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A Star Studded 2015 Lineup at the Moon River Theater

Branson has long been known for attracting stars and celebrities to its live entertainment and theater district. Every time you turn around, it seems like a theater or show in Branson is hosting another famous face! Moon River Theater, started by the late Andy Williams, is certainly no exception to playing host to stardom. Andy Williams himself was quite famous, and this year, 2015, is one of the most chock full of celeb lineups that the Moon River Theater has ever seen! Don’t miss your chance to get tickets for one or more of these great shows…

Illusionist Rick Thomas:

moon-river-christmasFor a show at the Moon River Theater this will really ‘wow’ you and your family, don’t miss the Illusionist Rick Thomas! Rick Thomas has completed five world tours during his career in magic, and is now proud to be hosted right here in Branson for your enjoyment. This talented performer has won Magician of the Year from the Academy of Magical Arts and Stage Magician of the Year from the World Magic Awards, and has performed his awe inspiring art in over 50 countries. You’ll get your fill of magic, music and dance with this great show.

Loretta Lynn:

If you have ever wanted to see ‘The Coal Miner’s Daughter,’ Loretta Lynn, Sunday October 4 is your chance! This grass-roots, hard-working American Icon has been a symbol of the American Dream for years, and for one night only for an Up Close Concert, Loretta Lynn is coming to Branson!

Trace Adkins:

For lovers of the newer country music genre, book your tickets now to see Trace Adkins at the Moon River Theater for an Up Close Concert on Sunday, July 5. This popular country music star has had more than 30 Top 40 Hits to date, and this will be his first appearance in Branson.

The Hits Staring Mary Wilson:

Mary Wilson is best known for being part of the famous trio, The Supremes. And now, she’s coming to Branson! They recorded 12 No.1 hits from 1964 to 1969. With number one hits “Where Did Our Love Go,” “Baby Love,” “Come See About Me,” “Stop In the Name of Love,” and “Back in My Arms Again,” The Supremes are the only group to have five consecutive number one hits in their career. Mary Wilson was a founding member of this beloved group. Mary also recorded two solo albums while she was raising a family – talk about talented!

This is just a small offering of the celebrity shows that Moon River Theater is offering for the 2015 season. Tanya Tucker, Terry Factor, Ronnie Milsap, and many more will be performing here as well! Book your tickets now to see the stars!

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A Romantic Date in the Showboat Branson Belle



Running out of unique ideas to impress your date? Lucky for you because Branson has the answer! Branson is not just about the live music shows and theater plays. There are a lot more entertainment that Branson can give you. For your precious time with your special someone, make it memorable and fun at the same time by spending in Branson.

Join the fun in Branson with your sweetheart by having the Showboat Branson Belle Experience. The Showboat Branson Belle is also known to be America’s Most Entertaining Dinner Cruise. For more than 20 years of providing entertainment to its guests, it gives you a new show to watch out for and an even better musical and dining experience while cruising Table Rock Lake.

Experience the marvel of Table Rock Lake, one of Branson’s most beautiful lakes, aboard the Showboat Branson Belle. This is a 2-hour cruise and it also includes a sumptuous 3-course meal, freshly prepared in the ship’s galley. Everything you love is already on board! From live music shows, comedy, magic, great food, and a breathtaking backdrop of the Ozarks and Table Rock Lake. All these can sum up to the perfect romantic date for you and your loved one.

The Showboat Branson Belle was made to mimic the showboats of the 1800s, an era when riverboat adventures wee pretty much a fad. Bring back those good ol’ showboat days with the Showboat Branson Belle now. Aside from the entertainment, you can also treat you and your date to a fun shopping experience. White River Landing brings you unique shops. Layton Mercantile is where you can find ladies’ apparel, jewelries, accessories, and other décor items. You can also find specialty coffees and candies, Silver Dollar City jams, jellies, and a lot more. It is also in Layton Mercantile where you can find the Showboat Box Office. Reserve your tickets for the showboat here. McAdoo’s Boatworks and the On Board Boutique  are shops that are akin to a pirate’s treasure box. You can find logo t-shirts and jackets, collectible spoons, bells, mugs, and pens. Have yourself a patriotic and nautical souvenirs here, with children’s shirts, pirate ships, and stuffed animals. If you have forgotten something for your Showboat trip, you can also find it in the On Board Boutique. For your wants and needs, Showboat Branson Belle got it all for you!

