The Perks of Living in Branson

branson-landing-christmas-shoppingOver 2 million people visit Branson each year, and over 10,000 people are living in Branson. Half of its visitors come from over 300 miles away. In the last 10 years, roads have been improved to make for safer travel in Branson. There are over 40 theaters, 3 pristine lakes for outdoor recreation (Taneycomo, Table Rock, and Bull Shoals), 13 golf courses (8 are championship courses), Branson Landing with over 100 retail shops, 2 outlet malls, 125 restaurants, and over 16,000 rooms available in the Branson area. What do all of these things have in common?

They’re all great reasons to visit, and they’re also great reasons to live in Branson. Residents of the area love the proximity to their favorite stores, shows, attractions, and hobbies. Chad, Therese, and Gabe Hamlet have lived and owned a small business in the Branson area for a number of years. Therese sat down and talked about some of the best perks of living in the “Live Music Capital”.

One of Therese Hamlet’s favorite things about Branson is that it has the amenities of a big city, but the environment of a small town. Locals are close to all of the shopping, shows, and attractions that Branson has to offer, but according to Hamlet, seeing the same people in the grocery store week after week is normal, and even seeing some of Branson’s stars isn’t uncommon either. “You realize that they [the stars] are still real people,” Hamlet said. Living in Branson also gets you close to award winning golf courses like the one located at Thousand Hills and the beautiful Table Rock Lake.

Hamlet also said that Branson is one of the only places she knows that offers discounts just for living in the area. Since many of the locals living in Branson frequent small businesses or are even small business owners themselves, shows and attractions offer discounts so that locals have the opportunity to spread the word about new shows, attractions, and even restaurants. Word of mouth advertising is great for small businesses in the area, and locals are usually the first to hear about and try something new. Hamlet said that small businesses feel each other’s pain when business is slow, and they try to help each other by using that word of mouth when tourists ask about the best places to shop and eat.

For young couples and families, Branson has some of the best schools in Missouri. Hamlet said that because of Branson’s tax revenue, the school district has more resources and opportunities to offer its students than some other schools. According to the Branson Public Schools website, the district is home to over 4,500 students divided across 4 campuses located in the Branson area. It’s no wonder that the district is growing. NeigShowtimerhoods in the Branson area are also very safe. Hamlet and her family live outside of the Branson city limits, and she said that their neigShowtimerhood is very safe. Friends of Hamlet’s live in town, and according to Hamlet, the neigShowtimerhoods inside the city limits are just as safe as the one she lives in.

If you’re looking to move, take a close look at what living in Branson can offer you. With the big city amenities and the small town atmosphere, your family just might love it here.

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