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Kanakuk Kamps: How It All Started


Kanakuk Kamps in Branson Missouri is known to many as the perfect camping site for the kids. There are so much to learn from here. Your kids will really have a grand time and they will have lots of good experiences where they can learn from. Kanakuk Kamps is also a great place where they can make new friends! And since this place is starting to get much attention this summer for the kids’ getaway, why not learn a little something on how the Kanakuk Kamps came to be. Let us run down memory lane to revisit the history of Kanakuk Kamps.

It was in the year 1926 when C.L. Ford decided to start a camp, and he originally called it Kugaho Kamp. As we know it this day, it had changed its name and became known as Kanakuk Kamps. Spike White then joined the Kanakuk Kamp staff as a counselor in 1931. The following year, Coach Bill Lantz became the Director of Kugaho Kamp, and made the move to change its name into Kanakuk Kamp. Lantz was also the one who instilled the Four Square and I’m Third Christian doctrines. In 1934, Kanakuk Kamps was officially under the ownership of Coach Bill Lantz. The Kamp has transferred ownership in the year 1955 when it was bought by Spike and Darnell White.

In 1958, Spike and Darnell decided to make things more exciting. Thus, they started Kanakomo Kamp which is exclusively for girls. It wasn’t long when the Kamp had to be in the hands of a new set of owners again in the person of Joe and Debbie-Jo White as the purchased it in 1976. Kanakuk Kamp was repackaged then as K-2 Kamp, which accepted teenage campers in 1978. The next year, it started the K-Life, which is a ministry of teen mentoring. The success of these camps prompted the owners to open K-West Kamp which is also for teenage campers in 1983. Five years later, pre-teen campers were also accepted in a camp called K-Kountry. In the early 90’s (1991 to 1993), Kanakuk Kamps had opened Kids Across America and K-Seven respectively for the urban youth and for pre-teen and teenage campers.

The camp then expanded to cater the families. It renamed itself as Kanakuk Family Kamp in 2006. This made the whole camping experience a new adventure of its own. The whole family got to bond with each other as they enjoy nature and Kanakuk Kamp. After another revamp in its name to cater to a wider group of people, it then opened the Kanakuk Adventure Series in 2011. The Kanakuk Adventure Series gives you different adventures to build your character and at the same time, have fun.

Backed with a rich history, Kanakuk Kamps certainly withstood the test of time to be one of Branson’s most famous destinations for the family. Check out other activities in the camp now by visiting their website 

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Kanakuk Camps for your Kids' Summer Activity


Summer means school’s out! Summer may also be the best time for your kids to go on a whole new adventure and for them to meet new friends. Branson Missouri has some good news for you. You can give your kids the best summer they will ever have in Branson’s Kanakuk Kamps! This Kamp is all about fun under the sun!

Age doesn’t matter may be a mantra that is applicable in Kanakuk Kamps. It has lots of activities and attractions that people of all ages will definitely enjoy. For boys and girls of ages 7-13, the K-1 Kamp would be perfect for them. This is the Kamp with high energy, hardcore training, and lots of fun! Some activities that the kids can do here are ziplining, playing sports, kayaking, and many more. There are a total of 60 sports and activities in a day to keep the kids happy and busy! For those aged 13-18, there is also the K-2 Kamp for them. Similar to the K-1 Kamp, the K-2 Kamp also lets the teens have fun, learn, and grow into better persons. K-2 Kamp trains them to be equipped physically, emotionally, and spiritually into the world of adulthood. There are over 25 Kamp activities to choose from.

There is also the K-Kountry Kamp for boys and girls of ages 7 to 11. This might be your kid’s first experience away from home, so Kanakuk Kamps assures you that your kids will grow in love and encouragement in this camp. Another camp for kids aged 7 to 18 is the K-Seven Kamp. This Kamp gives the kids a quick view of the whole Kanakuk adventure camp. Kids find themselves always on the go from morning until night, and they will surely find themselves having their best week ever!

If your kids are more into sports, then Kanakuk has the camp fit for you. The Kanakuk Golf Kamp is open for boys and girls of ages 13-18. The golf kampers will play at Branson Creek and other breathtaking golf courses in Branson. You don’t need to be a pro golfer to get in this camp. All you need to have is the willingness to learn and the drive to get better.

Lastly, Kanakuk has the camp that is fit for all adventure lovers out there! If you are 15 to 18 years old, then you have to try the Kanakuk Adventure Series! This is a character building adventure for a lifetime. This camp runs for 2 weeks filled with exciting activities such as scuba, survival, and aviation adventures.

