Up and Down, Thrill and Chill with the Great Outlaw Run this Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is a great time to enjoy a thrill ride with the Outlaw Run Roller Coaster at Silver Dollar City in Branson. This Outlaw Run Roller Coaster is the second fastest wooden coaster in the world and the newest roller coaster in the park. Silver Dollar City amusement park unveiled this new thrill ride just last year 2013. This was constructed for several months at the park frontier west of Branson.

Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City in the fall

Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City in the fall

The Outlaw Run was built at a cost of nearly ten million dollars by a famous roller coaster designer, Rocky Mountain Construction. This is the world’s first wooden roller coaster with the steepest drop of 81 degree. This is the only wooden coaster in the USA that has an upside down twist of a 720 degree double barrel roll. This wooden roller coaster has a speed of 68 miles an hour.

This Outlaw Run Wooden Coaster at Silver Dollar City in Branson has a length of 2,937 feet and a height of 107 feet that provides a 162 feet drop. When the wooden roller coaster cruising at high speed, riders cannot enjoy much of a beautiful panoramic view of the parks terrain. The steel topper track and the wooden support structure designed by the Rocky Mountain Construction help make the wooden roller coaster run pretty smooth. This Outlaw Run Roller Coaster ride in Silver Dollar City is really one of the most thrilling and daring wooden coaster ride in the world.

This wooden roller coaster takes passengers soaring above the wildlife of the Ozark Mountains. This Silver Dollar City’s wooden coaster has several world’s first attributes. It is the world’s first and only 720-degree double barrel roll; it is the world’s first steepest drop equivalent to a 16-story drop; the only wooden coaster with three inversions in the world; and the second fastest wood coaster with speed of 68 mph in the world.

Coaster ride enthusiasts have tried and experienced that Outlaw Run proved that the double barrel roll can be done on a wooden coaster. The wooden coaster ride gives passengers a complete enjoyment of the panoramic view of the natural mountain terrain when the coaster soars high through nine locations where riders can feel an exhilarating and breathtaking experience.

The Silver Dollar City’s Outlaw Run was voted as one of the top ten Best Parks in the world. The Outlaw Run was awarded as the “Best New Ride” by a prestigious Golden Ticket Award in the theme parks industry. The leaders in the theme parks industry considered the Golden Ticket Awards a prestigious annual event. The Amusement Today magazine leads the process of selecting the “Best of the Best” in the amusement industry by sending surveys to well-travelled fans around the world – asking them to rate the “bests” in many categories.

If you want to experience the thrill ride of the wooden roller coaster with several world’s first attributes, visit the Outlaw Run Roller Coaster at Silver Dollar City in Branson.

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