and fed by animal show performer Jungle Josh. The zoo also features the world’s largest albino Burmese Phython.

Promised Land Zoo welcomes all visitors who want to take pictures around or ask questions. The zoo has a screened house Parakeet Paradise which is full of exotic birds. The zoo also features live animal shows daily at 11 am 1 pm, 3 pm, and 5 pm where Jungle Josh and his helpers take fascinating animals for visitors to feed while Jungle Josh talks about each unique animal. You can also find at the zoo a gift shop that is full of unique items such as stuffed animals and zoo themed souvenirs.

So, if you want to experience a unique zoo adventure and something exotic on the wild side, come to the Promised Land Zoo in Branson.


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A Time for Giving Thanks at the Titanic Museum in Branson

Cherish your loved one with romance this Thanksgiving holiday and give thanks by spending a wonderful visit to the Titanic Museum in Branson. Visiting the Titanic Museum in Branson will give you the chance to board a cruise ship without the waves and sea-sickness. With the exact replica of the RMS Titanic, the museum will give every visitor a unique educational experience and exciting ocean travel adventure. Visitors to this historic Titanic will have the chance to see the exact appearance of the Grand Staircase and the hallway of the ship so that every guest can feel how a fantastic voyage of RMS Titanic has been.

The Titanic LogoIf you visit the Titanic Museum, you will be issued a “boarding pass” before you can board the ship. You will also be given the information of the actual number of passengers and crewmembers. If you walk along the Grand Staircase, the hallways, the passenger cabins, and a lot of public rooms, you can feel how the passengers enjoyed ocean crossing in the old days. The building of the Grand Staircase cost the museum one million dollars to build out from original blue prints of the RMS Titanic. It is in this place where first class passengers usually converge to come up for shipboard functions where rich and famous get together before dinner.

On your visit to the Titanic Museum, you will learn how the 3rd class cabins and first class suites were accommodated. How many passengers sleep in a cabin and how much was the cost to travel during that time? You will learn the answers on your visit to the museum. Every guest can have the chance to get into the bridge and view its old equipments like the telescope, compass, and the steering wheel. You will learn in this museum tour that the RMS Titanic sunk 2 miles below the ocean seabed.

Inside the Titanic Museum, there are about 400 personal items from passengers that are housed in the gallery of the museum. These personal items from HMS Titanic passengers are only displayed in the museum. The entire collection of these items from RMS Titanic passengers is valued over $4.5 million. The most exciting and interesting part on your tour to the Titanic Museum is the  opportunity to touch the 28 degree waters, an iceberg and shovel “coal” in the boiler room of the Titanic. You can experience in this Titanic Museum tour the sloping of the deck and the boarding to the lifeboat. In the memorial room of the Titanic Museum, you can see displays of 2,208 names that are written on the wall.

The Titanic Museum features additional Murder Mystery attraction which is ideal for group tour. Each group must solve the mystery death of Officer William Garrett. Each guest assumes the name of passengers as they search the killer from among them. This added feature is an exciting attraction for participating guests.

If you want to have a memorable vacation with your loved one this fall season, visit the Titanic Museum in Branson and celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.


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It’s Always A Good Time In A Branson Lake Condo


Have you already planned for your ultimate vacation? Well, there is no better place to spend it than in Branson Missouri. Branson is now considered to be the most hip and happening vacation spot in the Midwest. Aside from being the live entertainment capital of the world, Branson has also become the prime vacation destination for families. You can never go wrong in choosing Branson for your vacation.

In planning your dream vacation in Branson, your choice of a lodging place is a very vital one. You deserve nothing but the best for your lodging place, and with that, there is one place you can always trust – Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is the industry’s leader when it comes to nightly rentals of lodging places. It gives you fresh options as compared to the usual hotel or motel rooms. The lodging places offered by Thousand Hills are the Branson log cabins, Branson golf front condos, and Branson lake front condos.  

The lake condos are one of the most popular options for the guests of Thousand Hills. These lake condos are situated near Table Rock Lake, one of Branson’s most pristine lakes. The proximity of the condos to the lake guarantees you a breathtaking scenery and also a very relaxing ambiance. For your convenience, Thousand Hills is already situated near Branson’s entertainment district, just a few minutes away from the famous 76 Music Boulevard in Branson. You would not feel that you are living right within the heart of the city at all with the atmosphere in the lake condos in Thousand Hills. This is definitely the perfect lodging place for you – near the city but far away from it to ensure you of a good rest.

The Branson lake condos in Thousand Hills are aptly named The Majestic, because you can have uptown luxury living in these condos. There are 2 to 3 bedroom lake condo units, so you can choose depending on what suits you for your vacation. Top-of-the-line amenities are also given to you because you deserve the best. Your rental of the lake condos already comes with fully furnished bedrooms, each having their own private bath which also includes a Jacuzzi tub. It also has a fully furnished kitchen so you can do some cooking whenever you want to. Other amenities include cable televisions equipped with premium cable channels in every room, a DVD player, and also a private deck for you to relax and recharge. One exclusive feature of The Majestic is its very own private boat dock. You can launch your boat at State Park and leave it overnight. There is also ample parking provided near the condo units.