Your stay in Branson can be made even more memorable by staying in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is located near Branson’s entertainment district so it would be more convenient for you. The Branson cabins and condos in Thousand Hills are also situated far from the city so you can have a nice rest away from the city noise. Reserve now for your vacation. Just call 1-877-262-0430.

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Save Money and Stay in a Condo in Branson

2-bedroom-branson-condosEveryone is all about saving money these days. Whether you have had to tighten your spending belt due to an unexpected job loss or bill, or you are just simply thinking about putting money back for the future, saving money is something that almost everyone has experience with. But saving money doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on a fun family vacation or weekend getaway – when you come to Branson, Missouri, there are lots of ways to have an enjoyable time on a budget! The biggest expense on a trip is usually lodging – but luckily for those who are pinching pennies, you can save money when you stay in a condo in Branson!

The best option for condos in Branson is Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort – not only do they offer a classy hotel, awesome guest cabins and an award winning golf course, they have condos too! You won’t regret choosing one for a low cost stay.

Condo rates range from $74 per night for a condo that sleeps three to $524 per night for a condo that sleeps twelve. Rates change depending on the season, which you may want to factor into your budget – Branson is fun no matter what season it is! For such great low prices, the condos at Thousand Hills sure come with plenty of amenities – all major appliances, fully equipped kitchens, TVs and DVD players, whirlpool tubs and Jacuzzis, free Wi-Fi, private porches, swimming pool access, and more! What a deal! Not to mention your condo will provide peace and quiet away from the traffic noise of town. And you can choose your panoramic view as well – some condos feature a grand view of the golf course, and others sport a rustic, wooded scenic view!

Most people don’t think of cooking when they are on vacation, but if you want to save money, fixing your own meals is the way to go. With the fully equipped kitchen that the condos in Branson offer, mealtimes can be a real treat! Cooking with family is a great way to spend quality time together; your condo will be within walking or biking distance of several local grocery stores, where you can get all the ingredients you need to make inexpensive, savory local cuisine!

Your condo won’t just be close to a grocery store, it will be close to everything else Branson has to offer too! So you can save even more money by walking, or just not driving too far. Your condo in Branson has it all – great amenities, ways to spend time with close family or friends, great views, close proximity to town – AND ways to help you save money. Vacations don’t get any better than that!

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Learn the Ins & Outs of Branson Straight From The Locals

Whenever you are taking a vacation in an unfamiliar place, it is always a good idea to try and pick up some tips from the locals. Local people can be an invaluable information source for the tourist and vacationer – the locals are the ones who know how to get around town, where the best diners and hotels are, what to avoid, and what hidden treasures are tucked away around town. Wherever you are, the locals can be key to a good trip, and Branson, Missouri, is no different. Read on to see what Branson tourist tips the locals have in store for you!

Rainy day in BransonCheck The Weather: Branson is situated in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks. While it is a beautiful place to be, the weather in the Ozarks can be EXTRMEMLY volatile – which is why most locals suggest checking the weather before and during your trip activities. This can be done by simply watching the local news channel or, if you are on the go, downloading a local weather app onto your smartphone (the KY3 Weather App is a good choice – it is free to download and features an up to the minute live weather radar). Be sure to always have a sweatshirt and a raincoat with you, as the weather can go from hot to cold and dry to wet in a matter of minutes. Having a backup plan of activities in case of weather is always one of many solid Branson tourist tips.

