Silver Dollar City: The Premier Branson Amusement Park

branson-world-festSilver Dollar City is Branson’s premier amusement park, and there is no doubt about it. This amusement park is filled with the most thrilling of rides and the best attractions and shows in Branson and probably, in the world.

Branson is the perfect destination for families and Silver Dollar City is just the place to be for the whole family to let loose, enjoy, and have some quality time together. This 1880’s-themed amusement park offers you a lot of rides for the adults to enjoy, and there are some for the kids as well. There are giant swings, water shoot-out rides, train rides, and many more. When in Silver Dollar City, you should never miss the Outlaw Run. The Outlaw Run is Silver Dollar City’s newest thriller. It is also notable for being the world’s most daring wood coaster ever. Not only does this coaster gets you upside down, this coaster also sends you soaring through the Ozarks as it travels 68 miles per hour with heights reaching as much as 107 feet tall. This coaster features a 16-story drop which will definitely give you adrenaline rush all throughout the Outlaw Run journey. Also, do not miss out on trying the Powder Keg. This ride is bound to thrill you as it goes from 0 to 53 miles per hour in just 3 seconds. Blast off into six acres of trees and you will find yourself raising your hands and enjoying the thrills that Powder Keg will give you.

There are also six entertainment venues in Silver Dollar City to give you a break from all the excitement in the park. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy more than 40 shows that are shown per day in this Branson amusement park. Food in Silver Dollar City is also one of the best amusement park foods in Branson. There are Eva and Delilah’s Bakery, Aunt Polly’s, The Ribhouse and many more that the food trip alone will satisfy you. Several ice cream and funnel cakes stores also abound in Silver Dollar City. You and your family can also tour around the theme park to witness over 100 craftsmen and women transform a bland piece of glass into a lovely vase, just like in the 1880s.

Silver Dollar City also has festivals all year round to give you a different theme park experience and more fun memories with family and friends. World-Fest, a celebration of international diversity, starts the season of festivals in the theme park. The Bluegrass and BBQ Festival in May also gives the audience a great bonding time with amazing shows. For the kids and the kids at heart, there is also a National Kids Fest in Silver Dollar City which runs from June to August. In late August starts the Southern Gospel Picnic. After this, the National Harvest festival runs from mid-September to late October. And when Christmas time comes, the Old Time Christmas Festival that delights the visitors.


What more can you ask for in Silver Dollar City? It has exciting rides, great shows, good food, and family-friendly festivals. Do not miss a part of your life by giving up a visit to Silver Dollar City when you are in a Branson vacation. With the fun and thrills of this theme park, find the perfect place to stay in Thousand Hills Golf Resort, where you are right in the middle of all the fun while staying in nature’s warmth.

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