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January is the time of the year when people are starting a new life and a new beginning. It’s the time of the year after the busy Christmas and it is also the time of the year that has a slow pace in the entertainment districts of the world. As you celebrate the best Christmas 2013, why not make your January 2014 count as well by spending it in Branson, Missouri.

Even if Branson, Missouri is an entertainment capital of the Midwest, it is also a place to just chill out and relax and spend the month of January away from the busy streets of the metro. There are still many things to do in Branson that will not just keep you entertained, but will also let you have an awesome time! As said, January is a slower month as compared to other months of the year. Thus, spend it in the city by visiting places which you do not go to on a typical vacation. You don’t have to worry because the crowd you might be expecting won’t be there thanks to the winter season!

You can start your Branson January by attending one of the popular January events, which is the honouring of the American Veterans with remembrance of the signing of the Vietnam Peace Accord in 1973. There will be a ceremony and a dinner each year. Know more about the history of the country by attending this traditions that remains sacred to Americans and to those who participated in the war. You can also visit the Veterans Memorial Museum to know more about the courageous deeds of our countrymen. It is definitely a great way to start the year!

The museums in Branson are also places that you can visit during your Branson January. They are both entertaining and educational and for sure, kids would love them. One of the museums is the Branson Titanic Museum. You won’t get lost if you are looking for it because the building is actually a half-scale replica of the Titanic. Each year, there is a Branson tradition wherein an ice sculpting event will be held at the museum. Famous ice sculptors from all over the world will keep you entertained while you learn more about the history of the Titanic. It’s going to be w winter season plus all the ice, so it’s going to be really chilly! But of course, there are also other museums in Branson which you can visit. You can try the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Museum and get to see out of this world things that will leave you flabbergasted! Or you can be closer to your favorite celebrities at the Hollywood Wax Museum. Just don’t forget to bring your cameras!

January is also a great time to do some after Christmas shopping if you are avoiding the huge crowds in the malls. Head to historic downtown district and behold the different shopping places such as the Branson Landing, Tanger Outlet, Imax Shopping Complex, and The Shopped at Branson Meadows. You can either shop or just enjoy the rest of the day with your family.  There are just so many things to do in Branson! For more places to visit, please visit Branson Area Attractions.

With all of that, Branson will surely keep you entertained if you decide to spend you January with us. And for your home away from home, let Thousand Hills Hotel & Golf Resort do its job to serve you. For more information, or for reservations, please dial 1-877-262-0430.

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