Take The Backroads: As any local knows, the traffic on the main Branson thoroughfare, Highway 76, can be horrific. Luckily for those trying to get to work or basketball practice on time, there are some alternate back routes that can be a huge time saver for tourists and locals alike! Any tourists coming to Branson should be sure to familiarize themselves with Branson’s color coded alternate routes – each one will still get you to any Branson destination of your choosing and will save you time and stress. Pick up a Branson roadmap at any of the area welcome centers to help get you around town.

Go Out of Your Way: As any local will tell you, there are dozens of hidden treasures around Branson if you just know where to look. So check out TripAdvisor, browse the Branson papers, and talk to some locals! Chances are you will find fantastic out of the way eateries, hidden craft shops, beautiful secluded hiking trails, and fun, family oriented attractions. You never know what you can find in Branson with the help of a local!

These are just a few of the helpful Branson tourist tips you can get from the locals around town. But don’t forget the most important tip of all when taking a trip to Branson: have fun!

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Enjoy Your Vacation in a Branson Golf Home





Branson is always a popular choice for tourists because of the live music shows, theme parks, and a lot more activities and attractions. You can come to Branson with the whole family, with your groups of friends, workmates, special someone, or you can even go alone because there are endless possibilities of adventure in this place. Known as the live entertainment capital of the world, you get world-class entertainment without the hefty price tag.


When in Branson, you just can’t miss seeing a live music show in the area. For the best shows, your go-to place is in Highway 76, or more popularly known as The Strip. Catch shows by The Presleys, The Baldknobbers, Mickey Gilley, and a lot more. For more daring adventures, visit Silver Dollar City – the most famous theme park in Branson. Silver Dollar City is home to the world’s most daring wood coaster, the Outlaw Run. This year, Silver Dollar City also gives you new rides to enjoy. Visit Silver Dollar City to find out more about the new rides. For more outdoor adventures, Branson also has nature parks such as Table Rock Lake Park Marina. The TriLakes Area in Branson is also a great spot for more water activities and for picnic.


Your stay in Branson can be made more memorable with your choice of lodging. Choose only Branson’s leader in the real estate offerings. Choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is just minutes away from Highway 76, and is a short drive away from the best of Branson malls, restaurants, theme parks, and museums. The lodging options in Branson’s Thousand Hills also gives you what you need. For your Branson vacation, choose to stay in a Branson golf home for convenience and comfort. Staying in a golf home in Thousand Hills lets you stay right in the vicinity of the award-winning golf course in Thousand Hills. Whether you are a golf enthusiast or not, you will surely love the laid-back ambiance of the golf homes’ location. It is situated far away from the city noise so you can get the privacy and the tranquility that you need for a precious time of rest and relaxation.


The amenities that come with renting a golf home in Thousand Hills are fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room, cable TVs, a DVD player, and free high-speed wireless internet. These will surely make you feel like you have never left the comforts of your home. After a whole day of adventure in Branson, you can take a much-needed rest in your golf home.


Reserve your golf home in Thousand Hills now by calling 1-877-262-0430. Branson is waiting to have the best adventures and memories with you!

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Conservation and Education – A Bass Pro Legacy

If you have spent any time in the Ozarks, chances are that you have heard of Bass Pro Shops. Bass Pro, and founder Johnny Morris, have helped to make the Ozarks famous. The store is known for its museum-like experience and selection of outdoor goods for fishing, rifle and archery hunting, camping, hiking, boating and more – but perhaps the best part of the Bass Pro legacy is one that is a little less well known: the company’s emphasis on conservation and education of the outdoors. Through Bass Pro Shops and other affiliated venues, founder Johnny Morris hopes to leave the world better than he found it through his conservation efforts. Read on to see where you can learn about doing your part for the Great Outdoors!

Bass Pro Shops: The next time you head to a Bass Pro Shops to pick up a new fishing pole or a pair of hiking boots, take a few moments to really look around the store – there is a lot to learn about conservation from simply walking around the store. At the Bass Pro Headquarters in Springfield, MO, for example, you can visit the turtle pond to observe several species of native turtles; a detailed book featuring each turtle species in the pond can provide further information. The Springfield Bass Pro also boats the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum, where you can see almost 1,000 firearms and The Archery Hall of Fame and Museum. Other displays with record breaking mounts and live animals provide a further look into conservation in the Ozarks. And don’t forget to check out the educational underwater fish show!

