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Be Tough Enough for Branson Ironman Triathlon Competition

Ironman Triathlon LogoFall season is the best time to enjoy the extreme athletic experience held in Branson during September. Branson has hosted Ironman Triathlon Competition since 2010. With the many interesting festivals and events happening in the month of September, Branson has become one of the best vacation destinations in the Ozark Mountains. Branson in September features many exciting attractions, shows, festivals, and special events. Many of Branson interesting attractions can be enjoyed year-round. However, there are many exciting annual events in Branson held during September that you don’t want to miss.

Branson in September features America’s finest crafts made by professional craftsmen and artisans from the Ozarks region. This fall season, Branson is turned into a haven for craftsmen that include glassblowers, quilters, sculptors, soap makers, artists, and many more. In this event, they display their true methods of handcraftsmanship. Branson is the only place in the Midwest that successfully encouraged gathering of craftsmen and artisans.  

Silver Dollar City is the epicenter of craftsmanship during the month of September. The National Harvest Festival is held the same month in this 19th century theme park. Visitors can have the chance to see first hand  100 professional craftsmen show their skills in handcraftsmanship.  Another major event this fall season in Branson is the Southern Gospel Picnic also at Silver Dollar City. This picnic is popular for its delicious fried chicken with different flavors from Southern Fried to Chiptole.

Ironman Triathlon Competition held during the month September is a great time for athletes who want to join the race. Whether competing in the race or just watching, this will give you a chance to explore many interesting sites in Branson including the historic district. Branson in September features several festivals that include the Autumn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival, Shepherd of the Hills Festival, and grape festival. In Branson, you can have the chance to enjoy many exciting attractions such as world famous live entertainment, theater shows, and live performances. You can also get the chance to play golf in Branson with the most popular 18-hole golf course at Thousand Hills Golf Resort.  

Athletes participating in Branson Ironman Triathlon Competition will begin with triangular swim of 1.2-mile in the water of Table Rock Lake from Moonshine Beach. After a swim in the lake, athletes take a 56-mile challenging bike route that takes them through a scenic ride on the hillsides of the mountain with long ascents and descents. This long challenging bike leg will end at the shopping district of Branson Landing which is just located around the Table Rock Lake. The third leg of this Ironman Triathlon Competition in Branson is a 13.1-mile run on a flat, three-loop run course. This exciting run course is lined with spectators and will end with a spectacular fountain show in Branson Landing which is synchronized with fire, light, and music.

If you have extreme athletic experience who wants to take a challenging race this fall season, be tough to participate for Branson Ironman Triathlon Competition that is held every September in Branson.


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Light Up the Fire and Have Some S’mores at the Lake Taneycomo this Fall Season

Lake Taneycomo is a perfect place to spend a fantastic vacation this fall season as it offers many exciting outdoor activities, great water sports adventures and an autumn night out with bon fire, some marshmallows and spooky tales! Lake Taneycomo is one of the most visited lakes in the Midwest where its crystal clear gives a perfect shine as the bright moonshine reflects at night. The abundance of brown trout and rainbow trout in the lake provides anglers a great night fishing experience all through the Bonfire and S'mores Logoyears.

After the completion of Power Site Dam in Forsyth, Missouri in 1913, it created over 2,080 acres of surface that eventually became what is now called the Lake Taneycomo. The Power Site Dam is owned by the Empire Electric Company, a private corporation licensed to operate and produce hydroelectric power. When the dam is not generating power, it has the characteristics of a pristine lake and a clean river. The temperature of the lake is warmer when it is 50 feet deep. The shallow cold water of the lake averages a temperature of 48 degrees F which is perfect for anglers for trout fishing. When the dam is generating power, the current becomes strong and the temperature will become cold and will result to a fast running river.

The clear cold water of Lake Taneycomo produces an annual stock of ten to twelve inches of 750,000 of rainbow and brown trout that makes the lake the most popular fishing destination. The downstream area of the lake to Power Site Dam in Forsyth has warmer water that features many different kinds of species, making the lake the most exciting and challenging area for fishing enthusiasts.

