The World Comes to Branson – Silver Dollar City’s World-Fest

branson-world-festSilver Dollar City has long been known for being the “home of American craftsmanship” and a favorite attraction for families. Silver Dollar City has something for everyone, and each year, the best of the best are brought to Branson for Silver Dollar City’s many festivals. One of those festivals is World-Fest, where guests can get a taste of world travel without being too far from home.

World-Fest is the first festival of the season at Silver Dollar City. From April 17 to May 5, some of the world’s best performers make Branson their home as they bring pieces of their cultures to park guests. This year, World-Fest promises to be thrilling with acts originating from Argentina, Ireland, and the South Pacific Islands.

In 2013, there are a number of new acts that are coming to Silver Dollar City. One of those is Amamos Argentina. This talented group of dancers and drummers called Los Pampas Gauchos was put together by Andres Sosa, Argentina’s national folk dancing champion. Los Pampas Gauchos are joined onstage by dancers who are taking the tango to new heights – literally. Aerial choreography and high energy is a highlight of their performance.

Another new show for World-Fest in 2013 is Island Fire. World Fire Knife Champion Anelu Iakopo joins the cast of Island Fire to combine traditional song and dance from the South Pacific Islands (Samoa, Fiji, Hawaii) with the fire knife talents of Iakopo.

Not all of World-Fest’s entertainment is new though. Dearbhail Finnegan is Ireland’s premier harpist and is also a favorite with visitors to World-Fest. She was a member of the Belfast Harp Orchestra and has also played for names that include former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Finnegan and her husband Robin Slater appear at Silver Dollar City’s World-Fest together. Slater plays the silver flute and Irish drum, and the two of them have played for audiences that have included royalty.

Ecuador Manta will also be returning to World-Fest in 2013. This group of musicians preserves the music of the Andes Mountains in South America through use of Latin rhythms and traditional instruments that originate from the Andes region, including the zampona (a bamboo wood flute), the quena (similar to a recorder), the charango (small 10 string guitar made from armadillo shell), and the bombo (a goat skinned drum).

While visiting the performers of World-Fest, you can also visit the Frisco Barn for Tastes of the World. Specialties from all over the world are served, such as Caribbean Nachos, Mediterranean Chicken Gyros, Scotch Eggs, and Dessert Crepes. Make sure to stop by to escape your everyday flavors and experience the world through its cuisine. Make sure to visit Silver Dollar City April 17 – May 5 for the annual World-Fest. Season passes are now available for $79 for adults (12-61), $69 for children (4-11), and $73 for seniors (62+). Single day admission is $58 for adults, $48 for childen, and $56 for seniors. Season pass holders have access to added value benefits, so purchase your season passes today!

Visit World-Fest 2013 to experience the world without ever having to be very far from home. Enjoy the music of Ecuador, the drums of Argentina, and the exquisite harp music of Ireland all in the same day.

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