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Staying Well In Branson

Chances are, you probably don’t think about going to the hospital or visiting your doctor for more than an annual wellness exam – most people don’t. But accidents happen – you could trip and fall and fracture an ankle. Your son or daughter could wreck their bicycle and break an arm. Your spouse could come down with a high fever. At times like these, you want the peace of mind of knowing that there is someone nearby who can assist you. If you are fortunate enough to live in Branson, Missouri, you have nothing to fear – the doctors and nurses at the Branson hospitals and health clinics are standing by to help.

Cox Regional Medical Center BransonSkaggs/Cox Regional Medical Center: The Cox Regional Medical Center, located in the heart of the Branson community, is the area’s most state of the art hospital – and it has a long history as well! Originally named Skaggs Regional Medical Center, the hospital was founded in 1950 by local couple MB and Estella Skaggs. The then 25 bed hospital expanded over the years and now has 165 hospital beds and a new name; in January 2012, Skaggs began seeking assurance that Branson would continue to receive quality medical treatment through a healthcare partnership. That partner was the CoxHealth Network. In January of 2013, Skaggs began doing business under Cox Regional Medical Center. This Branson hospital provides emergency and urgent care, pediatric services, a cancer center, home health care, rehabilitation and more. Rest assured that you will be well cared for at the Cox Regional Medical Center!

Branson Walk-in Clinic: Located on Highway 248, the Branson Walk-in Clinic gives patients the freedom of medical care without an appointment. Owned and operated by Dr. Leonard Bridges, a local general practice physician, the clinic accepts most medical insurance, and performs general medical office procedures and tests, as well as minor emergencies. Other medical services include stitches, slings and splints.

Mercy Urgent Care: For medical treatment you can count on, visit the Mercy Urgent Care Clinic on Highway 248 in Branson. With low cost treatments, no appointments and shorter waiting times, you will get the care you need quickly and affordably. This clinic can treat cuts, abscesses and puncture wounds, cold and flu symptoms, fevers, UTI infections, rashes and minor burns. Drug screening, occupational medicine, and worker’s compensation care are also available at this Branson clinic.

With so many choices for Branson hospitals and clinics, you can rest assured that you and your family will be well taken care of, whether it is a life threatening emergency, or simply a common cold.

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Stay in Shape While Having Fun

Everybody knows the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle. It is promoted in schools, on TV, in magazines, and countless research studies. People who live a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly live longer, have fewer problems with depression, and are happier. And if you happen to be a resident or a regular visitor of Branson, Missouri, you are in luck – this town makes it easy to get in shape! Branson regularly hosts fitness events like 5Ks and the Iron Man Challenge, plus there are lots of great places to hike, bike and more! So get your Branson fitness face on, and get active!

Run: Branson is a great place to be if you are an avid runner, a weekend jogger, or just looking for a good way to exercise. The hills and slopes of the Ozarks make for some great training ground for runners! Many people simply run around the block or on some of the roads in town – lots of things in Branson are within walking distance, which makes them within running distance too! If you choose to run on some of Branson’s busier roads, make sure be observant of vehicle traffic, and wear reflective clothing as a safety precaution, especially when running at night. If you want to make your workout more fun, consider running one of Branson’s many 5K races! The Diva Dash, the Silver Dollar City Roller Coaster Race and the Tanger Outlet 5K are all fun options for runners.

Hike: Not only is hiking a great Branson fitness option, it’s a great way to get back to Nature at the same time! The Branson/Tri-Lakes area is full of great places to hike. Busiek State Park and Wildlife Area, about ten minutes north of Branson on Highway 65, offers some of the best hiking trails around. Each trail has a varying level of difficulty, depending on your personal level of fitness, making it a great workout stop for any outdoor exerciser. If you prefer terrain that is a little more solid and a bit flatter, check out the trails at Table Rock State Park, or the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery.

Bike: If riding bikes is your idea of Branson fitness, you are in luck! Branson is home to one of the state’s premier mountain biking trail systems. The White River Valley Trail System is nearly twelve miles long, and features four different trail loops, with the Red Loop being the most difficult and technically challenging, and the Blue Loop being one of the best nature watching trails. This trail system features obstacles and terrain of every kind, and is great for the experienced cyclist or someone just easing into the sport. Be sure to wear a protective helmet while mountain biking!