Lake Taneycomo features full service marinas, resorts, campgrounds and RV parks that offer canoeing, kayaking, fishing, boating, motors, tackle, guides, and pontoons boats. Anglers in the reserved area on the uppermost portion of the lake can have the chance to fish using artificial baits. While you enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, or wading near the Table Rock Dam, a continuous blowing of the horn may be heard. This means that the dam is starting to generate power. When the dam starts to generate power, there will be a sudden increase of speed of the current in the lake. The water level may rise suddenly in a matter of a few minutes.

After you have enjoyed many exciting water sports adventures in Lake Taneycomo, you may like to go shopping or try to taste delectable foods. In the historic downtown Branson, you can find Branson Landing that offers great shopping experience and fine dining. This shopping paradise features hundreds of retail outlets, specialty stores, and souvenir shops.

If you want to experience a great outdoor adventure in a clear cold water this fall season, visit the Lake Taneycomo in Branson and stay at one of the best accommodations of Thousand Hills Golf Resort.


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Start Your Early Christmas Shopping!

Early Christamas Shopping LogoShopping in Branson is always great and full of shopping surprises in any time of year. With just a few minutes drive from Thousand Hills Golf Resort, you can find many shopping malls that include one of the most popular shopping outlets The Branson Landing near Lake Taneycomo.  If you have a long list of shopping items this coming holiday season, it is best to shop early during fall season where you can have great savings of buying items at lower prices.

Shopping during autumn season in Branson will not only give you more savings on items but also allow you to shop easily and conveniently where there is not much crowd during this season. Shopping in Branson has become popular for many visitors because of the availability of many unique and state-of-the-art items not found in urban areas. If you are searching for one-of-a-kind jewelry, a unique work of art, handcrafted treasures, unique souvenirs, musical instruments, and a hunt for fantastic bargains, you can have it all in Branson.  

While staying in Branson, you can enjoy your entire day shopping from store to store and take the pleasure of admiring many unique shopping items that Branson city has to offer. On your first day of shopping, it is good to shop right at Branson Landing in the downtown area of the city. Branson Landing is considered by many as one of the best shopping destinations in the Midwest. It is also one of the most visited shopping malls in Branson that offers a wide variety of attractions, shopping outlets, and restaurants. This great shopping destination has the largest shopping areas in Branson which also features a spectacular fountain show.

Branson Landing covers an area of over 60,000 square feet where you can enjoy a wide selection of unique shopping items for you and family. For some sports enthusiasts, feel free to look around at the Bass Pro Shop while your women companion can dive into the luxury items found at Belk and other retail shops along the lakeside. You can also have the opportunity to try equipment testing or boat rental at the marina or shop items from a wide array of fishing accessories.

After spending hours of shopping in Branson Landing, it’s time for you and family to look for a fine dining restaurant that offers delicious cuisines. Since the opening of the Branson Landing, it has become a haven for many fine restaurants that offer delectable foods from casual choices to home favorites. While inside the restaurant of your choice, you always have the chance to view the beautiful Lake Taneycomo and the 1.5 mile boardwalk in the landing. Some of the most notable restaurants featured in Branson Landing include The White River Fish House, Liberty Tavern, Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar, the Cantina Laredo, and Waxy O’Sheas’ Irish Pub.

So, if you want to take the advantages of shopping with ease along small crowd and saving more on lower prices, start your Christmas shopping early this autumn season in Branson and shop till you drop.



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Love Sports? Try the Thousand Hill Sport Trip this Fall Season!

Baseball LogoThousand Hills Golf & Conference Resort offers excellent service to clients who are looking for a perfect place to hold meeting and events. The goal of the resort is to provide guests a successful planning of the event whether it is a wedding reception, family reunion, business meeting, church retreat, golf tournament and other sports, or get-together party. The staff of Thousand Hills Golf Resort is always ready to assist you with all your meeting requirements so that you can have a very enjoyable and memorable meeting and events this fall season in Branson.

