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What’s Up in Branson this November


Any month would be a great time to visit Branson. The month of November guarantees you yet another month of fun and adventure through Branson’s activities and attractions. November in Branson is packed with activities that promise you quality time and fun with the whole family and with your friends.  Check out some of the events that you would surely enjoy participating in Branson.

A November in Branson is usually the preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Awesome events such as the Festival of Lights and Veterans Homecoming Week await you this November. These festivals are open to the public and are also family oriented so you can bring along the whole family with you.

Pump up your holiday vibes early on by attending the Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights. This amazing lights show gives you a delight for your own eyes with the light displays and parades in the Shepherd of the Hills area. This lights festival will definitely make you feel like you are one of Santa’s elves. The Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights is an event to make you feel like a child again as you will be ready to welcome the Christmas season.

Although busy with the festivities for the holidays, Branson never forgets the true heroes of America. Every November, Branson celebrates the heroism of the war veterans by having the annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball and the Veterans Day Parade and Ceremony. You may be a war veteran yourself who served the US Military, or you may be one of the people who look up to the veterans and wants to pay tribute to them. Branson gives you the opportunity to honor the brave veterans who fought for our country’s freedom. These events for the marines and the veterans is also a great venue to introduce to the kids the real heroes of our nation, and the importance of courage and patriotism, too.

Branson is not only known to be the place where great live music shows happen. It is also a place where heroes are duly honored and remembered forever. A family outing in Branson this November is a great idea because Branson is also known to be a community which promotes family values, too.

As you are planning your November trip to Branson, check out the best lodging place there is in the area. Thousand Hills Golf Resort is situated close to Branson’s entertainment district and shopping district so everything you need is at arms’ reach. The lodging places in Thousand Hills is also located near the Ozark Mountains so you are assured to be far away from the city noise to ensure a good night’s sleep. It is never too late to plan your November getaway now. For inquiries and reservations, dial 1-877-262-0430. 

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Plan Ahead for Winter in Branson


Branson is known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World because of the live music shows that it offers the audience. Aside from these music shows, Branson also boasts of its unique celebrations and festivals in the area. There are festivals going on in Branson, no matter what season or month you decide to come by for a vacation.

For this winter season, Branson has prepared the best and the most exciting winter activities and attractions for you. The weather may be cold, but your moments here in Branson would be far from cold and dull. Winter in the Ozarks is a splendid time for a family vacation because Branson also promises you a breathtaking view of the Ozarks blanketed in snow. Revel in the sceneries of Branson as you participate in the fun family activities this winter.

One event exclusive this winter season is the Hot Winter Fun. This event is one that you should not miss out on. Happening on January and February 2014 in Branson, the Hot Winter Fun is here to show you that winter time in Branson is definitely a time for hibernating. Hot Winter Fun encourages you to go out there and enjoy all the special offers all throughout the town of Branson. Catch exclusive shows and also shops which stay open through the Hot Winter Fun season. You can also visit the famous Branson museums such as the Titanic Museum, Hollywood Wax Museum, and the Veterans Memorial Museum.

Another thing happening in Branson this winter is the Branson After Christmas Sales. Shoppers can go big with the Christmas sales in Branson this December 26. You can get big discounts from outlet malls and Branson Landing. You can also get some coupons for mall discounts if you stay in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Not only do you get to stay in one of Branson’s best lodging places; you also get to treat yourself to a shopping adventure.

Winter in Branson also gives you the opportunity to witness not only live music shows, but also great films. This winter, come and join the Branson IMAX Film Festival which will surely delight all the movie goers and enthusiasts out there. This month long celebration of great films that feature new technology and IMAX presentations is a new twist to the entertainment that Branson provides its guests. The Branson IMAX Film Festival happens from March to April at the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex.

Branson also has something for the sports lovers this winter! Are you a college basketball fan? If you are, then you better not miss out on the Annual NAIA Division II Men’s Basketball Championship! This event is happening on March 2014 at the College of the Ozarks’ Keeter Gymnasium. This is one venue where you can possibly witness future NBA superstars!

All these events await you this winter season in Branson. Plan ahead and get first dibs now for tickets and accommodations for the winter activities, attractions, and lodging places. Contact Thousand Hills Golf Resort for your lodging options. For inquiries and reservations at Thousand Hills, call 1-877-262-0430. 

