Vacation Packing Tips


For just about everyone, when school is out then summer is here and vacation season is upon us!  If you are like many families here in the United States, you and yours probably take an annual getaway for fun, bonding and relaxation.  Of course, the downside to a vacation is you have to get ready to relax before you can actually relax.  There’s the destination decision, booking the activities, planning the route, finding a pet sitter, and of course, the packing.  Check out our list of packing tips to help you get on your way to Branson (or wherever it is you’re headed!) this coming year!

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Make a List:  It so simple it’s almost funny, but making a list can help you ensure you pack everything you need – especially if you have children of varying ages who all have different clothing/toiletries/equipment/food needs.  Take the time to sit down and make a list.  Don’t wait until the day before you need to leave to make your list – the day before leaving for a week or more is stressful enough without having to run back and forth to the store for forgotten items.  Planning out what you need a few days in advance gives you time to pack, run to the store, AND maybe even make a nice dinner the night before you leave!

Roll Your Clothes:  Trying to fit enough clothes for you, your spouse and all your kids into just a few suitcases is hard – and buying additional luggage can be expensive.  So follow the advice of many, many expert travelers – roll, don’t fold.  You can fit far more clothes into your luggage by tightly rolling instead of folding your garments.  An added bonus to rolling instead of folding is that your clothes will sustain fewer creases!

Wash on the Road:  If you’re still worried about having enough clothes to last your family a week or more, be sure to book travel lodging that comes with a clothes washing facility.  Thousand Hills Hotel and Golf Resort offers guests condos and cabins that come with washing machines, dryers, soaps and detergents – this kind of set-up is ideal for washing clothes on the road.  Then, you can pack a few less garments and save room for all the fun souvenirs you’ll be bringing back!

Bag Your Toiletries:  Nothing can ruin a trip faster than arriving at your destination and finding that your toothpaste, shampoo, lotion or contact solution has spilled all over your suitcase and everything in it.  So bag it up!  A transparent bag with a seal can prevent leaks and let you easily see what you need.

Throw in a Dryer Sheet:  Sometimes being stored in a suitcase for extended periods of time can cause your clothes and other items to smell musty (or like your shoes!)  So add a few nicely scented dryer sheets to your bags to keep all your things smelling clean and fresh.

Use All Your Space:  When you’ve got a lot to pack, utilize every square inch of space!  Tuck small items in shoes, store breakables inside socks, place underwear inside of brassiere cups, and place your heaviest items closest to the wheels of your luggage.

Vacation is meant to be relaxing – so use these tips to get you packed on the road faster in 2017!

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