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The Branson Winter Season

Many people think of Branson as primarily a summer vacation destination. But what many people do not know is that Branson can be a winter as well as a summer hotspot! The Branson winter season offers visitors and locals a whole new seasonal element that you don’t get any other time of year. Want to make Branson your winter destination? Read on to see what winter wonderland treats are in store for you!

Snow Covered Branson CabinsWinter Shows and Attractions: With the change in seasons comes a change in shows! If you want a new look at some of your favorite entertainers and attractions, winter is your perfect time to be in Branson. First, you will want to check out the Andy Williams Christmas Variety Show, featuring the Osmonds, the Lennon Sisters, and real live reindeer! Next, book your tickets for Dixie Stampede’s Christmas Show – not only will you get an outstanding meal at ‘the most fun place to eat in Branson,’ but you will also get to hear classic Christmas carols, see a live Nativity, and enjoy impressive feats of horsemanship! For a true Branson winter experience, head to Silver Dollar City for the Old Time Christmas Festival! You’ll hear music of the season, taste great winter comfort food, sip hot cocoa, and take the roller coasters in the cold! The Butterfly Palace also has a great Branson winter attraction – a display of dozens of white butterflies that resemble falling snow!

Winter Shopping: During the winter season, all of the Branson stores have a whole new element of shopping! Now you can find warm sweaters, flannel lined jeans, hat and scarf sets, winter outdoor and athletic wear, and so much more! The Branson winter season is the perfect time to get your Christmas shopping done as well – you are sure to find the perfect gift in Branson for everyone on your list!

Winter Scenery: Not only is the show and shopping atmosphere different in the winter, but the scenery in and around Branson is different too! You won’t want to miss the sight of the Ozarks in snow, and there is nothing more beautiful than seeing ice glimmering on Table Rock Lake. Small, brightly colored native songbirds stand out in the wildlife areas around Branson in the winter, and geese can be heard overhead going south.

Branson is a great place to be in the winter – not only do you get all the benefits listed above, but you can also have the opportunity to get Branson winter lodging rates! Since winter is the ‘off’ season in Branson, many hotels lower their nightly rates. Just one more thing to love about the Branson winter season! Come visit Branson this winter and find YOUR favorite thing about winter!

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Classic Car Lovers Are Right at Home in Branson

It is almost impossible to not be at least somewhat enthralled with classic cars. Whether you drove one as a teenager, admired them in the movies, or played with tiny die-cast or plastic models of them, classic cars have a look and an aura about that that is inherently American. If you live in or visit Branson, Missouri, and you happen to be a lover of these sleek, old fashioned machines, you are in luck – Branson loves classic cars as much as you do!

Shepherd’s Super Summer Cruise

Summer Car Cruise in BransonThe biggest and the best classic car event held in Branson annually is the Super Summer Cruise; taking place at the Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead, it is the premier car show in Branson! The three day car show is followed by an awesome midnight cruise in the cars around town.
Show ‘n’ Shine: This is your chance to either show off your classic car, or to admire someone else’s! See more than 500 outstanding examples of classic cars and pickup trucks, all on display at the Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead site. Everywhere you look there will be another bright and shiny car! Impalas, Mustangs, Chevrolet pickup trucks, and even a brass fire engine and a lifted school bus have been spotted at the car show before! For car owners, the show features a secure place to park your wheels, photo opportunities and judging of the Branson classic cars – plus a chance to ride the ZipLine!
Midnight Cruise: The Midnight Cruise is just what it sounds like – a cruise around Branson at midnight with more classic cars than you can imagine! You might even catch a glimpse of a Branson celebrity or two riding around in a classic rig. Be sure to get a roadside claim staked early – spots go fast for this annual event!

Branson Collector Car Auction

Here is your chance to buy your dream Branson classic car! At the Branson Car Collector Auction, you have the chance to get amazing deals on everything from Model Ts to Beamers to Corvettes!

Branson Auto and Farm Museum

For the coolest museum around, visit the Branson Auto and Farm Museum on Highway 76! Not only will you see some awesome classic cars, but some cool antique farm machinery too! This newest of the museums in Branson features classic convertibles, Corvettes, Bel Airs, Chevelles, and more – plus a tractor or two! Folks of all ages will love this museum full of Branson classic cars.

These are just a few of the places in Branson where you can see and experience these dream machines. Who knows, you may be driving around town in one yourself!