Kanakuk Kamps is certainly lots of fun for the kids! And while the kids are having fun, why not pamper yourself too by rewarding yourself with the best lodging place in Branson. Choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort for your lodging place when in Branson. It is situated close to the Kanakuk Kamp area so you can be near your kids. Thousand Hills is also near Branson’s entertainment district so you can enjoy on your own too while the kids are at camp. Check out Thousand Hills and its lodging options now! 

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Join the Missouri State Tax-Free Holiday Sale at Tanger Mall


Shopping is one of the best activities that you could do while in Branson. Not only will you enjoy the vibe of the outlet malls in Branson, you will also enjoy the great deals and big discounts! Now you can shop until you drop without feeling the guilt of having spent too much. Branson shopping gives you more reasons to love being in Branson even more. One thing that you should also watch out for in Branson is the mall sale!

This August 1 to 3, 2014, Branson will be holding out a Missouri State Tax-Free Holiday Sale at one of Branson’s most famous outlet malls. This is your chance to get the best deals at the lowest price possible. During the dates mentioned, come and visit Tanger Mall for big, big discounts! Shop for back-to-school items in the Missouri State Tax Free Holiday Sale. The sale happens on a Friday and continues until Sunday, so why not take the time off to have a weekend getaway with the family, too. Tanger Mall also has extended hours during the Missouri State tax Free Holiday Sale from Friday to Sunday. The mall runs from 8 AM to 10 PM on Friday and Saturday, and 9 AM to 7 PM on Sunday.

There are lots of good buys that you can find in Tanger Mall during these dates. You can find back-to-school purchases such as clothing, school supplies, computers, and other items that are exempt from the state sales tax of 4.225% for the time being. This sale is also known to many Branson locals and tourists as the Missouri Back to School Sales Tax Holiday. Avail of big savings in this sale as you shop more.

Tanger Mall also houses other stores to provide you with the latest trends in fashion. It has shops like Rockport, Skechers, Van Heusen, GAP, Old Navy, Reebok, Tommy Hilfiger, and many others. Even while you are away on vacation, you still get to be updated with the fashion trends. For more information about the sales tax holiday in Tanger Mall, simply click Local and County sales tax still apply on the said dates.

For your weekend getaway in Branson for the Sales Tax Holiday, choose only the best lodging place in Branson. Stay in Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort for the best lodging options that you can find in Branson. It is also situated in the most strategic location so you can be near Branson’s entertainment district and shopping malls. Make the most out of your Branson vacation! Book your stay in Thousand Hills now just in time for the Missouri State Tax Free Holiday Sale! 

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Romantic Vacation in a Branson Jacuzzi Suite


Date night with your special someone is never enough to spend moments that you will really treasure. So why not surprise your loved one with a romantic vacation in Branson Missouri? Branson may be known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World and the ultimate family vacation destination in the Midwest, but Branson can be your romantic getaway, too. Branson is now the perfect spot for the couples to have their own private time.

There are a lot of activities and attractions in Branson for you to do and discover with your loved one. You can see the live music shows that have made Branson very famous globally. You can also partake on an adventure in Branson’s theme parks like Silver Dollar City, White Water, and a lot more. If you are both nature lovers, Branson also has the best nature parks for you. Spend some romantic time together in the nature parks of Branson. You can also catch the beautiful sunset in the TriLakes Area of Branson, which is considered to be the home of the most pristine lakes in the area. Your vacation could be all about hiking, swimming, fishing, and a lot more. For your romantic candlelit dinner, let the best restaurants in Branson take care of that. Whatever cravings you have, these restaurants have the answer. Choose from a wide array of restaurants that serves Italian dishes, seafood, steaks, and a lot more.

Your romantic getaway will be made even better with the right lodging choice in Branson. Make no mistake by choosing Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort for your home away from home. Thousand Hills offers you the Branson Jacuzzi Suite, which is also the ultimate couple’s getaway suite. This Branson Jacuzzi Suite in Thousand Hills features a large, two-person whirlpool tub in the suite’s master bedroom. There is also an adjoining bathroom with a shower. The suite’s bedroom has a king size bed with luxury bedding and premium pillows.

The Jacuzzi Suite also has a separate living area which has a mini kitchen with refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, and a lot more. To keep you entertained, there is also a television, equipped with premium cable channels like HBO and ESPN, in both the living area and the master bedroom. All of the units have a sofa sleeper, free hi-speed wireless internet access, and a DVD player.

