The Branson Titanic Museum

titanic-brad-totmanEveryone knows about the fate of the Titanic. Who could ever forget how the movie Titanic made us weep? Who could ever forget the story of the star-crossed lovers Jack and Rose? Some blame it on the captain, some blame it on the iceberg, and some blame it to sheer, bad luck. Now, you can relive the whole Titanic experience in Branson! Go back to the time when the unsinkable was just about to sail on its maiden voyage, and experience the thrills of being inside the Titanic ship.

Have a blast from the past and visit the Titanic Museum in Branson. Refresh your memory about the Titanic and discover more about the ship that you have never known before. The facade of the this museum is just the tip of the iceberg, and stepping inside it gets you into a whole new world that once had been Jack’s and Rose’s.

Exhibits that features the most historic voyage that a ship has ever made graces the hallways of the Titanic museum. Considered to be one of the main attractions in Branson, you don’t see the past but you can also hear the stories of the actual survivors of the sinking of the Titanic. Walk in the hallways of the Titanic and also into the parlors and cabins of the ship. Prepare to see more than 400 private and personal artifacts from the Titanic which are displayed in the hallways. Reminisce about the scene where Jack falls in love with Rose upon seeing her beauty as she goes down the Titanic’s Grand Staircase, the heart of the ship. Experience it yourself how it feels to be in that Grand Staircase by paying a visit to the Titanic museum. You also get to touch a real iceberg in the museum. Also, experience how it is to stand on the sloping decks of the ship.

As a guest in the Titanic museum, you will also receive an actual boarding pass of a Titanic passenger or crew. Don’t forget to drop by the Titanic Memorial Room where names of the 2,208 people who died in the sinking of the ship lines the walls of the room. You can also have the chance to learn how to send an SOS distress signal if ever emergency does happen while you are at sea. The best part of the trip is about hearing the stories of the survivors. Let them share their own experiences with you as you sit on an actual lifeboat.

Surely, there is no other way to honor the fall of the Titanic than by keeping the memories and the stories alive. Visit the Titanic museum in Branson and share the experience of being inside the unsinkable ship.

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