Visit Andy William’s Moon River Theater in Branson

Branson Missouri is one place where all the good theaters can be found. This is definitely heaven for all the theater geeks and play goers out there. Because of this, there is no doubt that Branson is now dubbed as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World. If you are planning for your vacation to the Midwest, make sure you know where to catch the best shows in Branson.

Job 1489 – Andy Williams Christmas Show & Theatre 12-06

One of Branson’s fantastic theaters is the Andy Williams Moon River Theater. Named after Andy Williams, this theater shows a lot of promise and talent just like Andy Williams. Williams had a legendary career in the field of music. A lot of Branson guests and locals have come to Andy Williams Moon River Theater just to hear him sing. Aside from the acts of Andy Williams, there are also other shows that are equally exciting to watch out for.

How exactly did Andy Williams start out? Andy Williams grew up in a small town in Iowa and started his love for music at the age of eight. He has three brothers who, with him, formed the Williams Brothers Quartet and they rose to popularity and did their very first professional recording in 1944. Andy then moved to New York to pursue his talent and love for music. It was not long before he started conquering the charts with his hits like Canadian Sunset. He, then, expanded his career by doing some live performances and television shows. It was in the year 1992 when Andy Williams was able to put up a 12-million dollar theater in Branson. Andy Williams continued to perform in his theater until the year 2011. He was diagnosed of cancer, and passed away in September 2012.

Andy Williams was anything but brilliant. Until now, he is still sharing his talent and musical prowess through the theater that he built. The Moon River Theater in Branson has a very relaxing façade, complete with a rushing stream, waterfalls, and exceptional landscaping. The Andy Williams Moon River Theater won the 1992 Conservation Award for developed Land Use from the State of Missouri. The interior of the theater lets you get to know more about Andy Williams. You can see his personal art collection in the theater itself so the guests could enjoy them.

The Moon River stage has become a launching pad for other artists in Branson. Stars like Randy Travis, Lee Greenwood, Clint Black, Daniel O’Donnell, and many more have all performed in Branson’s Moon River Theater. So far, the most popular show in this theater is the Andy Williams Christmas Show. This family-friendly show in the Moon River Theater is definitely something that you should not miss. The next time you plan for your Christmas vacation in Branson, make sure that you include a visit to the Moon River Theater as one of your itinerary.

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