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Come and See Branson in the Spring


Branson is a hit destination to most tourists no matter what time of the year it is. Branson is well known for its fantastic live music shows, that is why it has become known as the live entertainment capital of the world. Because of its endless activities and attractions, tourists keep pouring in, making Branson the top vacation destination in the Midwest. Aside from these exciting happenings in Branson, there are also the festivals in the area. It does not matter what season you choose to visit Branson because you are sure to have a unique and equally fun, memorable experience every time. 

Spring season is here and it is a good time to be outdoors. Branson in the spring guarantees you a good weather, with temperatures between 50 to 80 degrees at daytime, and a chill air at nighttime. The days are not all about the sun, as you can expect occasional rainshowers to bring a beautiful view of the Branson flora. 

Spend your spring in Branson and experience the wonders of the city at its best. One thing you can do is to play golf during spring. Branson is known to be home to Missouri's best golf courses. For golf enthusiasts, this may be heaven. For those who are not, this is also a great opportunity to try out this sport and learn more about it. Go to one of Branson's famous golf resorts, Thousand Hills Golf Course and Resort, to play a game of golf since the course caters to different skill levels. 

If you want to learn more about Branson, then roam around and visit the museums in the area. This is a great way to spend your time, and at the same time, learn about new stuff. The Titanic Museum in Branson is the largest Titanic museum in the world, and you can see here exclusive artifacts. You can also visit the Country Inspirational Gardens in Branson. For those who are fond of aquatic life forms, visit Branson's Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery where you can see different kinds of fish. This is also an educational destination for the kids and adults. The Stone Hill Winery in Branson is also a good place to visit for wine enthusiasts or for those who are interested in knowing more about how wines are made. 

Your Branson spring visit would not be complete without watching a Branson live music show. Catch a show by the Baldknobbers, The Presleys, Shoji Tabuchi, and a lot more to witness why this place is the live music show capital of the world. A lot are in store for you in Branson this spring. Plan your vacation now, and choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort for your lodging needs. Find out more about the lodging options in Thousand Hills by calling 1-877-262-0430.

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Celebrate Easter with the Hollister Easter Egg Hunt


Easter is coming up fast! Have you got any plans already for your Easter celebration? Here’s one idea for your Easter getaway with the family. Go to Branson Missouri for a grand family time. You and your loved ones are guaranteed a fun and memorable time with the wide array of activities and attractions in Branson. It is the Live Music Capital of the World, and also the premier vacation destination in the Midwest.

One activity that kids will definitely enjoy this Easter is the egg hunting. Branson brings you the Hollister Easter Egg Hunt, which will be held on April 4, 2015 at the Hollister High School Football Field. The Hollister Easter Egg Hunt is a fun event for the kids and adults alike. Let the kids bring along their baskets and come to the Hollister High School field at 12:30 PM to see the arrival of the Easter Bunny and to be in a good spot for the egg hunt, too. The egg hunting starts at exactly 1 PM so it is better to be at the venue as early as you can to get the best seats in the area. For this event, all children in the Hollister and Branson area during the Easter holiday weekend are invited to attend this fun activity.

Your Easter celebration does not end with the Hollister Easter Egg Hunt alone. Aside from the egg hunting fun for the kids, the adults also have their own fair share of fun and excitement. You can shop and dine all you want in Branson. Branson outlet malls are usually having a sale during Easter, so this is one golden opportunity to heavy shoppers out there who wants to shop more, yet spend less. Also, the Branson restaurants offers a special Easter menu for everyone. Aside from these, adults can also go to the nature parks to hike and commune with nature. After all these activities, why not enjoy a couple of Branson live music shows with the family to finally cap off a long day of adventure?

Easter is indeed fun in Branson because you will never run out of things to do. No matter what age, everyone will find something that is worth enjoying. When planning your vacation, your choice of a lodging place is an important one to make. Choose to stay in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort when in Branson. It offers you the most affordable and the most variety of lodging options. Add the fact that Thousand Hills’ location is so perfect that you can enjoy staying near Branson’s entertainment district, yet be close enough to nature to be away from the city noise. Book your stay now by calling 1-877-262-0430. 