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National Acts Come to Branson Throughout The Year

Jonah In BransonBranson, Missouri, the Live Entertainment Capital of the Midwest, has risen from a mere destination in a novel (‘Shepherd of the Hills’ by Harold Bell Wright) to a nationally acclaimed vacation hotspot. Mention anywhere in Missouri to anyone from other states and the first thing they will usually ask is “is it near Branson?” There is so much to see and do here in Branson – and many of the shows and attractions are just as nationally known as the town. Read on for some great Branson acts and attractions that have gained the fame!

National Harvest and Cowboy Festival: You sure won’t want to miss this one, pardner! The National Harvest and Cowboy Festival at Silver Dollar City has gained national attention – as the name implies! – as one of the best displays of Americana craftsmanship and heritage. Watch the New Texas Trick Riders as they perform feats of skill including whip tricks and mounted shooting while riding atop their valiant horses. You can also watch in awe as stuntmen and women wow you with their stunts during the Western Stunt Show. After catching these great Branson acts at SDC, admire the work of over 125 American craftsmen and grab some grub at Molly’s Mill Restaurant.

Acrobats of China: For a Branson act that will have you and your family marveling, book your tickets to see the Acrobats of China! The Jinan Troupe was brought to the Ozarks by Mr. Lizhi Zhao, with the intent of sharing the amazing talent of these athletic Asian performers. You will watch in awe as the Jinan Troupe performs daring feats in the air and on the ground, and as they perform classic Chinese dances and human performance art. The amazing costumes and great effects only add to the magnificence of this show! This group has performed around the world, and now you have the chance to see this wonderful act locally.

Jonah: For a sweeping show that the whole family will love, make plans to see Jonah at the Sight and Sound Theater. This show first opened at a sister theater in Lancaster, PA, and now it is here in Branson for you to experience. Following the Biblical story of Jonah, the message of God’s love plays the starring role in this inspiring and powerful production. Original music, complex sets and scenery, and jaw dropping special effects combined with this beloved story will keep you on the edge of your seat. You can even arrive an hour before show time for a backstage tour to see where the magic happens!

These are just a few of the Branson acts and attractions that have national acclaim. There are new acts coming to Branson all the time, so each year you have the chance to see something different!

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Christmas Shopping in Branson

As anyone who has participated in the upcoming holiday season knows, it is never too early to start your Christmas shopping. Waiting until the last minute can be stressful and involves higher prices, standing in long lines inside crowded stores, and the risk of not being able to purchase what you really want. Getting your shopping started ahead of the curve is sure to improve your Christmas spirit – but even with starting early, the question is ‘where should I shop?’ Not to worry, holiday shoppers – Branson has you covered! Doing your Christmas shopping in Branson will be one of the merriest experiences you will ever have. Read on for some shopping tips that will fit any style this season!

Shop Local: With a recent big push for local goods, your shopping style may be to keep your dollars local this Christmas. If so, you are in luck! Shopping in Branson provides you with a great selection of locally owned stores featuring Ozarks goods. Silver Dollar City is a great place to find locally crafted items for holiday gifts. Blacksmiths, potters, jewelry makers and wood crafters are all on site to make you the perfect custom gift! There is something for everyone on your list in the shops at Silver Dollar City. If you still want to buy local, but prefer to avoid the big crowds, check out the Branson Craft Mall! Here you will find quilts, hand woven baskets, local honey and soup mixes, handmade chocolates, and more! The Keeter Center Gift Shop at College of the Ozarks is another great place to purchase local gifts – and you will be supporting the students that make them!

Shop Big: Some folks prefer to do their Christmas shopping at larger retail stores – Branson has its fair share of these as well! If someone on your list wants some new clothes for Christmas, head over to the Branson Khol’s store for a huge selection of name brand clothing and shoes at low prices. If you have a technology guru to shop for, Best Buy will have the latest and greatest gadgets to put under the tree. If you have a do-it yourselfer to buy a gift for, you are sure to find the perfect item at Lowes or Home Depot. And if you are buying for a bookworm, Books A Million has thousands of books to choose from!

Shop Unique: If your style is to find the craziest, most out there gift possible to put under the tree or in a stocking, Branson has no shortage of unique stores to shop at! Dicks 5 and 10 in downtown Branson has the area’s biggest selection of all things unique. Young and old alike will find the perfect gifts to give when shopping in Branson’s favorite 5 and 10! Bass Pro Shops is another place to find a real ‘out there’ gift – who wouldn’t love to get a kayak or perhaps some hunting themed dinnerware for Christmas?

These are just a handful of the great options you have for Christmas shopping in Branson. Check them out and find some other shops as well – who knows, Santa may hire you as his newest helper!