Thousand Hills Golf & Conference Resort has a banquet facilities that can provide all guests an array of delectable food choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner. All facilities needed for meeting and events in this golf and conference resort are equipped with a full conference phones, latest audio-visual equipments, and high-speed internet access. The board rooms and the conference rooms of the resort are all equipped with high-end amenities that can surely help make the event fulfilling and memorable.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort which is located in the heart of Branson features a beautiful eighteen-hole golf course that is overlooking the majestic lakes. Amenities of the golf resort include indoor and outdoor pools, exercise facility, basketball court, hot tubs, and children’s playground area. The beautiful location of the resort is near the place with so many exciting attractions, world famous live entertainment shows, and hundreds of theaters. Thousand Hills Golf Resort has three lodging options to choose from: secluded cabins, golf view condominiums, and Table Rock Lakefront luxury condominiums.

Most of Branson meetings and events that are held at the Thousand Hills Golf Resort always include fun activities such as hiking, biking, or golf playing. In Branson, only Thousand Hills Golf Resort can provide your group with a beautiful golfing experience and offers old Ozarks hospitality to back it up. That’s the reason why Thousand Hills Golf Resort is recognized as the most popular golf course for family outings and tournaments in Branson. Whether it is a charity event involving 100 players or just 16 guys on golf outing, Thousand Hills Golf Resort is the perfect place. Thousand Hills Golf Resort & Convention Center has been chosen by hundreds of corporations, associations, and private groups to host their events and many always decide to come back.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort have found some reasons why many guests want to host again their next event at Thousand Hills. The resort offers personalized package to meet your group needs. It is also Branson’s most popular golf course that features beautiful scenery, large greens, and a calm environment. It also offers excellent playing conditions where it strives to maintain a tournament level golf course. The perfect location of the resort near the heart of Branson also makes the golf course a wonderful place to play.

If you are looking for a perfect place to host a sports event in a relaxing atmosphere, visit the Thousand Hills Golf & Conference Resort in Branson.


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End the Summer with a Bang in Branson Missouri


This is the time of the year where you can’t care less about having sunburns because these are marks memories you want to remember forever. This is the time of the year when the heat doesn’t bother you as much because the heat itself gives you a reason to be outdoors with your loved ones. And this is the time of the year when a splash in the water is a great idea because you need more fun ideas to drown out the heat. This is summer.

Summer is best spent with your family and friends. As you go on a vacation, you get to relive old memories, make new ones, and strengthen your bond. For this summer, have you got a breakthrough adventure already? It’s not too late to be planning your grand summer vacation with family and friends. Before the summer ends, have the time of your life, and where else to spend summer but in the ultimate summer vacation destination in the Midwest! Head on to Branson Missouri!

Branson is known for its live music shows worldwide, but it is also a heaven for adventure seekers. It has lots of theme parks and nature parks to give you all the excitement and peace that you need. Summer mornings in Branson begin with a cool fog from the Ozark Mountains. The weather for the rest of the day is perfect for some water activities. Head on to the TriLakes Area in Branson for some water activities like scuba diving, canoeing, water skiing, boating, and so much more. For those who prefer indoor activities, there are hundreds of shows that are available everyday. Just visit the theaters in Branson to see the kind of entertainment that suits you.

What makes a summer spent in Branson more special are the festivals in the area. Some of the festivals that you can catch are the Annual Woodcarving Rendezvous, Mustang Rally, Fiddlers Festival, and fishing contests. The kids and kids at heart will truly enjoy the National Kidsfest, which happens from mid-June to mid-July at Silver Dollar City theme park. Enjoy the world-class rides and activities in the park. There are also activities exclusively for the kids!