Staying in a Branson Jacuzzi Suite in Thousand Hills gives you private time as a couple. It also guarantees you convenience and comfort. Thousand Hills is located near Branson’s entertainment district so you can be home after watching your favorite artist’s show. Despite being close to the entertainment district, you are still situated far away from the noise because the units in Thousand Hills are closer to the Ozark Mountains. Have a breath of fresh air, and your own dose of peace and quiet right in your abode.

Surprise your loved one with a romantic vacation to Branson now. Reserve your very own unit in Thousand Hills. For more information, call 1-877-262-0430. 

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See the Titanic Museum's Tribute to Musicians


Branson is known to many for its endless string of activities and attractions that people of all ages will surely enjoy. Those who have gone to Branson knew that it is more than being the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. It has also become the ultimate vacation destination in the Midwest for everyone. Get to know more about the attractions in Branson that you can enjoy for your vacation.

One famous attraction in Branson is the Titanic Museum. This museum is not like your usual museum. The building itself is a replica of the Titanic, and it also has a very interesting ticket system for the guests. The guests get to have a boarding pass of the Titanic as their ticket. The boarding pass has a name of an actual passenger of the Titanic. As you tour around the Titanic, you will get to see several artifacts and exclusive items from the Titanic itself. You also get to see the grand staircase that was made even more popular by the movie Titanic. You can also have a tour of the cabins in the ship. Experience being a crew of the Titanic as you take a tour of the captain’s room and the engine room of the ship, too. For more realness of the whole Titanic tour, you also have a chance to hear the stories of the real survivors of the Titanic. One major attraction in the Titanic Museum is its themed exhibit.

For this 2014, the theme of the exhibit in the Titanic Museum is the Tribute to Musicians. Get to know more about some heroes of the Titanic. This exhibit features the 8 musicians who played during the night the Titanic sank. In a way, these musicians were able to drown out much of the sorrows for that night. See more of their gallant stories and how they embody the virtues of sacrifice, duty, and courage. These 8 musicians kept on playing as the dark night enveloped their lives. As they say, when the music stopped, the legend began. See this exhibit dubbed as the “Tribute to Musicians” in the Titanic Museum in Branson.

For your Branson vacation, one day is never enough for exploring everything that Branson has to offer, so you might need a lodging place for your adventures. Choose only Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills has various lodging options for you to choose from. Staying in Thousand Hills also lets you stay close to Branson’s entertainment district. For more information and for reservations in Thousand Hills, just dial 1-877-262-0430. 

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Get to Know the 4th of July Celebrations in Branson


The celebrations for the holidays may be considered as modern already for some places. If you want a celebration that perfectly merges traditional and modern, come to Branson Missouri. Branson is known to celebrate the festivals and holidays in a grand yet solemn manner. Aside from the celebration of the festivals, this is also the best place for you to unwind and chill.

Fourth of July is up and coming. Have you planned for your getaway already? If not, then let this be your guide as to why you should choose Branson Missouri as your place for celebrating Fourth of July. Almost all places in Branson celebrate Fourth of July in the grandest way they know how. Let your Fourth of July celebration be filled with music, art, energy, and light! As you celebrate Fourth of July in Branson, make sure you are a ball of energy because the fun and festivities never stop. Get ready for the most fun street parties in Branson. You don’t only get to have fun with your family and friends, it is also a great venue to meet other people. All the fun in the celebrations are capped off with a grand fireworks display. The fun continues until midnight.

Despite all the noise and fun that the people are making, there is still room for a solemn celebration for Fourth of July. Even as the common thing is to party, Branson makes sure that we stop and take time to remember why we are celebrating Fourth of July in the first place. For the Fourth of July celebrations, always remember to bring your own chairs unless you and your company are assured of seating. Also, be in the venue of the celebrations as early as possible to avoid the large crowds.

As Branson is known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, you are also in for a treat with the spectacular shows! Get to see the best homegrown talents of Branson and prepare to be awed by their performances.

Make the most out of this holiday by spending it with the people you love. If you are planning to spend a couple of days in Branson and you might need a lodging place, choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort as your first option. Thousand Hills offers you lodging options such as the Branson cabin, Branson golf front condo, and the Branson lakefront condo. Reserve your very own unit now to make your vacation hassle-free. For inquiries and reservations, call 1-877-262-0430.

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Shopping in Branson for the Shopaholic


Shopping may not be the first thing that will come to your mind when you talk about Branson. Apart from being called as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World and the ultimate vacation destination in the Midwest, Branson is unknowingly becoming a haven for the shoppers. So the next time you are able to visit Branson, make shopping a must in this place! It is where you can find unique items and gift ideas for you and for your loved ones – truly the best shopping experience in Branson.

