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The Magic of Silver Dollar City Theme Park



Any theme park can give you the fun and excitement that you are craving for, but not all can give you that certain magic that makes you feel like a child again. This certain magic is what sets Silver Dollar City theme park apart from the other theme parks in the Midwest. In Silver Dollar City, you can enjoy everything that tickles your fancy. It is a theme park like no other. More than rides and attractions, it also gives you a piece of history. Get to know more about Silver Dollar City – Branson’s premier theme park.

Silver Dollar City is a wooded 1800’s-themed park. Upon setting foot in the park, you get that throwback feeling of being in the 1800s. You can find several craftsmen and women, demonstrating how the essential stuff back then in the 1800s were made. Witness glassblowers, blacksmiths, candlemakers, and a lot more in the streets and corners of Silver Dollar City. These are just one of the many attractions that you can find in the theme park. You can also enjoy the famed rides of Silver Dollar City. Have the ride of your life in the Outlaw Run, which is also the world’s most daring wood coaster with all its twists and turns. Other rides you can try are the steam engine train ride, Lost River, Fire in the Hole, and many more. If you are thinking that pure adrenaline rush is what Silver Dollar City brings, think again. It has more than 40 shows daily to give you relaxation from all the thrills offered by the park.

One major reason why people never tire of going back to Silver Dollar City anytime they can is the collection of festivals. No matter what time of the year you decide to visit Silver Dollar City, there is always a festival waiting for you. All year round, you can enjoy festivals such as National Kids Fest, World Fest, Bluegrass & BBQ Festival, National Harvest Festival, Southern Gospel Picnic, and Old Time Christmas Festival. You are also guaranteed to have a grand time at the park because of the delicious food that you can eat. In fact, Silver Dollar City is one that serves the best theme park food in America. Choose from restaurants such as Annie’s Shack, Buckshot Annie’s Skillet Cookery, Crossroads Pizza, Dockside Grill, Eva and Delilah’s Bakery, Hannah’s Ice Cream Factory and so much more.


Discover and feel the magic that Silver Dollar City brings when you visit the place. Whether you are with family, or a group of friends, you can never go wrong with time spent in Silver Dollar City. For your convenience, choose to stay in a place closest to Silver Dollar City. Stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort for various lodging options and the chance to stay right in the heart of Branson’s entertainment district. Inquire now on the available nightly rentals in Thousand Hills by calling 1-877-262-0430. 

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The Best of Branson Restaurants: Part 2



Branson Missouri is more than just about the live music shows and theme parks. It is an even more exciting place because it has the best restaurants to keep you recharged as you tour Branson. We gave you a list of the best Branson restaurants before, and here’s another set of restaurants to add to your must-eat list. When you visit Branson, have a blast as you enjoy the attractions and also the dining adventures.

First up is Vasken’s Deli Restaurant. This Mediterranean and Greek restaurant offers a fresh twist from the typical American food. Try out their muffuletta and gyros for a different treat. They also have this roast beef panini with swiss, a popular favorite among the regulars in Vasken’s.

Who could resist not having a pizza? In Branson, dine in Hook and Ladder Pizza Co. Restaurant for your pizza fix. This firehouse themed restaurant is located in Downing St. Hollister, MO. It is open 7 days a week. Enjoy your pizza, subs, wings, and desserts in Hook and Ladder Pizza Co. Restaurant.

Crazy Cajun Citchen Restaurant is the perfect spot for your Cajun and creole cravings. You can’t miss this restaurant because it has this cajun splash décor on the outdoor porch. This restaurant is located in Lakeview Campground of Table Rock Lake. It has the cheeriest interiors, too, with its antique and Louisiana decors. Crazy Cajun Citchen is seasonal and it is open from April to October only.

Sports fans visiting Branson will finally have a staple go-to place! Scooter’s Sports Grill. You get full service casual dining inside the clubhouse in the miniature golf course. Try their bestseller burgers and hot Italian beef & pastrami sandwiches. They also have specialty appetizers such as Dragon Eggs and Dragon Wings. Perfect for the whole family!

