Try The Castle of Chaos in Branson

For many people, Branson is the place to go when you want great music and great entertainment. When in Branson, you will also realize that it is the place for adventure lovers, too. Branson is full of adventures to take part in. With the theme parks in the area, you are sure to find an adventure suitable for the whole family.

One attraction in Branson is the Castle of Chaos, which is a hit for people of all ages. The Castle of Chaos is also the first ever 5D adventure in the world where the participants battle the forces of evil inside the castle. This thrilling experience in Branson is the first of its kind in Branson. The Castle of Chaos is a combination of 3D film, motion, and also an interactive shooting game. This attraction is the perfect Halloween treat as it creates the spooky atmosphere and thrill that everyone craves for. Be courageous. Be brave. Be alert. In the Castle of Chaos, anything can happen.

The Castle of Chaos is located in Highway 76, and your mission upon entering the castle is to discover what happened to the 1920s horror film star Carli Winepeg.  While shooting the film “Castle of Chaos” in the exact structure, all 25 of them involved in the movie mysteriously disappeared. Nobody knows the reason why and it’s up to you to find out what happened to their uneventful fate. As you are securely bucked into your armchair with 3D glasses on and a pistol at your side, get ready to enter Carl’s tortured world. Protect yourself from the scary inhabitants using your pistol, and it’s up to you and your moves how to solve the mystery and come out alive.

What makes the Castle of Chaos a breakthrough in Branson attractions is the use of technology. You can find countless multimedia and interactive technologies incorporated to form one amazing attraction. The Castle of Chaos is your modern haunted house, and it has the latest in 3D projection with surround sound, special effects, motion0nased seats, animatronics, and a shooting system that scores each member of the audience. As you go through unraveling the mystery, you earn points. Try to earn as much points as you can. At the end of the ride, the top five scorers are shown on the screen.

Do you have what it takes to fight the forces of evil? Then try out the Castle of Chaos in Branson now! For tickets and other inquiries about the Branson Castle of Chaos, visit For your stay in Branson, always choose the best lodging place. Head to Thousand Hills Golf Resort where you can stay close to all the attractions in Branson Missouri. You also have various lodging options to fit all your needs. Inquire now by calling 1-877-262-0430.

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