For your place to stay during your summer vacation in Branson, choose only Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. You have a lot of lodging options to choose from. You can stay in the condos overlooking Table Rock Lake or in the log cabins in the Ozark woods. The promise of luxury living is yours. And to make it even more convenient for you, Thousand Hills is just minutes away from the entertainment district and the theme parks. What more can you ask for? Book your stay at Thousand Hills now by calling 1-877-262-0430.

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Come and Join the Branson Balloon Festival this August


Are you game for an awesome weekend in the ultimate vacation destination in the Midwest? This is the perfect time to go on a short bonding trip with your family and friends. There is only place to go to for that weekend fun adventure – Branson Missouri! In Branson, you will have the time of your life with all the activities and attractions present in Branson. Branson is not only famous because of the world-class entertainment by its live music shows, theater plays, and concerts. It is also an awesome place for a vacation because of the many festivals that are happening yearly in the area.

For this month of August, come and visit Branson in time for the Balloon Festival. The Branson Balloon Festival happens this August 22 to 24, 2014. Spend that particular Friday to Sunday the right way and treat your family and friends to an eye candy festival. Some of the things that you can expect in the Branson Balloon Festival are live entertainment, food, and of course, the balloon rides. The highlights of this festival are the hot air balloon flights and competition, balloon glow, ultralight aircraft, remote control planes, and the helicopter rides. One balloon flight typically lasts around 30 minutes to an hour up in the air. Try this amazing ride and see the beauty of the Ozarks from up above. The festival coincides with the fall season in Branson so you are guaranteed with the most breathtaking views of the colors of fall. Feel the wonders of flying, and also get to learn more about flying. You can also watch the pilot and crew inflate the balloon before takeoff. Witness a competition between the pilots, too. Lastly, you should stay around until dusk to see the balloon glow part of the event. When dusk comes, you can see the balloons lighting the sky like candles. All the events in the Branson Balloon Festival will push through as weather permits.

This festival will be held at the Branson Recplex at Branson Hills Parkway. For sure, this is one festival of Branson to be excited about. And for your Branson vacation, may it be a weekend getaway or a week-long stay, your choice of a lodging place is crucial, too. For your convenience, stay in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. It has various lodging options for you to choose from. You can choose to stay in a condo overlooking Branson’s Table Rock Lake, or in a secluded cabin nestled in the woods of the Ozarks. Thousand Hills is also located just minutes away from Branson’s entertainment district, shopping malls, and theme parks. Book your stay at Thousand Hills for the Branson Balloon Festival now. For inquiries and reservations, just call 1-877-262-0430.

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Why Visit Branson in Autumn


If there is a place that is perfect to visit in any season of the year, it must be Branson Missouri. Branson gives you the perfect mix of fun and peace with all the activities and attractions in the area. As autumn comes and a cooler weather sets in, go out and see the beautiful colors of autumn. It’s time for a vacation and the best place to be in this time of the year is Branson Missouri.

Branson has been known to many as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World and as the prime vacation destination in the Midwest. This goes to show how varied the attractions in Branson are. So what is there to look forward to as you visit Branson in the autumn? There are a lot to be seen, ranging from Christmas-themed shows, lighting displays, and holiday shopping deals which begin in November. Several attractions in Branson also let you appreciate the beauty in the change brought about by autumn. You can take a tour of Branson, starting from downtown Branson. Your tour could be on the Branson Scenic Railway, which takes you on a magical ride through the colored hills of the Ozarks. The cool weather can also be the perfect time to play golf – or learn the sport. Enjoy the scenery offered to you by Branson’s golf courses. If you are looking for the best golf course, then head on to Thousand Hills Golf Course.