There may be a lot of dessert places in Branson to treat your sweet tooth, but one awesome place to be in is Cakes & Creams 50’s Diner and Dessert Parlor Restaurant. Once you step inside Cakes & Creams, it would feel like you are transported back to the 50’s. You can see several 50’s iconic items in this shop such as the 45 record and the Wurlitzer jukebox. A Cakes & Creams experience is always a positive one because this dessert place gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction – from the food, to the service, and to the ambiance that the place exudes. Being in the business for more than 3 decades is not an easy feat anyway.


As you plan your trip to Branson, don’t forget to squeeze in a visit to one of these restaurants. And for your lodging needs in Branson, choose Thousand Hills Golf Resort so you get to have various choices on your lodging place. Plus, you also get to stay near Branson’s entertainment strip. For reservations and inquiries, call 1-877-262-0430.

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Experience the All-New Fireman’s Landing in Silver Dollar City



Silver Dollar City is all set to give you its newest attraction in the theme park. If you think that what it has is already enough to give you the thrills and excitement that you are looking for, it offers you more venues for fun with the whole family. The newest rides and attractions are suitable for people of all ages. Ten new family adventures are coming your way with Silver Dollar City’s Fireman Landing.

Located around the headquarters of Station No. 3, the Fireman’s Landing was created by Silver Dollar City to raise awareness on fire safety. This is perfect for kids and adults alike to know about prevention and the dangers of fire. Back in the 1800s, the town of Marmaros burned, leaving no trace of the town at all. Play along with the activities in Fireman’s Landing while learning valuable stuff regarding fire safety. Here are the following rides and attractions you can find in Fireman’s Landing.

The Fire Spotter is a balloon ride for everyone. These soaring balloons are for spotting fire dangers, so better be alert when you spot one! The Fire Wagon Frenzy will take you on a ride as a bucket brigade volunteer. For this ride, all children must be accompanied by an adult. If you are feeling a little bit more daring, then try out the most exciting ride in Fireman’s Landing yet – the Firefall. This is an 8-story fore tower free-fall drop ride. For those who want to learn and experience how to put out fire, check out the Firefighter’s Fire Drill. It has buckets, pumpers, foam ball cannons and targets for putting out mock fires.have fun in the Firefighter’s Fire Escape – an obstacle course featuring tubes, mazes, climbing structures, and slides. Challenge yourself to see if you can finish this obstacle course.

For the little tykes, there is the Firefighter’s Junior Fire Escape – a soft play area for toddlers. Another area for the junior firefighters is the Fireman’s Flyer. It is a low-flying swing ride for the little fighters, and children should be between 36 to 52 inches to ride. The junior recruits can also enjoy the small tower drop ride called Up The Ladder. Lucky’s Dizzy Dogs, a play area for kids, also features bouncing Dalmatian rides around a fire hydrant. Lastly, the Firehouse Splash Yard is a play area for everyone where you can have fun with the squirting water jets and pump hoses.


Bring along the whole family and have tons of fun and adventure in Silver Dollar City’s Fireman’s Landing. For your vacation in Silver Dollar City, book your stay in the place closest to it – Thousand Hills Golf Resort. Thousand Hills gives you several lodging options to choose from, and it is also located minutes away from Silver Dollar City. For reservations and inquiries on Thousand Hills, call 1-877-262-0430.

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Take A Nature Trip with the Branson Zipline



Branson Missouri is known to be the Live Music Capital of the World. It is well known for its spectacular live shows and concerts. But music is not the only thing that most people love about Branson. The sceneries and the gifts of nature in Branson are also one of the things that makes people come back for more. To be able to appreciate Branson even more, why not take a tour of the whole city?

There are a lot of unique, interesting, and fun ways to get the best view of Branson. You can try the Inspiration Tower at Shepherd of the Hills, the train rides in Silver Dollar City theme park, or the skycoaster at the Go Kart track. If you are looking for a Branson tour that is closer to nature, then the Branson Zipline is definitely for you.