WOLF School: WOLF School (Wonders of the Ozarks Learning Facility) is a unique school opportunity through the Wonders of Wildlife Museum and the Springfield Public Schools system. At WOLF School, 46 5th graders have the opportunity to go through an entire year of traditional curriculum with a huge emphasis on conservation and natural sciences. Teachers are provided through the SPS system, and students will spend plenty of time engaging in activities like kayaking, animal handling, hunting education and more!

dogwood-canyonDogwood Canyon: Dogwood Canyon, located in Lampe, MO, is ten thousand acres of conservation paradise that is open to the public so that folks like you can get a good look at just what it is that needs to be preserved in our world. In fact, the mission statement of Dogwood Canyon is "Preserve, promote, and protect the natural environment of the canyon’s wildlife and plant life." At Dogwood Canyon, visitors have the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Ozarks wilderness in multiple different ways. Your conservation experience can include hiking, fly fishing, horseback riding (including a REAL cattle drive!), biking and more. And for a truly unique experience, consider holding a wedding or special event at Dogwood Canyon – then your guests can get a look at Conservation in action too!

Through Johnny Morris and his many outdoor venues, you and your family can learn to truly appreciate what it is that we have to preserve and protect in the outdoors. Let the conservation movement begin!

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Hunting in the Ozarks

branson-deer-huntingHunting is an age old pastime in the Ozarks. Grandparents that have fond memories of deer and turkey hunting on the family farm share hunting experiences with their grandchildren, who then make their own hunting memories with THEIR kids and grandkids. The Ozarks is a prime hunting area – the challenging terrain and volatile weather can often hide big deer and turkey for those who are patient enough to find them. With hunting season in full swing, there is no reason for you to be left out of the chase. So read on to find out what you need, where to go, and how to stay safe this hunting season!

What to Get: Obviously, in order to go hunting, you will need a weapon of some kind. You can choose between hunting with a firearm, and hunting with a bow and arrow – each one has different season dates, and different pros and cons. What you choose all comes down to personal preference – some people like the power of a rifle, and some people prefer the added skill and patience of a bow and arrow. Once you have chosen your weapon, you will need to purchase hunting tags in order to legally hunt – these can be purchased at a sport/outdoors store, many gas stations, and Walmart. Rifle tags require that you have a Hunters Safety License; archery tags do not. You will also want to get some camo for your hunting collection – camouflage clothing breaks up your outline and makes it harder for your prey to spot you. A hunter orange article of clothing is required for rifle hunting deer in Missouri; while it is not required, it is a good idea for archery hunters too.

Where to Hunt: In Missouri, you have two kinds of land to hunt on – public or private. Before you do either, make sure you know the rules and regulations for wherever you intend to be hunting. Hunting on public land usually requires some extra precautions. Below are a couple of options for hunting on both public and private land here in the Ozarks: Busiek State Park and Wildlife Area: Hunting for all major game species is allowed at Busiek State Park in season, provided the hunter complies with the rules and regulations set forth by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). There is a good population of deer and turkey within the park, and squirrels too, if that appeals to you! Download the Annual Fall Deer and Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information booklet from the MDC website for more information. Elkhead Ranch: Elkhead Ranch is a privately owned hunting retreat in Southwest Missouri that offers seasonal deer and turkey hunting. Hunters have the opportunity to hunt with a rifle or a bow out of one of the ranch’s many deer stands and hunting blinds, including two ‘deer condos’ (enclosed and windowed elevated deer stands complete with comfy chairs) that overlook one of several food plots. Food plots and Game Cameras are maintained to draw in and observe the deer. Hunters at Elkhead Ranch can stay in a special hunter’s cabin and are fed a home cooked supper made by the ranch family.