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All Roads Lead to Branson this Christmas 2014



Christmas is one season that everyone is excited about. It is a season full of merrymaking, celebrations, gift-giving, and a lot more fun activities. The Christmas season is a perfect opportunity for the whole family to take some time off from school and work and enjoy each other’s company. With that, why not take your Christmas celebration to a whole new level by spending it in Branson this year?

Branson, being the top vacation destination all year round in the Midwest, has new attractions and activities to offer you and your family. All of these are for the whole family to be enjoyed. The Christmas celebration in Branson starts as early as November. The Festival of Lights in Branson starts on the first week of November and ends in the last week of December. Here you can see the whole city of Branson illuminated by hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights and also lights displays. Take a tour around Branson and treat your family to a Christmas experience like no other. You have several options for the tour – your own car, Trolley, or Ride the Ducks tours. Another lights attraction that you should not miss is the Trail of Lights at Shepherd of the Hills Homestead. You can see the place decorated with lights and dioramas. After your lights tour in Shepherd of the Hills, you can then enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the gift shop, or you can ride all the way to top of the Inspiration Tower.

Silver Dollar City, Branson’s world-class theme park, also joins in the Christmas celebrations in the Branson. The Old Time Christmas festival in Silver Dollar City is one of the reasons why the guests flock to the amusement park starting the first week of November until the last day of December. The whole park is transformed into a winter wonderland with lights, a giant Christmas tree, and several Christmas-themed shows and musicals. You can also get your own fix of a good meal or a hot cup of chocolate or coffee in Silver Dollar City, since it is also known to have the best theme park food in America.

The month of December in Branson is the peak of the Christmas festivals. There is the Annual Adoration Parade and Lighting Ceremony and Branson’s Santa Workshop. The parade is a favorite among Branson’s guests and locals, while the Branson’s Santa’s Workshop is an event for the kids to learn the value of giving back and helping others thru the Giving Trees. Children can also meet and greet Santa, decorate a cookie, and design their own Christmas ornament as a souvenir.


Make your Branson Christmas hassle-free by choosing Thousand Hills as your lodging partner for your vacation. You have various lodging options, and you will also be staying just minutes away from Branson’s entertainment district. For inquiries and reservations in Thousand Hills, call 1-877-262-0430. 

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Celebrate Veterans Day in Branson Missouri


Branson Missouri is known to be an entertainment heaven for the visitors with all its live music shows and theater plays. It has also been known as a place where people can go on an adventure with the whole family and friends. With all the fun and excitement in Branson, it is easy to get lost and forget all about the other important celebrations such as honoring the heroes who fought for the freedom of America.

Because of this, Branson aims to retain the fervor of celebrating events in honor of people who matter the most in terms of the country’s history. Branson is that one place in America where you can find the pride and recognition of the country’s many heroes still remains to be loud and clear. People who want to pay tribute to the war veterans often come out to Branson Missouri to celebrate Veterans Day. The Veterans Day celebration in Branson is considered to be America’s largest Veterans Day celebration because of the number of people who come and remember the heroism of the war veterans.

The Veterans Homecoming is filled with many events. One of which is the Veterans Day Parade and closing ceremonies that take place every year. The set of events for the Veterans Day celebration changes from year to year, but rest assured that there will always be family-friendly activities to keep you busy all throughout the celebration. Such events are hot air balloon displays, recognition ceremonies, and a lot more. You will surely find something to do whatever age you may be.

While you are in Branson for the Veterans Day celebration, you might as well have your own experience with the live music shows in Branson. Many of the shows in Branson also pay tribute to the war heroes by keeping their shows in line with the theme of nationalism and patriotism in the celebration of Veterans Day. The veterans get to enjoy perks and freebies such as the free tickets to the shows. With these events in Branson, it will surely be a memorable experience both for the veterans and those who came to Branson to celebrate the day of the veterans.

The Veterans Registry also helps the veterans who come to the celebration find their lost friends. This is one act of Branson to give the veterans the special attention and respect that they deserve. This Veterans Day, don’t just stay at home. Go out and show your support to the real heroes of our country, and join the festivities in celebration of the Veterans Homecoming.

For your stay in Branson this Veterans Day, stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort where you can stay close to Branson’s entertainment district. Thousand Hills is also situated near the Ozark Mountains so you can have the perfect ambiance and mood. For reservations and inquiries on Thousand Hills’ lodging options, call 1-877-262-0430. 