Swim: During the warmer months, there is plenty of water in Branson for you to swim in! Swimming is a great cardio exercise – and it’s also fun! Table Rock State Park offers some nice swimming areas, and Moonshine Beach is a picture perfect swimming cove! Neither swimming area has a lifeguard on duty, so be sure to use proper swimming safety.

With so many different Branson fitness options, you’ll be in shape (or stay in shape!) in no time! So what are you waiting for? Get moving!

The Branson Missouri Blog

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Out of the Way Attractions Near Branson

If you are at all familiar with the geography of the Missouri Ozarks, you probably understand how easy it would be for things to get overlooked. With all the timbered hillsides, deep ravines, curvy roads and surprise bodies of water, not everything in the Ozarks is located in a place to be eye catching. Luckily, though, for the visitor or the local, there are many hidden Ozarks attractions that are worth hunting for – and many of them are not far from the Branson area! So the next time you and your family are searching for a unique attraction to visit, travel off the beaten trail to check out some of the Ozarks attractions below.

National Tiger SanctuaryThe National Tiger Sanctuary: Did you know that there are real live tigers hiding in the Ozarks? Well, now you do! These beautiful striped cats live happily at The National Tiger Sanctuary, located in Chestnutridge, MO, just west of Highway 65 down Highway BB. At this ‘grrrreat’ Ozarks attraction, you can see tigers, lions and panthers up close and personal, while being educated on the cats, how they live, and what you can do to help protect them for future generations. The sanctuary offers several different tour options – everything from a general tour, to a feeding tour where you can feed the tigers yourself!

Smallin Civil War Cave: If you are a history geek, a Civil War buff, a spelunker, or just someone looking for a neat hidden attraction, you’ll want to be sure to visit Smallin Civil War Cave, located in Ozark, MO! Just off of Highway NN, Smallin Civil War Cave is a family owned attraction that will fill you with wonder. With a cave mouth that is fifty feet high and set back into a beautiful forested hillside, you can feel the cool cave air rushing out to greet you as you approach the cave. Your cave guide will take you on a one hour tour (approximately) and teach you all about the geology and folklore that surrounds that cave, as well as some of the real life people and events that were centered around the cave. Deep inside the cave along the paved walking trail (it’s wheelchair friendly!), you can see rock formations, cave crickets, bats, and other neat cave critters. You won’t want to miss this beautiful and educational trip into the Ozarks – literally!

Uncle Rooster’s Restaurant: Most people wouldn’t consider a restaurant an attraction – but eating at Uncle Rooster’s is truly an Ozarks experience! This famous restaurant in Seymour, MO, on the side of East Highway 60, was founded, owned and operated (and still is today!) by Ozarks locals Wayne – Uncle Rooster – and Bobbi Dunning. This roadside eatery attracts locals, visitors, bikers, buses, families and individuals – anyone who wants a good meal experience! The first thing you’ll notice about Uncle Rooster’s as soon as you walk in the doorway is the floor – it’s covered in what appears to be graffiti. A closer look reveals that the colorful ink on the floor is the signatures of everyone who has visited Rooster’s! Guests old and new are given giant Sharpies by the waiters and waitresses and asked to sign the floor. While you wait for your Sweet Corn Nuggets, Catfish Dinner, Fried Chicken, Vienna Hot Dog, or other delicious menu option, be sure to check out all of the artwork hanging on the walls – it’s all local, and all for sale! So when you leave, you can take a piece of Rooster’s with you.

These are just a few of the hidden gems in the Ozarks that you can visit. Take the road less traveled by and find some more!

The Branson MO Blog

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Three Bedroom Branson Condominiums For Your Budget Trip


Everybody wants a grand vacation, but the major drawback is the amount of money to be spent. Good news for you, because you can have a luxury vacation in Branson Missouri and come home with big savings! Turn your budget trip into a luxurious one in Branson!

Branson Missouri has long been known for its live music shows and attractions. People always flock to Branson no matter what month or season for the world-class entertainment, dining, and shopping experience. It all happens in the famous 76 Music Boulevard, also known as the Strip. With all these attractions and activities in Branson, one day will certainly not be enough for you to experience everything. While you are in Branson, make the most out of it by renting a three bedroom Branson condominium with your family and friends.