Let Thousand Hills be your partner as you go on a memorable vacation in Branson. Book your trip now and make a reservation in Thousand Hills’ Branson lake condos! Contact 1-877-262-0430 for more inquiries.

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Gather the Family and Ride the Ducks and Have a Fantastic Splash

One of the most exciting attractions in Branson that can give you a wholesome fun with full of vitality is Ride the Ducks Tour that can give everyone a truly unique and fantastic experience of land and water adventure. The marine technology that is used for the Ride the Ducks Tour in Branson provides riders a safe and a truly exciting tour. Ride the Duck Splashing LogoRide The Ducks is an amphibian that gives you the chance to explore the pristine and crystal clear waters of the Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo and will travel across the beautiful landscape of the Ozarks. This amphibian tour that features a mixture of fun, music, and history of the Ozarks gives all participants a memorable experience they cannot forget.     

This wonderful Ride the Ducks tour features two different tours that start from two different sites. The Table Rock Lake Adventure is the first tour that starts from the Strip in Duck Central west of Wal-Mart in Branson. This tour will give you the chance to see picturesque views of the Table Rock Dam, Branson Entertainment District, and the beautiful natural scenery of the Ozark Mountains. The Ducks then climbs up to the top of Baird Mountain and splashes down to the pristine and crystal clear waters on the Table Rock Lake. The second tour which is the Lake Taneycomo Adventure starts from the Duck Central in Branson Landing. This second tour travels through the heart of Branson, College of the Ozarks, Branson Landing and splashes down for its final stop into Lake Taneycomo.

This amazing duck tour covers a total of 70 minutes which 25 minutes of it is spent on the water. To reserve tickets in advance, you can combine it with tickets to famous attractions such as Titanic Museum or Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner and Show, so you can save some money on these entertaining attractions. Big groups can be accommodated in this thrilling duck tour, making it a great family gathering when you plan a get-together party. There are about 18 amphibious vehicles for tour daily and each duck has a load capacity of 35 people.

The safety of riders on the amphibious vehicle is the first priority of the Ride the Ducks Tour. The ducks are designed to withstand rugged terrain and built with stability and durability. With its 7 mph water speed, riders can enjoy a tranquil and very smooth sailing across the river. While aboard the duck, your travel is assured to have a wonderful water ride without getting wet.  With a very slow travel along the river, it is unlikely that you will get seasick. All ducks are equipped with life jackets for the safety of all passengers travelling on the river. Guests can bring food and drink onboard with the exception of alcoholic beverages.

If you want to explore the Ozarks and the pristine lakes to experience the fun travelling through the foothills of the mountain and on the river, take an adventure tour with Ride the Ducks in Branson.


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Caught in the Web of Friends and Family at the Thousand Hills Golf Resort

Thousand Hills Golf Resort 3 LogoThousand Hills Golf Resort is one of the most popular vacation spots in Branson to celebrate a wonderful vacation with your family and friends. The resort is conveniently located near the famous 76 Country Music Boulevard in the heart of Branson. Thousand Hills Golf Resort is home to the most popular and fascinating golf courses in Branson. About 25,000 golfers play each season in the award-winning 18-hole golf course in Thousand Hills. Your wonderful vacation at Thousand Hills not only gives you the opportunity to play golf but also let you enjoy the panoramic views of the beautiful natural scenery and wildlife around the Ozark Mountains.

In 2009, the Golf Digest magazine rated the 18-hole golf course of Thousand Hills as 4-Star and was voted Best of the Ozarks by the readers of the Springfield News. The popularity of the Thousand Hills Golf Course was gained from its ability to cater different golf skill levels. From novice to professional golfers, the three separate sets of tees assure golfers that the golf course is fair and challenging for all golfers with no discrimination on experience and age.

For many years, Branson has been known as a favorite family vacation destination. The Midwest Living Magazine recognized Thousand Hills Golf Resort as the most chosen place for great family bonding and popular golf playing. Thousand Hills feature top of the line accommodation with the option to stay at their secluded cabins or condominiums around the beautiful lakefront. The beautiful location of the golf course, gives you the chance to enjoy spectacular combination of natural beauty of the surroundings and challenging holes. This golf resort is accessible from Table Rock Lake with only 10 minutes drive and 5 minutes from Lake Taneycomo.

Since 1993, thousands of golfers have come and played in the Thousand Hills Golf Resort and many of them have greatly enjoyed and satisfied. The golf resort features senior flags for senior golfers over age 55 allowing them to drive in the fairways on scheduled days especially open for them. This senior flag advantage was first implemented in fall 2012. Aside from the senior flags, new cart paths have been built so that walking of the senior golfers to the greens will be comfortable and easy. The new car paths and the senior flag system can help make the senior golfers become more interested in playing golf often.

The Thousand Hills golf course has been re-routed for faster round of golf playing and better flow. The re-routing of the course has put the difficult par later in the round. The re-routing reduces the typical round to only four hours or less. Golfers still enjoy the same great 18 holes but can be played in a little less time. The golf course maintenance practices have been changed to expedite every round of play.

So, if you want to spend a wonderful autumn vacation with your family and friends for great bonding and golf playing come to Branson and stay at Thousand Hills Golf Resort.


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