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What To Expect in Branson this October


The month of October may be a whole new month in Branson, but it still guarantees the same fun and excitement just like the other months. A different set of events, activities, and festivals awaits you this October in Branson. New fun for a new month!

The famous National Harvest Festival in Branson continues until October. National harvest Festival is hosted by Silver Dollar City, Branson’s most famous theme park. In this festival, you will see a wide variety of crafts made by the finest craftsmen across America. This major festival for craftsmen is also considered to be one of the biggest crafts festival in America, and is also duly recognized by the US Congress as a means to help preserve the rich culture and heritage of the American crafts. Visitors of the National Harvest Festival can get to watch and learn the different techniques of different craftsmen in making different kinds of crafts. You can see craftsmen doing glassblowing, sculpting, weaving, and a lot more. You can also buy the unique crafts on display in the festival as a souvenir for yourself and your loved ones back home. You can also get to meet the artists or craftsmen! To keep the guests entertained all throughout the festival, Silver Dollar City also features a unique play that lets the audience learn more about the Ozark legacy and the American heritage.

Come mid-October in Branson, there is also the Bonnie and Clyde Festival which occurs on a weekend. Get ready to run with all your might as you chase after these outlaw criminals. The festival also features live music, good food, and also shopping opportunities. Kids and kids at heart will also enjoy the games and activities prepared for them.

During October, everyone is excited for the Halloween celebrations in Branson and true enough, Branson transforms itself into a Boo-City. For the whole month, visitors can join in haunted tours and Duck-rides. And come October 31, Branson is a safe place for trick or treating for the kids, too. Business establishments host trick or treating activities, so the kids can fill their loots with goodies! Aside from that, children and adults can also participate in the costume parties and watch the Halloween themed plays during Halloween night.

October is an exciting month to visit Branson, because it can turn from festive to spooky. To make your vacation in Branson even more convenient and fun, stay in a place that is close to Branson’s entertainment and shopping district. Come to Thousand Hills Golf Resort where you can have various lodging options in your preferred location. Thousand Hills is also situated close to city, but it also makes sure that you are far enough from the distractions of the city noise. For inquiries and reservations on Thousand Hills, call 1-877-262-0430.



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Not Too Early to Plan for the Branson Festival of Lights


Probably the first sign that you will see of the Christmas season fast approaching is the display of lights around the city. People always anticipate the first appearance of lights along the streets of Branson to celebrate the holiday cheers. This year, Branson makes all the waiting worth it by having the Area Festival of Lights this November to December.

For two whole months, the Branson Festival of Lights will provide the Christmas glow in the city’s winter nights. Some of the structures that you can see in the Festival of Lights are snowflakes, snowmen, and the gifts mentioned in the song Twelve Days of Christmas. These structures can be found all over the city, and at the center of the city is the Branson Area Festival of Lights Drive. This is a one mile drive along a road filled with more than 175 lights displays. This drive is conveniently located off the Shepherd of the Hills Expressway and the Roark Valley Road. More than 10 million lights are being used each year to give the visitors this magnificent attraction. This attraction is definitely the best gift that you can treat your family to.

The businesses in the area also gets into the festive mood by participating in lighting up their establishments. Expect the businesses establishments in the city of Branson, Kimberling City, Indian Point on Table Rock Lake to offer special sights to their guests. You can drive around any night in Branson to view the light displays around the area.

The Branson Festival of Lights is open daily on November 1 to December 31 from dusk until 11 PM. There is also an admission fee for those who want to experience the Branson Area Festival of Lights Drive Through. The admission fees are as follows: $15 for family vehicles, $25 for family season pass, $30 for mini coaches, church vans, and limos, and $60 for full size motorcoaches.

Other alternatives for touring around Branson without bringing a car is by hopping on a Trolley or Ride the Ducks. These attractions in Branson can help bring you to the light displays all over the Ozark Mountain Country for a low cost.

Plan your family trip to Branson now to witness the unfolding of the Festival of Lights in the area. If you plan on staying in Branson for a couple of days, choose a lodging place that is close to Branson’s entertainment district. Choose to stay in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort where you can have a splendid time celebrating the pre-Christmas season with the whole family. You can have various lodging options in Thousand Hills so you can have something that meets your needs. Choose from having a Branson golf front condo, lakefront condo, and log cabin. Reserve your lodging place now by calling 1-877-262-0430. 

