They’re Always Biting When You Fish in Branson

brown-trout-taneycomoWouldn’t it be nice if fishing were as easy as Ernie from Sesame Street calling “Heeere fishy fishy fishy!” and having dozens of fish jump into your boat? Most fishermen will tell you that that is not often the case, but when you go fishing in Branson, the fish will certainly be biting, even if they don’t wind up leaping into the boat! The Branson Tri-Lakes area offers some fantastic fishing that avid fisherman from around the country enjoy year after year. Where are some good spots to sink a line? Buy your gear? And what kinds of fish swim these waters? Read on to find out!

Where to fish: Table Rock Lake is a super spot to cast a line for some Branson fishing. This particular lake is well known for its bass population and its tendency to always have biting fish! There are numerous great spots along Table Rock’s shores to set down a picnic basket and a tackle box. Indian Point is a good location, along with the Table Rock State Marina, Table Rock State Park, and anywhere along the lake shore that is not specified as a fish hook free zone. For some terrific trout fishing, fish Lake Taneycomo. This lake is located below Table Rock, and Taneycomo’s waters are MUCH colder than Table Rock. A great spot to cast a line is right below the Table Rock Dam on the Taneycomo side – it is conveniently close to the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery!

Where to buy your gear: If you are off to bait your hook, chances are that you will need to buy some fishing equipment! Fishing line, lures, jigs, hooks, sinkers, bobbers, nets, waders, and perhaps a new tackle box or fishing hat are probably on your list somewhere. Where is a good place to go to purchase your goods for your Branson fishing trip? Bass Pro on the Branson Landing is indeed a pro at supplying fishing equipment to visiting and area fishermen! Here you will find a versatile, useable selection of quality products, from outdoor clothing, to fishing poles, to the equipment you need to tie your own flies. If you are a fly fishing advocate, you’ll want to check out River Run Outfitters – they offer a full fly fishing shop and an expert guide service for a fly fishing experience you won’t quickly forget.

What fish you’ll find: There are a whole lot of fishy friends floating in the waters of Branson. Bass and trout are the most well-known species here – largemouth and smallmouth and striped bass, rainbow and brown trout are a big draw for tournament fishers every year. Other varieties for Branson fishing include: crappie, catfish, bluegill, sucker, carp, paddlefish, walleye, bullhead and warmouth. There is no shortage of fish to be pulled out of these lakes!

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert fisherman (or fisherwoman!), you will always find that the fish are biting on your Branson fishing trip!

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