Branson Landing is one of the famous malls in Branson. It is located along the waterfront of Lake Taneycomo so you can have a breathtaking view as you stroll from shop to shop. Branson Landing features shops like Bass Pro Shops, Belk Department Store, White House/Black Market, Chico’s, and Ann Taylor Loft. This is also one mall that gives you an exciting entertainment within the mall. The mall has invested in a Water and Fire Show to keep the shoppers entertained throughout their stay in the mall.

Another mall that is definitely worth visiting is Tanger Outlet Center. This is where you can stay updated in the latest fashion trends. It houses shops like GAP, Polo Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Banana Republic, Aeropostale, Levi’s, Eddie Bauer, Rockport, Skechers, Van Heusen, and a lot more. There are also shops for the fashion-savvy kids like Tommy Kids, Osh Kosh, Disney Store Outlet, Gymboree, and many others.

If you are looking for the best deals, the best place to go to is in Downtown Branson. It has various historic shops and retailers that can give you more for your money. This historic shopping district has already become an attraction of its own.

For unique finds, you can have some in Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex. There are specialty stores in this area where you can find movie posters, limited edition prints, soundtracks, and IMAX films on video. There are also collectible items in this place like jewelries, grandfather clocks, souvenirs, and many more.

Handmade crafts can be found in Branson Craft Mall. You can see craftsmen doing candle making, basket weaving, brass engraving, wood turning, pottery, and musical instrument making. There are over 200 booths which features the best and most creative craftsmen across America. You are sure to find something that is uniquely for you only.

Make your visit to Branson even more memorable by having the best lodging place in the city. Choose Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort so you can have comfort and convenience in one. Thousand Hills also offers you various lodging options to meet your needs and wants. You also get to stay near Branson’s shopping malls and entertainment district! It is everything you can ask for! Book your trip to Branson now! For reservations and inquiries, just call 1-877-262-0430.

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Theme Park Madness in Silver Dollar City's Moonlight Madness


Every person longs for an epic adventure in his or her life. If you are, then it is high time that you visit Branson. Branson not only becomes the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, it also becomes the best vacation destination for you and your family. Branson has the best theme parks where you can have endless adventures.

One theme park that everyone will enjoy is Silver Dollar City. It is Branson’s most famous theme park, which features a wide array of rides and attractions for people of all ages. Let the adventure begin the moment you step inside Silver Dollar City. This 1880’s themed amusement park in Branson also serves as a home to the most daring wood coaster in the world, the Outlaw Run. The park also offers you a break from all the excitement that you can get here. It has more than 40 shows which you could watch anytime you want to take a break away from the thrills of the park. Silver Dollar City not only gives your cravings for adventure the most satisfaction, it can also cure your hunger after a long day at the park. This theme park is known to serve the best theme park food in America.

Make sure you visit Silver Dollar City with your family and friends on July 19 to August 3, 2014 to be able to catch the best offering of Silver Dollar City for you. Feel like a kid again as Silver Dollar City’s Moonlight Madness lets you stay late in the park. For sure, you have dreamed of this moment once as a kid. Adventure continues in Silver Dollar City as late as 10 PM. The park opens at 9:30 AM. Get ready for 12 hours of pure fun and excitement in Silver Dollar City. Enjoy the late night rides, special shows, events, and the super great deals offered by Silver Dollar City. Moonlight Madness will indeed bring you fun memories with your family and friends! The special shows available in the park are GAC Echo Hollow form Wednesday to Monday at 7 PM, The Chicken Dance, Electric Slide, and The Cotton Eyed Joe at 9 PM. You can also buy some souvenir items for your loved ones back home, and as a remembrance of your epic time in Silver Dollar City. For an even greater deal, buy two days’ worth of ticket for the price of one. Call 1-800-785-1550 for tickets.

If you are in need of a lodging place in Branson, come to Thousand Hills Golf Resort. It is situated near Silver Dollar City so it will be more convenient for you. Choose from Thousand Hills’ lodging options – whichever suits you. For reservations and inquiries on Thousand Hills, dial 1-877-262-0430. 

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Horseback Riding Experience for a Great Family Bonding

Horseback riding is a wonderful outdoor adventure in Busiek State Forest Park in Branson when we speak of outdoor activity and nature hopping. If you want to experience a fulfilling autumn vacation with a lot of outdoor adventures such as hiking, biking, and horseback riding, Busiek State Forest is the best place to visit. Although this forest park doesn’t have waterfalls or amazing rock formations, it does offer panoramic hilltop views of the Ozarks and several hiking trails and campsites.Horseback Riding at the Busiek Trails Logo

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who prefers hiking or horseback riding as your favorite outdoor activity, grab your backpack and walking shoes and head on to Busiek State Forest. The state forest features several different trails of varying length and level of difficulty. All these trails cover a length of about fourteen miles, some of the trails have shortcuts and loop back on each other, but there’s nothing to worry as all the trails are well marked for easy accessibility and navigation.

