Tour The Ozarks Aboard the Branson Scenic Railway

So you are in Branson and you badly want to take a tour of the whole place. Taking a car around may be inefficient as there may be traffic in the area. Walking is so tiring and there’s a big possibility that you cannot go to a lot of places at all. Worry no more since Branson has the perfect solution to your tour woes! Take a tour in Branson while riding the rails in the Branson Scenic Railway. Experience the romance of train travel as you go across Branson in the fastest way possible without missing one breathtaking sight.

This train tour in Branson first started as the White River Railway in 1902. The 239-mile-long track on the rugged terrain of the Ozark Mountains finished in the year 1905, and it also amounted to $12 million. As people say, there is great success wherever a railroad is built. True enough with the Branson railway, the city of Branson began to flourish in 1902 as the area also became more accessible to tourists. It was not until 1993 when the Branson Scenic Railway began having daily train excursions using a working commercial railroad line. The routes of the train go either north or south. For the northern route, it can take you as far as Galena, Missouri in the James River Valley. For the southern route, on the other hand, it can take you as far as Arkansas. The tour is also made into a learning experience for the tourists as a narrator tells the guests about the history of the areas where the train passes through. Several extinct communities during the time the railroad was built can also be pointed out by the tour guide.

At present, the Branson Scenic Railway still gives the tourists a unique tour around Branson on a 40 mile roundtrip. The train leaves the station 3 to 4 times daily, passing by locations that are inaccessible to cars and other modes of transportation. Each trip of the Branson Scenic Railway takes more or less 1 hour and 45 minutes. When in the train, you are guaranteed of a first-class experience and a picturesque view of the Ozarks, too. Everyone is encouraged to try out all the cars, including the dome cars that gives the passengers a panoramic view of the Ozarks.

The Branson Scenic Railway continues to make trips from March to December, and on Saturdays from April to October, you are lucky enough to be able to experience a dinner train aboard the Branson Scenic Railway. Reservations are required before you can have a trip aboard the train. For ticket prices and reservations, visit or call 1-800-2-TRAIN-2 (287-2462).

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