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A Grand Time at the Branson Outdoors


Branson is widely famous for the live music shows in the area, thus gaining the title of the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. Aside from this, Branson has also gained much popularity by being the premier vacation destination in the Midwest. There are a lot of factors which made Branson the go-to vacation place for many. The thrilling theme parks, the outlet malls, restaurants, and the outdoors are all factors why people keep on coming back to this place.

The Branson outdoors come alive during the spring season. It guarantees everyone the most breathtaking sceneries and lots of outdoor fun. If you want to explore the outdoors in Branson, make the TriLakes Area as your first stop.  A lot of water activities await you on your trip to the TriLakes Area, especially this spring when the weather is very suitable for some outdoor activities. Take a tour of the three lakes in Branson – Bull Shoals Lake, Lake Taneycomo, and Table Rock Lake. Some of the activities you can do in these lakes are parasailing, boating, bass fishing, swimming, diving, and a lot more. These lakes are some of the record holders in trout fishing, so that would be an exciting activity in the lakes. Scuba diving in the TriLakes Area will also let you find long lost sunken boats and cities.

After your water adventure in the TriLakes Area, take a trip down the nature trails surrounding the lakes of Branson. You can find paved and easy walking trails, and also the rustic and rough ones. No matter what your skill level is as a hiker, you are sure to find your niche here in Branson outdoors. This spring season, expect to see the vivid colors of nature.

If you are in for more outdoor activities in Branson, try mountain biking and the ziplines. These are not for the weak-hearted as these adrenaline-pumping activities are sure to excite you and make you scream. Mountain biking will take you sight-seeing in the Ozark mountains, and if riding a bike is not your thing, you can always view the city by zipping through the treetops. The ziplines in Branson are the newest attractions, and these are also known to be one of the longest ziplines in the country.

You are in for one exciting spring season in the Branson outdoors. Visit Branson and you may discover more outdoor activities to enjoy. It is always a day full of adventure in Branson, and you will need a comfortable lodging place during your stay. Choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort for your lodging needs. It has lots of lodging options for you, and it is also situated close to the Branson outdoors to make it more convenient for you. Book your stay now by dialing 1-877-262-0430.

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Come and Enjoy Silver Dollar City’s World Fest


Silver Dollar City is a famous theme park in Branson not only because of its unique 1880s vibes, but also because of the attractions and festivals in the park. Any season or month would be a great opportunity to visit Silver Dollar City since there is always a new festival for you to enjoy. Visit Silver Dollar City from April to May to enjoy one of the biggest festivals in the park – the World Fest.

If the thought of going to Silver Dollar City itself is exciting enough already, wait until you get to experience the World Fest. Who would not get excite with the thought of high flying Kenyan and Chinese acrobats, Irish step-dancers, Trinidadian drummers, Italian flag-throwers, Russian circus performers, and so much more? This April 9 to May 3, all roads lead to Silver Dollar City for the biggest International Festival in America.

You can experience different cultures from around the world in World Fest. Watch exciting and awesome performances from talents across the globe. This year, you can see new performances from Cirque Zuma Zuma, which is a combination of African traditional dances and death0defying acrobatics. There is also Ireland The Show, which is oftentimes referred to as the next generation of Riverdance because of the world-class Celtic dances. An award-winning all-female group will also visit World Fest. The Ansambel Navihanke from Slovenia will perform for the guests, showcasing their folk melodies. Duo del Sol, an incredibly talented pair of musicians, will also treat the audiences to a show of Latin, jazz, folk, and classical music. Other shows like Stix on Steel, Island Fire, and Ecuador Manta will also return this year in the World Fest to amaze the audience.

Aside from the shows, another great thing about the World Fest is the food. If you want to feel like you have gone for a food trip all over the world, come to Tastes of the world in Valley Road. Tastes of the World features exotic and delectable cuisines from different countries. Taste different dishes and learn more about the colorful heritage that surrounds that particular dish.

Experiencing the world is not as difficult as it may seem because Branson’s World Fest brings the countries closer to you. Plan your Branson trip now to have a blast at Silver Dollar City. For your lodging needs, go to Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills offers you affordable and comfortable lodging options, and it is also located very near Silver Dollar City so you can be home in just minutes after a long day of adventure in the World Fest. For more inquiries on the lodging options and for reservations, dial 1-877-262-0430. 