Staying Safe: Safety should always be your top priority when hunting. Be familiar with the MDC’s hunting regulations, and always wear a hunter orange article of clothing. Know your weapon, and always treat it as if it were loaded; for rifles, keep the safety on until you are safely aimed to shoot. Always let someone know where you will be hunting and what time you plan to return. Be aware, be observant, and you can make great hunting memories for years to come!

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Catch the Colors with Fall Driving Tours of the Ozarks

Fall is a beautiful time of year in the Ozarks. With so many forested hills and ridges, there is no shortage of trees to paint to season different shades of gold, red, orange and brown! One of the best ways to see some of the best fall color is to take a driving tour – many folks come from miles around just to take a scenic jaunt in the car around the area. The best time of year to catch the color starts in October and ends in early November. So pack up the car and get ready to take one of these great self-guided tour routes put together by the Branson Chamber of Commerce! Be sure to stop by the Branson Welcome Center on the way to pick up a map or two.

Lake Taneycomo Fall ColorsDriving Tour #1 - Table Rock Lake, Kimberling City - Est. Time: 90 minutes

This beautiful scenic drive highlights great fall color foliage, lake and mountain views, and the opportunity to cross two historic truss bridges. Indian Point and Dogwood Canyon are some great side trips to take while on this tour – Indian Point features a zipline that flies you through autumn colored trees, and Dogwood Canyon offers hiking and horseback rides through fall colored country! Visit this link for Driving Tour #1 directions:

Driving Tour #2 - Downtown Branson, Forsyth, Rockaway Beach - Est. Time: 70 minutes

This fun auto tour will take you through the heart of quaint and original Downtown Branson. While this part of town is charming at any time of year, there is just something about fall that gives it an extra splash of character! This tour also highlights some stellar views of Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lake – both lakes are picturesque and feature lots of tree studded shorelines, making for some great fall color. A side trip on this tour is down scenic Y Highway! Visit this link for Driving Tour #2 directions:

Driving Tour #3 - Bull Shoals Lake, Peel Ferry, Mark Twain Natl. Forest - Est. Time: 4 hrs

This is the longest driving tour on the Chamber of Commerce list, but it is certainly worth it! This route will take you through two states that boast the best fall color in the Ozarks – Missouri and Arkansas. On this trip, you will wind through Mark Twain National Forest, and be rewarded with a look at Central Bull Shoals Lake; the lake is known for good fishing, so you might want to include a pole or two in your road trip gear! You will also have the opportunity to see Peel Ferry; this is the only public ferry in the Ozarks, so you won’t want to miss this stop! Visit this link for Driving Tour #3 directions:

These are just a few of the driving routes you can take to see amazing fall color. Grab a map and a camera and find your own!

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The Ozark's Homegrown Legend - Bass Pro Shops

If you have ever traveled through the Missouri Ozarks, at some point in your journey you probably have heard of or even visited Bass Pro Shops. What started out as simply a love of fishing and the outdoors became a nationwide empire of outdoor and fishing gear that has made the Ozarks famous – and once you have visited the Bass Pro Headquarters in Springfield, Missouri (also known as ‘The Granddaddy of Outdoor Stores!), it is easy to see why! Bass Pro Shops is not just a store; it is an experience – one that is proud to have deep Ozarks roots.

bass-pro-bransonBass Pro Shops is the passionate project of Missouri native Johnny Morris. Johnny has always had a longtime love of fishing, and grew up participating in this activity with him family, including his ‘Uncle Buck.’ (Uncle Buck now has a line of Bass Pro Products named after him – just head to the candy counter inside the Springfield store to see for yourself!) In 1971, Johnny Morris took a road trip around the country with a U-Haul trailer. His objective? Collect the latest and greatest fishing tackle he could find, and bring it back to his homeland, which was sorely lacking in fishing equipment. Upon his return, Johnny opened a bait and tackle shop inside his father’s liquor store, conveniently located on the way to Table Rock Lake. This humble little tackle shop was the very first Bass Pro Shops – and at the time, Johnny had no idea how far it would go.

