Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas

Christmas Vacation Guide

branson-silverdollarcity-christmasIt is that time of the year again when we spread joy and we celebrate the season of giving. You can make your Christmas this year a little bit more special by making it a Christmas in Branson. A Christmas in Branson gives you all the best options and would ultimately give you and your family the perfect Christmas vacation.

Branson is also teeming with Christmas celebrations here and there. These celebrations start as early as November. One of the most anticipated Christmas celebration is Branson is in Silver Dollar City. Silver Dollar City is one of Branson’s prized attractions. This 1880’s-themed amusement park gives its guests endless adventures and exciting attractions to delight the kids and adults alike. There is always something for everyone in Silver Dollar City.

For its Christmas celebration, Silver Dollar City gives its guests an Old Time Christmas. It is the park’s way of celebrating the yuletide season old-school style. The park is decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments and you would feel like you are in one of those magical Christmas movies. Upon stepping inside Silver Dollar City, a light display immediately greets you and this is called as the “Christmas on Main Street”. At the center of the amusement park, you can see a towering 5-story Christmas tree with special effects and adorned by lights and ornaments. As if the lights surrounding the gigantic Christmas tree is not yet enough, every corner of the park is still decorated with lights. These lights light up the park, and would surely light you up, too.

To get your Christmas spirit going, Christmas carols are played all over the park. Throughout the season of Christmas, which starts in November 1 to December 31 for Silver Dollar City, Christmas carols resound in the park. You will definitely feel the Christmas vibe with the traditional carols that you know and the upbeat Christmas songs that are new. Your visit to the park is, in itself, a musical experience already.

Talking about musical experience, Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas also incorporates the theme of Christmas in almost every stage play in the park’s Opera House Theater. The stage shows in Silver Dollar City are great in providing relaxation from all the excitement that has been going on with all the other rides and attractions. Some of the stage shows performed in Silver Dollar City are The Nativity and “A Christmas Carol”.

What is Silver Dollar City without its famous rides? Your Christmas trip to Silver Dollar City is not complete unless you try out the famous rides like Powder Keg, Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train, The Giant Swing, and The Outlaw Run, which is the world’s most daring wood coaster.

Come to Silver Dollar City now and experience all the magic that Christmas has to offer!

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