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Can't Find These Attractions Anywhere But Branson

Branson is full of things you won’t find anywhere else in a vacation hotspot. And not only is this number one tourist destination full of unique Branson attractions, there is a huge variety of attractions as well! Where else can you visit a jungle full of butterflies, then listen to some bluegrass one day, and catch a record breaking trout before riding the world’s fastest wooden roller coaster the next? Only in Branson, that’s where!

The Butterfly Palace

For a unique Branson attraction full of flying colors and jungle adventures, visit The Butterfly Palace! Located on the west end of Highway 76, this is one attraction you and your family will be talking about for months to come. The Butterfly Palace features an interactive science room, a mirror maze, a Banyan Tree bungee maze, a fun gift shop, and of course, the Butterfly Aviary! This breathtaking room is filled with hundreds of butterflies, who come from all over the world for you to enjoy! Monarchs, Green Malachites and Blue Mountain Swallowtails are just a few of the fluttering jewels you will find here at The Butterfly Palace. Get your admission tickets today!

The Petersen Family Bluegrass Band

For a unique family show that truly gives you a taste of what Branson is really like, visit the Little Opry Theater to experience The Petersen Family Bluegrass Band! This talented local family will wow you with their bluegrass show featuring fiddles, banjos, guitars, mandolins and vocals from a true blue, all American family. The musical group performs at many different community events and area venues such as Silver Dollar City and local cafes. Don’t miss your chance to hear this great Branson band!

Lake Taneycomo

For a fishing experience like no other, get your fishing pole and tackle box and head down to Lake Taneycomo to catch some trout! This lake holds cooler waters than Table Rock Lake, making it perfect for trout fishing AND for supplying power to the surrounding areas by way of hydropower. Lots of folks like to fish just below the Table Rock Dam on the Taneycomo side – perhaps because the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery is located just up the bank! The Power Site Dam in Forsyth and Lilley’s Landing, across the lake from the College of the Ozarks campus, are also great spots to try your luck at trout fishing!

Outlaw Run

Outlaw Run Wooden Roller Coaster Track Outlaw Run is not a roller coaster for the faint of heart. It is a unique Branson attraction that requires an adventurous spirit! This world famous, record breaking wooden roller coaster has drawn thousands of thrill seekers from around the world to the heart of the Midwest – Branson! Outlaw Run, the second fastest wooden coaster in the world, features a double barrel roll and is the world’s steepest wood coaster with a first drop of 162 feet (more than 16 stories) at 81 degrees! Hold onto your stomachs!

These are just a few of the unique Branson attractions that this awesome town has to offer. Do some exploring, and find some more to add to your list!

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Get the Best Selfie Opportunities With These Branson Landmarks

Branson, Missouri, the Live Entertainment Capitol of the Midwest, is a pretty memorable town. There are lots of places, people and things in and around Branson that really stand out in your mind. They are the kind of things that locals will refer to when they give you directions around town, and the type of things that you want to get your picture taken in front of. They are some of Branson’s best landmarks and photo stops! Read on to know what to look for when you’re cruising around town during your next Branson trip.

The Inspiration Tower at Shepherd of the Hills
The Inspiration Tower at Shepherd of the Hills is by far the tallest of the Branson landmarks, and one that you can see from all over town. This 230 foot tall tower was built at Inspiration Point, which was the first campsite of Harold Bell Wright, author of the book that made Branson famous: The Shepherd of the Hills. At the very top of the Inspiration Tower, you will find an inspiring 360 degree view of the beautiful Ozark hills. If you don’t want to take the elevator back down, ride down the Vigilante Extreme ZipRider – you will get your picture taken by a staff photographer of you soaring down the ZipRider – what a great photo opportunity!

Table Rock Dam
Table Rock Dam, built by the Army Corps of Engineers in the 1950s, is a landmark and photo opportunity that is as famous as it is functional! A brainchild of Congressman Dewey Short, the Table Rock Dam was built as a means of flood control along the White River. Today, it is the technology that controls the lake levels of both Table Rock Lake and Lake Taneycomo. This is one Branson landmark that you will want to take some photos of – the view from the top is amazing, and even better if you are lucky enough to catch the water being released! If you would like to tour the inside of the dam, tickets for tours can be purchased inside the Dewey Short Visitors Center, just a stone’s throw away from the dam.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum
Ripleys Believe it or Not RobotLocated on Highway 76 (The Strip) in Branson, the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum is full of odd things worth taking a photo of. Shrunken heads, vortex tunnels, and transformers made from car parts are just a few of the fun and unique things you will find inside. Photo opportunities abound here, but what makes the museum one of the Branson landmarks is the building itself! The structure appears to have massive cracks going through it, and looks like pieces have tumbled to the ground. Don’t worry though – it’s supposed to look that way! This already unique museum is modeled after the 1812 Earthquake that hit Missouri and really did tumble buildings!