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Where The Best Branson Cabins Are


Branson has gained popularity mainly for its live music shows. That is also why it is called the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. Aside from the music shows, Branson also houses the best theme parks and nature parks in the area. Branson is also one of the places where you can get your much-deserved rest and relaxation. De-stress, unwind, and chill in Branson Missouri whenever you want to.

All year round, Branson is filled with many exciting and fun activities and attractions. Each season sees a brand new list of activities that will surely make the tourists coming back for more. One of Branson’s attractions is Silver Dollar City. This theme park features lots of world-class rides and shows for people of all ages. Branson also has three of the most pristine lakes in Missouri in its TriLakes Area. Have a good time in Bull Shoals Lake, Lake Taneycomo, and Table Rock Lake, where you can do several water activities such as swimming, diving, fishing, and boating. Aside from the adventure-filled places in Branson, it is also a good place to visit if you want to have a great shopping and dining experience. Eat at the best restaurants and shop until you drop in Branson’s outlet malls.

While this may seem like a perfect mix of the outgoing city life and the chill vibes of nature, your vacation is yet to be made even more memorable with the right lodging choice. For your Branson lodging, choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills has lots of lodging options for you, but if you want a very laid-back and rustic atmosphere for your vacation, get a Branson cabin in Thousand Hills. The log cabins in Thousand Hills are made of Colorado cut spruce logs, and the rustic ambiance of the cabin complements well its modern interior design. The amenities of the Branson log cabin are also top-of-the-line, because Thousand Hills believes you deserve nothing but the best of the best.

Your rental of a Branson cabin in Thousand Hills includes a fully furnished bedroom and bathroom. The cabin also has a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook your own meals and snacks. You can also have quality moments with your loved ones in the cabin’s spacious living room. There is also a private deck where you can have some quiet time to yourself, too. Plus, Thousand Hills makes it even more convenient for you since it is located just minutes away from Branson’s entertainment district and theme parks!

Enjoy your Branson vacation even more by staying in Thousand Hills’ log cabin. Comfort and convenience are yours when you choose Thousand Hills as your lodging place. For inquiries and reservations, call 1-877-262-0430.

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A Tale of Two Bransons

When many folks hear ‘Branson,’ they often think of the popular Midwestern tourist destination, located in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks. But there just happens to be another Branson – a ‘Sir Branson.’ This Sir Branson, more specifically, Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, is an English businessman, investor, and billionaire. According to Forbes magazine, Sir Richard Branson is the seventh richest citizen in the United Kingdom; after starting his first business at 16 years old, Sir Branson has continued to grow his wealth and his companies underneath the Virgin brand and now, he’s got his eye on the Live Entertainment Capital of the Midwest – it’s time for a Branson family reunion of sorts.

Photo of Richard Branson

What exactly led Branson to Branson? It started when Sir Richard Branson began to do a little digging into his ancestral roots, a pastime he became interested in when he became a grandfather, or a ‘grand-dude,’ as he prefers to be called. In his research of the Branson line, Branson found, well, Branson. Sir Richard just happens to be the great-great nephew of Rueben S. Branson, the founder of a once wild town full of wild cats and outlaws, known for its vigilante clans and good fishing – Branson, Missouri. “While I have been fortunate to build more than 400 companies, Reuben built a whole city,” Sir Richard admiringly notes in a self-written article on He mistakenly thought that his family’s roots were firmly entrenched in British soil – but once this entrepreneurial knight realized he was wrong, he turned his thoughts to the now civilized town that many people call home and even more vacation to.

In tweets posted on Twitter, Sir Richard Branson said that he was “exploring opportunities in Branson – want to paint the town red” – red is the color of all of Sir Richard’s Virgin companies, like Virgin mobile and Virgin Airways. The Chamber of Commerce and other citywide organizations are all very excited to see what the man worth $4.8 billion might be bringing to town – “I think first and foremost, the PR value across a greater, broader demographic --across the world, is huge to Branson," said Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce President Jeff Seifried in an interview with OzarksFirst news. He also noted that the economic benefits for Branson, from Branson, could be extremely positive.