The best horseback riding in southwest Missouri can only be experienced here at Busiek State Forest. The terrain of the state forest changes alternately which makes your horseback riding trail an exciting and thrilling experience. One of the most challenging trails to tackle horseback is the Silver Trail. In this trail, you can find large rocks and uphill slopes that require both the horse and the rider physical fitness and stamina. The Red Trail is a bit shorter with flatter lands and not as difficult and challenging as the Silver Trail. These two trails provide horse and rider some obstacles such as rocks, creek crossings, occasional fallen tree, falling rocks, and wildlife encounters.  If you plan longer ride, there are places along the trails that you can get water for your horse or let her grab some grass.  

The Missouri Department of Conservation who now owns the Busiek State Forest provides visitors multiple recreational opportunities. The state forest features Woods Fork Creek stream that runs through the middle of the forest. The park’s trail system provides great fun for hikers, bicyclers, and horseback riders. Deer hunting and fur tapping is allowed at certain times of the year in the forest.  The hills elevation of the state forest is 980 feet to 1,200 feet above sea level, so it is prohibited to use motorized vehicles.

The Busiek State Forest also features another two hiking trail systems. The West Trail System has a length of 8 miles and the East Trail System has a length of 10 miles. Each trail system features three color-coded loop trails and are available for mixed use, which means open to mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding. The state forest has nine primitive designated campsites with unsupervised shooting range.  Busiek State Forest is actually close to the Mark Twain National Forest but they are separated by several tracts of land.

If you want to spend a great family bonding this autumn season, visit the Busiek State Forest in Branson and enjoy lots of nature activities such as biking, hiking, and horseback riding.


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Fish be with you in Table Rock Lake this Fall Season

Bass Fishing in Table Rock Lake LogoFishing enthusiasts are delighted to learn that Table Rock Lake is widely recognized as one of the top bass fishing lakes in North America. Fishing in Table Rock Lake is really an exciting adventure where anglers find great abundance of crappie, bass, white bass, catfish, and bluegill in a crystal clear and clean waters of the lake. With the fantastic and fun-packed adventures at Table Rock Lake, visitors and local residents alike are excited to experience the wonderful water sports adventures along the lake. The beautiful bluffs, natural shoreline, wildlife, and wooded hills are some of the picturesque views that are well preserved by the environmentalists and conservationists in the area.

Table Rock Lake covers an area of 52,300 acres and has a shoreline of about 750 miles. The lake is also acclaimed as the most popular bass fishing lake in the Midwest and has teems of large bluegill, crappie, and bass. Catfish of all sizes are also abundant at the bottom of the lake. If you want to go boating, fishing, or swimming around the lake you can avail an experienced guide at the area resorts to make your water sports adventure fall of fun. If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can have the chance to join the local and regional fishing tournaments that are held regularly in Table Rock Lake.

At Table Rock Lake, you can find more than a dozen restaurants that serve boaters and excursionists alike. Courtesy docks are provided by many restaurants in the area resorts. In the coves of Table Rock Lake, there are several eateries that serve delicious treats which are abundant in every corner of the lake. The lake also features full-service marinas and area resorts where you can grab delicious foods and other supplies while you are refueling the boat. At Kimberling City and Table Rock Dam, you can find upscale restaurants that offer delectable foods.

There are also several fine restaurants at Table Rock Lake that offer delicious cuisines from casual to slightly upscale choices. Many of these dine-in restaurants on the lake feature evening entertainment on weekends. While you are in Table Rock Lake, you can have the chance to board the Showboat Branson Belle (a beautiful paddle wheeler boat). When you get onboard this fantastic showboat, you can enjoy a wonderful cruise on the lake that features live entertainment while you are being served with delicious dinner.

Table Rock Lake features lots of attractions and interesting places. These places include over 100 resorts that make visitors enjoy a wonderful vacation. At the Branson side of the lake, you will find several exciting attractions and live entertainment shows where you will have the opportunity to enjoy world famous performers in several theaters in this entertainment district.

If you want to experience a wonderful autumn vacation in Table Rock Lake that features many exciting water sports adventures, come to Branson and stay at one of the best accommodations of Thousand Hills Golf Resort.


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