The Branson Zipline and Canopy Tours located at Wolfe Creek Preserve is classified as a world-class eco-tours. The zipline towers were built using helicopters, not bulldozers, to prevent any damage to the eco-structure of Wolfe Creek. Once you ride the Branson Zipline, you get to see the natural beauty of the Missouri wildlife. Witness the likes of the Whitetail Deer, Bobcat, different species of birds like American Goldfinches, Red Tailed Hawks, and many others sprawl about their natural habitat. Branson Zipline opened in May 2010, and for five years, it has already given thousands of tourists the opportunity to be one with nature. This is a safe and enjoyable ride where you can experience the beauty of the Ozark Mountains and of Branson.

Guests get to have an orientation course handled by professionals before riding the zipline. There are four different tour options to choose from, each with different time limits which can range from 30 minutes to 4 hours. The most common zipline tour is the Ozaarks Xplorer Canopy Tour. For families or groups ziplining, there is the Flying Prospector Canopy Tour. If you are looking for a quick tour, you can choose from Blue Streak Fast and Free Fall Express. This will surely give you adrenaline rush because it has a one hundred foot free fall! If you want to have the total experience, try the Canopy Adventure Combo Tour, where you can have a tour of the entire canopy plus the free fall! There is also a walking tour available in Wolfe Creek.


Have an action-packed nature tour in Branson! Plan your trip to Branson now, and for your lodging needs, trust Thousand Hills Golf Resort to give you an unforgettable stay. Thousand Hills is located in the heart of Branson’s entertainment district, and it has several lodging options so you can get the right one that fits your needs. Reserve your units in Thousand Hills by calling 1-877-262-0430. 

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Only in Branson – Shop Till You Drop

Branson is home to numerous lakes, shows, restaurants, attractions, thrill rides, museums, historical sites, hiking trails – and of course, stores. There is certainly no shortage of places to shop in Branson. You can shop for clothes, accessories, fishing gear, books, food, furniture, boats, appliances, shoes, candy, handmade crafts and some much more. (And of course, there are plenty of places to eat around town if you get hungry while shopping!) There are Branson stores of every size and style around town – but be sure to put these uniquely Branson stores on your shopping list before you head out!

Dicks Five & DimeThe Amish Country Store: For unique and fun products with a local flair, pack your shopping basket and visit The Amish Country Store, located on Gretna Road. This quaint store is filled with fun goodies. Begun in 1999, this family owned and operated store has always kept their first and foremost goal to bring the customer some of the best quality Amish made goods they can find. These goods include bulk spices, canned items such as pickles, jellies, salsas and pickled eggs, pastas, honey, nut butters, syrup, jerky, popcorn, flours, baking mixes, cutlery and cookie cutters, and handmade Amish furniture. You won’t want to miss a fun stop at this unique Branson store!

Branson Craft Mall: For unique gifts, cool home accents and more, plan an afternoon of shopping at the Branson Craft Mall, located on Highway 165 – it will be an experience to remember! This collection of Branson stores has a little something for everyone. Enjoy demonstrations by local working craftsmen doing leatherwork, rug and basket weaving, beadwork, pottery, applique and engraving. Purchase some of their intricate items, as well as other things like fresh roasted nuts, dried fruits, soup mixes, candy, sandwiches, coffee, fudge and more! This craft mall is set up to receive groups both large and small – including motor coaches!

Dick’s 5 and 10: For a truly Branson experience, take your family to Dick’s 5 and 10! Located in the heart of downtown Branson, this world famous store has been a legendary part of a true Branson shopping experience. Nostalgic toys, linens, kitchen gadgets, games, candy, sewing notions, paper dolls, dry goods and so much more line the shelves of this fun store. You can also find dozens of nostalgic collectables dotted around Dick’s 5 and 10. Everything from sports memorabilia to aviation prints to arrowheads to cap guns and more.

These Branson stores and others should certainly be on your shopping list for when you are ready to shop until you drop!

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Only in Branson – Restaurant Edition!