These are a few Branson landmarks and photo hotspots to get you around town – but don’t limit yourself to just what is listed above. Get out there and discover your own landmarks – and snap a few pictures while you are at it!

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Top Five Vacation Safety Tips

Vacations are great. They provide some time for folks to recharge and refresh after long periods of time spent at work, they make some great family memories that everyone will remember for years to come, and they make for a little adventure that everyone needs now and again. But vacations can also be stressful – you and your family are in a new place, away from home, and some safety concerns can arise. So what is a vacationing family to do? Read through these five travel tips for a safe vacation for both you, and your family!

#1. Communicate! Communication is key for a safe family vacation. Make sure that each member of your family knows the day’s agenda before you leave your hotel for the morning, and establish a check in point and time. Be sure each family member has a cell phone to communicate with one another. Let everyone know in advance if there has been a change of plans such as time or meeting place.

#2. Stay hydrated! No matter what time of the year you take your vacation, it is extremely important to drink plenty of water. Make sure each of your family members has a sturdy, reusable water bottle (remember to be green!) that they can fill up at any available water fountains. It is especially important to keep little ones hydrated – be sure to take a drink break every hour or so.

#3. Make sure your little ones stay close! It’s important to keep young children within close reach, to make sure they stay out of harm’s reach, and to keep them from being picked up by someone else. Teach your little ones to look for a police officer, or an employee at an attraction (the people dressed in old fashioned clothes at Silver Dollar City). Always be sure that your child has a bracelet, ticket, etc. on their person that has their name, your name, and your phone number on it in case they get separated from you and go for help.

#4. Pay attention! Many vacation accidents happen because folks get too excited or become unobservant to their surroundings. No matter how much fun you’re having, be observant to potential hazards that could cause harm. Is it raining? Is there heavy traffic? Are there large crowds? Observing the situation BEFORE you put you and your loved ones in it can go a long way towards keeping everyone safe.

#5. Know your emergency numbers! Everyone knows to call 911 in case of an emergency, but it is also beneficial to know the numbers for the county sheriff where you are vacationing, the front desk number of your hotel, and the local hospital phone number.

Vacations are a ton of fun, and by using these travel tips and doing a little planning ahead, your next trip can be both memorable AND safe!

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Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Branson Vacation

Branson, Missouri, the Live Entertainment Capitol of the Midwest, is the perfect place to take a vacation. This unique town has everything the perfect vacation needs – lakes, forests, beaches, a huge variety of shopping venues, hotels for any budget, great restaurants, fantastic shows, theme parks, thrill rides, historical sites and more! You could stay in Branson for weeks and still not do it all – which is why many people come back year after year! So here are five tips to make your Branson vacation the one you’ve been dreaming about – plan your trip today!

#1. Beat the traffic! If you have ever spent any time in or around Branson, you know that the traffic around town can be awful – especially if you take your Branson vacation in the summer! So what can you do to get to your shows and attractions on time, and make sure you don’t run out of gas while sitting in your car in the middle of The Strip? Familiarize yourself with the back roads that the locals call ‘The Routes!’ There are three color coded, time saving routes in Branson that will make your life easier – after all, that is what vacationing is about! Look for the signs for the Blue Route, the Yellow Route and the Red Route, and mark them on your travel map too – you will be able to bypass Highway 76 while still getting to all of your destinations!

#2. Make a list! By now, you probably know that you may not be able to cram all of Branson into a one week vacation. So take a moment to sit down with your family and decide what you REALLY want to do. Maybe the kids want to go to the Promised Land Zoo, and Mom and Dad want to go to The Landing, and the whole family wants to go to Moonshine Beach. Make an agenda and stick to it – but be sure to schedule in some time for resting!