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Vacation Lodging Tips & Tricks

As travelers are continually shopping for the lowest lodging rates there is one statement you should consider. “You get what you pay for”. This does not always translate into the quality of lodging or location. Often times it pertains to support services that you may need during your stay such as maintenance and housekeeping.

1-bedroom-condos-branson-livingAs owners are becoming more comfortable in renting out their own condo or cabin through owner owned listing sites many travelers are attracted by the lower nightly rates offered at the same resorts they typically stay out. They are renting directly through the property owner versus the rental management company.

There are a few things to consider when securing these reservations that are your, “what if” questions. What are the check-in, check-out procedures? How do I get my key or access code? What if they key or code doesn’t work? What if I get locked out of my condo or cabin in the middle of the night? What if I can’t find the condo or cabin? What if I have a maintenance issue” What if there aren’t enough housekeeping supplies? What are the cancellation or rebooking policies? What if I have a noise complaint? What if I have an emergency? Is anyone available for after-hour calls? Are all of the resort amenities available during my stay? What is my recourse in an unsatisfactory stay?

Your accommodations and location may be fabulous, however let there be an after-hour maintenance issue with no one is to be found, then the lower lodging rate suddenly don’t seem to be such a bargain. Your support services are as integral to a successful stay as the location and quality of your accommodations. You expect responsive customer service that is available 24/7 for all of your “what if’s”.

One recent vacationer was trying to check-in to a condo that was rented directly through the owner. They came to the Thousand Hills Clubhouse thinking that this would be the check-in location since there was signage everywhere designating it as the check-in location. However, it soon became apparent that they had not made their reservation directly through the rental management company. They tried to find their confirmation number provided by the owner with no luck. They were able to finally remember a piece of information that allowed the front desk to find the website that they booked through. The guest was not able to reach anyone at their customer service number until quite some time later that evening. Definitely not the way to begin your vacation experience.

Thousand Hills Golf Resort is your official rental company for condos at Thousand Hills Golf Course, The Majestic and Cabins at Grand Mountain. We offer full-support services during your stay to include maintenance and housekeeping. Additional supplies, towels, linens, pool towels are available at our front desk at the Thousand Hills Clubhouse. A manager is available for after-hour calls 24/7. Access to all on-site amenities are only available through the Thousand Hills Golf Resort with equipment available to check-out at our front desk. We are here to serve you in providing fabulous accommodations, and provide responsive customer service for all of those “what if” questions. So, relax enjoy your stay. We have you covered. Your only question is now, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”! Please call us at 855-353-0886 or visit us at for your official Thousand Hills Golf Resort, The Majestic, or Cabins at Grand Mountain experience.

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Fireman’s Landing at Silver Dollar City – Fun for the Whole Family

Firemans Landing at SDCAnyone who has been to Silver Dollar City, located in the heart of Branson, Missouri, the Live Entertainment Capital of the Midwest, knows that this world famous theme park is a ton of fun! Silver Dollar City started out way back in the day as a replica frontier town and show that handed out silver dollars to folks waiting in line to tour Marvel Cave. What once started out as a distraction from a long wait has grown into one of the biggest attractions in Branson, complete with festivals, real craftsmen and thrill rides like Wildfire and Outlaw Run. Silver Dollar City is constantly striving to come up with new and fun ways to bring people to the park – and they have done it again with Fireman’s Landing, an all-new family adventure for 2015!

Fireman’s Landing is a throwback to times gone by (like a lot of Silver Dollar City’s attractions – that’s part of what makes it so fun!). This great, family friendly part of the park is designed to replicate an old fashioned volunteer fireman recruiting fair, where young firemen to be recruits could test their strength and skill to ensure that they could hold up to the tasks that lay ahead! Now you and your family can test your own abilities at Fireman’s Landing with four interactive play areas and six thrilling new rides!

Are ready to test your eyesight to spot forest fires? Take a ride on the Fire Spotter – you will soar high into the air in a balloon to look for orange flames! Think you can hold on to your stomach long enough to ride the wagon to the bucket brigade? Get in line for Fire Wagon Frenzy. Firefall is an 8 story free fall drop from the Fire Tower – can you handle heights well enough to stop the flames?

When you’re ready to help train up the youngest of the recruits, head over to Firefighter’s Fire Drill and practice hosing out fires, our figure out your way down the Fire Escape, or even fly through the air on the Fireman’s Flyer! And if you have a little one who is looking for a drop (but maybe not 8 stories!), send them over to Up the Ladder, where they can build up the skills to climb high. Don’t forget about the firemen’s best friend – the loyal Dalmatian! Lucky’s Dizzy Dogs takes kids on a racing ride around a classic bright red fire hydrant – be on the lookout for Lucky himself throughout Fireman’s Landing! And when you are all done, cool off at the Firehouse Splash Yard with some soaker hoses.