Branson, Missouri, the Live Entertainment Capital of the Midwest, has no shortage of things that uniquely belong to the town. Like Shepherd of the Hills, for example – this beautiful historic site is the birthplace of Branson tourism, and is the home of the one and only Inspiration Tower. The Table Rock Dam is also only found in Branson. If you are looking for an ‘only in Branson’ dining experience, you are in luck! There are a number of great eateries that you can’t find anywhere but here. So bring your appetite – these tastes of the Ozarks restaurants will have you coming back again and again!

White River Fish HouseThe White River Fish House: If you have spent any time at all in the Ozarks area, you will no doubt have heard of Bass Pro Shops. Founded by the legendary Johnny Morris, Bass Pro Shops have given countless people a real taste of the Outdoors, and for many, has set them on a lifelong path of adventure. It is that same spirit of adventure that inspired the White River Fish House, a Branson restaurant that is known around the world. This restaurant, located on the waters of Lake Taneycomo and next to the Branson Landing, is actually a floating barge where visitors can admire the scenic beauty of the lake and its seasons. And that’s not all – guests can actually drive their boats right up to the pier, tie off, and come inside for a cold beverage or a bite to eat! This Branson restaurant features – you guessed it – many different kinds of fish, as well as other delicious food and beverage options.

The Keeter Center: For a great dining experience steeped in Ozarks history and tradition, plan to have a meal at The Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks! Located on the work college campus, overlooking a panoramic view dotted with dairy cows and hardworking students, The Keeter Center features award winning chefs, as well as culinary students, who prepare the outstanding food. The dining room features options like trout, college raised pork and beef, Sunday brunch, and more, while the bakery features treats like cupcakes and cookies, and the Creamery offers guests freshly made ice cream using milk and cream from the campus dairy. The Keeter Center is the perfect choice for dining as a group, or for a romantic evening out. Reservations are recommended!

Sugar Leaf Bakery Café: For delectable sweet treats, be sure to stop in at Sugar Leaf Bakery Café, located on Highway 76! This Branson restaurant won’t disappoint your sweet tooth. Here you will find made from scratch treats like cookies, pies, cobblers, cakes, cupcakes, breads, muffins and more, plus custom orders and catering. For a more substantial meal, order their quiche, salads, soups, Panini’s or other sandwiches. This local eatery is sure to deliver happiness to any palate!

These are just a few of the great dining experiences that you can only find here in Branson. Put these on your list of Branson restaurants, and find some of your own as well!

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Rolling on Table Rock Lake with the Showboat Branson Belle

showboat-branson-belle-exteriorThere are endless ways to enjoy Table Rock Lake from the shore. Fishing, swimming, hiking, bird watching, grilling – the list goes on and on. But what if you want to get a different take on the lake? Well, then this is a perfect time to take a cruise on the waters of Table Rock with the Showboat Branson Belle! The Showboat Branson Belle provides a beautiful look at the Ozarks – plus it provides world class entertainment and a great meal. What better way to roll on the waters of Table Rock Lake?

There is no prettier sight than to be driving across the Table Rock Dam at sunset and seeing the Showboat Branson Belle sailing on the water. If you have ever seen this amazing sight, chances are that you have wondered what it is like to actually be on the cruise! Well, don’t wait any longer – Table Rock cruises pick back up for the season on March 7, 2015! Book your tickets today – or better yet, book a group outing with all of your friends! Be sure to ask about group discounts. Your lake cruise ticket is well worth the price – not only do you get to experience an amazing run on the waters with the Showboat Branson Belle, but you also get an outstanding three course meal AND a show!

This season, the Showboat will feature two brand new shows for cruise guest entertainment. CELEBRATE! will feature two hours of unparalleled entertainment with new star performers, as well as some old returning favorites that have charmed Showboat guests for seasons upon seasons. And to get your toes tapping, the second brand new show is Rhythm - The Fastest Feet West of the Mississippi, featuring the Show Men! You won’t want to miss the great voices, the great dancing, and the great talent that accompanies this fun floating show.