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Your Branson Real Estate Choices


Branson Missouri is known as the entertainment and adventure haven for tourists. If you are looking for a place which offers completely no dull moment for you, there is no doubt that Branson Missouri is the place to be. Branson is the Live Entertainment Capital of the World to most people, but for you, Branson can be your home. May it be your permanent address, a vacation home, or a retirement home, Branson has the best real estate offers for you.

The Branson real estate market continues to grow as new projects are made. One of these projects in Branson is by the Thousand Hills Sales Company, which is also a part of Thousand Hills Branson Resort. Thousand Hills offers you various real estate options so you can find the perfect home in Branson for you. The Thousand Hills Sales Company is a leader in the real estate industry in Branson. It is also the forefront in golf front and lake front properties in Branson. The real estate team of Branson is always ready to help you in your search for the perfect property in Branson Missouri.

Branson real estate options take pride in its prime location in the Ozark Mountains. Thousand Hills Resort is located minutes away from Branson’s entertainment district, and it is also located near the Ozarks and Table Rock Lake. Not to mention the variety of attractions surrounding you in Thousand Hills Resort. Because of this, the Branson real estate options in Thousand Hills Resort have become a popular choice among people. Your choices range from golf condos, golf home, log cabins, and Table Rock Lake condos. The golf estates are very suitable for the golf enthusiasts, since the property is located adjacent to the prized golf course in Thousand Hills. If you are also the type who like to live near the lush greens of the Ozarks, then a golf home is perfect for you. You also have a choice to get a condo or a golf home. If you are in for comfort, privacy, and serenity, you might want to settle in a log cabin nestled in the Ozark woods. A Table Rock Lake condo is also the best choice for those who are looking for a home near Table Rock Lake. After all, who wouldn’t want to live near one of Branson’s most pristine lakes? It sure is satisfying to wake up each day to the cool breeze that Table Rock Lake brings.

If you are considering a vacation home or a second home in Branson, call up 1-800-495-4653 to have a real estate professional assist you into finding the right choice for your home at Thousand Hills.  Call now, and discover the wonders and rewards of having a home in Branson.

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The Castle of Chaos is a Must-Try Branson Attraction


For many people, Branson is the place to go when you want great music and great entertainment. When in Branson, you will also realize that it is the place for adventure lovers, too. Branson is full of adventures to take part in. With the theme parks in the area, you are sure to find an adventure suitable for the whole family.

One attraction in Branson is the Castle of Chaos, which is a hit for people of all ages. The Castle of Chaos is also the first ever 5D adventure in the world where the participants battle the forces of evil inside the castle. This thrilling experience in Branson is the first of its kind in Branson. The Castle of Chaos is a combination of 3D film, motion, and also an interactive shooting game. This attraction is the perfect Halloween treat as it creates the spooky atmosphere and thrill that everyone craves for. Be courageous. Be brave. Be alert. In the Castle of Chaos, anything can happen.

The Castle of Chaos is located in Highway 76, and your mission upon entering the castle is to discover what happened to the 1920s horror film star Carli Winepeg.  While shooting the film “Castle of Chaos” in the exact structure, all 25 of them involved in the movie mysteriously disappeared. Nobody knows the reason why and it’s up to you to find out what happened to their uneventful fate. As you are securely bucked into your armchair with 3D glasses on and a pistol at your side, get ready to enter Carl’s tortured world. Protect yourself from the scary inhabitants using your pistol, and it’s up to you and your moves how to solve the mystery and come out alive.

What makes the Castle of Chaos a breakthrough in Branson attractions is the use of technology. You can find countless multimedia and interactive technologies incorporated to form one amazing attraction. The Castle of Chaos is your modern haunted house, and it has the latest in 3D projection with surround sound, special effects, motion0nased seats, animatronics, and a shooting system that scores each member of the audience. As you go through unraveling the mystery, you earn points. Try to earn as much points as you can. At the end of the ride, the top five scorers are shown on the screen.

Do you have what it takes to fight the forces of evil? Then try out the Castle of Chaos in Branson now! For tickets and other inquiries about the Branson Castle of Chaos, visit For your stay in Branson, always choose the best lodging place. Head to Thousand Hills Golf Resort where you can stay close to all the attractions in Branson Missouri. You also have various lodging options to fit all your needs. Inquire now by calling 1-877-262-0430.