#3. Choose your Branson hotel! There are dozens of great places to stay around town – but one of the best is Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. They have some great stay options for you to choose from – from hotel rooms to cabins to lakeside condos! And when you stay with Thousand Hills, you have access to all of their great amenities – like their award winning golf course, exercise facilities, and more!

#4. Get your Branson vacation guide! Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort offers their guests the ultimate vacation guide, with all the information that Branson visitors could ever want – where to eat, where to shop, the best shows, it’s all there!

#5. Have fun! The best part about taking a Branson vacation is how much fun you can have. So pack the camera to capture the memories and the laughs, and get ready for the best Branson vacation ever!

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If You Don't Like the Weather in Branson, Wait an Hour

Branson Winter WeatherIf you have spent any amount of time in and around Branson, you know that the weather can change in a minute. It can go from hot to cold to wet to dry and back again, all in a few days! So, if you are planning to head to Branson for a vacation, how do you know what in the world to prepare for? What do you pack? Read on to find out!

No doubt, you know that Branson can get HOT in the summer, and the humidity can reach extremely high levels. To prepare for the heat, first make sure you pack your sunscreen – and plenty of it. Then apply liberally if you plan on being out in the sun. Also be sure to pack a refillable water bottle – one for each member of your family. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout your day, and stop to refill your bottles often! Wearing a hat and sunglasses is also a must during hot Branson weather – the hat can protect you from getting a sunburn, and sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. If it’s humid, make sure to stop in some air conditioned buildings throughout your day on the town to rest for a few minutes to refresh yourself!

Branson rains can range from a light, misting, drizzle to a downpour that the locals call ‘toad stranglers.’ Packing a pair of rain boots or galoshes is always a good idea. A light rain jacket is also a must have – you can pack this garment in your car or suitcase to have on you at all times. Making sure to have an umbrella is also a good idea. If you get caught out in a severe thunderstorm, it is best to find shelter in a sturdy building instead of staying out in the weather. Having a portable weather radio with an alert for severe weather in the area can help keep you out of the worst storms.

Even if you are in Branson during the warmer months, it is best to pack for cold. For spring and summer, make sure to have some long pants and sweaters in your Branson weather kit. For the fall and winter, pack your WARMEST gear, like down jackets, gloves, wools socks, a sock hat or earmuffs, and shoes with tread. Should it snow, ice or sleet during your time in Branson, it is best to not venture anywhere by car until the roads have been clear to keep you and your family safe – keep an eye on the local weather channel to stay in the know.

With a little observation and a LOT of preparation, you can enjoy your time in Branson – not matter what the weather!

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Your New Outfit Awaits You

Branson Shopping CenterMost people will end up having a mid-life crisis at least ONCE in their lives, in which they find they need to completely redo their wardrobe. Maybe it’s a new job, or a change in the seasons (and therefore the weather!), or a celebration of a weight loss goal reached. Whatever your needs are for your new wardrobe, there are plenty of Branson clothing stores to help you redo your look – and your closet! So check out some of these great stores today – they’ve got great clothes, great prices, and plenty of Branson flair!


Known for their name brands and their great sales, Khol’s in Branson, located on Branson Hills Parkway next to PetCo, is one of the best places to go for both your look and your wallet. Featuring clothing brands like Urban Pipeline, Vera Wang, Levi Strauss and Jennifer Lopez, you will find all your wardrobe needs here. Khol’s carries clothing for men, women and children at a price families can afford. They have a great selection of jeans, tops, jewelry, ties, sweater, shoes (athletic and stylish!) and undergarments. Be sure to sign up for Khol’s coupons to be sent to your mailbox too!

GAP Outlet

There are a LOT of great clothing stores in the Branson Tanger Outlet Mall, and the GAP Outlet is one of them. GAP is known for their casual yet cool looks, and comfortable clothing. They have clothing for everyday wear, and also athletic gear for those who like to be comfortable when they work out! GAP’s clothing is soft and sturdy, and they make clothes for the whole family – mom, dad, junior and baby. Make sure you stop by the Tanger Outlet Mall hub to pick up your coupon booklet before you venture over to GAP – chances are, you’ll find a coupon in there for some cool, comfortable, GAP clothing!

Bass Pro Shops

For the rugged outdoorsman or woman, Bass Pro Shops on the Branson Landing, has some of the sturdiest Branson clothing around – not to mention one of the coolest shopping experiences around too! Bass Pro carries men’s and women’s clothing that is sturdy yet functional. Nature’s Reflection is one of the great brands that Bass Pro Shops carries for women, and for the guys – everything from button up shirts to fishing vests to waders! After you shop for some new wardrobe pieces at the coolest store in town, head across the way for dinner at the White River Fish House!