Don’t forget the great meal that comes along with your Showboat ticket! Lunch and dinner cruises feature tasty choices like salads, homemade bread, roast beef, sugar snap peas, glazed chicken, mashed potatoes and lemon berry torte. Be sure to ask about Premium Seating – dinner guests in this section can choose from options like pork chops, sirloin steaks, Mahi Mahi, pan seared chicken breast, praline pie, turtle cheesecake and more!

The Showboat Branson Belle has been delighting cruise guests of all ages for many, many years. Book your ticket and board the ship for yourself to see why people from all walks of life love rolling on Table Rock with the Showboat Branson Belle!

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Branson, A Great Place to Retire

At some point in their lives, most folks will consider retirement. For many people, retirement is a well-earned status – but with the decision to retire comes many different questions. New retirees often wonder about things like where to live, hobbies to take up, and whether or not they should volunteer their time. If these are questions that YOU have as a recently retired member of society or as someone who is starting to consider retirement, there is an easy answer – retire in Branson! You won’t find a better community to spend your time and dedicate yourself to. What makes Branson retirement so great? Well, for example, when you choose to retire to Branson, you can…

Have a Safe, Healthy Environment: Ideally, retirement is all about peaceful living. With a Branson retirement lifestyle, you can have that peace of mind. Branson is a community driven city with a low crime rate, and many opportunities for growth, both on a city-wide and individual scale. Branson wants its citizens to be involved with each and every aspect of the community, which is why the city often asks for residents to participate in projects like The Spirit of 76. Branson also offers great real estate options for retirees, whether you are wanting a smaller housing option like a condo, with less cleaning and maintenance, a quiet residence on the edge of town, or a piece of land in the woods to finally build your dream home.

Enjoy Your Free Time: With retirement comes more free time – but with a Branson retirement, you will never find yourself asking what you should do with that time! There are enough activities in Branson to keep you busy for years to come. This time in your life is a great one to take up hobbies like fly fishing, hiking, golfing, horseback riding, crafting or learning to play musical instruments – Branson has the resources for all this and more. If you are an outdoorsy retiree, check out Branson’s famous lakes, complete with boating and fishing docks. Or, take advantage of the areas many hiking and biking trails. There are many great nature parks and preserves that are great for birdwatching too! If indoors is more your Branson retirement style, consider taking a bead crafting class with the Plum Bazaar in downtown Branson, or learning to paint or quilt!

Give Back: Some retirees just can’t imagine life without some sort of productive job – but they don’t want to go back into the daily work force either. The answer to that dilemma is easy – volunteer! Branson retirement gives you numerous options to volunteer your time, and help you give back to your community in a positive way. Places to volunteer include special city-wide events, the Branson library, the Branson school district, the National Tiger Sanctuary, the Veterans Memorial Garden, and the annual NAIA Tournament at College of the Ozarks.

With all of these great benefits, it’s clear that Branson retirement is a great choice for those entering that stage of life. For more details about why Branson is a great place to retire, come visit and see for yourself, or contact the Branson Chamber of Commerce!

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Table Rock Lake Has a Vacation’s Worth of Activities

Table Rock Lake in BransonIf you are like some folks, you might like your vacation with your family to have a theme, or to be centered around a certain destination. Some people like to center a family trip around Disney World, or Disney Land, for example. Some people might want to make it a point to hit every museum in a big city during their vacation. And still other folks like to plan a fun time around outdoor activities. And when you come to Branson, there is no better outdoor landmark to center your trip around than Table Rock Lake! Table Rock has enough activities to last your entire vacation – so don’t wait to get started!

Fishing: If you have spent any time near Table Rock Lake at all, chances are that you know it is a real fishing hotspot. It’s such a monumental fishing spot that national fishing tournaments are often held here! Don’t worry – you certainly don’t have to be a professional fisherman to cast a line here. Table Rock Lake caters to all skill levels of fishermen and women! Many public areas along the lake allow fishing, and there are several tackle shops in the Branson area where you can get your gear. Some of the fish you might find on the end of your line include bass, catfish, walleye, sunfish and bluegill.