And what better way to spend your time here in Branson than to take part in the festivals for autumn? The National Harvest Festival is a month-long celebration, usually from the second week of September until the last week of October, which features hundreds of craftsmen and musicians. In line with the National Harvest Festival, Silver Dollar City, Branson’s famous theme park, also holds stage shows such as “Headin’ West” for the month. Come mid-September, make sure to catch the Autumn Daze Craft Festival, too. This has over a hundred craftsmen to show you how they make the finest Ozarks handmade crafts. And while you are scouting for craft fairs, the largest handmade craft fairs in the Ozarks is also present. The War Eagle Fall Fair happens in mid-October, and can be an excellent venue for you to find the most unique of crafts. The month of November is also for honoring the heroes as Branson celebrates the Veteran’s Homecoming. There are festivals, parades, and shows to pay respect to the war heroes. Lastly, cap off your autumn in Branson by celebrating Thanksgiving Weekend here. The restaurants in Branson tailor their menu to squeeze in some Thanksgiving specials that you must try. Thanksgiving Weekend in Branson also kicks off the big sales in the outlet malls. Totally perfect for your Christmas shopping!

Autumn is a jam-packed season in Branson. And if you are looking for a place to stay for your vacation, come to Thousand Hills Golf Resort! Inquire now about the various lodging options that you can have. Call 1-877-262-0430 now. 

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Catch the Old Time Fiddle Contest in Branson Missouri


Branson is known to be the Entertainment Capital of the World for the great musical experience that it brings to its guests and locals. But Branson does not only give you the best entertainment that it can give; it is also involved in discovering the future superstars in the music industry. Branson, through its events, helps in making dreams come true for the aspiring musicians.

One such event that showcases the musicality of the musicians in Branson is the 2014 Downtown Branson Fiddle Festival & Mid-America Fiddler’s Championship. This event is happening on August 2 to 3, 2014 to be held in the Historic Owen Theater on Commercial Street in Historic Downtown Branson. The Old Time Fiddle Contest in Branson features does not only give you the best fiddlers in town. You are also guaranteed of a great experience overall with the food booths, demonstrations, strolling entertainers, workshops, and sidewalk sales in the area. It would feel like you are in a big fiddler’s festival too!

There will be a workshop in a private conference on August 1, which also has pre-registration for the interested participants. The workshop fee is $25. The Old Time Fiddle Contest is on Saturday, August 2, from 9 AM to 7 PM. There is a registration before the event at 8 AM. Pre-registration for the event is greatly encouraged. There will be no entrance fee for the contestants. The contestants of the Old Time Fiddle Contest will also receive reimbursement of their festival admission when they register at the venue of the competition. Ticket prices for the Old Time Fiddle Contest are $8 for audiences aged 13 and up, and $4 for those children aged 4 to 12. Children younger than 4 years old have free admission. On August 3, 2014, the 26th Annual Downtown Branson Fiddle Festival and Mid-America Fiddler’s Championship will be held in Branson, too. The fun continues on Sunday where there will be craft vendors, petting zoo, balloon artist, and many more fun activities that are perfect for the entire family.

For more information and for inquiries about the workshop, instructors, and of the contest, call 417-683-2777 and look for Junior Marriott.

The Old Time Fiddle Contest would be surely fun if you are with the entire family. The event itself could make for a great family vacation for everyone. If you are searching for a convenient and comfortable place to stay for your family vacation, the place to go to is Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is located near Branson’s entertainment district and shopping malls, but it is also near the Ozark Mountains so you are away from all the city noise. Choose from its nightly rental options of a Branson cabin rental, Branson lakefront condo rental, or a Branson golf front condo rental. For inquiries on these lodging options, dial 1-877-262-0430. We hope to see you soon in Thousand Hills and in the Old Time Fiddle Contest.

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Shop at The Shoppes in Branson


You may have known Branson to be the entertainment capital of the world, and for its man-made and natural attractions. Yes, these are the main reasons why tourists are very much endeared to Branson. Another thing that will surely attract you to Branson is shopping. Branson is home to many outlet malls that offers great finds with big bargains. Unknowingly, Branson has become a heaven to shoppers already!