These are just a few of the great Branson clothing shops where you can pick up your new wardrobe. You’re sure to find some other great stores while cruising around town as well. Happy shopping!

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Romance In A One Bedroom Cabin

There are a lot of things that you can see and enjoy in Branson, but it would be no fun if you have no one to share the wonders of Branson with you. Branson boasts of a lot of attractions and activities that people of all ages will surely like. From theme parks to nature parks to the best museums in the area, Branson has got your leisure time all covered. There is never a dull time in Branson because you will never run out of things to do.

For your Branson vacation, bring along your special someone for some quality time together. Branson, albeit an adventure place, is also a good spot for romance. Take on a new adventure that you and your loved one will remember forever. Visit Silver Dollar City and Table Rock Lake Marina State Park for a fun yet romantic moment for the both of you. You can also learn new and interesting facts in the best of Branson museums such as the Branson Titanic Museum, Hollywood Wax Museum and Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. This time of the year is a great opportunity to make the most out of the outdoors experience that Branson’s natural wonders can give you.

The secret of having the best and the most memorable vacation is to have the perfect lodging place. With that, Branson’s Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort offers you a lodging option that is perfect for your romantic getaway. Branson cabins are a popular choice among small families and couples. The rustic wooded setting of the cabins is one of its unique attributes. You are also guaranteed a secured setting and utmost privacy as the cabins are situated in the Ozark woods. Each of the cabins in Thousand Hills are uniquely decorated. For your vacation, get a one bedroom Branson cabin in Thousand Hills Golf Resort.

A one bedroom Branson cabin is more than 675 feet, and it also features a large two person Jacuzzi tub in the open living area of the cabin. The amenities that come with the one bedroom Branson cabin are certainly top-of-the-line. All rooms have a large TV and DVD player, a fully furnished kitchen, front and back porches, and free high-speed wireless internet, too. Leaving your cabin may seem impossible with this very homey and comfortable atmosphere inside it.

Staying in a one bedroom cabin in Thousand Hills is also an advantage for you since you are staying close to Branson’s entertainment district, outlet malls, and theme parks. Having fun may not seem like a tiring idea after all, knowing that you will be in the comforts of your cabin in no time.

Reserve your very own one bedroom Branson cabin for your vacation now by calling 1-877-262-0430.

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Live the Dream, Live in a Cabin at Grand Mountain


Your dream home will always be one of your trophies in life, and it is also a crucial decision to make. You may have a lot of places in mind where you can have your dream home, but considering Branson Missouri for your new home is definitely the best idea. Branson Missouri is known to many as the premier vacation destination in the Midwest, and it has also gained much popularity to tourists for its live music shows.

If you have been on a vacation in Branson, you would know that it is extremely hard to leave Branson because of the many activities and attractions in the area. Have you ever imagined what life would be like if you were actually living here in Branson? Branson real estate market lets you live the dream by offering you the best homes in Branson. Let your dream home be in a place that is exciting enough, so there would always be something to look forward to.

For the best real estate choices in Branson, trust Thousand Hills Golf Resort to give you the best homes and the best deals. Plus, it also doesn’t hurt that Thousand Hills is located near Branson’s entertainment district, theme parks, outlet malls, museums, and restaurants. It would be a whole lot convenient for you since you can go to any show or park that you want and be in the comforts of your home in just a matter of minutes. Your stay in your home is also peaceful since the residential area in Thousand Hills are much closer to the Ozark Mountains and the TriLakes Area. This is so you would not be bothered much by the city noise that comes from the nearby recreational areas.

The popular choice in Thousand Hills is the Cabins at Grand Mountain. These cabins are located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, just two blocks north of the Grand Palace on Oak Ridge Road near Branson’s The Strip. Cabins are made of Colorado cut spruce logs to exude a rustic exterior, and also to complement well with its modern interior. The interior design of the cabin is also as such so the natural setting of the Ozarks will be integrated in it.

The Cabins at Grand Mountain has a two bedroom unit with loft – perfect for a family home. There are also three bedroom units for big families. Give your family the dream home they deserve by getting a cabin at Grand Mountains. For more inquiries about the cabins and other real estate choices at Thousand Hills, call 1-800-495-4653.