There is still speculation about what Sir Richard might have planned for the booming Midwestern town – but whatever it may be, the eye of the public is going to remain on Branson…both of them!

The Branson MO Blog

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A Foodie Adventure in Branson Restaurants


Who doesn’t love food? Especially if it is the one you are craving for, or it looks to sumptuous that no one can ever resist? Food is also one of the things that can make a place as memorable as it is for you. So for your vacation, why not consider food tripping, too?

A good spot for a vacation during this time of the year is in Branson Missouri. Branson is known to be the premier vacation destination in the Midwest because of a lot of factors – the live music shows, theme parks, outlet malls, and restaurants. Branson restaurants are the secret to making your tummy happy while enjoying Branson as much as you can.

Are you a fan of steaks and barbecues? If you are, Branson has the best steakhouses and barbecue shacks you can find in the Midwest. Try the Lone Star Steakhouse and Salon, which is located in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. This restaurant offers big servings for your big appetites. They are also known to have the best steaks in town, so it is up to you to prove that. Another must-try steakhouse is the Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse. Savor legit Texas flavors in their steaks and seafood dishes. Another restaurant where you can have that Texas flavor is Gilley’s Texas Cafe

Seafood cravings are best satisfied in Branson Missouri. Try the various seafood restaurants that abound the area. Joe’s Crab Shack is one place that is perfect for kids and adults as it offers you tasty seafood dishes, and you also get to have your meal in a spot that is overlooking the beautiful Lake Taneycomo. The Red Lobster is another seafood place for you to try.

You can also explore dishes from different parts of the world in Branson restaurants. For Italian dishes, try dining in Olive Garden to experience legit Italian cooking. For Mexican dishes, you must try Cantina Laredo. Cantina serves authentic Mexican dishes and is located in Branson Landing.

If all you want is some simple home cooking, the ones that your mom make best, Branson still has the perfect restaurants for you. Eat in Garfield’s Restaurant & Pub, a comfortable place where you and your family and friends can enjoy special gatherings. Garfield’s also offers a diverse cuisine to suit everyone’s taste. The Farmhouse Restaurant in Branson also boasts of its home cooking meals. It is a mom and pop type of restaurant located in historic downtown Branson where you can enjoy simple yet delectable meals.

Whatever your cravings are, Branson has the answer to that. It is not only a place of music shows and parks, but Branson can also make your tummy happy. Visit Branson now and get ready for a foodie adventure! 

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Watch One of Branson’s Hottest Groups – The Cat’s Pajamas


Branson is very well known for its live music shows and it has also been one of the top tourist destinations in the Midwest. The success of its live music shows can be attributed to the individual efforts of the talented musicians and performers who never fail to delight their audiences every show. There are a lot of Branson shows for you to enjoy, so you better see most of the shows to maximize your Branson experience.

One of the hottest Branson groups is The Cat’s Pajamas. If this is the first time that you have heard or read their name, then you should get to know more about this amazing group of performers. The Cat’s Pajamas is a group of five guys who sing all their songs in a Capella. Even without the help of musical instruments, The Cat’s Pajamas are very much appreciated and adored because they are that skilled. These Branson Cats have been the talk of the town since 2005. They also appeared on NBC’s Sing-Off. The Cat’s Pajamas were once frequently seen performing on cruise ships as guest entertainers, but now they already have their very own show in one of Branson’s famous theaters. This group offers the Branson audience more than 200 shows per year. At times, they also do road shows as they travel across the country to promote their own brand of music. You can catch the Cat’s Pajamas also in school tours, which is their way of supporting the choirs and bands in the schools’ music programs.

People of all ages are definitely going to love their shows since it features timeless chart-toppers, and head-bopping and sentimental hits for the last 60 years. You can hear your favorite songs in the best acappella version. This show can also be a throwback experience to the time when you first heard a song at your school dance, your first puppy love, or any memorable moment you had. The Cat’s Pajamas will win you over with their charm, wit, and talent. The show itself is pretty simple. No grand bands here, just the wonderful tapestry of the voices of five men. In fact, The Cat’s Pajamas was voted as the best show in Branson in 2011. Watching this show is a unique experience, so better not miss out on this opportunity to experience world-class talent right here in Branson.