The three bedroom Branson condominium at the Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort lets you stay close to the Strip, and it also lets you stay in the warmth of nature. With Thousand Hills located just minutes away from the entertainment and shopping district, theme parks, restaurants, and museums, you can maximize your time and have more opportunities to enjoy all the perks that come with renting a three bedroom Branson condo.

Your rental of the condo unit already comes with a fully furnished bedroom, complete with luxury bedding which includes triple sheeting and lots of pillows. You can also use the sofa sleeper, making the three bedroom condo a convenient space for 8 people. The televisions in all bedrooms are all equipped with cable channels and HBO. You can also enjoy free wireless internet and DVD player so you can be entertained and you won’t have to miss out on the important updates from the online world even if you are on a vacation. The condo also features a fully equipped kitchen. It has all the major appliances needed, with dishes, glasses, pots, and pans. Other amenities in Thousand Hills which you can use are fitness center, seven swimming pools, sports court, tennis court, and children’s play center.

The Branson condominiums offer a great deal for you when you are travelling with a large group. It also gives you the homey space that you need. Thousand Hills is located in the heart of Highway 76, so you are just a few steps away from the famous shows and attraction of Branson. But staying close to the city does not mean you can’t get the peace and quiet you want. Thousand Hills lodging places are secluded enough for you not to be disturbed by the city noise.


Call 1-877-262-0430 now and reserve your very own three bedroom Branson condo. Start planning your visit to Branson now!

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It’s A Good Day to be Out in the TriLakes Area


One of the many things that Branson can brag about is its outdoors. More than the live music shows which made this place famous as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World, the adventure seekers have turned to Branson to have a grand time with the gifts of nature. One popular place that people often visit in Branson during this time of the year is the TriLakes Area.

The TriLakes Area serves as a home to three of Branson’s most beautiful lakes – Table Rock Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, and Lake Taneycomo. People frequent these lakes because of the various water activities that they can enjoy such as boating, jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, wakeboarding, swimming, fishing, and many more. The TriLakes Area is also a great spot for picnic with the family. Whether you may be an adventure junkie, sports enthusiasts, or anything, you are sure to have a good time in the TriLakes Area in Branson.

Table Rock Lake is a man-made lake that is located 10 miles from Branson’s entertainment district – the famed Highway 76 Strip. It is also here in Table Rock where you can find some of the country’s top bass fishing. You can catch largemouth, smallmouth, Kentucky spotted bass, white bass, and rock bass in Table Rock Lake. Some of the state record holders were also caught here in Table Rock Lake, like the 5 pound, 6 ounce record white bass and the 7 pound, 8 ounce record spotted bass.

Another large lake is the Bull Shoals Lake. You can enjoy houseboat rentals, recreation and world-class fishing in this lake. Bull Shoals has been hosting several regional and national fishing tournaments, which serve as an added attraction aside from boating, jet skiing, and other water sports in the lake. Some of the state record holders from Bull Shoals Lake are the 13 pound, 14 ounce largemouth, the 51 pound striped bass, and a 21 pound, 1 ounce walleye. The underdeveloped shores of Bull Shoals Lake make it an excellent fishing spot for some father-and-son bonding activity, or for competitive fishing, too.

Last but not the least, Lake Taneycomo also gives Branson tourists additional enjoyment. Lake Taneycomo is a cold water haven for trout, and it also serves as a breathtaking backdrop for Downtown Branson. This lake is also the spot where cruises and boat tours depart, so if you want a unique and fun tour of Branson, you can always go here and join the tours.


The TriLakes Area in Branson is a sight to behold. Plan your trip now to experience the lakes during the spring season. For your lodging needs in Branson, choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort for comfort and convenience. Thousand Hills is located near Table Rock Lake and Highway 76. For reservations and inquiries, call 1-877-262-0430.

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A Branson Vacation is the Perfect Mothers’ Day Treat


Branson Missouri is a place that people frequent because of the many activities and attractions in the area. People of all ages will also enjoy the live music shows, theme parks, shopping malls, restaurants, and nature parks. People can also have a grand time with the festivals happening in the area. No matter what time of the year you get to visit Branson, you will always find a celebration waiting for you.

