Tips for Staying in Shape on Your Branson Vacation

Branson-Golf-Resort-Clubhouse-from-AfarStaying fit and healthy is hard enough to do when you’re at home managing your daily life. When you’re on vacation, it can get even harder when you’re eating out more often. In Branson, it’s not as difficult as you think to get exercise and eat well while on vacation. Here are a few tips to help you stay fit and in shape during your Branson vacation.

1. Utilize facilities in or near your hotel. Many hotels, condos, and cabins have easy access to fitness centers. Using one of their treadmills or ellipticals in the evening for just 15 minutes can make a big difference in staying fit while you’re vacationing. Many hotels also have swimming pools on site for you to get some exercise, and everything in Branson is just minutes from great swimming in Table Rock Lake.

2. Have sit-down meals. By skipping fast food restaurants, you can save huge numbers of calories. Sit down restaurants have a variety of options that are filled with protein, vegetables, and other nutrition. Sitting down for a meal also allows you to talk with your family while you’re eating. Your brain has more time to register that you’re full, and you end up eating less when you’re concentrating on the conversation rather than wolfing down your food. Some chain restaurants like Red Lobster and Applebee’s have nutritional information printed right on the menu, making it easy for you to make good food choices.

3. Get some fun exercise. One of the greatest things about Branson is that there are a number of activities that allow you to stay fit and healthy and have fun with your family at the same time. During your Branson vacation, give one of these fun options a try!

One of your options for this family fun is the Branson Rec-Plex. This park features both indoor and outdoor facilities. The 44,000 square foot indoor facility houses two gymnasiums, a fitness center, and a three-lane indoor track. Locker rooms, community rooms, and a concession area are also available for guest convenience. The outdoor facilities at the Branson Rec-Plex offer a 12,000+ square foot aquatic center, soccer fields, baseball and softball fields, picnic pavilions, a large playground area for kids, and walking paths around the facilities. Hours at the Branson Rec-Plex are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. For more information visit or call 417-335-2368.

Another option to help you stay fit on your Branson vacation is Bear Creek Trail Rides. Located just seven miles north of Branson on Highway 65, this locally owned and operated business offers affordable trail rides for young and old alike. Bear Creek offers a one-hour guided ride through shaded, beautiful trails in the Ozark Mountains. They have a variety of gentle, easy to ride horses for riders of every age. Cost is $25 per rider, and all riders must be seven years of age or older. Smaller children may be able to ride with a parent, and extra-large saddles are available for this purpose. The maximum weight limit is 250 lbs. Other horseback riding options include Uncle Ike’s Trail Rides, Cedar Mountain Stables, and Dogwood Canyon Horseback Rides.

No matter how you prefer to go about staying healthy on your Branson vacation, there are loads of ways for you to stay fit with your entire family while you’re staying in the Ozark Mountains.

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