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Living at The Majestic in Branson Missouri


There is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than living in Branson Missouri. Not only do you get to be close to all the attractions; you can also visit them any time and any day that you please. Imagine living in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. Imagine the endless fun and adventure that you can get in every day of living in Branson.

One real estate offer in Branson that you can’t resist is the Table Rock Lake condos in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Considered as the finest Table Rock Lakefront development in Branson, these lakefront condos in Thousand Hills are set to give you convenience, comfort, and prestige. Aptly named as The Majestic, these condos are the most luxurious real estate options that you can have in Branson. It is also a plus that Thousand Hills Golf Resort is located just minutes away from Branson’s entertainment and shopping districts. You can get all the fun you want, and you can also have everything you need. The Majestic in Thousand Hills is situated close to Table Rock Lake, so you would not get bothered by the city noise. Enjoy the calming breeze and ambiance brought about by Table Rock Lake as you wake up each morning. These lakefront condo units occupy 10 lakeside acres and is also minutes away from downtown Branson.

Choosing The Majestic lakefront condos in Branson to be your vacation home or second home is definitely worth every penny. You have choices at The Majestic that range from two to four bedrooms, and these units will have the newest and the best appointments that Branson lake condos can offer. The unit comes with magnificent granite counter tops, large jetted tubs, aa spacious living room and balcony ideal for fun family activities, and the soothing view of the main channel of the Table Rock Lake from your condo unit’s sun porch.

The project in Thousand Hills will be built in 6 phases. Phase I having 32 units, Phase II with 36 units, Phase III with 32 units, Phase IV with 21 units are the phases available now. Phase I units are all sold out. Phase II units still have a few units left for you. The units in Phase IV are ideal for those who are looking for a starter condo near the lake. Some of the amenities that you can also enjoy are an outdoor pool and a gazebo.

Make the right choice now and get your very own lakefront condo at The Majestic. You will never know how fun and convenient it is to live in Branson, especially in Thousand Hills, if you don’t make that choice now. For any inquiries regarding Branson real estate and The Majestic, dial 1-800-495-4653.

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Take A Tour Aboard the Branson Scenic Railway


So you are in Branson and you badly want to take a tour of the whole place. Taking a car around may be inefficient as there may be traffic in the area. Walking is so tiring and there’s a big possibility that you cannot go to a lot of places at all. Worry no more since Branson has the perfect solution to your tour woes! Take a tour in Branson while riding the rails in the Branson Scenic Railway. Experience the romance of train travel as you go across Branson in the fastest way possible without missing one breathtaking sight.

This train tour in Branson first started as the White River Railway in 1902. The 239-mile-long track on the rugged terrain of the Ozark Mountains finished in the year 1905, and it also amounted to $12 million. As people say, there is great success wherever a railroad is built. True enough with the Branson railway, the city of Branson began to flourish in 1902 as the area also became more accessible to tourists. It was not until 1993 when the Branson Scenic Railway began having daily train excursions using a working commercial railroad line. The routes of the train go either north or south. For the northern route, it can take you as far as Galena, Missouri in the James River Valley. For the southern route, on the other hand, it can take you as far as Arkansas. The tour is also made into a learning experience for the tourists as a narrator tells the guests about the history of the areas where the train passes through. Several extinct communities during the time the railroad was built can also be pointed out by the tour guide.

At present, the Branson Scenic Railway still gives the tourists a unique tour around Branson on a 40 mile roundtrip. The train leaves the station 3 to 4 times daily, passing by locations that are inaccessible to cars and other modes of transportation. Each trip of the Branson Scenic Railway takes more or less 1 hour and 45 minutes. When in the train, you are guaranteed of a first-class experience and a picturesque view of the Ozarks, too. Everyone is encouraged to try out all the cars, including the dome cars that gives the passengers a panoramic view of the Ozarks.

The Branson Scenic Railway continues to make trips from March to December, and on Saturdays from April to October, you are lucky enough to be able to experience a dinner train aboard the Branson Scenic Railway. Reservations are required before you can have a trip aboard the train. For ticket prices and reservations, visit or call 1-800-2-TRAIN-2 (287-2462).

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