When in Branson, paying a visit to The Shoppes at Branson Hills is always worth it. Tourists and residents of Branson love The Shoppes at Branson Hills because it can give you anything you need at a price you love. The Shoppes houses many stores. One of the most valuable ones is the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Wal-Mart is a one-stop shop for your grocery needs, household items, and apparels. For the tourists, the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Branson Hills’ The Shoppes can be your hero! Forgot something like the sunscreen or your flip-flops? Don’t fret, because Wal-Mart has it for you. If you are looking for variety in brand and prices in stores similar to Wal-Mart, try also visiting Target and the Dollar Shop in The Shoppes.

The Shoppes also houses some boutiques that you will like. It has Bed, Bath, and Beyond where you can find various bed, bath, and household items. If you are coming over for a wedding, this is also a great place where you can find a gift for the newlyweds. If you have bought a Branson condo, this would be the best place to look for items to decorate your condo unit. In Bed, Bath, and Beyond, you can also find items such as organizers, home appliances, and beddings.

Your fashion needs are also well taken care of in Branson. In The Shoppes, you can find clothing boutiques like Kohl’s, Maurices, TJ Maxx, and Rue 21, where you can find the latest in the fashion world. Keep your wardrobe updated with the best find you can have ranging from tops, pants, swim wears, accessories, and many more!

There are new shops in The Shoppes – Ulta Beauty and Pier 1 Imports. Ulta Beauty is your ultimate beauty shop. In here, you can find all of the brand-name cosmetics you like. Some of the brands you can find are bareMinerals, Benefit, Urban Decay, and many more. Items for the face, eyes, cheeks, lips, nails, and hair can be found here. Pier 1 Imports is your store for your home décor needs. From pillow, lighting, rugs, curtains, tablewares, and many other, you can now decorate your home as you wish! You can also find great gift ideas in Pier 1!

For the book lovers, The Shoppes will not disappoint you with its store Book-A-Million. Here you can find any book, old and new. It is truly a bookworm’s heaven in Book-A-Million!

Come and visit The Shoppes at Branson Hills now to have a unique shopping experience!

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Fun with The Haygoods in Branson


What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear of Branson? It may be the adventures from the theme parks, but for sure, you will surely think of the live music shows and concerts that have made Branson famous. It is known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, after all. You can have the best experience in music here in Branson. Experience the right mix of music and comedy with the shows in Branson.

One notable artist that will be performing in Branson for the month of July is The Haygoods. This show is brought to you by Branson Tourism Center. Every year, Branson Tourism Center is continually looking for promising and established artists to share their talents to the Branson locals and tourists. This year, get the chance to see the Haygoods perform in the Branson stage. The Haygoods are famous for their great musicality and singing prowess. They also have amazed their audience with their overall showmanship. Catch the Haygoods in Branson on July 19, 2014. You don’t only get to watch the show as you also get to have an exclusive meet and greet with the Haygoods right after their 7:30 PM show. Get ready your cameras, and other paraphernalias for a chance to get their autographs with a photo op with them!

The show of the Haygoods will be held in the Clay Cooper Theater in 3216 W State Highway 76 in Branson Missouri. Don’t pass up this chance to see the Haygoods in action. For the show tickets, call 1-800-785-1550. Get yours now!

And while you are in Branson, why not make the most out of it. Try to catch the other shows in Branson for you prove that Branson is indeed the Live Entertainment Capital. Embark on an adventure, too, in Branson’s theme parks and nature parks. You can also do some shopping in Branson’s outlet malls to get the latest fashion trends at the biggest discounts. There are countless things to do in Branson. One day is certainly not enough to explore them all.

For your lodging place in Branson, go to Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is located near Highway 76, which is Branson’s entertainment district. This will prove to be very convenient for you and also very comfortable. Staying near the city, you are also assured by Thousand Hills that you are away from the city noise since the lodging places in Thousand Hills are also near the Ozark Mountains and Table Rock Lake. You have a variety of lodging options to choose from. Let Thousand Hills be your partner in having the best Branson vacation ever. For more inquiries and for reservations, call 1-877-262-0430.

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