There is no doubt, Fireman’s Landing is a ‘surefire’ way to have loads of great family fun, and learn about fire safety as well! Be prepared to get recruited for fireman style adventures in one of the world’s most famous and most visited theme parks – Silver Dollar City!

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A Star Studded 2015 Lineup at the Moon River Theater

Branson has long been known for attracting stars and celebrities to its live entertainment and theater district. Every time you turn around, it seems like a theater or show in Branson is hosting another famous face! Moon River Theater, started by the late Andy Williams, is certainly no exception to playing host to stardom. Andy Williams himself was quite famous, and this year, 2015, is one of the most chock full of celeb lineups that the Moon River Theater has ever seen! Don’t miss your chance to get tickets for one or more of these great shows…

Illusionist Rick Thomas:

moon-river-christmasFor a show at the Moon River Theater this will really ‘wow’ you and your family, don’t miss the Illusionist Rick Thomas! Rick Thomas has completed five world tours during his career in magic, and is now proud to be hosted right here in Branson for your enjoyment. This talented performer has won Magician of the Year from the Academy of Magical Arts and Stage Magician of the Year from the World Magic Awards, and has performed his awe inspiring art in over 50 countries. You’ll get your fill of magic, music and dance with this great show.

Loretta Lynn:

If you have ever wanted to see ‘The Coal Miner’s Daughter,’ Loretta Lynn, Sunday October 4 is your chance! This grass-roots, hard-working American Icon has been a symbol of the American Dream for years, and for one night only for an Up Close Concert, Loretta Lynn is coming to Branson!

Trace Adkins:

For lovers of the newer country music genre, book your tickets now to see Trace Adkins at the Moon River Theater for an Up Close Concert on Sunday, July 5. This popular country music star has had more than 30 Top 40 Hits to date, and this will be his first appearance in Branson.

The Hits Staring Mary Wilson:

Mary Wilson is best known for being part of the famous trio, The Supremes. And now, she’s coming to Branson! They recorded 12 No.1 hits from 1964 to 1969. With number one hits “Where Did Our Love Go,” “Baby Love,” “Come See About Me,” “Stop In the Name of Love,” and “Back in My Arms Again,” The Supremes are the only group to have five consecutive number one hits in their career. Mary Wilson was a founding member of this beloved group. Mary also recorded two solo albums while she was raising a family – talk about talented!

This is just a small offering of the celebrity shows that Moon River Theater is offering for the 2015 season. Tanya Tucker, Terry Factor, Ronnie Milsap, and many more will be performing here as well! Book your tickets now to see the stars!

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A Romantic Date in the Showboat Branson Belle



Running out of unique ideas to impress your date? Lucky for you because Branson has the answer! Branson is not just about the live music shows and theater plays. There are a lot more entertainment that Branson can give you. For your precious time with your special someone, make it memorable and fun at the same time by spending in Branson.

Join the fun in Branson with your sweetheart by having the Showboat Branson Belle Experience. The Showboat Branson Belle is also known to be America’s Most Entertaining Dinner Cruise. For more than 20 years of providing entertainment to its guests, it gives you a new show to watch out for and an even better musical and dining experience while cruising Table Rock Lake.

Experience the marvel of Table Rock Lake, one of Branson’s most beautiful lakes, aboard the Showboat Branson Belle. This is a 2-hour cruise and it also includes a sumptuous 3-course meal, freshly prepared in the ship’s galley. Everything you love is already on board! From live music shows, comedy, magic, great food, and a breathtaking backdrop of the Ozarks and Table Rock Lake. All these can sum up to the perfect romantic date for you and your loved one.

The Showboat Branson Belle was made to mimic the showboats of the 1800s, an era when riverboat adventures wee pretty much a fad. Bring back those good ol’ showboat days with the Showboat Branson Belle now. Aside from the entertainment, you can also treat you and your date to a fun shopping experience. White River Landing brings you unique shops. Layton Mercantile is where you can find ladies’ apparel, jewelries, accessories, and other décor items. You can also find specialty coffees and candies, Silver Dollar City jams, jellies, and a lot more. It is also in Layton Mercantile where you can find the Showboat Box Office. Reserve your tickets for the showboat here. McAdoo’s Boatworks and the On Board Boutique  are shops that are akin to a pirate’s treasure box. You can find logo t-shirts and jackets, collectible spoons, bells, mugs, and pens. Have yourself a patriotic and nautical souvenirs here, with children’s shirts, pirate ships, and stuffed animals. If you have forgotten something for your Showboat trip, you can also find it in the On Board Boutique. For your wants and needs, Showboat Branson Belle got it all for you!