This May, bring along the first woman you have loved in your life for one wonderful treat in Branson. Our mothers deserve all the best, and that is why a trip to Branson will be the perfect gift for someone as special as your mom. Celebrate Mothers’ Day in Branson this May 10, 2015 and enjoy all the activities and attractions. Mothers can also bring along the entire family if she wants to treat the kids, since all of the attractions here are suitable for all ages. Plan your Mothers’ Day trip to Branson by keeping in mind these must-visit places. You can enjoy brunches by the TriLakes Area because there will be several restaurants that will be offering a special menu for Mothers’ Day. These restaurants also offer a very relaxing ambiance brought about by the lakes in Branson, which all mothers will truly enjoy.

Branson is called the Live Entertainment Capital of the World because of the live music shows. Treat your mom to a show featuring songs from her favorite artists by the local talents of Branson. Some of the family friendly shows that you can catch are The Presleys, The Baldknobbers, The Cat’s Pajamas, Dixie Stampede, The Haygoods, Mickey Gilley, and a lot more. These musicians will not only entertain you with their musical prowess, but you will also find yourself laughing with their antics onstage. Museums in Branson are also good places to visit to make for an interesting trip. Visit the Titanic Museum in Branson, Hollywood Wax Museum, Veterans Memorial Museum, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum for a fun and memorable way of learning new stuff – from the Titanic to the Hollywood stars, Branson can give all that to you.

Other activities that you can do to spend Mothers’ Day are playing golf and shopping. Your mom may be a novice at golf or a pro golfer, but worry not since Branson golf courses can offer the right set for any skill level. Lastly, who doesn’t love to shop? Moms will be surely delighted to find that there are big discounts that await them in Branson outlet malls. Malls such as Tanger Outlet Center, Branson Landing, Branson Craft Mill Village, and a lot more will let you score great finds at the lowest prices.


Spend Mothers’ Day in Branson now and have a great time with your moms and family. For lodging concerns, go to Thousand Hills Golf Resort where you can avail of various lodging options. Thousand Hills is also situated close to Branson’s entertainment district, making it more convenient for you. For reservations, call 1-877-262-0430.

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Wonderful World-Fest Celebration in Branson


It’s not yet too late for you to experience one of the largest international festivals in America. In Branson Missouri, not only will you get to witness the spectacular live music shows and plays that the place has become famous for; you also get to participate in several exciting festivals in the area. It does not matter what time of the year you get to visit Branson, because you are sure to have a festival waiting for you.

The celebration may have started but it hasn’t ended yet because World-Fest in Branson is still ongoing until May 3, 2015. Come and join the celebration of the diversity of cultures in World-Fest, a festival hosted by Silver Dollar City. Silver Dollar City is known to be one of Branson’s most famous theme parks. It is famous for its thrilling rides and also for the shows that provide the guests with a breather from all the excitement in the park. This theme park is also hosting several festivals all throughout the year. This May, you can catch the World-Fest, which aims to unite seven continents into one festival.

Lots of tourists often come back to World-Fest year after year, simply because this festival always has something new to offer to everyone. Every year, you can expect World-Fest to give you fresh talents and cuisines from different countries and cultures. Watch out for the special performances this year from talents like Ireland The Show, Cirque Zuma Zuma, Ansambel Navihanke, Stix of Steel, Island Fire, Ecuador Manta, and a lot more. Aside from the shows, you can also enjoy the food. Try different cuisine like Italian calzones, chicken fajitas, tiramisu torte, and many more. Experience the world, even without leaving the Ozarks – that’s a promise by the World-Fest to you. No wonder it is hailed to be America’s largest international festival.

Even with the World-Fest going on, you can still enjoy the rides and attractions in Silver Dollar City. In fact, Silver Dollar City has just opened a new ride called “Tom & Huck’s Riverblast”. This ride is America’s biggest water battle, and if you visit Branson in the first week of May, you will be just in time for the conclusion of the World-Fest and the opening of this new awesome ride.


A day in Branson is not enough to experience all the fun and adventure that it has in store for you. If you are planning to stay in Branson for two days or more, avail of the best lodging options in Branson – Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort. Thousand Hills is located very near Silver Dollar City so you get to be close to the festival. The lodging areas in Thousand Hills are enveloped with the tranquility of nature so you would not be disturbed by the city noise. Make Thousand Hills your partner in a memorable Branson trip. Call 1-877-262-0430 now for inquiries and reservations.

