This Christmas You Should Stay in Branson

2-bedroom-branson-cabins-bedThe Christmas season is coming up fast, and many people are rushing to buy presents, ham, and all the other trappings that make Christmas such a magical time of year. Many families decide to stay in Branson for a weeks during the Winter season. Here they can enjoy the winter with their families while taking in the beautiful scenery and maybe even going to a live music show or two. Here are some of the great activities and features that Branson has to offer its travelers.

Christmas Shopping Galore

Whether you like to buy ahead or you are a last-minute shopper, Branson has the stores that will meet your holiday shopping needs. Take a few days off while on vacation and knock out your Christmas shopping list in one trip to one of Branson’s three major outlet malls featuring over 200 brand name stores. This truly is a shoppers winter paradise.

Once you and your loved ones have had their fill of shopping, you can take a trip down to Branson’s newest attraction, the “Winter Wonder Landing” at Branson Landing Waterfront. Here is a promenade of specialty stores and restaurants, set off by a dazzling display of water and fire displays that will warm your heart and soul during this winter season.

Time for Holiday Cheer

Now is one of the best times of the year to visit Branson. There are over 100 Christmas-related shows going on through the month of December. Ozark Mountain Christmas shows feature some of the most exciting and lyrical local country and gospel artists in the area. The revelry and spirits are never higher than this magical time of year!

Any stay in Branson during the Christmas season will be filled with the songs of Christmas jubilee, Motown soul, and irresistible country twang. These shows are all family friendly so do not be afraid to bring the whole family and have an old-fashioned do si do. Join in and spend a night celebrating the most sacred time of year with the people that you care about the most.

Step into the Lights

No stay in Branson would be complete without viewing the brilliant spectacle known to the locals as the “Branson’s Area Festival of Lights.” Coupled with Branson’s breathtaking views and scenery, these lights will surely leave you feeling inspired. These lights only shine this time of year as they are a special gift to travelers near and far.

The absolute highlight of this spectacular festival is the drive-thru lights that flicker along a one mile stretch of road. This conveniently located attractions is right off the Hills Expressway and Roark Valley Road boats over 175 that will delight children of all ages. There is also the annual Adoration parade that has its roots tracing back all the way to 1948.

Try a Different Kind of Christmas with a Cabin

A great way to stay in Branson is at one of the many beautiful cottages or cabins in the area. What makes a stay in a cabin so much more appealing than a hotel is the quality time you will spend with your friends and family. Put the world behind you, tuck your iPods and smartphones away and truly soak in the true reason for the season.


A stay in a Branson cabin allows you to snuggle up with your loved ones around a cozy fireplace, sip some hot cocoa, and listen to a few old stories. The crystal white snowy blanket on top of pristine natural landscapes will set the perfect atmosphere for you and your family to to have a trip that will always flicker within all your hearts.

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