Your stay in Branson can be made even more memorable by staying in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is located near Branson’s entertainment district so it would be more convenient for you. The Branson cabins and condos in Thousand Hills are also situated far from the city so you can have a nice rest away from the city noise. Reserve now for your vacation. Just call 1-877-262-0430.

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Save Money and Stay in a Condo in Branson

2-bedroom-branson-condosEveryone is all about saving money these days. Whether you have had to tighten your spending belt due to an unexpected job loss or bill, or you are just simply thinking about putting money back for the future, saving money is something that almost everyone has experience with. But saving money doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on a fun family vacation or weekend getaway – when you come to Branson, Missouri, there are lots of ways to have an enjoyable time on a budget! The biggest expense on a trip is usually lodging – but luckily for those who are pinching pennies, you can save money when you stay in a condo in Branson!

The best option for condos in Branson is Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort – not only do they offer a classy hotel, awesome guest cabins and an award winning golf course, they have condos too! You won’t regret choosing one for a low cost stay.

Condo rates range from $74 per night for a condo that sleeps three to $524 per night for a condo that sleeps twelve. Rates change depending on the season, which you may want to factor into your budget – Branson is fun no matter what season it is! For such great low prices, the condos at Thousand Hills sure come with plenty of amenities – all major appliances, fully equipped kitchens, TVs and DVD players, whirlpool tubs and Jacuzzis, free Wi-Fi, private porches, swimming pool access, and more! What a deal! Not to mention your condo will provide peace and quiet away from the traffic noise of town. And you can choose your panoramic view as well – some condos feature a grand view of the golf course, and others sport a rustic, wooded scenic view!

Most people don’t think of cooking when they are on vacation, but if you want to save money, fixing your own meals is the way to go. With the fully equipped kitchen that the condos in Branson offer, mealtimes can be a real treat! Cooking with family is a great way to spend quality time together; your condo will be within walking or biking distance of several local grocery stores, where you can get all the ingredients you need to make inexpensive, savory local cuisine!

Your condo won’t just be close to a grocery store, it will be close to everything else Branson has to offer too! So you can save even more money by walking, or just not driving too far. Your condo in Branson has it all – great amenities, ways to spend time with close family or friends, great views, close proximity to town – AND ways to help you save money. Vacations don’t get any better than that!

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Learn the Ins & Outs of Branson Straight From The Locals

Whenever you are taking a vacation in an unfamiliar place, it is always a good idea to try and pick up some tips from the locals. Local people can be an invaluable information source for the tourist and vacationer – the locals are the ones who know how to get around town, where the best diners and hotels are, what to avoid, and what hidden treasures are tucked away around town. Wherever you are, the locals can be key to a good trip, and Branson, Missouri, is no different. Read on to see what Branson tourist tips the locals have in store for you!

Rainy day in BransonCheck The Weather: Branson is situated in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks. While it is a beautiful place to be, the weather in the Ozarks can be EXTRMEMLY volatile – which is why most locals suggest checking the weather before and during your trip activities. This can be done by simply watching the local news channel or, if you are on the go, downloading a local weather app onto your smartphone (the KY3 Weather App is a good choice – it is free to download and features an up to the minute live weather radar). Be sure to always have a sweatshirt and a raincoat with you, as the weather can go from hot to cold and dry to wet in a matter of minutes. Having a backup plan of activities in case of weather is always one of many solid Branson tourist tips.

Take The Backroads: As any local knows, the traffic on the main Branson thoroughfare, Highway 76, can be horrific. Luckily for those trying to get to work or basketball practice on time, there are some alternate back routes that can be a huge time saver for tourists and locals alike! Any tourists coming to Branson should be sure to familiarize themselves with Branson’s color coded alternate routes – each one will still get you to any Branson destination of your choosing and will save you time and stress. Pick up a Branson roadmap at any of the area welcome centers to help get you around town.

Go Out of Your Way: As any local will tell you, there are dozens of hidden treasures around Branson if you just know where to look. So check out TripAdvisor, browse the Branson papers, and talk to some locals! Chances are you will find fantastic out of the way eateries, hidden craft shops, beautiful secluded hiking trails, and fun, family oriented attractions. You never know what you can find in Branson with the help of a local!

These are just a few of the helpful Branson tourist tips you can get from the locals around town. But don’t forget the most important tip of all when taking a trip to Branson: have fun!

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