This well stocked tackle shop became very popular with both local and visiting fishermen – so popular, in fact, that by 1974, Johnny mailed out the first Bass Pro Shops catalog. Then, in 1978, he decided to take his business a step further by introducing a line of bass boats. The boats took the name ‘Bass Tracker’; Johnny’s was the first package to ever offer a boat, motor and trailer designed for anglers. His goal has always been to provide a quality product at a good value to the customer – and this mission has carried over into the Bass Pro Shops of today.

Bass Pro Shops is the number one outdoor retailer with stores in both America and Canada. They carry the finest selection of fishing equipment – lures, poles, reels, bait and more – as well as Tracker Boats, ATVs, camping gear, outdoor footwear and clothing, guns, bows and archery supplies, outdoor cooking equipment, kayaks, home décor, knives and gifts. You won’t find a better selection of products anywhere else! And once you’ve visited Bass Pro Shops, you won’t want to – a trip to Bass Pro is better than a trip to a museum. Johnny Morris has incorporated a message of conservation and preservation into his stores; this is obvious by the number of live animals (fish, turtles, alligators, ducks and more!) inside the Bass Pro headquarters. There is also a vast array of mounts, murals, replicated cabins and water mills, as well as an archery and rifle museum open to the public. One thing is for certain – you’ll walk away from this Ozarks success story with an even greater love of the outdoors than before!

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Branson Bass Pro Shops

Bass Prop Shops at the Branson LandingJohnny Morris and Bass Pro Shops have made Missouri legendary. Fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts from far and wide have traveled to see the Bass Pro Shops headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. But lucky for Branson locals and visitors – the town boasts its very own Bass Pro Shops! Head on down to The Landing to check out the Branson Bass Pro – you will find everything you need from fishing gear to camping supplies to outdoor fashion, right on the shores of Lake Taneycomo!

The Branson Bass Pro is designed to evoke memories of long, lazy days of fishing along the White River – and of course, to create new memories for families and individuals alike! With Johnny Morris’s signature outdoor style, your trip to the Branson Bass Pro is sure to be memorable. This 40,000 square foot building chock full of awesome outdoorness is not just a store – it is a tribute to the fishing and boating heritage of the Ozarks, as well as a regional museum, and an education and conservation center as well. Modeled after the industries that shaped the post-lake White River area, the Branson Bass Pro is a breath of fresh river air with memories of old mixed with a new era for everyone to enjoy.

The logs and stonework framing the front entrance of the Branson Bass Pro gives way to an interior with a massive fireplace and a framework of pine logs. Finely crafted outdoor themed chandeliers hang from the forty-five foot ceiling – but the hanging light fixtures are secondary to the natural light that streams in from the roof dormers! The ceiling is hand painted tin, and as your browse through the aisles and aisles of outdoor equipment, clothing and décor, you will notice the deer and other wildlife tracks that are stamped into the concrete floor.

One of the crowning jewels of the Branson Bass Pro is the 20,000 gallon aquarium and waterfall; the aquarium is full of native fish like rainbow trout, bass, catfish and more. Above the aquarium sits a replicated mill and working water wheel, and an amazing wildlife scene. You won’t want to miss stopping in this part of the store!

No Bass Pro Shops would be complete without knowledgeable staff and quality merchandise – and the Branson Bass Pro delivers! Friendly staff members are waiting in every department to answer any questions you might have about fishing, hunting, camping and more. Stroll through the fishing department and admire the vast selection of poles, reels, lures and fly tying equipment. The gun and knife counter is full of quality equipment that you will be proud to own. Browse tents, outdoor cookware, and kayaks in the camping area of the store. Get great outdoor styles in the clothing department; and if you want your home to look like Bass Pro – you are in luck! They have an entire store section dedicated to décor and housewares. Once you’ve finished your shopping, take a lunch or dinner break at the floating White River Fish Company Restaurant just across the way from the store!

You won’t want to miss a trip to the Branson Bass Pro Shops. Rich in history and heritage, you’ll want to return to this unforgettable store more than once!

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