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All That Glitters is Gold at the Branson Landing


Shopping in Branson may not be your main agenda for coming to this place as it is more popularly known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. But more than the live music shows, Branson’s shopping sites have also captured the attention of many tourists. Aside from the big discounts and great fashion finds, being in the outlet malls of Branson is already an experience in itself.

One of the malls that people frequent is Branson Landing. Located on the shores of one of Branson’s most pristine lakes, Lake Taneycomo, the Branson Landing offers its guests the best collection of attractions, restaurants, and shopping venues. Branson Landing is also known to be one of Branson’s largest recreational areas.

Shopping in Branson Landing is an enjoyable experience. Belk Department Store is the heart of shopping at the Landing. Enjoy more than 60,000 square feet full of clothing, home items, luxury items, and everything that you want and need. All at the best price! For men, they can also do their own shopping at the Bass Pro Shop. There are more than a hundred specialty shops along the water’s ledge where you can find unique gift and souvenir items. As you stroll from shop to shop, you can also enjoy a breathtaking view of Taneycomo Lake. In fact, you can also rent a boat at the marina to have your own boating experience.

The restaurants at the Landing caters to everyone’s cravings. After a long day of strolling at the park, it would be a good idea to grab something to eat. Aside from the fast food restaurants in the Landing, it is also famous for its fine dining restaurants. Having dinner here is something relaxing and fulfilling - may it be with your date, family, or friends. The restaurants are also overlooking Lake Taneycomo and the 1.5 mile boardwalk. Try out restaurants like Liberty Tavern, The White River Fish House, Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar, Waxy O’Sheas’ Irish Pub, and the Cantina Laredo. Your whole dining experience at the Landing will definitely be worthwhile and memorable.

It is also in Branson Landing where you can find one of the greatest attractions in Branson. The water fountain show at the Landing is one that you should not miss on your visit. This show by the Branson fountain features an awe-inspiring display of water, fire, lights, and music. Other attractions that you can catch in the landing are bridal shows and live concerts.

Plan your visit to Branson Landing now! Bring along your loved ones for an amazing vacation experience. For your lodging needs, just go to Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort for a variety of lodging options. It is also situated near the Branson entertainment district and outlet malls. For reservations, call 1-877-262-0430.

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April's A Great Time To Visit Branson


The month of April in Branson is the season of spring, and this season usually sees the whole city of Branson come to life. The winter season is when the theaters and theme parks usually close down at the end of the year, but this April, you can expect the shows to come full swing.

A lot of activities and attractions await you this April in Branson. Plus, the crowd isn’t that big as compared to the months of June or July. This means waiting in line would not be as stressful. Since most of the shows and attractions in Branson open up in April, why not have a vacation and make the most out of the time you spend here.

The live music shows in Branson during April promises something new for everyone. If you have seen a specific show the past year, you are guaranteed to see something fresh and equally exciting this year! Be one of the first audiences of the new stuff that the musicians and entertainers of Branson will bring this year. Another advantage of going to Branson this April is that the show tickets are cheaper than the other times of the year. Branson even gives you the chance to experience more shows by spending less money. Introducing the Springtastic Show Spree, guests can now enjoy ten different shows for a very low price.

Other events in Branson for this April is the World Fest at Silver Dollar City. World Fest begins on April 17 and it goes on until May 5. This is one of the most anticipated festivals of Silver Dollar City since it features international performers and acts for everyone to see. You get to be immersed in different cultures all over the world by just being in Silver Dollar City. World Fest is also an exciting learning opportunity for the kids about the different countries and their respective cultures. April in Branson also sees the US Open Bow Fishing Championship, which will be held first week of April. The Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce Spring Gold Tournament, on the other hand, will be on third week of April.

It is so much fun to be in the outdoors as you experience spending spring in Branson. The daytime temperatures are usually about 45 to 68 degrees, and this is makes it very much favorable for activities like hiking, boating, swimming, and the likes. As Branson comes to life this April, make sure that you are there to witness the fun and exciting activities.

For your lodging needs, always choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort, where you can have several lodging options ranging from log cabins to lakefront condos. Thousand Hills is also situated near the theaters and theme parks of Branson, and near the Ozark Mountains, too. You are in for a convenient and peaceful stay at Thousand Hills. For inquiries and reservations, dial 1-877-262-0430.

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