For your Branson vacation, choose the right lodging place. Choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort where you can choose from log cabins, golf condos, and lakefront condos to be your home during your vacation. Thousand Hills is also situated very near the Branson theaters so watching shows like the Cat’s Pajamas would be less of a hassle for you. Reserve your units in Thousand Hills now by calling 1-877-262-0430.

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Have A Vibrant April by Spending It in Branson


The month of April usually sees the vibrant colors of nature back after the winter chill. It is also a great time to spend a few days on vacation. For your vacation this April, make sure that you go to a place where you can get to appreciate the gifts of nature. One such place is Branson Missouri. Branson is mostly known for its spectacular live music shows, but it is also famous for the unique festivals and celebrations. No matter what time of the year you decide to come to Branson, there would surely be a festival waiting for you.

April in Branson is no exception for fun and excitement. And the good thing is, the crowd in Branson is not very large. You get to enjoy all the attractions and you get to spend less time falling in line, unlike in the peak months. Most of the shows in Branson ends their season in December, and begin a new season in the months of March to April. Come April, you will be one of the firsts to see a brand new show in Branson. Rave about the new acts, performers, and gimmicks that the artists will be performing. During April, the show tickets are also less expensive because there are not much tourists in town. If you happen to visit Branson around April 15 to 24, you will get the privilege to enjoy more Branson shows at a much lesser price with the Springtastic Show Spree. You can enjoy ten different Branson shows for one low price! This is one way to make the most out of your Branson experience while saving some bucks.

There are also special events in store for you this April in Branson. Silver Dollar City, Branson’s most famous theme park, brings you one of its most anticipated festivals – the World Fest. From April 17 to May 5, you can enjoy experiencing different cultures and several exciting performances from talents all over the world. Aside from the World Fest in Silver Dollar City, people can also participate in the US Open Bow Fishing Championship on April 6, and the Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce Spring Gold Tournament on April 19.

It is always a fine day in April here in Branson. The daytime temperature ranges from 45 to 68 degrees – a perfect time to be outdoors and one with nature. So for your April vacation in Branson, get the right lodging place to be right where all the fun is. Stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort where you can get various lodging options and stay close to the entertainment district of Branson. For inquiries and reservations in Thousand Hills, call 1-877-262-0430.

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Choose Only The Best Branson Lodging


Your trip to Branson would not be the best one if you don’t get to enjoy all the activities and attractions in the area. Some of these includes watching a live music show, doing water activities in the TriLakes Area, visiting the museums, and having fun at the nature parks and theme parks in Branson. For you to enjoy more in Branson, your choice of a place to stay would also be a crucial one. You deserve nothing less than the best Branson lodging, and Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort is set to give you what you need.

Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort gives you Branson lodging that has luxury, variety, and convenience. Say goodbye to having hotel rooms for your vacation, because Thousand Hills offers you homier options such as the secluded Branson cabins, golf front condos, and the lakefront condos. The Branson cabins are situated in the wood of the Ozarks so you can have a peaceful and rustic ambiance. The golf front condos are perfect for the golf enthusiasts since it is located very near the greens of the 18-hole golf course in Thousand Hills, which is also considered to be the best in Branson. The lakefront condo, on the other hand, is located near Table Rock Lake to give you a breath of fresh air and a spectacular scenery. All these lodging options in Thousand Hills gives you free wireless internet, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, cable televisions equipped with premium channels, exercise facilities, and many more. These lodging options also have fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, with king-sized beds and Jacuzzi tubs. Fully equipped kitchens are also a nice feature of these units so you can opt to do your own cooking instead of going out to Branson restaurants. The lakefront condo units also has a private boat dock and has swimming access to Table Rock Lake.

Imagine staying here for your Branson vacation – you get to have all the things you need and want, and let the Ozarks take care of the peace and quiet that you deserve. Yet, these units are not located far away from the city. In fact, it is only minutes away from Branson’s entertainment district. You can enjoy your favorite artist’s concert or show, and be in the comforts of your own home in just minutes. How good would that be?

When planning for a Branson vacation, keep in mind that you deserve the best Branson lodging, and you can have this only in Thousand Hills. Book your trip to Branson now, and get ready for one awesome adventure only in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World! For more inquiries and reservations, just dial 1-877-262-0430.

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