Swimming: If you are vacationing in the Branson/Tri-Lakes area during the summer, Table Rock Lake is a blast to swim in! Many public areas allow swimming, but the spot that takes the cake is Moonshine Beach – it’s the only spot on Table Rock that boasts real sand! Moonshine Beach also offers picnic tables and grills, bathrooms, showers, and a play area for the kids. Wherever you choose to swim in the lake, remember to keep safety first. Always be on the lookout for motor boats and fishermen, be aware of the current, and keep little ones in some type of flotation device. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Boating: Table Rock Lake is a beautiful setting for boating – it’s a great way to get a fresh perspective of the scenery! There are several boat slips along Table Rock – notable ones are at Table Rock State Park, and the State Park Marina. If you don’t own your own boat, never fear! The marina offers boat rentals, tubing, water skiing, waverunners and more! They have everything you need to make your vacation on the lake memorable.

Scuba Diving: If you don’t feel like staying up top, consider making scuba diving an activity on your agenda! This uncommon vacation activity will give you an amazing look at the world below the lake’s surface. Make plans to patronize the White River Dive Company in Branson – whether you are a first time diver or a seasoned one, the White River Dive Co. will set you up for scuba success. Classes, equipment rentals and training courses are all available here.

These are just a handful of the activities you can participate in when you plan your vacation around Table Rock Lake – hiking, picnicking, bird watching, visiting the Table Rock Dam- the list goes on and on!

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Farmers Market of the Ozarks Comes to the Branson Landing

Farmers markets have always held an appeal for folks who want the food they put on their table to be fresh. Recently, with the help of the local food movement that has swept the nation, farmers markets are exploding in both their popularity and number of locations. Here in the Ozarks, there are a number of great farmers markets to attend. One of the largest markets around is Farmers Market of the Ozarks (FMO), located in Springfield, MO – and now, FMO is launching a brand new farmers market in Branson!

Farmers Market of the Ozarks LogoFMO first opened for business in 2012. Today, it has grown into the largest farmers market in the Midwestern United States, and is rated #6 out of all farmers markets in the nation by Food52 Magazine. FMO is located off of Republic Road within the Farmers Park complex, a development centered on sustainability, local businesses, and community partnerships. The facilities at Farmers Park allow FMO to stay open year round –something truly unique for a farmers market! In the warmer months, customers can find FMO vendors in the open air pavilion, underneath the covered promenade, or lined up in tents on the sidewalk. In the winter, the pavilion features drop down sides and heaters so that customers can shop in comfort! FMO boasts more than 100 local vendors, all from within 150 miles of the market. The market is open Saturdays year round (8am-1pm April-October, and 9am-1pm November-March) and Thursdays evenings from 4pm-7pm April through October.

FMO is now expanding their local food community to Branson – and what better location for a farmers market in the Live Entertainment Capital of the Midwest than at the Branson Landing! The Branson Landing Market, powered by FMO, will be located at the farthest southern end of the Branson Landing parking lot, located on Branson Landing Boulevard. The market will kick off in September of 2015, and will run through the end of October. The Branson Landing Farmers Market will be held on Tuesdays from 3pm to 7pm. In 2016, the market will run from April through October, on Tuesdays from 3pm to 7pm.

The Branson Landing Farmers Market, powered by FMO, will feature local meat and vegetable producers, bakers, artisans, and more. FMO’s mission has always been to “operate a vibrant farmers market that contributes to the success of local food growers and producers, strengthens the local food economy and serves as a community gathering place for the Ozarks region,” and now, they are extending this mission to Branson. FMO hopes to help foster community pride in Branson with a market that will appeal to both locals and visitors to the Branson area.

In just a few short weeks, the people of Branson with have the opportunity to shop local and ‘love their farmer’ with the Branson Landing Farmers Market, powered by FMO! Be sure to like the Branson Landing Farmers Market Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest local market happenings.

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