Silver Dollar City – A Branson Vacation Must

outlaw-run-wooden-roller-coasterA vacation in Branson would not be complete without visiting the world-famous Silver Dollar City. This theme park will complete your Branson vacation as it offers you and your family the ultimate outdoor adventure. The Silver Dollar City experience will definitely give you fun-filled memories and the adventure of a lifetime.

Named as one of the world’s best theme parks, Silver Dollar City gives your Branson vacation some surprises and thrills with the many activities that it offers its guests. Think of all the world-class rides and activity centers in one place – that is Silver Dollar City. This theme park features rides and attractions like the Outlaw Run, American Plunge, Fire-In-The-Hole and a lot more.

The Outlaw Run is not the world’s most daring wood coaster for nothing. Being the new addition to the Silver Dollar City rides, the Outlaw Run attracts daredevils from across the state. Feel the thrill and experience adrenaline high with Outlaw Run. Allow the world’s steepest coaster and the only coaster with inversions to take your excitement to new heights. It is easier said than done as they say, so try Outlaw Run for yourself and live to tell your own tale of surviving one of the world’s most exciting coasters. One of Silver Dollar City’s famous rides is the American Plunge. Get ready to soak up your summer with this extreme water adventure. The American Plunger is not your ordinary log flume ride. You are in for a twist with the height of the falls and the speed of the ride. It will take you uphill, down the ramps, and splashing into the water. This ride is bound to give you the greatest plunge of your life. Fire-In-The-Hole is Silver Dollar City’s signature indoor roller coaster ride. Be alert and watch out for the fire in the hole. Take a journey through the Ozark night and escape the Baldknobbers who set the town on fire. This adventure-packed ride is sure to thrill you with surprises and twists around every corner.

Kids are sure to enjoy the Silver Dollar City theme park because there are rides made especially for them. Let them experience riding an elephant that can march or fly with the Elephant March. There is also a coaster for the youngsters if the Outlaw Run proves to be too much for their age. The Grand Exposition Coaster is one to thrill the kids with their first roller coaster ride. This ride sends its riders 20 feet into the air with speeds of 20 mph. The kids will definitely want a second ride with the Grand Exposition Coaster. The Geyser Gulch will also give the kids a great time as it is the world’s largest treehouse. Sit back and relax as you watch the kids have a great time in the sky-high giant playground.

Silver Dollar City has a little something for everyone. Awesome rides and entertaining shows with Branson’s best performers are set to take you on an unforgettable adventure in Branson’s vacation destination. Experience the fun that Branson can give your family’s vacation. Visit Silver Dollar City now and treasure the lifelong memories with your family.

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