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Springtime in a Branson Golf Course


The season of spring is a wonderful time to visit Branson. While Branson is famous worldwide for its live music shows, springtime introduces you to all the fun activities by the Branson outdoors. The outdoors are your other option for fun under sun, while the heat is not that scorching yet just like in the summer. Music lovers, thespians, adventure seekers, and even sports enthusiasts are the frequent visitors of Branson all year round. If you think that sports in Branson is something that should not be in the spotlight, then you should try the out the sports scene in Branson to appreciate it.

One of the famous sports in Branson is golf. Branson is home to the best golf courses in the Midwest. In fact, the golf courses in Branson have garnered lots of awards. One of the famous Branson golf course is located in Thousand Hills Golf Resort. This Branson golf course is considered to be the most popular across town. It was rated 4-stars by Golf Digest magazine and it was also voted by the readers of Springfield News-Leader as the Best of the Ozarks for Branson Golf Courses for a lot of times already. Whether you are one who is trying out golf for the first time, or one who is very adept in the sport already, you can always trust Thousand Hills to give you a challenge and to help you improve your skills.

Thousand Hills Golf Course has three separate sets of tees to cater to different golf skill levels. This 18-hole golf course-par 64 has one par 5 hole, eight par 4 holes, and nine par 3 holes. The slope ratings are as follows: Blue 125, White 116, and Red 113. You can also avail of Yamaha carts with GPS for free, and you can rent golf equipment also in Thousand Hills. You can even hire a professional golfer to help you amp up your golf skills. As you play along, not only will you learn to love golf, but you will definitely fall in love with the location, too. Traverse through beautiful hardwood forests, unique rock formations, Ozark streams, and other wonders of nature as you play golf. With these treats from nature, you would not even think that the golf course of Thousand Hills is just minutes away from Lake Taneycomo and Table Rock Lake, and also from Highway 76 – Branson’s entertainment district.


You are in for a lovely stay in Branson. If you are looking for a lodging place, Thousand Hills also offers nightly rentals of Branson log cabins, golf front condos, and lakefront condos. Reserve your unit now by calling 1-877-262-0430.

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Be With the Stars in the Hollywood Wax Museum


Have you ever dreamed of being with the Hollywood stars? Have you ever wanted to have a photo with the stars? If you did, then a visit to Branson is what you need to plan for. No, you will not meet the Hollywood stars in person. But Branson adds a twist to that – you get to meet the wax versions of your favorite Hollywood stars!

One of Branson’s most famous museums is the Hollywood Wax Museum, where it houses life sized wax figures of your favorite Hollywood stars from the past and the present. Who says you can’t have a picture with the legendary performer anymore? Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum makes it possible for you to have photos with the Hollywood legends who passed away. Photos with these stars could be considered as rare nowadays. These photos are also worth sharing to the world! In this museum, you can also find the present actors and actresses who are considered as Hollywood’s greats.

The Hollywood Wax Museum started out in the 19909s as a family business. This place in Branson has become much of an attraction that it is now considered as one of the most visited places in the area. This wax museum is the only place in Branson that is totally dedicated to the celebrities. Due to the place’s popularity, it has expanded already. Now, you will not find the celebrities made of candle material anymore. You can also find other attractions in this museum. One of which is the Castle of Chaos. The Castle of Chaos has become a major hit with the teenagers! This attraction features a haunted video game ride with special effects that will surely make you scream your hearts out! You and your fellow riders in the Castle of Chaos can also engage in a gun battle against the evil ghouls in the game. Another attraction in the Hollywood Wax Museum is Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors. In this attraction, you get to experience getting lost in a maze, but don’t get lost for too long because the main point of the maze is to save Princess Hannah.

Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum is open everyday of the year – that’s right, no season breaks! You have every day, every week, every month to capture great photos with the Hollywood stars you like! Plan that trip to Branson now, to experience more about this unique museum. For the Branson locals, you can also make the Hollywood Wax Museum as your birthday destination because it offers free admission for those who are celebrating their birthday!

Wax is definitely not just for the candles. Wax can make stars, too. Make the most out of your vacation and visit Branson’s Hollywood Wax Museum!

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